As a man Aragorn is an adult, yet in the eyes of an elf he is but a child. Someone is always there to lift him when he falls and bandage him when he's injured. Aragorn is sick of it. Will he learn to except help before it is to late?

As much as I wish I thought up LOTR I did not JRR Tolkein is the mastermind behind the characters. (I have made up several elves so if you don't recognize a name chances are it might be mine)

Timeline: Pre LOTR Aragorn is about 20

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A Helping Hand
Chapter 1 In The Beginning

Winter was upon them, as the weary group of hunters headed over the mountain pass. The group had been out hunting a part of uruk-hai, which had seen near the borders of Rivendell and many of the neighboring villages. The group had been out on the trail for many months hunting the uruk-hai and it seemed that every time the group had gotten close the uruk- hai had managed to elude them, leaving havoc in their wake. The hunting party had managed to catch up with the orcs just as the first snowfall of the winter season started. The whole hunting party of orcs had been slain in that battle. Thankfully few elves had been injured. After the orc bodies had been burned and the injured seen to the group started back up and over the mountain pass with hopes of making it off the mountain before the snow storm got much worse for there was no cover up on the mountain pass. Luck it seemed however was not on their side as the group made their way over the pass. And it didn't take long for a full on blizzard to start. Snow pelted down at them like tiny spires of ice from the wind. Each member of the hunting party had his cloak wrapped tightly around him trying to ward off the biting chill from the wind. Although the group was made up mainly of elves that didn't feel the biting cold, there was however, one member of the group that most definitely felt the biting cold, which seeped through his cloak and into his bones. Pulling his cloak tighter the young human tried vainly to warm up.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn shivered violently as another gust of wind blew over the ridge that the hunting party was crossing. Causing the young Ranger to bite his lower lip to keep his teeth from chattering. His clothes where almost soaked through from the snow that he been trudging through for the past few hours while his companions whom where all elves, walked light as a feather over the early winter snow. It was times like these that made Aragorn wish that he were an elf. Aragorn continued to push his way through the snow as the hunting party got further and further away. His older brothers who headed the group seemed to have forgotten about their little human brother. Sighing in frustration Aragorn continued to push his way through the snow that was now waist deep. He knew that if he called out for help either one of his brothers or his good friend Legolas would have stopped to help him however, not wanting to appear weak he continued on, on his own. Though he loved his brothers very much and also his best friend, they were always hovering over him treating him as though he were still just a child instead of his 20 years. Though compared to their ages of thousands of years, he was a child.

Seeing that his brothers and the rest of the hunting party were almost out of sight, Aragorn started to push his way through the snow faster. Intent on catching up with his brothers Aragorn failed to see where he was going. Taking a step forward, he felt his right leg slip backwards out from underneath him and before he could catch himself he was flying face first into the snow, his chest and head colliding with rocks which lay hidden under the snow. Aragorn tried to rise as red haze filled his vision, but the pain was too intents, crying out softly he welcomed the blackness that came to claim him. Legolas was walking not far off from where his ranger friend was. The two had gotten into a small fight earlier that afternoon. It seemed Estel thought that he was to protective of him, and that he needed to learn to back off and allow the young human to take care of himself. And so Legolas had headed back to closer to the rest of the group allowing the stubborn human to wallow behind by him self. His keen elvish ears picked up on the soft cry recognizing it to be Aragorn, he spun around expecting to find the ranger pushing his way through the snow instead he saw nothing.calling a stop to the rest of the hunting party and to the twin sons of Elrond, Legolas searched the snow covered ground for his human friend. A couple of yards back his eyes found their mark, the human was face first in the snow, he wasn't moving other than the constant shivering that the cold caused. Rolling the cold human over onto his back Legolas found his face and hands cut up from several rocks that had been hidden from he first snow that he had been unfortunate enough to land on as he went down.

Elladan was the first of the twins to reach their younger brothers side. Kneeling down next to Legolas he studied the young human. Other than a few cuts and scraps on the rangers face and hands. Aragorn appeared to be all right. Running a hand through his little brothers hair Elladan was alarmed to find a large knot forming on his temple. Elrohir dropped down next to his twin at the same moment. "How is he?" "Not to good, he hit his head on one of those rocks he probably has a concussion and the fact that he hasn't woken yet isn't a good sign. He is also soaked to the skin and freezing we have to get him to some shelter and warm him up. We have to hurry and get over the pass there isn't any shelter up here nor was there any from where we just came. Estel isn't going to last much longer." "I'll take him." Legolas offered. Elrohir and Elladan nodded, both knew that the DĂșnedain and the prince of Mirkwood had a special bond that even the brothers didn't share with Estel. Legolas carefully lifted his charge into his arms, resting Aragorn head on his shoulder. Before heading back down to the rest of the hunting party with the brothers.

