Chapter 106 Mega Colosseum Part 9 Mechrillla cup

Chapter 106 Mega Colosseum part 9 Mechrilla cup

It's the final cup of the tournament and we see Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron walk into the arena for the crowd to cheer for them while Mechrilla came out standing on the highest point of the Colosseum and said (Mechrilla [welcome to the grand finale of the MEGA Colosseum! we'll now see how the pirate crew will do against all the competitors in the final cup, LET, IT, BEGIN!]) and with that starts the tournament.

Seed 93. Pirate crew[Captain Jake, Hanazuki, Eddy and Ultron] vs Cluck attack [chickens{8x}, pigs{3x}]

Seed 92. Pirate crew vs Mud armada[pigs{4x}, sheep{2x}]

Seed 91. Pirate crew vs KankersLee May

Seed 90. Pirate crew vs Pecking order[chickens{10x}, rabbits{4x}

Seed 89. Pirate crew vs Sheep club[sheep{5x} black sheep{3x} green sheep{1x}]

Seed 88. Pirate crew vs Cul-De-Sac Kids[The Gourd, Nazz, Rolf Hypnorang Jimmy]

Seed 87. Pirate crew vs Peckinpah[chickens{15x} green sheep{5x}]

Seed 86. Pirate crew vs hopping madness[rabbits{50x} roosters{5x}]

Seed 85. Pirate crew vs Doomsday

Seed 84. Pirate crew vs shield-army[shield{3x} rifles{6x}]

Seed 83. Pirate crew vs ninja squad[dagger{5x} Sword{2x}]

Seed 82. Pirate crew vs Dark alliance[Magneto, Mystique Juggernaut]

Seed 81. Pirate crew vs Blast-Blitz[rifles{8x} gatling gun{4x}]

Seed 80. Pirate crew vs Shield-armada[Shield{5x} grenader{1x}]

Seed 79. Pirate crew vs Squirrel army[Squirrel Girl Squirrels{unlimited}]

Seed 78. Pirate crew vs Shield-magannon[shield{12x} gatling gun{4x} grenader{1x}]

Seed 77. Pirate crew vs Hammer time[giant hammer{1x} grenader{3x} gatling gun{2x}]

Seed 76. Pirate crew vs Kingpin

Seed 75. Pirate crew vs Spear strike[Dark Scouts{4x} Dark Soldiers{2x}]

Seed 74. Pirate crew vs Dark army[Dark Soldiers{5x} Dark Brutes{1x}]

Seed 73. Pirate crew vs Garlandians[Kiazuki, Kiyoshi Maroshi]

Seed 72. Pirate crew vs Dark squad[Dark Scouts{8x} Dark Soldiers{4x}]

Seed 71. Pirate crew vs Dark armada[Dark Brutes{8x} Dark Titans{2x}]

Seed 70. Pirate crew vs Color squad[Anger the red soldier, Sadness the blue soldier Relaxer the green soldier.

Seed 69. Pirate crew vs Dark alliance[Dark Scouts{10x} Dark Soldiers{6x} Dark Brutes{2x}]

Seed 68. Pirate crew vs Dark crushers[Titans{12x}]

Seed 67. Pirate crew vs Captain Dark

Seed 66. Pirate crew vs Tree swingers[monkeys{6x}]

Seed 65. Pirate crew vs Sand shooters[crabs{8x} monkeys{3x}]

Seed 64. Pirate crew vs Captain Gizmo

Seed 63. Pirate crew vs Banana slinger[monkeys{10x} bouncy bees{2x}]

Seed 62. Pirate crew vs Water splashers[crabs{9x} big crabs{4x}]

Seed 61. Pirate crew vs Rainbow duo[Pirate Princess Cecile]

Seed 60. Pirate crew vs Coconut throwers[monkeys{20x} crabs{5x} Bouncy bees{2x}]

Seed 59. Pirate crew vs Claw pinchers[crabs{15x} big crabs{8x}]

Seed 58. Pirate crew vs Magellan

Seed 57. Pirate crew vs Grass trimmers[trim bots{6x}]

Seed 56. Pirate crew vs Police crew[police bots{3x} trim bots{8x}]

Seed 55. Pirate crew vs Robot duo[Lord Obsidian Namegem]

Seed 54. Pirate crew vs Drone attack[drones{4x} trimbots{6x}]

Seed 53. Pirate crew vs Robot enforcers[taser bots{3x} police bots{6x}]

Seed 52. Pirate crew vs Light family[Suna, Rush Dr. Light]

Seed 51. Pirate crew vs Shield probes[probes{4x} police bots{10x} trim bots{6x}]

Seed 50. Pirate crew vs Elite force[sheriff bots{2x} taser bots{4x} police bots{8x}]

Seed 49. Pirate crew vs Mega Man/super armor

Seed 48. Pirate crew vs Worm army[worm dogs{6x} clams{3x}]

Seed 47. Pirate crew vs Swat[fish police{2x} worm dogs{4x}]

