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This is my second ever romance fic. Ash and the gang arrive at Rockstar City for the annual Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament where the winner will get a free pass into the Pokémon League Championships at Indigo Plateau. After entering, Ash gets a letter addressed to him from "a secret admirer" from Nurse Joy. Ash starts to think Misty gave him that note, but an old friend shows up and she and Misty get into a fight and all hell breaks loose. I won't tell you who the other girl is, though. Find out for yourself and read on.

The Secret Admirer Mess Up
Part 1

The road to the Johto League ended for Ash Ketchum a while ago. He and his Pokémon made it to the finals and were defeated by Gary Oak in a very heated battle, which will go down in Pokémon history as one of the finest battles ever. Deciding not to mope because of his loss, Ash and Pikachu focused on getting back on the winning track. So, along with his friends Brock and Misty, Ash is making his way to Rockstar City to enter the city's Pokémon Tournament. The winner of the tourney will have a free pass to the Pokémon League Championships at Indigo. So, Ash was looking forward to competing for a chance to get into the Pokémon League Championships. And hearing rock music during the battles.

"Rockstar City. What a weird name for a major city." Misty said as the group saw the skyline of the city over the top of the hill,

"Sure is. Some people say that a rock band came to this city when it was just called New City around 30 years ago. Apparently, the group liked the city and played a lot of shows for the people for free. Everybody agreed to rename the place Rockstar City. If you want to hear good rock music, this is the city to go to. There are at least 6 concerts a day at this place." Brock said, telling her how the city got its name.

"Yeah! And this place is also the home of the Pokémon tournament where the winner will get a one-way ticket to the Pokémon League Championships in Indigo!! And I want that one-way ticket in!!" Ash said enthusiastically. Since he heard of this tournament where the winner gets to go to the Pokémon League, Ash and Pikachu, as did the rest of Ash's Pokémon, have been training nonstop for a few weeks to get themselves ready to fight.

"I've heard that rock bands will be playing during the matches as an added bonus for the fans." Brock said,

"That's fine with me, Brocko. Let them jam all they want!! I can't wait to enter the tournament and get to the Pokémon League at Indigo." Ash said confidently as he started to run towards the city limits with Pikachu holding on for dear life,

"Hey, Ash!! Hold up, already!!" Misty yelled out as she and Brock chased Ash into the city. After a forced sprint, the group found the Rockstar City Pokémon Center before sunset and wanted to snag some rooms for the duration of the tournament before other trainers got them. Ash skidded to a stop at the doors of the center before going inside and heading to the front desk where the center's Nurse Joy was putting in some CDs into a CD player. Brock didn't get a chance to hit on Nurse Joy like he always did.

"Hello, Nurse Joy. Where can I sign up for the Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament?" Ash asked, causing Joy to nearly jump to the ceiling in fright. She was too busy listening to CDs and didn't know that Ash came in. After catching her breath and calming herself down, the Pokémon Nurse became her cheerful self and hoped that Ash didn't see her playing rock music CDs.

"Oh. You can sign up right here in the Pokémon Center. Many trainers haven't arrived at Rockstar City yet, but they'll be coming by in droves in the next few days. You're one of the first trainers to sign up." Nurse Joy said, hiding the CDs behind her back,

"I knew getting here real fast would pay off." Ash said cheerfully,
"May I have your PokéDex, please?" Joy asked. Ash handed her his PokéDex and she slid the small computer into a little compartment in the computer. After a few seconds, Ash and his Pokémon were entered into the tournament. His PokéDex came out from the compartment and Joy handed it back to Ash. "There you go, Ash. You are now signed up as a competitor in the Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament. The competition won't start for another few days, so why not enjoy your stay at Rockstar City." Joy said,

"I think I will. Maybe I'll drag Misty and Brock to one of those loud concerts this city is famous for." Ash said as he was about to exit the Pokémon Center to see what Rockstar City has to offer. Before he got to the door, Nurse Joy called out to him.

"Wait! Is your name Ash Ketchum?" She asked as he turned around to face her,

"Yeah. Why?" Ash asked,

"This letter came in for you yesterday. I don't know who sent it or how the person knew you were coming here." The Nurse answered,

"I didn't tell anybody where I'm going also. Thank you, Nurse Joy." Ash said as he took the letter, put in his pocket and exited the Center where he spotted Misty dragging away Brock by his ear as usual. Seems like he tried to put some moves on another girl again. After catching up with them, the group decided to find a place to stay during the Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament before heading off to see the sights.


As soon as the sunset, the city was being blasted by the sounds of rock bands playing loudly at the many outdoor stadiums that populate the big city. All this music nearly caused Pikachu to shock Ash a thousand times and Brock was caught up in a mosh pit. Every time he tried to get away, he was dragged into another pit. Misty actually went back to the hotel they were staying because Togepi started to cry because of the loud noise. Ash was the only one enjoying himself, seeing many trainers go nuts when a band plays their favorite rock songs. He also thought the guys on stage were crazy to dress up like members of an 80's hair band. The music was finally getting on Pikachu's nerves. It was too loud for her.

