I keep telling myself I'll stop writing piles of angst because I'd like to give Lan Xichen some happiness, for once, and yet here we are. This is for day 7 of XiYao week - yeah, the ship week that ended like a month ago dshfiusdf - because mourning is absolutely another side of commitment.

Since the GusuLan Sect already wears mostly white, no one questions why Lan Xichen stops wearing any blue after he returns from the Guanyin Temple.

If anyone would give it a second thought or mention it to a friend, surely it would be a sign of the simple life of seclusion he's chosen, or perhaps mourning for the losses throughout the cultivational world. But talking behind another's back is forbidden in the Cloud Recesses, and Lan Xichen's quiet smile is enough to prevent those sorts of questions.

Besides, who would mourn the greatest monster the cultivational world has seen- a murderer, a liar, the son of a whore with no heart?

Lan Xichen wears all white, and he mourns.