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"Our Dreams shall become our reality

and our reality shall become our dreams"

13452 B.F. (Before Fall)

Zai-Kuloch, elder dragon of the Warrior Clan on the visions of the great fall


The alarm shook Ryu from his sleep. He had been having a nice dream, about flowers, sun, and the sky. But he awoke to this drab wasteland. He was in a cot barely big enough for his ten year-old frame. The light emanating from outside was fake, he knew it. Many days he had woke up hoping he was outside, but those hopes, just like his dreams, simply faded away. He moaned as he rolled over, his feet touching the cold metal.

"Had nice dreams?" A voice said from his left with a chuckle. Ryu looked over and on a cot identical to his he saw Teepo sitting up looking at him. "About birds or rabbits this time?" He said as he hopped off his bed and started getting dressed in his all black uniform.

"Shut up Teepo," Ryu said as he started getting dressed. A long time ago he had told Teepo about his dreams, and that was the biggest mistake in his short life, /or was that being born?/

"Hurry up Ryu, you know how the elders get when we are late" Teepo said. He was right, the elders got very temperamental especially lately. As Ryu finished getting ready he glanced over at Teepo, He was waiting for Ryu to finish. He had shoulder length Jade colored hair. His eyes were the exact same color. He wasn't tall, about Ryu's height, but he carried himself with a look like he was the king of the most dominant race on this planet. Ryu chuckled as Teepo glared at him.

"The hell are you looking at?" he said angrily as he stormed out of the room. With the elders so short tempered it drifted down to everyone on this.... /What is this?/ A question Ryu asked himself constantly, /Maybe it's a base, or a.../ Ryu shut his mind up quickly, he had no time for this, and he would have to hurry up if he wanted to be on time.


Ryu wasn't on time, when he reached the room three pairs of eyes trained on him.

"I am sorry master for being late," Ryu said as he dropped to one knee. He braced himself, ready for the onslaught that waited for him whenever he did something wrong.

"Rise Ryu, we have no time for this." A calm voice told him. He looked up at Master; his eyes were like stones as he stared impassively. Eyes that had seen everything. He had told Ryu that he was ageless. That he had lived through countless cycles. But this was odd. Usually punishment would follow his tardiness.

"Today you will have to draw your sword on me, I shall not hold back, neither shall you, I shall see if you are ready for fate." Ryu nodded, so there would be punishment, Master was of the Blade, a clan that had died off years ago. They were the greatest swordsmen of all time. "Now DRAW!" he yelled. Ryu looked up to see Master flying at him with his sword unsheathed. Ryu rolled quickly to his left, he could feel the wind displace as the sword grazed passed his ear. He could feel the metal floor rumble as the sword embedded itself into it. /I'm gonna die.../ Ryu brushed his thoughts away as he looked around, there were no spare swords around, /I'm gonna die.../He would have to disarm him, Ryu rushed towards Master who just stood there until at the last moment he flipped the sword towards Ryu, Ryu caught it on its hilt when he felt a boot hit him squarely in the stomach, lifting his feet off of the floor. Ryu crumpled onto the floor in a fetal position. He thought he heard Master mutter pitiful but he was concentrating solely on breathing, not listening to Master. /I'm gonna die.../ He thought as he heard master lift his blade off the floor. And for once he agreed with himself...


He could feel the blood in his veins


"I WILL NOT DIE!" He screamed as he pushed his hands off of the floor. Launching himself in the air he could see the look of surprise on their faces.


He did a complete flip in the air before slamming both feet into Master's chest. Master stumbled back but quickly regained his balance. Ryu fell back into a defensive stance, staring at Master.


He could see Masters lips moving "Agility." He heard Master scream. Master became a blur running towards Ryu but he held his ground.


At the last second Ryu ducked the blade, as it went over him Ryu formed his hand into a fist. The fist flew towards Masters face.


He never saw the skin on his hands turn into scales, he never felt himself get faster or stronger, but he did feel the crunch of bone as he connected across Master's face.


It connect squarely on his chin, but Master was ready for it, as the fist hit him he spun around using Ryu's fist to spin him quicker, He swung his blade right at Ryu's neck. He stopped the sword short, just drawing a hint of blood. "It is over" He said. Dropping his blade he walked away. That is when Ryu saw Teepo sitting in the corner staring at him with an intensity that brought more fear to Ryu then Master had. That's also when he lost consciousness


"So is he ready?" A female voice said.

"Yes he is," he answered. Master sat in front of the council of elders. He stared into unseeing eyes. They were ageless as he, but they had been born of a different purpose. One to lead, He was just born to teach.

"If you are sure we will send him above," A mans voice said.

"How will you do that without arising suspicion?" Master replied, anger in his voice. He knew all to well the way the elders worked.

"Do not worry Fou-Lou, we will not hurt the children." The woman's voice replied again.

"Don't call me Fou-Lou you wretch!" As he said this he felt the world shimmer, a warp spell. Before he could do anything he was back in his room, Large and spacious it was one of the few rooms with Carpeting and Art. If he was stuck here he might as well make the best of it he said. He sat down on his bed, one of the few real ones down here. The elders would not hurt the children, not until he was ready to let them.


