A/n: I have always been a fan of The Scarlet Pimpernel, and I I found it funny that Chauvelin never lost his cool except in the presence of Sir Percy.

An Early Visit

Citizen Armand Chauvelin never lacked sleep due to a guilty conscience. In fact, he loved his job, he held such great power in the Republic, and it gave him happiness to know that he was serving his beloved homeland country well. Chauvelin had never failed at arresting anyone or sniffing out an aristo. There was however one man that no one, not he could capture, the elusive Scarlet Pimpernel. He was a "dasing" man that would sneak under the noses of the French authorities and rescue hapless victims of la guillotine. He, his League members, and the aristos would always make it to safety, in England. There, he was loved for his cunning, but in France, everyone despised him, for he was stopping the justice of the people. It angered Chauvelin most, because he remained uncaptured, thus ruining his fine reputation, and now many men wanted him dead. Chauvelin did not have many friends, and during this revolution, one needed them to survive. All of this, Chauvelin thought as he readied himself for another day of tracking down aristos. Yes, he had deep thoughts, and he always pondered the elusive Pimpernel. Multi-line text field Double tap to edit.