Seed 46. Pirate crew vs Plank-bot

Seed 45. Pirate crew vs Snail show[snails{5x} sea bear{1x}]

Seed 44. Pirate crew vs Worm patrol[worm dogs{8x} fish police{4x}]

Seed 43. Pirate crew vs Fish squad[Patrick, Sandy, Gary Mr. Krabs]

Seed 42. Pirate crew vs Clam armada[clams{10x} snails{4x}]

Seed 41. Pirate crew vs Bear alliance[sea bears{4x} worm dogs{8x} fish police{6x}]

Seed 40. Pirate crew vs Spongebob/super armor

Seed 39. Pirate crew vs Little army[little helper{6x} grizmos{2x}]

Seed 38. Pirate crew vs Crystal cutters[grizmos{4x} yetis{1x}]

Seed 37. Pirate crew vs Kitty-nati[Shadow Silverclaw]

Seed 36. Pirate crew vs Rainbow troop[grizmos{7x} rainbow guards{3x}]

Seed 35. Pirate crew vs little armada[little helpers{8x} yetis{2x}]

Seed 34. Pirate crew vs Rainbow crew[Bartleby, Zee, Grizelda Rainbow King]

Seed 33. Pirate crew vs Little alliance[little helpers{12x} grizmos{6x}]

Seed 32. Pirate crew vs True/super armor

Seed 31. Pirate crew vs Waddle army[waddle dees{5x} cappies{3x}]

Seed 30. Pirate crew vs Scarf riot[scarfys{4x} monster axes{2x}]

Seed 29. Pirate crew vs Dream team[Tiff, Tuff, Escargoon, Kawasaki Waddle Doo]

Seed 28. Pirate crew vs Waddle troop[waddle dees{9x} scarfys{5x}]

Seed 27. Pirate crew vs Cappy army[cappies{4x} monster axes{8x}]

Seed 26. Pirate crew vs Star warriors[Sword Kirby Meta Knight]

Seed 25. Pirate crew vs Waddle alliance[waddle dees{15x} cappies{8x}]

Seed 24. Pirate crew vs Scarf armada[scarfys{10x} monster axes{6x}]

Seed 23. Pirate crew vs Dedede/super armor

Seed 22. Pirate crew vs Safe busters[bandits{4x} bull dogs{2x}]

Seed 21. Pirate crew vs Jail escapers[disco bots{2x} prisoners{6x}]

Seed 20. Pirate crew vs Dancing duo[Frankini Goomer]

Seed 19. Pirate crew vs Safe breakers[bandits{8x} disco bots{4x}]

Seed 18. Pirate crew vs Jail strikers[prisoners{9x} bull dogs{5x}]

Seed 17. Pirate crew vs Mashed potato monster

Seed 16. Pirate crew vs Safe destroyers[bandits{10x} bull dogs{7x}]

Seed 15. Pirate crew vs Jail exploders[prisoners{12x} disco bots{8x}]

Seed 14. Pirate crew vs Danger duo[Captain Man Kid Danger]

Seed 13. Pirate crew vs Farming madness[roosters{8x} pigs{5x}]

Seed 12. Pirate crew vs S.W.A.T squad[gatling guns{5x} grenader{3x}]

Seed 11. Pirate crew vs Doomsday

Seed 10. Pirate crew vs Dark troops[Dark Brutes{6x} Dark Titans{2x}]

Seed 9. Pirate crew vs Island critters[bouncy bees{7x} big crabs{4x}]

Seed 8. Pirate crew vs Huntress's spirit

Seed 7. Pirate crew vs R.O.B.O.T troop[police bots{10x} taser bots{6x} sheriff bots{2x}]

Seed 6. Pirate crew vs F.I.S.H team[fish police{8x} sea bears{2x}]

Seed 5. Pirate crew vs Izz-tron ultra

Seed 4. Pirate crew vs Rainbow barricade[rainbow guards{6x} yetis{3x}]

Seed 3. Pirate crew vs Dream fiend[Scarfys{7x} monster axes{4x}]

when they got to the 2nd seed they saw the four key holders in the arena and saw them hold their keys in front of them making a flash and when it was over the pirate crew saw a big mech in front meaning they are gonna have a bad time on the battle.

Seed 2. Pirate crew vs Mega man, Spongebob, True Dedede/ super mech

when the mech fell down turned back into the key holders and the keys were in the middle until Mechrilla came in and took the keys and inserted them into four slots activating the weapons on the Colosseum for the pirate crew to move out of the way and were about to run until Izz-tron came in and took out the purple moon gem from her chest and gave it to Hanazuki and powered off and when the flash is over Hanazuki's whole body[except her head] is made out of crystals and with that starts the final round of the arena.

Seed 1. Pirate crew vs Mechrilla/MEGA Colosseum

when they took the arena down it fell apart with the heroes heading back to their hideouts, later that night, Mechrilla was sitting on the beach looking at the arena until he looked at his hand revealing the four keys he took form the holders which ends the chapter.