Author's Note: Hi, I'm Danielle, and I'm the writer of this fic (duh!). It's my first A.I. fan story, I hope you'll enjoy it…

This is a TOTALLY different version of the movie "Artificial Intelligence", but the characters are the same (I changed some words and the format, so it will be easier to read).

It's an alternative story. Monica didn't leave David in the woods. He stayed with the Swintons until Monica's death… but when she dies, what will be David's destiny? Specially when he meets a very special person…


I don't need to say this, but the characters are not mine. They're owned by Brian Aldiss (except for Danielle). This fic is TOTALLY written by me. And if you're a writer and see any similarity with any fic out there, it's merely coincidental.

Enjoy my fic. I love you all. Don't sue me.

"My Love Again"

By Danielle Swinton

"If you think a Mecha can love just one person, you should think twice…"

*Chapter 1*

25 years had passed since David went to live with the Swintons. Everybody had changed… Henry had died 20 months ago. Monica now had white hair, and Martin was 36 years old. David still remained being a child, but he had grown up in wisdom. As Dr. Hobby said about him "Always loving, never ill, never changing"… But one day, everything changed…

"Mommy?" David asked one morning, when he saw Monica reading the newspaper.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" she said.

"Would you like some?" he asked, handling a cup of steaming coffee to her. She took the cup, smiled and said "Oh…thanks, David"

He smiled too, and sat by her side. She looked at him, he still had that childish face, whose expression had not changed too much since he was brought to that house. She stroke his cheek, and he said "Mommy, will you keep me?"

She was surprised with this question. But she answered "Yes, David…of course I will"

"We'll stay together forever, right?" the boy-bot asked.

"Honey…one day I'll have to go"

"Go where? Will I go with you?" Monica didn't know what to say. "Mommy, I love you. I want to be with you forever" he said, as he hugged her.

She kissed his cheek and went into the bathroom; David stayed in the sitting room playing with Teddy.

"Teddy, where will Mommy go?" David asked.

"I don't know" the bear answered.


Into the bathroom, Monica was feeling very weak. She looked at her hands, they were red because she had a vomit. A bit of blood was expelled from her mouth.

"Oh, God…I'm feeling more weak…" she said, as she washed her hands.


Author's Note: What's wrong with Monica? Why is she feeling so weak? Check out Chapter 2, and you'll find the answer! Leave a review, please!