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"There are no traitors in war. Only smarter soldiers."



Niobe ran, down hallways, endless hallways lined with books. The books were indecipherable, all written in an ancient language not even Niobe understood, all the same color, all of them binded identically. And Niobe didnt know why she was running. She just was, faster and faster and faster, she had to run faster.

~~Turn Left~~

Niobe turned left, running faster, fear building up inside of her, a fear she only felt when her son was in danger. When Ryu was in danger. So Niobe ran faster, until she could run no more. The walls were no longer lined with books, there were no walls anymore. What Niobe looked at was a book, binded differently, written differently, and special due to that fact.

~~You need that book~~

Suddenly Niobe was awake, long hair falling over her, the dream was special, it was so clear, so precise. Niobe quickly got out of bed and ran out of her room. Turning towards the library thoughts ran through her mind, all of them based on one person. Ryu.

She locked the door to the grand library behind her, it was early, she could tell due to the intensity of the inner lights. Quickly Niobe began to look around searching for the book that she saw in her dream.

Throwing books out of the shelves she began to panic. Something inside of her was telling her to hurry. Ryu was most likely in danger, with the armies bound to clash at Wyndia in a matter of weeks Niobe knew she was running out of time. //Here it is.//

The book was light in her hands even though it was wider then the other books, looking over the cover Niobe read the cover silently to herself. "Lineage of Kings, First Edition."

Opening it she ran her fingers through the pages, the book was old, even older then she was and while Niobe looked young in human form, she was nothing short of ancient in reality. Flipping through the worn pages she stopped on one. Her heart skipped a beat. And suddenly she understood everything. She understood why Fou-Lou was happy after the failed assasination, she understood why the nations were converging upon Wyndia, she understood everything.

Looking at the pages once more she re-read what she had seen, just to make sure. And she was right. On the page that she was staring at stood a portrait of Fou-Lou, the man she had married out of neccessity. But this man wasn't the same man, for beside his name stood a title. Emperor Fou-Lou, of the Grand Empire. Everything came back to Niobe then. She was but a child at the time, but the Grand Empire had controlled the entire planet, when the Grand Emperor was to die he stated that he would return to regain his empire. Eons had passed and the Empire had fallen, but he had not returned. //Until now, and he wants it back.//

"But what does Ryu have to do with this?" Niobe wondered aloud to herself.

"The son of yours now has alot to do with it." A voice Niobe recognized said from behind her.

Swinging around Niobe stood face to face with Fou-Lou. //How long has he been there? How much does he know that I know?//

"Your son is one of four pieces to a puzzle that I am a part of." Fou-Lou began. "One of the four Legendary Dragons. Vzier, Sutan, Tyr, and Malevol. These Dragons used to be one, an all powerful creature that I shall once again become. That way I will not only rule my empire, but wipe Myria from existence for she took my Empire away from me."

Niobe was afraid, for as Fou-Lou told her this she could see him becoming more violent becoming more irrational. "All that has to happen is I must kill Teepo, Ryu must find and kill Sutan, and then I must kill Ryu."

"Why are you telling me this?" Niobe asked looking for any exits.

"Why not tell people your secrets when they cannot speak." And with that Fou-Lou's hand lashed out, striking Niobe across the head, as she fell she began to feel light headed, wondering what was happening. //A warp spell. Where is he taking me? I must help Ryu.// And then she slipped into the darkness.


Momo got up silently. She had been sharing a tent with Urusula as of late, //Its amazing how these holy dragons are so trustworthy, and its even more so that I'm such a good actor.// Standing up she began to dress herself, nudging Urusula to tell her that it was time. Ursula got up quickly and also began to dress. The two of them knew they couldnt be late. They had to be outside the campsite in less then five minutes. And no one kept Fou-Lou waiting.

Stepping out into the cool air Momo shivered, //Its been getting colder and colder faster then usual. Maybe its a sign.// She stepped out into the frost covered land, it was not yet cold enough to snow, but it would be, soon.

"Lets go, Momo, we havent much time to waste." Ursula said from up ahead. Stepping quietly around the tents and burnt out fires Momo followed Ursula, who, as usual, walked without a sound. //Sometimes I wonder if I'm really a fox.// Momo thought lazily.

"Are we doing the right thing?" Momo's voice cut through the darkness and she could hear Ursula stop. //Maybe she's angry, I suppose we are far enough away from camp to be talking, especially since none of the Camp guards were on duty in this area due to a clerical error by Ursula//

"In War time there is no right or wrong, their are orders. I was given orders and I will carry them out. And you will come to because of your research. What will happen if you stay with Wyndia? Your research will continue to lose money, all forms of your research." Ursula replied in a low whisper.

