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Peter was eight when he found out that his father wasn't his father.

Aunt May and Uncle Ben were having a seriously-important-adult conversation that Peter wasn't supposed to hear.

The circumstances were similar to how his aunt and uncle discussed their money problems: In the kitchen, at the dead of night, when Peter was supposed to be sleeping.

At the time, young Peter just wanted to use the bathroom, but when there was a small amount of light peeking out from the bottom of his door and some whispering, Peter knew that his aunt and uncle were having a conversation that he wasn't supposed to listen to. So, he sat down on the floor, and leaned against the door.

As he suspected, they were discussing bills. Hospital bills.

A familiar sense of guilt filled Peter's tummy. He knew he shouldn't feel guilty. It wasn't his fault that he was sick. But he couldn't help it.

The little boy leaned closer towards the door when he heard his aunt hiss, "Why don't we get that good-for-nothing asshole to pay for all of this? He gets enough blood money, selling those weapons of his! He can afford one little kid's medical bills!"

"May, please." Uncle Ben sounded tired. "Mary didn't want Stark involved in Peter's life for a reason. You know what he could do if he finds out that he has a son."

May snorted. "Please. You think a man like that would ever take responsibility for a child? Besides, I'll fight him tooth and nail before he takes our Peter-"

"May." Ben interrupted.

His aunt stopped her rant.

Peter didn't understand. Someone wanted to take him away? Who? Why?

"We're going to respect Mary's wishes." Ben stated softly. "She had her reasons for not wanting that man in our nephew's life, and we're going to respect that. Don't worry about the bills, I'll figure something out with insurance."

There was a pause.

"Our insurance? Seriously? They don't do shit-"


"Why can't he just do his goddamn job, and help us keep his son alive! I don't get it! I don't get it!"

There was a scraping of chairs.

Peter felt sick as his aunt sobbed. He didn't know what to think, he was only eight. So, he decided to do what most children like Peter would do: He never mentioned it. As long as nobody tried to take him away, he wouldn't say a word.

He realized, as he grew older, what that conversation meant, and who Peter's real father was. But since Uncle Ben and Aunt May never mentioned it, and they still treated him like their child, Peter decided not to say anything until they did.

Peter didn't even mention to his aunt that he met his father for the first time in his life. That would involve explaining and tears, things that Peter currently couldn't stomach.

Besides, they were both still feeling the sting of Uncle Ben's death. Peter couldn't help but find it to be….inapropriete to tell May that he met his father at that time. He figured that once Tony Stark reached out to them, he'd explain everything.

The only problem with that scenario was….Tony Stark never called them. Or had been in contact with them in anyway.

Peter told himself that it was the shock. The teenager had six years to take in that information, afterall. So, he waited patiently. He answered all phone calls he received. He checked the spam on his personal and school emails everyday.

Each and every morning, he told himself that it would happen any day now. He'd finally have his father in his life. Aunt May and Tony Stark would learn to get along, and they could be a happy family.

It would happen any day now. Any day now.

Any day now….

When Peter woke up on Friday morning, he realized that he woke up before his alarm for once.

He lay in his bed staring at the digit clock for an entire minute. The temptation to snuggle back up in his warm bed was so hard to resist, but Peter would like to not to be tardy for once. So, he forced himself to get up and shower.

After slipping on his suit and his uniform, Peter stared at his messy mop of brown hair. He tugged at a strand, and he began the debate that he had every morning: Was he too lazy to style his hair, or should he try to look nice for once?

Peter glanced at an old jar of gel. He glanced back at his reflexion.

Hm….Maybe he'd try to work on his hair next week.

After that, Peter packed up his satchel. He was about to leave his room, when he did a once over and realized that he forgot his fake glasses.

He continued on his merry way.

"Morning, Petey-Pie." His aunt greeted as soon as Peter entered their tiny kitchen.

"Morning, Aunt May." The teenager gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Did you sleep well?" May asked as she slid a plate of eggs in front of him.

"Yeah." He lied. "You?"

May smiled sadly. "I slept perfectly."

They were both lying. They both knew they were lying. Neither called the other one out on it.

"I have a double shift tonight." May said as the teenager inhaled his breakfast. "Can I trust you to eat anything besides a tv dinner?"

Peter stood up, and filled a glass with some juice. "I mean ...Do you want a kitchen fire ...?"

May chuckled. "Yeah, maybe not. Hey, don't chug that, you'll choke!"

The teenager gulped. "Sorry, ma'am."

Peter quickly finished the rest of his breakfast before doing the dishes. He brushed his teeth, kissed his aunt's cheek, and rushed out the door to catch his train.

Once Peter entered the crowded subway, he took a few minutes to check his email. When he noted that there was nothing of interest, he considered emailing Stark Industries, again. Again, he chickened out, because he was Peter Parker at the moment, not Spider-Man, and Peter Parker was a complete coward.

