Chapter 107 The Trade

We go to the jolly roger, and inside to the kitchen to see Loki playing with a yo-yo but he doesn't know how to make it work but he's still having fun and said

Loki: Ed wasn't kidding when he said this yo-yo was so much fun

while Loki is spinning the yo-yo in the air we see Jake, Hanazuki and Ultron reading a cook book and Ultron said

Ultron: it says here it requires one teaspoon of butter, perfectly measured, Eddy?

Eddy: got it Ultron

Ultron grumbled when Eddy took the whole stick of butter and put it in the pan while Mr. Smee is cooking and both of them are wearing chef uniforms with Eddy saying

Eddy; You fellas haven't lived until you tried one of my omelettes]

Mr. Smee: I'm very surprised that you're able to cook at a young age, Loki, would you get the eggs, please

Loki: I'm on it!

But when Loki ran a bit past Eddy and Smee he got himself tangled up with the yo-yo and fell to the ground but got back up saying (Loki [almost there]) and when he turned the other way he fell to the floor again with Hanazuki saying

Hanazuki: Loki, you're hitting the floor

Loki I've hit harder floors then this

Eddy: eggs, Loki, eggs!

Loki opened the freezer part of the fridge looking for the eggs until he saw a yellow popsicle saying

Loki: Hey, a popsicle!

Eddy: You won't find eggs in the freezer, look in the fridge]

Mr. Smee: [next to the coconut milk]

Loki: I'll be right back, don't know why my tongue is stretching by sticking to the popsicle

Loki searched through the fridge until he found all the eggs and brought them out saying

Loki: I found the eggs!]

Mr. Smee: bring them over, the butter is almost done melting

Eddy: NO! WAIT!

Loki; here I come!])

But when Loki started running to the group the fridge fell to the floor face down with Loki's tongue stuck to the popsicle saying

Loki: brace yourselves!

Loki then flew backwards to the fridge with the eggs flying towards the group with one of them hitting Smee's chef hat and when Smee put the pan up in front of his face and Eddy lifting the cook book up to Jake and Hanazuki's faces the eggs hit the pan like a drum and Smee fell to the floor for the rest of the eggs to hit Ultron making him fall to the floor, Eddy then grabbed the pan from Smee and held it behind his back while walking over to the scared Loki saying

Eddy: Oh Loki

Loki: [b-b-banana flavored, Eddy, you wanna t-try?]

Eddy: hold that thought

Eddy then slammed the pan onto Loki's face and then Eddy threw his hat off while Smee and Ultron were getting the splattered eggs of with Jake and Hanazuki's help while Smee said

Mr. Smee: no eggs, no omelettes, Eddy

Eddy: if we had a chicken we'd be knee deep in eggs, wait! A chicken! That's it!

Loki: A chicken!

Loki pounced on Eddy when he heard the chicken and jumped on Eddy's belly saying

Loki; I want a chicken! Father never let me have a live one! Let's get a chicken! I want a chicken! Eddy, please! I love chickens, Eddy!

Eddy: sure Loki, you can have a chicken, but I get to keep the eggs]) we go to Rolf's home in peach creek to see Rolf picking up a chicken and grabbing an egg from the nest and he was proud of it until the group came in with Loki yelling

Loki: Chickens!

Mr. Smee: And they lay eggs!

Loki: chickens are fast!

Eddy: hey Rolf, about giving us a chicken?

Rolf: this again Ed-boy? Like I said last time, I give you, no chicken! It is easy to hatch your own foul

Loki: where does an egg come from?

Rolf: [here, let me show you where the egg come...

Rolf didn't finish when Ultron covered Jake and Hanazuki's eyes saying

Ultron: NO! Um, eggs come from chickens, Loki

Loki: where does a chicken come from?

Rolf: an egg, metal headed man, my day is half over and you are half full, goodbye]

Eddy: Rolf wait! How about that egg?

Eddy tried to grab the egg but Rolf lifted it out of Eddy's reach and then said

Rolf: like last time, you must trade for the egg, greasy Ed-boy]

Eddy: again? With sawdust?

Rolf: of course, you want this egg? Yes, Ed-boy?

We now see Eddy holding a measuring cup with a funnel under a log with Jake and hanazuki holding the log in place on one side and Ultron on the other while Smee and Loki are holding a two-man saw on the log and then Eddy said

Eddy: we'll have a chicken in no time

Loki: I can't wait to get a chicken]

Mr. Smee: I enjoy your enthusiasm but my arms are starting to fall asleep]

Captain Jake: just shake them around when they fall asleep, that's what I do

Hanazuki: same

Ultron: my arms can't fall asleep but they will rust if we don't get this over with!