"So we are just going to walk away and let everyone in the army die?" Momo asked. The Questions helped ease her fears since they were deep in the forest, Momo wanted to make sure Ursula didnt get to far ahead.

"Dont worry about them, when you start wars you should know the outcome that occurs." Ursula replied, "Now keep walking, we're almost there."

After walking for what seemed like an eternity two shadows emerged from the depths of the woods. They fell into step with the two foxes but stayed a few steps ahead, obviously meaning for them to be followed Momo followed as best as she could. But she couldnt help thinking back about what had occured, what she was doing. These were people who had trusted her that she was turning her back on, but her Research was more important. Eventually they reached a Clearing, when one of the shadows spoke.

"Step into the portal to be taken to Master Fou-Lou." One of the two shadows spoke, and neither Momo nor Ursula was bound to argue with them then. Although Momo thought she could hear Ursula grinding her teeth. Stepping into it Momo found herself not in a cold forest, but in a warm room where before her sat a man dressed in black. His hair however was the exactly opposite, an almost platinum color to it.

"Sit, both of you, sit." The man said gesturing at two chairs in the middle of the room. The air of his voice, the way he spoke, the way he sat told them that he would take no arguments. The two females took their seats and sat quietly. "Urusla, Momo, welcome home. Welcome to Draak."


"Call off the search party." Nina said with a coldness in her voice. It was more of a dissappointed sound in fact as she read over a message that she found in Ursula's private quarters.

"Do not follow us, We are going home."

"May I ask what has occured my Queen?" Norvald asked, his face was one of concern.

"It seems Urusula and Momo have both left of their own free will and have gone home. It seems we shall be moving on without them." The frustration in Nina's voice was evident, but what made Nina worry was that she wasn't frustrated about Ursula leaving, she was frustrated about not having a plan to assault her Kingdom.

"There is no need to worry my queen, While we will be upon Wyndia in a few days time I have a plan, that while risky may work." Norvald said, as he stood up and walked over to his own private tent, shutting the door. Nina looked around, they were so near Wyndia that she could recognize the hills and valleys nearby. They were so near that if they crossed the next ridge they would see its highest towers.

//What will we do?//


Norvald sat down crosslegged on the floor. He knew that what he was doing was neccessary. He was just speeding up the obvious. He new that he would die, and that it was soon. But he would need it to be even sooner then was written. Closing his eyes he searched. He could sense the man in the back of his mind he knew he was nearby, maybe he was already in Wyndia, or around Wyndia.

"Ryu...Ryu....You and I must meet, for you and I are two pieces that must join. For I am ageless like yourself now, for I am like you are, except I am not. I am Sutan."


Verloren awoke with a start, looking around he realized he was still where he was when he went to bed. Looking to his side Katt was snoring lightly. //Is that my name? Ryu?// The voice in his head was different from the usual voice, but somehow it was identical.

~~Yes, you are Ryu, but you are also Vzier. We are two parts of the same glass, and we must become whole.~~

//Whole? What do you mean whole?//

~~All four pieces now walk this earth, all four pieces must unite. Beginning with us.~~

//What do you mean? What do I do?//

~~Just relax, and accept from me a gift, and a curse~~


In the hills of Wyndia, in the midst of a great army traveling to liberate the capitol. An aged man was the final hope, to give up his gift, but also bear to someone a curse beyond belief was the only way to save a nation. This man, Norvald, Felt his eyes grow heavy. He felt his arms droop, his head sag. And then he fell backwards. Onto the cushions in his room. Dead to the world, although his life's energy lived on. Sent to the other man though a link. But now the other man no longer exsisted. For he had superb powers, but now struggled to hold on to who he was. For Verloren was gone. Vzier was gone. On some levels Ryu was gone. All that stood was Kaiser.


Ryu felt it all coursing through him, all the power, all the pain, all the memories, seeping into his mind. He couldnt stand it. He felt himself once more becoming erased.

~~You must now learn to harness this power, you must reach inside you to the light that burns brighter then before and not be afraid to grab it.~~

//I cannot//

~~If you do not, you will be swept away, and you will be lost. You will become a beserk and lose all grips on humanity.~~

//I cannot//

~~I know you are not yet ready, but if you dont, the world will be destroyed. And my sacrifice will be for naught.~~

//I cannot//

~~Katt will die.~~


~~Nina will die~~


~~You will die~~

//I shall try.//

Grasping for the fire that burned brightly within him Ryu tried to reach it he tried to grab it, but he could not. It was to far away. Feeling himself sliding slowly away from the fire Ryu grasped again, and once again he missed. //If I cannot go to it....// Ryu closed his eyes and willed it to him, and could sense it getting closer, just as Ryu slipped towards the edge. And he grabbed it. And it was him. And he was it. He was Kaiser.


