Chapter 2 The Villains

Grim Buccaneer, Shiver Jack, Dr. Undergear, Mechrilla[a Robotic Gorilla, a cyborg looks like, well mechrilla is a robotic cyborg except his hands and only his left eye is robotic and according to his IQ he's really stupid and forgets about the plan when he sees something cute, Lord Fathom, Sinker, Sneaky Le Beak, Fastclaw and the new villain of Neverland Magellan, [lunaverse] captain dark[the leader of the dark army, professor purple[the professor of the dark army and has the color purple, the color troop[anger the red soldier, sadness the blue soldier, relaxer the green soldier, three soldiers with an emotion, twisted, depriva) and the two meet new heroes from both worlds during their journey.