Chapter 1 Hanazuki Trips On something

In the Lunaverse Hanazuki was playing with yellow, until she saw a giant metal air carrier flying through space and stopped above her moon and wondered what's going to happen next until a bunch of black armor soldiers came down and attacked making hanazuki run but then tripped. When she was about to stand up, her left hand touched a green gem, that looks like a quarter moon and it started to glow making Hanazuki and the soldiers become scared until is flashed through the whole Lunaverse.

Pirate Island...

It was night time in Pirate Island and our crews Captain Jake, Izzy, Cubby, and Skully were fast asleep in their beds. Until Jake woke up and hears crashing sound coming from the beach, he got up and went outside to see what it was. When he finally arrived on the beach, he saw Hanazuki, knocked out but with her left arm made out of actual crystals. And from that moment, Jake and Hanazuki, started to have an adventure with some villains trying to catch them..