"PIKA!! PIKACHU!!! CHU!!" Pikachu yelled out while placing her paws on her ears to block out the noise,

"Well, if you want to go back, go ahead Pikachu!! I'm staying here to rock!!" Ash yelled out, making his voice loud enough for Pikachu to hear over the pounding music. A second later, a beat up Brock appeared.

"Ash... I hate mosh pits. I hate rock music! I hate Rockstar City!! I'm saving myself!!" Brock yelled out over the music,

"Fine with me, Brock!! Take Pikachu with you!! She doesn't like the music as well!" Ash yelled out as Pikachu hopped into Brock's arms.

"What about you, Ash?!!" Brock asked, his head pounding from the drum solo of one rock band on stage.

"I'm staying, Brocko!! I want to rock!! I'll see you guys back at the hotel later!!!" Ash said as he made his way to a group of Pokémon trainers head banging along with the beat of the song. Brock and Pikachu looked at Ash having a wail of a good time and decided not to rain on his parade and left.

"I never knew Ash was a fan of rock music. I bet this was the real reason for coming to this crazed city." Brock said in a normal tone of voice. Since they were away from the park, he could talk normally instead of having to yell over the music.

"Pika, pika." Pikachu added. Back at the park, Ash sat down on a bench as the rock band he was head banging to ended their stint on stage.

"YEAH!! You guys rock!! We'll be here for the whole week, including the Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament!! Don't forget... We're the Professors Of Thrash!! We'll return!!" The lead signer yelled out as the group left the stage and some crew guys started changing around the stuff for the next band. Ash wiped away some sweat from his face and wondered about that letter he got from the Pokémon Center earlier. It was still in his pocket and he opened it up.

To Ash Ketchum...

I can't begin to tell you how much I enjoyed meeting up with you. At first, I thought you were some boy who was so stubborn for his own good, but I saw that you have a heart of gold and would be willing to help you anybody, whether it would be a Pokémon or a person in need of help. Ever since the last time we met, I've been waiting or the next time I would see you.

Now, I can't help it any longer. I think you're the funniest, nicest and cutesy boy I have ever met. You're really cute when you're dumb and I like that about you. Since you're off to Rockstar City, I know you'll beat the pants off of the other trainers. I'll be cheering for you during the tournament as well.

I'll be thinking about you, Ashy.

From a secret admirer

"A secret admirer, huh? I know that I became friends with a lot of girls during my Pokémon Journey, but who could it be?" Ash asked himself as the next rock band to take the stage started jamming, breaking Ash's concentration. The person called him, "Ashy." Only a few people called him that, but he couldn't put a finger on it. Ash was starting to get a bit tired and he walked back to the hotel to call it a night. Inside the room that Misty, Brock and Ash have gotten, the Water Pokémon trainer was dreaming. Dreaming about one thing or one person... Ash. Since the two of them met 4 years ago, Misty has started to think about Ash not only as a friend, but as someone she could spend a lifetime with. Someone she could fall in love with.

"I'll tell him. I'll tell him if he wins or loses this big tournament. Ash Ketchum, you will be mine. I hope he has the same feelings as I do." Misty said to herself quietly as she finally fell asleep. Looks like Ash has another secret admirer to keep an eye on.


The trainers started to arrive at Rockstar City to get a spot in the tournament. Each one for them signed up at the Pokémon Center, hoping for a shot to the Pokémon League Championship at the Indigo Plateau. After 2 days of waiting and over 1,000 trainers signing up, the entire city held the opening ceremonies. Actually, the ceremony itself was a big rock concert where all the trainers and their Pokémon were treated to a very exciting rock show. At halftime, the boss of the Pokémon Battle Rockstar Tournament gave the opening speech. And it was interesting.

"Greetings, y'all!! And welcome all you dang foreigners from other nations!! Dear lord, be with our guests and prepare them for the butt whipping they are about to receive!!" The Tournament official said and everybody went absolutely crazy. Most of the trainers, including Ash, were wondering what was up with this guy.
"Pikachu? Pika pika?" Pikachu asked,

"Yeah. I don't get it also, Pikachu. I think the guy who runs this city is not from here whatsoever." Ash said. As the opening ceremonies continued, Ash kept on reading that small letter he got at the Pokémon Center upon arrival in Rockstar City. He thought that Misty was the one who wrote him the love note, but he would know Misty's handwriting if he saw it a hundred meters away. He mentally crossed Misty out as the person who wrote him the love letter. There was no way she would have feelings for him.

It couldn't be Misty. Ever since you broke her bike, she's been saying that she'll leave once you pay her back, Ash. I don't think she would ever have feelings for you. She would rather be your friend. But... who is the girl that wrote you the note? Ash asked himself as the ceremonies came to a close. He had to get this little problem out of his mind before the tournament starts. He can't afford to think about love during a match. The first part of the Tournament is going to start tomorrow and Ash needed to think about those 30 battles he has to fight.

End Of Part 1

I know that the letter was real crappy. I never did write a love letter before, so go ahead and flame me for that. Next, Ash and his Pokémon take to the battlefields of Rockstar City in hope of getting a winning average good enough to be in the top 32 to move onto the second and most important round. Also, the secret admirer will make her appearance. Who do you think the admirer is?

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