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*Chapter 5*

As time passed by, David and Danielle became more and more attached to each other. It was common to see her with David in the beach, the mall, or simply at home. David needed so badly for someone who cared about him…but one day, everything went upside down…

One afternoon, while Danielle and David were in the park, a man ran towards them. It was a dangerous criminal, who was being chased by the police. After some fighting, he was caught, but he had a gun in his free hand, and he shot! Nobody got hurt, at least that's what everybody thought…

"Danielle??" David asked when he saw her falling to the ground. Her white tank top now had a big red stain. The criminal had shot her in the stomach…

"D…David, I…I'm not…feeling very well…" she could hardly speak.

Some people reached up to them, a woman checked Danielle's injury.

"We need an ambulance!!" the woman shouted, and Danielle was taken to an hospital, with David always by her side.


"Dr. Edwards, we have an emergency" a nurse said "A young woman came with an injury in the stomach, caused by a shot from a gun. It's urgent"

Danielle was being taken to the emergency room, lots of nurses were around her bed.

"But get this boy-bot out!" one nurse said, because David was still there, taking Danielle's hand.

"NO!!" Danielle yelled "Please…let him stay…" she begged desperately. The doctor looked at her.

"Let the boy stay with her" he finally said. He and the nurses got out of the room, to get ready for the operation.

Danielle was feeling really weak. She could barely keep her eyes open…

"David?" she talked.

"Yes, Danielle" he said, reaching out to her.

"David, I…" she began to say "I…I don't think I'll get through this…"

"What do you mean?" he asked, with a confused look in his face.

"I guess I have to go now…"

"Go where? Can I go with you?" he asked.

"No, David…I'm going to a place where there's no return…" she said as her breath began to stop, with short gasps. Danielle put her hands on David's face, gave a last look to his deep blue eyes. She pulled him closer and kissed him on his lips, kissed him for a long time, and brushed his hair with her fingers. He trembled again, just as he did when she first told him she loved him, 7 months ago… "I love you, David…I've always loved you…I'll love you forever…" she whispered into his ear, and death froze her body and made her close her eyes…those eyes that wouldn't open again…

"Danielle? Danielle?!" he said as he shook her, but she did never arouse. "NO!! Not again!!" he yelled.

David wanted to cry, he was very sad. He had lost Monica, who was his mother and his first love. And now…he had lost Danielle…his last hope…It seemed like love was running away from him…


David was still in the hospital, by his side was Danielle's death bed. Teddy was sitting on his lap.

"Teddy, I lost her" David said "Just like I lost Mommy"

"David, she was not Mommy" Teddy said.

"I know… Teddy, what am I going to do now?"

"I don't know" the bear answered.

David thought for a minute. Out of the sudden, the Cybertronics puppet appeared into his mechanical mind.

"I'll go there" he said, and he stood up. Teddy knew what he was thinking, and tried to stop him.

"They'll destroy you, David" it said, but David insisted.

"I know that" he said, as he walked out of the room.


Some hours later, David arrived to Cybertronics. He stood in front of the door, a little frightened. But he knew he had to keep walking, so he did…walking to a destiny that he had never thought about…and he did it just for love…to go back with the two people he had loved the most…to be together again with his eternal love…

The End.

"A robot child will genuinely love the parent or parents it imprints on, with a love that will never end" -- Professor Allen Hobby. Artificial Intelligence.


Author's LAST Note: This fic is done! Okay, guys…what do you think about it? Is it good? It sucked a big time? Be honest! And don't worry, I'll read all the critics, good or bad!

Let me explain that kiss Danielle gave David before she died…you know that the love David felt for Monica was the kind of love a child would feel for his mom. Well, the love David feels for Danielle was like that, but in the end, well…it seems like David could know the romantic love, eh…I mean, Danielle loved him as you would love your little brother, but she found out that she loved him more than that…she's not a pedophilic, I'm not sayin' that, okay? It's a pure, innocent love. I was inspired in Freud's psychological conception of "love", which says that a girl can love a younger boy, or viceversa (a boy can love an older girl)…and the fic title itself shows a light explanation of this. "My Love Again": it means that he had lost Monica, his first love, which was a motherly love. And now there comes this girl who looks like her, who helped him to discover a new kind of love, remaining its innocent nature. And when David asks Teddy if he could love 2 different people, you can see that he already loves her, but he's slightly confused about his love for his mommy and the love he feels for this girl…when Danielle dies, he says "I lost her, just like I lost Mommy", this means he's sad because he had lost the two people he loved the most, even when his love was different to the two of them: Monica was his mom, and Danielle was his friend…two different kinds of love. I hope you'll get the idea.

Ummm…I'm sleepy right now, so…later!

A big hug from Danielle.