Also, the people who would read his email would probably immediately delete it. Afterall, how many people this week alone claimed to be fathered by the Iron-Man? Probably enough for all of them to be doubted.

Oh god, what if Peter had siblings out there ...?

He shook his head. His stop was coming, so he stood up, and walked closer to the door.

As it turned out, it was really nice to actually get to school on time or, god forbid, early.

There was an emptiness in the halls that wasn't filled with silent judgement. It was a bit echoey without the large mass of students rushing to class, and Peter enjoyed that. The stroll to his locker felt like a luxury without people elbowing him in the ribs.

He opened his locker door, glad to start a new day, when the door slammed in his face. Peter stiffened for a moment, but his spider-sense didn't go off.

"Pete, is that you?" An expression of fake shock permeated Mary Jane Watson's face.

The teenager rolled his eyes as he redid his locker combo. "Nope. I'm Peter's long lost twin, Perez Parker."

MJ snorted. "Perez? What, is that Hebrew or something?"

"I think so." Peter replied as he opened his locker. His heart was racing, as it usually did whenever Mary Jane was around him. He picked out the books he needed that morning, and closed the door.

"So, what are you doing here so early?" MJ continued. Peter noted how her curly, dyed-red hair was in a ponytail that day. "Like, are you actually Peter, or were you replaced by one of those aliens?"

The teenager snorted. "Actually, I woke up before my alarm."

"Yeah, you're definitely not Peter." She shifted her backpack.

"Probably not." Peter agreed, as his face warmed. "So, did the guild end up beating that troll?"

Mary Jane sighed dramatically. "Well, we might have, if someone didn't decide to ditch the raid last minute. Again."

The teenager winced. "Er ...Sorry, Mary Jane. I was-"

"-Busy." She guessed. She shrugged. "It's not the end of the world, tiger, it's just a game. It's just ...Ugh, you said that you'd be there."

Peter shrugged. "I didn't realize we'd get so much homework."

The truth: 'I didn't realize that it would take me so long to find out where O'Hirn was hiding after he robbed that jewelry store.'

"I'll make it up to you." Peter continued.

Mary Jane sighed. It made Peter wince, because he knew that this wasn't the first time he'd said that since he became Spider-Man. He wondered how many 'I'll make it up to you's it'll take before MJ ditched him for a better best friend.

"Whatever." MJ sighed. "Gwen wants you to pay her back for her gear, though."

"Fair enough." Peter replied. He shifted his glasses. "How's play practise going?"

"Great." Mary Jane replied. "It's fun."

'Not as fun without you.' Peter read.

God, he was an awful friend.

"How's the Bugle?" MJ asked.

The teenager opened his mouth to complain, but immediately shut it.

Mary Jane nudged him. "I'm not really mad, Pete. I know you're busy and stuff. I don't blame you for being busy."

Peter sighed. He didn't deserve Mary Jane. He didn't deserve having her as a friend.

"Has….'You-Know-Who' called you?" She added.

"Nope." Peter replied. He opened their homeroom door for her. "But….like….I don't blame him. It's a shock, you know?"

MJ chewed her lip as Peter closed the door behind him. "It's been weeks, Pete. Isn't it time to just stomp into his office, or something?"

The teenager shook his head. "Nah, I can wait. I don't want to rush things, you know?"

Mary Jane nodded slowly. They took their usual seats in the back of the classroom. "Well, when you guys finally talk and stuff, you know what that means?"


"You'll have enough money to get all of us new gear."

Peter rolled his eyes. "Let me have a conversation with him first before I can promise anything."

"Alright. I'm just saying….."

The teenager chuckled, before pulling out his stuff.

"Have you worked on any drawings lately?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, and they're all crap."

"I doubt it."

"Well, they are, and I hate them."

"Can I see them?"



"Because I hate them."

"Aw, c'mon-"

The door opened.

The pair paused as some other kids began to pour in. With them was Harry Osborn.

Harry waved as soon as he saw his two friends, but frowned when he realized that Peter was there. He turned to Mary Jane.

"Is that actually Peter, or did he make a hologram of himself?" The taller boy had a completely serious expression as he sat down.

Mary Jane tapped her dimpled chin jokingly. "You know, I haven't figured it out just yet…."

"Har-de-har-har." Peter rolled his eyes.

Harry plopped into the seat in front of Peter. "Dude, where were you last night? Gwen blew a gasket when we realized that you weren't going to show-"

"Sorry. Lots of homework, I forgot to text you guys."

Harry huffed. "Eddie's gonna let you have it lunch."

"I know, I'm sorry." The teenager made a pleading expression at his friend.

Harry studied him, and sighed. "Hey, I'm just glad I'm not in your shoes. Gwen sounded like she was planning a murder or something."

Peter groaned. "She hasn't texted me yet."

