Prologue. Edward had a fascination with blood since he was 15. He would take it out of himself, and try to preserve it - but he wasn't Satisfied by just preserving it. No, he wanted to duplicate it, to duplicate his exact blood. That was what made Dr. Cullen change him into a vampire at the age of 17. Now a year later, he packed all his stuff, including the blood he had created and preserved to go to Italy, to to Volturi in search of a way to make the transition into a vampire easier for his future mate. Although he had no idea who that would be. He knew Alice , Jasper's mate could see his decision, but they were too far away to stop him. Besides, his deceased parents had left him with quite a large fund , and if he needed more money he could always play the piano. He took one last look at the house to make sure he had all his belongings, and closed the door behind him. The reason for him leaving in search of a different way to claim and change his mate, was because the way everyone knew was too painful and forceful. He had seen it in his adoptive sisters minds, along with his brothers - and he didn't want to force that on his future mate. The way he discovered he could do it made him smile, and the other thing he had discovered he would never tell a soul. Except his mate, of course.