Several hours later the storm had lessened and the group had made it down off the mountain pass. And into the forest that lay at the base of the mountain. The group had searched for caves along their trek hoping to find one suitable to stop and warm the human up however had been unable. Aragorn had yet to wake, and the brothers and prince where more and more alarmed. His skin had grown cold and clammy and a fever had started to burn within. "We must find shelter soon, he needs to be warmed up." Legolas called out to the twins over the howling winds. The snow had stopped, yet the icy chilled winds remained. Aragorn continued to shiver as the winds assaulted his frozen form. Roiham one of the Elvin hunters in their group spoke up "My liege I know of a place where we can stop to warm Estel it's not far.. we should be able to make it." Legolas nodded and turned to the elf twins whom also nodded "Lead the way my friend."

Roiham led the group through a dense part of the forest, the trees where thick enough that the wind couldn't reach them here, however since no sun light could reach through the thicket of branches that hung over head the temperature wasn't much warmer than it would have been if they traveled through the wind. Legolas seeing Aragorn start to shake more violently called the group to a stop. "We must stop for a moment and rest, does someone have a bed roll that we can wrap Aragorn in?" "My lord we don't need to stop the cave in just yards ahead it's just over the next rise." Legolas nodded before tucking Aragorn's head under his chin as the human gave out a small moan. Hearing the moan the Elvin brothers grew hopeful "Yes come on Legolas he is starting to wake, we need to get him warmed up, the sooner we get to the cave the sooner we will be able to do so." Hugging the human tighter Legolas smiled as he felt the Ranger snuggle into his chest.

Aragorn could sense, rather than feel that he was being held in the strong arms of an elf. It didn't take him long to figure out it was his best friend Legolas. He barely acknowledged Legolas's strong arms that were wrapped around his limp body, all he clearly focused on was the biting cold that seeped into his frame and the pounding in his head. Biting back the pain Aragorn tried to figure out what was happening around him, he could hear voices, recognizing two to be his brothers and a third as Legolas the other he knew, but couldn't place a name to the sound. They where talking about him. Letting go a small moan, Aragorn briefly wondered what had happened to him. He hoped that the moan might get him some answers however Legolas just shifted him in his arms and pushed his head under his chin, before hugging him tighter. Trying once again Aragorn tried to think of what had happened to him, but couldn't remember a thing, as the pain inside his head grew worse, Aragorn snuggled into Legolas's chest, and placed his ear over his friends heart concentrating on the rhythmic sound of the beating to lull him back to sleep.

The group reached the cave only moments later; it was just as Roiham had said. The cave was set back up against the flat face of the mountain in which they had just crossed. It's entrance lay hidden by thick brush. To the right of the mouth of the cave there was a small spring nestled at the base of several great trees. Elladan and Elrohir entered the cave first with their weapons drawn just to check the cave and make sure that no animal lived inside. The cave proved to be empty much to their relief. Legolas entered only moment later with Estel still in his arms and Roiham at his heals with an armload of firewood. Elladan pulled a blanket out of his pack and placed it on the ground. "Elrohir, get some dry cloths out for us to put Aragorn in once we get these off of him. Roiham would you please start a fire and then go make sure that they rest of our group has everything that they need for the night and let me know?" Roiham nodded to his friend and got to work starting a fire while Elladan and Legolas striped Aragorn of his clothing. And redressed him in warm dry ones that Elrohir had warmed by the fire Before tucking him into the bed roll next to the now blazing fire. Color started to return to Aragorn's face as his temperature slowly rose back to normal. Elrohir heated some athelas tea in hopes that it would reheat the human from the inside as well as fight off any lingering effects of the cold weather. When the tea was ready, he handed it to Legolas to pour down Aragorn's throat. "Here try to get him to drink this. then why don't you try to get some rest you must be tired from carrying Estel down off the mountain. One of us will wake you when we have some food ready." Taking the tea Legolas nodded, slipping his hand under Estel's head he placed the cup of tea to the young human's lips and carefully poured it down his throat. When the tea was gone Legolas stretched out next to his friend and was soon lost in the world of sleep with Aragorn wrapped carefully in his arms.
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