Eddy: the sawdust collector is ready, let's go fellas

Loki started to push the saw back and forth while Smee was trying his best to stay in place but kept getting pulled to the log and pushed back when his belly is hit by the handle but they all stopped when The Gourd came in saying

The Gourd: stop! Stop sawing that log! Eddy how are we suppose to get sawdust?

Ultron: maybe Timber would like to contribute?]

The Gourd: oh no, Timber says... Kevin's got lots of sawdust again!

This made Eddy very happy and threw the measuring cup and funnel away said

Eddy: Kevin refilled on sawdust!?

Eddy then jumped on The Gourd thanking him then jumped off making The Gourd dizzy while the others followed Eddy, we now go to Kevin's house to see Kevin dragging out a trash can full of sawdust out of his shed saying

Kevin: doing chores bites, sawdust bites

Kevin then turned behind him when he heard Smee say

Mr. Smee: excuse me, Kevin is it? We would like to help you dispose of that... Smee didn't finish what he was saying when Eddy came up saying

Eddy: give us your sawdust, Kevin! I mean, it must be hard to lug all that out of your place, useless dust, from a saw

Ultron: and we'll bring the sawdust to a loving home

the whole group did a smile and Kevin said

Kevin: sure, you can have the sawdust

when Kevin said it the group cheered for Jake to swing Hanazuki around in his arms and then hug her, Loki giving Ultron and Smee a strong hug and Eddy jumping up and down saying

Eddy: yes! Now we can get my egg!

Loki: and I can hug a chicken!

Kevi: I'll trade ya for, painting my shed

Eddy: don't throw the sawdust, we'll be right back, come on fellas

we now go to Jimmy's room to see him painting a bowl of fruit but when he got paint some of it he slowly looked at the bowl of fruit to see the group at the table, Eddy was on the table with bowl of fruit on his belly, Jake is leaning against the table with Hanazuki leaning on Jake and Loki was eating one of the fruits with a Ultron and Smee doing thumb-wars and Eddy said

Eddy: how's it going, brim-bran?

Jimmy then ran into his closet with his art supplies in his arms and Eddy tried to open the closet door even ramming Ultron even tried to ram the door open but got bounced back and then Eddy put his arm under the door saying

Eddy: come on, we just need some lousy paint

just then Eddy felt a bite on his hand and when he pulled his hand out it was big and red and Eddy ran around the room saying


Mr. Smee: a starving artist I suppose

Ultron: [{chuckles} I couldn't resist]

Captain Jake: excuse me Jimmy, maybe we can trade something for the paint?

Jimmy: A trade?

Jake and Hanazuki put their ears to the door and waited for a response until Jimmy said

Jimmy: clams!

Jake x Hanazuki [clams?]


Ultron didn't finish when Jimmy slammed the open on Ultron saying

Jimmy: no clams, no paint

Jimmy then closed the door with Ultron against the wall, we now see the group going to every house asking the other residents if they have any clams but when they got to the sixth house they heard humming from the sewers and the manhole came off to show Grim buccaneer coming out of the sewers with The Gourd coming out next saying

The Gourd: did your best Grim, but Timber's hard to beat when it comes to gathering clams

when The Gourd pulled out a bucket of clams from inside the sewers the group were surprised when they saw the clams and said

Ultron: clams?

Loki: is that Grim?

Eddy: Grim and the clam master have arrived

Mr. Smee: why, how amusing, and strange

Eddy: alright Gourd, what would you like to trade with us for the clams?

Grim buccaneer: what would it be?

The Gourd: we'd like an anchor

Ultron: [AN ANCHOR!? are you nut!? I'm heading back the...

Ultron didn't finish when he fell into the sewers for the others looking down in it with Loki saying

Loki: but I love chickens, Ultron

We now go to inside Lee and May's trailer to see Lee, May and Doomsday working on a new machine until they heard the doorbell ring and all three ran to the door and fought on who would open it until Doomsday pushed Lee and May back for him to open the door and see four men and a girl in front of their trailer but they don't know that the two tall ones are Ultron and Loki with the medium man to be Smee with Eddy on his shoulders and the girl to be Hanazuki on Jake's shoulders and Eddy said

Eddy: hello, I am...

Ultron: Eddy

Eddy: oh, {deepens voice} I mean, I am here to...

Lee: are mom's not home

Doomsday: yeah take a hike

Eddy: see, I was wondering, how many anchors do you own?

May: that's stupid

Doomsday: you seem familiar

Eddy was starting to lose balance when Smee got an itch on his nose and Eddy said

Eddy: whispering stop it, will you

May: are you from an infomercial?

Eddy: um, yes, quite famous actually, want my adogragh?