"Oh, I'd expect a phone call, tiger." MJ replied as she frowned at her sketch book.

The bell rang. The trio ceased conversation.

The rest of the day was completely ordinary. Flash Thompson threw things at Peter whenever he got bored. Most people ignored Peter, per usual. Occasionally, he'd have a class with either MJ and Harry.

Eventually, the lunch bell rang.

Peter sighed in relief. He felt so hungry, and he couldn't wait to dive into the five sandwiches he made.

"Peter, can I speak to you for a moment?" Professor Warren asked as the brunette packed up.

Peter forced a polite smile. At this point, his head was pounding from hunger, but he ignored it. "Sure."

He followed the teacher to his desk, but froze at the sight of Liz Allen chilling besides it. At the sight of Peter, she made a face.

"Peter, Liz here is having some trouble with her biology grade. I was hoping that you could tutor her for the final-"

"You have got to be kidding me!" Liz blurted out.

Professor Warren gave her a glance that immediately silenced her.

"Peter is the top student of this class." He replied sternly. "It makes sense that he tutors you, does it not?"

Oh god, Peter really didn't want to be involved in this conversation. He glanced at Liz, who was currently glaring at him like this was all his idea. He gulped.

"I-I mean, I guess, if you want it….." Peter stuttered out.

Professor Warren clapped his hands. "Excellent! What do you say, Liz?"

The popular girl huffed. "Fine."

The two exchanged numbers. Peter gave Professor Warren his good-byes, than rushed to room 214.

"Liz Allen?!" Eddie's eyebrows immediately rose. "You're tutoring Liz Allen?"

Peter only groaned.

There was good news and bad news: Good news, Eddie felt so bad for Peter that he decided to give him a break about missing the raid. Bad news: Peter was tutoring Liz Allen.

"Sheesh, good luck, bro." The older boy patted Peter's shoulder in sympathy. "Flash Thompson is not going to be pleased."

Peter groaned. "Don't remind me!"

Harry frowned into his almonds (it appeared that his father (or more likely, his father's publicity team) decided to force him into another diet. Harry hated almonds). "I still don't get why you didn't just say, 'no', Pete."

"Because Flash Thompson would kill me!" The teenager covered his face with his hands. "There's no winning here! Either way, Flash's gonna kill me!"

Mary Jane huffed. "Honestly, what a lowlife. If we were in public school, and his daddy didn't have all this money, he wouldn't get away with this, I swear."

"Wouldn't he?" Peter raised an eyebrow. "Since when do star football players get in trouble for anything?"

"I could think of a thing or two." MJ shrugged.

Eddie rolled his eyes. "It doesn't matter if he didn't have money and went to a public school, the problem is that the PTA is wrapped around the Thompsons' little finger. No teacher would dare punish that poor, little rich boy."

Harry looked immediately uncomfortable.

"I mean, they'd probably be wrapped around your little finger, too, Pete, if you'd just-"

"Well, I'm on scholarship, so no, no one's wrapped around my little finger." Peter glared at Eddie for bringing up that subject.

Eddie shrugged. "Just saying, Pete. Rich kids get to throw their weight around."

Peter decided to change the subject. "It's not even just the fact that Flash is brat. Liz is one, too-"

"Can we not talk about this?" Harry asked. "I mean, c'mon guys, it's not like you know their situations, anyways."

The trio froze. They glanced at Harry, who was staring hard into his almonds. He was the only one in the group who hadn't taken off his jacket.

"Yeah, sure, man." Peter scratched his nose, and held out his MnMs towards his friend. Harry took a few, and stared at the floor.

Mary Jane chewed her apple thoughtfully. She turned to Eddie. "Speaking of home lives, how's the new foster family?"

Eddie scoffed. "Just great. They've ignored me since the moment I unpacked my stuff."

Harry and Peter winced.

Peter held out his MnMs towards Eddie.

Eddie didn't take. "Can I spend the weekend at your house, Pete? I'm not sure I can take anymore silence."

The shorter teenager paused from chewing.

"I have to tutor Liz on Saturday." He said (MJ smacked his shoulder for talking with food in his mouth). "I doubt you'd want to be there to hear all that."

Eddie sighed. "I can do homework or something. C'mon, man, I miss seeing your aunt."

Peter stared at the floor. "Yeah. I miss seeing her, too."

There was another pause.

"My dog threw up on our carpet last night." Mary Jane suddenly said.

The trio immediately glanced at her.

She shrugged. "Thought we were having a group therapy session."

Eddie turned to Harry. Harry shook his head. "My dad's coming back from a business trip. Even I don't want to home during the weekend."

"Mom doesn't like guys sleeping over." MJ replied.

Eddie sighed, and nodded. He began to pack his stuff up. "See you dorks later."

The bell rang just as he left the door, so the trio packed up the rest of their stuff, and headed out.

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