Kaiser opened his eyes and looked up at the Woren who sat before him. //Katt//

"Are you feeling okay?" She asked, concern etched across her face. "You've had a fever for two days and you've been mumbling non-stop. Ryu. That was your name wasn't it?"

"That was my name." Kaiser said, sitting up he looked around. his eyes following the contours of the surroundings, an old farmhouse it seemed, until they rested upon the wary, concerned eyes of the Woren.

"I also heard mention of Kaiser. What I know of Kaiser is of a man. No of a creature so powerful that he, along with his brother of the dark, will make the sky bow down and the ground rise up. Who are you?"

Kaiser looked at Katt, how she had wanted to fight with him when they first met, he could see there was still a fire in her eyes. "I am that creature. I must find my...brother as you call him."

Katt looked him over and stood up. "As of yesterday the Woren armies clashed with the Dark Dragons, I've also heard that the armies of Urka have also clashed with the armies of the Dark."

"Where have you heard this from?"

"Countless refugees fleeing the fighting. It is also said that a Wyndian army has made camp not a stones throw from Wyndia itself. One hard days march and they will be on Wyndia, and that is when the fighting shall begin, for if the Queen Nina is anything like a Woren, she will not tolerate others to fight over her own land. She will strike upon them all."

At the sound of the name of Nina Kaiser could feel something bubbling inside of him, something trying to get out, //Ryu, you are no longer needed, we cannot let your emotions cloud what must occur, we must protect our people, not just one girl.// After a few quick breaths Kaiser could feel control returning.

"The good Queen Nina is not Woren however, so maybe not that many will die."

"When pressed against the wall," Katt said while inching towards Kaiser, "Everyone is a Woren." Stepping back she allowed him to stand, and she began to gather their stuff. "So what do we do?"

"We will go to Wyndia."

"Easier said then done sir confucious. Just because I saw Refugee's doesnt mean we are close. They were on horseback, so for us to walk it would take us anywhere between five days and a week."

"Who said anything about walking?" Kaiser said as he reached into his soul, into his self, and he felt the beast within, he could feel himself harnessing it, controlling it, it was becoming him.



"Damn it." Nina allowed herself to swear outloud for the first time in what seemed like ages. She could feel everything slipping away, the soldiers had heard that Ursula had left and chalked it up to fear. Something Ursula had none of. So for her to be afraid meant that it was impossible. Wherever she went people were whispering behind her back about how she will run herself into the ground, how she will kill them all. And for the first time in a long while Nina felt self concious about her black wings. She stood out from the crowd, she was different, she was easily picked out.

And now this happened.

Standing above the body of her now passed friend she wondered if this could have been the great plan that he had thought of.

"Explain to me why suicide would bring to us a plan of sorts? I dont understand." Nina said to no one in particular. Everything was collapsing around her, and she no longer had anyone to talk to. //I am Queen. I need no one. I shall continue on.//

But in her heart Nina knew what she wanted. She wanted Ryu, and when she closed her eyes she could swear she could feel him, out there. //If what Norvald said is true he is in great danger and may not know it. And I can't help him.//


"We shall not let them seige us. We are Dragons, we are all powerful, we shall not cower in fear like cats or birds. We shall strike them first." Teepo spoke loudly into the group before him, the council members. He rememebered how he used to cower at the council members when he was there. When he was underground. But that shall occur no longer, now they were on his court under his terms, they will follow Teepo, for he is Tyr. Scanning the council members Teepo made note of Naomi's and Fou-Lou's absence. //Its no matter, I need them not.//

"We are more powerful so we shall attack at three fronts. They will not expect us to send our Dragons out to destroy them and it will catch them off guard. Our main contingents shall stay in the castle and await our dragons to return after both frustrating the troops and killing as many as possible. When they storm over the mountains in anger we will cut all armies down in one battle. We cannot hold out for a long seige."

Teepo had learned much of strategy and used it to help him win the councils unanimous support. He needed no dissention now that his plans were in full swing.

"We agree." They all said in unison. Teepo didnt answer, the plan was already in motion. As they spoke three groups of Dragoons. Members of the Dragon race that had the ability to transform into Dragons were on their way to the three camps. Albeit weak dragons in comparison to Teepo they had suprise on their side and could cause real damage before returning.

Teepo closed his eyes. Somewhere the tides had changed, he could feel it, he could feel someone on this earth as strong as him and it was coming this way. Teepo opened his eyes. //Maybe this will be a challenge afterall, with the addition of Ryu in the mix.//


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