Ryu woke once again, once again he hoped he was anywhere but here, but once again reality hit him.

"Morning, sleepyhead." He heard Teepo said. "Or should I say good night, a full cycle has passed since you lost consciousness."

A groan escaped Ryu's lips as he tried to get up. He quickly realized the error in his ways as pain tore through his body. He fell backwards upon the bed trying to catch his breath, trying to ask for help but all he could see was darkness, and he fell in.


Ryu woke up for the third time that cycle, this time he decided he wouldn't move, trying not to risk another blackout.

"What happened?" He said, knowing Teepo would be there, Teepo was always there.

"The Blade that Master struck you with was laced with a poison, and a deadly agent it is. The only counter-agent to that poison is itself a poison." Teepo said in a matter fact tone. "Now get up, The Ageless wish to speak to us."

Ryu groaned, his body still aching from the ravages of the poison, He looked at his hand. It was normal, made of skin

/ Did I imagine the scales? No, I remember striking Master, but how? How did I get the strength, the speed, to strike a Blade?/

"When did they say for us to meet them Teepo?" Ryu said, hoping he would get much needed rest, and yet knowing the answer that would come.

"They want to meet us the same time they always want to meet us," Teepo said rising out of his chair. "Yesterday."


Ryu never knew he could get dressed so fast. Although for the Ageless time was but a game, you never kept them waiting. Ryu and Teepo found themselves in the room of the Ageless, on their knees, with their faces on the floor. They were not given the privilege to gaze upon the face of an Ageless.

Within minutes, they could sense someone enter the room. They entered it via a warp spell.

"Ryu and Teepo," A deep voice said, "You are here to fulfill your purposes in Destiny."

/Destiny? Is everything pre-ordained?/

"Yes, Ryu it is pre-ordained." A light, yet demanding, feminine voice said, "Your very existence was written into The Book of Time." Ryu could feel the blood drain from his face

"We are here to answer your question, Ryu." A third voice said. Ryu was dumbfounded. /What question?/

"How you were able to strike a Master. The incredible speed and strength that you achieved, and the scales you had upon your hand," A raspy thin voice said.

/How did they know what I was thinking? They must be able to read my mind./ "No my son, we do not read minds, we simply see what will be done, we transverse time itself." The raspy voice said once again. /But I haven't said anything!/

"My son, it is time for you to look up, to gaze upon our past, our present, and your future," A familiar voice said. Master. Ryu reluctantly looked up, he had always been told never to gaze upon the faces of the Ageless, but he had also been told never to go against their word. It was a split decision. /Maybe it's a test? Maybe they want me to look up and punish me. Would they do that?/ Ryu thought. /If they wanted to punish me they would've done so long ago./ Suddenly Ryu heard a gasp come from his right side. Looking out of the corner of his eye he saw Teepo, he saw that he was now looking up, and his face was mixed with awe, joy, and fear. Ryu made up his mind. Pushing away the doubts from his mind, he looked up and gazed upon the Ageless.

"My god...."


The attendant came in, noisily of course. It had been past time for Nina to get out of bed. /A good queen should be up at the crack of dawn so she could look at the sunrise upon her kingdom,/ her mother's voice said, echoing through her thoughts. /Well I am no queen, not now, not ever./ She rolled out of bed and stretched as she looked out her large window into her large open-air balcony. She walked out to the balcony and looked out across the kingdom. The view she had was spectacular, being built at the peak of Mount Wyndia, the view stretched out for miles.

Nina took a deep breath as she gazed upon the noble houses. The kingdom was built simply. The higher up the mountain you were, the more prestigious your name was. The Castle was at the peak, with the largest Noble houses built one level beneath it, then came the lower nobles, the bourgeoisie, and finally, on the base of the mountain, came the peasants.

Nina could sense the door to her room opening. As a Wyndian she could feel the displacement of the air. "Nina you are awake?" A gentle yet commanding voice asked.

"Yes mother, I am awake." Nina said with a sigh. She knew what her mother would say, why she would say it, and knew what it meant.

"It is time to get ready, your sisters ascension will begin tonight, and I remember how you are." Her mother said. Mina, Nina's sister was one year younger then Nina and would ascend today, on her 16th birthday. It was a practice done by all royal blood. The children would ascend, would gain the wings of an Angel. But for Nina it was different, so different...


/It had occurred a little over a year ago. Nina was excited that she would become, an angel. She and her mom were much closer at that time, they spoke daily about boys and which nobleman Nina liked. One thing her mom always told her was that marriages were for politics not love. That day had changed everything. Nina was bred to be queen, hence her name. All of the great queens had been named Nina, but on this day everything would change. As with all ascension ceremonies they went to the ancient temple of the Great Bird, one of the few remaining dragon temples. Something went wrong; it didn't work as it was supposed to. Nina, was given Black wings, A sign of death, of destruction, of dragons. An ancient story told of the coming of the Black winged one, the one who would bring ruin to the people of Wyndia. Quickly her parents denied all of what had happened. They threatened all Noblemen present for there silence, and as an explanation the queen did the unexpected. During the showing, a grand ball where all was invited she told them Nina was not of pure-breed, that she had slept with a non-Wyndian and Nina was not granted wings. Since that day Nina had not stepped foot outside of the castle, hiding the truth from all. Her parents tried to stop destiny. But destiny itself is as a river, what blocks its flow, it flows around, if it cannot go around it goes through, destroying all in its path.../


"Nina? Nina honey is everything all right?" The gentle voice of her mother cut through her thoughts. Nina touched her hands to her cheek and wiped away her tears.