Just then Smee popped his head out and scratched his nose getting rid of the itch and said

Mr. Smee: that's better

Eddy then fell backwards and grabbed onto the shirt Hanazuki is wearing and pulled it down revealing her and Jake with Ultron and Loki catching them from falling with their sunglasses falling off in the progress with Ultron saying

Ultron: oh no, expose

Doomsday: it's the heroes!

Lee: Eddy's such a wease

May: let's kiss them!

Loki: not good!

Eddy: run for it!

The group got away from Doomsday and we go to the playground to see Grim and The Gourd sitting on the wheel swing with the bucket of clams on the ground making a sound with The Gourd saying

The Gourd: listen to the clams gurgle in the bucket fellas

Grim buccaneer: you are one strange kid]

Ultron: got your anchor, Gourd! Allow me

Ultron then spun the wheel swing around getting Grim and The Gourd wrapped around by the rope with a rock at the end carried by Loki and Smee with Ultron grabbing the bucket of clams saying

Ultron: wise trade, clams for an anchor, I'm such a sap, {whispering} quick, let's get to Jimmy's,

Eddy pointed to the bucket for the others to see The Gourd holding onto the bucket of clams making Ultron let go saying

Ultron: alright already! We couldn't get an anchor! Can we trade for something else!?

The Gourd: Timber wants to trade]

Grim buccaneer: And it would be?

We now go to the alley to see Nazz playing badminton with Squirrel Girl but when Nazz was about to hit the birdie back her racket was grabbed and saw Eddy trying to take it away and said

Eddy: I forgot this part]

Nazz: I didn't

Nazz then whacked Eddy at the net and Eddy was thrown back towards the others and they were all launched crashing through the fence with Nazz coming up through the hole saying

Nazz: [don't try anything like that again!

Loki: But Nazz, we need it to trade for a chicken, please]

Nazz: I'll trade ya for a giant teddy bear]

Ultron: When will it end!?

Loki: Back to Jimmy's!

We now see Jimmy pushing a stool towards the front door when it was getting knocked real hard and when Jimmy looked through the peephole he saw the group are back and said

Jimmy: What do you want?

Eddy: a trade for the giant teddy?

Jimmy: Plums

Ultron: what's with the food!?

Mr. Smee: Plums are good for us

We now see the group back at Rolf's house with Rolf plucking the plums of a Bush and into a bag saying

Rolf: back again wanting Rolf's plums, do you not want the egg?]

Ultron: Yes, we want the egg, but we need these plums first

Ultron tried to take the plums but Rolf pulled them away making Ultron fall to the ground and tying the top up saying

Rolf: you cannot be that stupid? You must trade

Ultron: Oh yeah, let's trade Ultron then went through Eddy's pocket and pulled out a comb saying

Ultron: how about this nice comb for the plums?

Rolf: I have many, thank you]

Ultron: I should've known

Ultron then went through Jake's pocket and pulled out a pair of gloves saying

Ultron: maybe this pair of magical gloves?

Rolf shook his head no and Ultron went through Smee's pocket and took out an abacus saying

Ultron: [okay, how about this, um...?

Mr. Smee: abacus, Ultron

Loki: I have a yo-yo

but when Loki pulled it out he let it drop to the ground with Ultron slapping himself on the face saying

Loki: That is called walking the dog]

Ultron: it's over fellas, no chicken, no eggs, no omelettes

the group then saw Rolf playing with the yo-yo Loki gave him and said

Rolf: This is so fun, I am enjoying myself

Ultron: yo-yo for plums, Rolf?

Rolf: of course, I haven't had anything fun like this for while.

Rolf then gave the bag of plums to Ultron and he said

Ultron: be right back

we now see the group going to the others for the trade, they brought the plums to Jimmy for the giant teddy bear and brought it to Nazz for the racket and brought it to The Gourd for the clams and had to be careful not to drop any back to Jimmy for the paint and painted Kevin's shed for the sawdust, when they got back to Rolf's the group were exhausted from going everywhere in peach creek and Ultron said

Ultron: Here's the sawdust, we like the egg now...

Rolf: Yes, the trade is complete, behold

Mr. Smee: it's wonderful

Ultron: it's mine!

Ultron then grabbed the egg from Rolf and held it in his hands with the others looking at it saying

Ultron: it took hours, but I finally got you

Mr. Smee: maybe Captain Hook can make an incubator

Loki: It has my eyes

Ultron: And you're thick outer shell Ultron started to walk away until Loki jumped on Ultron's back making him fall to the ground and grabbing the egg and said

Loki: I want to hold it Ultron, let's play

Ultron: Loki! No! Wait!

Loki you must be so cramped in there, fly chicken fly!

But when Loki cracked the egg open the yolk inside died with Loki turning to the others saying

Loki: um, fellas, the chicken has gone bad]

Ultro: just like my luck

And with Ultron slapping himself on the forehead ends the chapter.