"Yea mom, everything is fine. Let me get dressed and I'll meet you and Mina at the docks." Nina said turning away towards her room. Her mother was nice to her, but curt. Nina saw the way she talked to Mina, saw the way she spent hours out of her busy day to braid her hair. That used to be me.

"Mother." Nina said turning around.

"Yes Nina?" she said, seemingly curious and afraid of the questions Nina might ask her.

"Just want to let you know, you can't stop destiny, only stall it." With that Nina walked out of the bedroom and into her spacious closet and sat down. All of her clothes concealed her wings, making them all very uncomfortable. But today destiny would show its face, and the city of Wyndia will never be the same.


Ryu stared in awe of what he saw. Before him sat dragons. Real life dragons.

"Welcome to your fate," the demanding feminine voice said, Her skin /or should I say scales/ were silver and platinum, she seemed to create an artificial light from her. /A platinum dragon.../ Ryu thought.

It all made sense now, the training, the teaching; everything had revolved around the myths of dragons. Their power, their life, their code of honor.

/The dragons were "erased" from history a little over 11,000 years ago. The Urkan race declared war on the dragons for reasons unknown and destroyed the race. The race though continued to live, many of the dragons went into hiding, waiting for the day a Kaiser would come to regain their empire./

He now understood why he was worked so hard. Why, every time the instructors spoke of Kaiser, they did so with a respect that signifies one of power. A respect laced with fear.

/Do they believe I am...?/ "We do not know whether you are the chosen one. Whether you will regain our empire." The deep voiced dragon said, He was the largest of all the dragons. /A behemoth./

"But we have been hidden for many years now, we cannot hide much longer. The Dragon Slayers on the hunt and we must strike back. We must regain what is ours Ryu, Teepo. You too are our only hopes, the only hope for the dragon people." The platinum one said.

"You will now be sent to the upper world. You must find the secrets of the ascension, you must become what you are destined to be." Ryu suddenly felt dizzy, everything around him seemed to distort, and the room began to spin as blackness overcame him. /A warp spell, they are forcing me through a warp spell./

"Do not worry my son, you will not remember a thing, it will be like a dream to you, always on your mind. But the time will come when your dreams shall become our reality." the platinum dragon said.

/This is not a normal warp spell, something is wrong, something is wrong.../


"Yo Ryu! Wake up man!" A rough voice said, waking him from Ryu from his dream. /Dream??/

Ryu rolled out of bed, his feet didn't touch the usual cold metal floor, and it touched something warm. /Carpet.../ his thoughts informed him.

"You ok, man? Don't tell me you had that dream about Dragons and Secret underground shelters again." The voice said, he was somewhere off to Ryu's left but he was too perplexed to look over to find out who was the face behind the voice. /A dream? Was it all but a dream??/

"No, it wasn't a dream...It wasn't!" At first Ryu's voice seemed to come from somewhere else, from somewhere outside of his body but gradually it gained in strength. "This is a dream," He got up and ran to the window. /Birds, Trees, fresh air/. Things he had only read about in books, /somehow this seems to real/. Ryu ran from the window and into the bathroom, looking into the mirror. /It is I.../ The face was strangely familiar to him but different, it seemed older.

"Excuse me um...." /Bow./ "Bow??" Ryu said not knowing whether or not that really was his name. But as he turned he got a good view of him. He was a Plainsman, A race that have had a strenuous history with the woren clan, again information he got from books.

"That's my name Ryu. You ok? Usually by now you've calmed down." Bow said, looking worried. At that moment memories assaulted Ryu. How he had met Bow at a church, how they were two little orphan kids wandering around, how they became Rangers, how they were best friends. /"Do not worry my son, you will not remember a thing, it will be like a dream to you, always on your mind. But the time will come when your dreams shall become our reality"./ Ryu didn't know if what he went through was the past, was the future, was another life, or just a bad reaction to something he ate. He wasn't sure he cared. /We have a job to do today./

"Are we still up for that job today?" As Ryu said that, Bow looked relieved.

"Man, I thought you'd forgotten. This thing is big too, lots of money to be made, and if we fail we die." Bow smiled.

"Oh," Ryu said sarcastically, "That's just great."

"Yeah, that's what I thought. But it's all or nothing in this business. All right this is what we're gonna do..." Ryu tuned him out. He had heard Bow go through pre-mission plans and they were all relatively the same. /Or have I? How do I remember two pasts? Where's Teepo? Who am I...I have so many questions unanswered and so many answers that lack questions.../