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Enjoy the second chapter and a slight time skip is in play.

Izuku sat on the couch in the living room, a bored expression crossing his face when he heard the front door open and close and footsteps climbing the stairs. Looking back, he saw Momo, Tsuyu and Kyoka walking up the stairs. Confused, Izuku stood up and walked over to his friends, "What are you guys doing here? I figured you would be at the-"

"We called your mother and she invited us over," Momo answered and stepped past him, "At first, we tried to convince her to allow you to go to the dance, but it was a losing argument,"

"So after a while, she invited us over and here we are," Kyoka smiled, stepping past Izuku and Izuku looked back in confusion as Tsuyu stepped past him and joined their friends on the couch.

Izuku sighed and rubbed the back of his head, "Okay, but why would you three want to do that?" the three looked at him and Izuku frowned, "Why would you want to come here instead of going-"

"If we had gone to the dance, Bakugou would've been a total jerk, so we tried to convince your mother to let you go to no avail, but she invited us over," Tsuyu answered and shrugged her shoulders, "And here we are,"

"And Aunties Beru, Mika and Yuzu and Uncles Ganma, Kyotoku and Shinji are okay with this?"

"They agreed to this," Kyoka answered and Izuku arched a brow, "And we'll be staying for the weekend…so…yeah," Izuku inhaled slowly and shook his head before he walked into the living room and sat on the chair.

The four teens sat in the living room in silence, junk food scattered across the table. Izuku looked up and saw his friends panting with sweat running down their faces. Taking a deep breath, Izuku stood up and turned the TV off, "Izuku?" Tsuyu looked up in confusion.

"Let's go outside and get some fresh air," the three took deep breaths and nodded before standing up and the four of them walked out of the living room and down the stairs and out the front door.

The four walked down the street, a calm breeze blowing past them. Momo, Kyoka and Tsuyu looked up at the night sky and their eyes widened at the full, red moon before looking at each other. The three looked at each other before looking back at Izuku and Momo cleared her throat. Izuku looked back in confusion, "Huh? What's wrong?"

"Look up," Izuku hummed and looked up in confusion, "It's the Blood Moon," Izuku looked back and arched a brow, "Don't you know the legend of the Blood Moon?" Izuku hummed and shook his head.

Kyoka sighed and shook her head as she took her phone out of her pocket and Izuku watched as she ran her fingers across the screen. Music poured from the phone's speaker and Kyoka looked up, a smirk painted across her lips, "Now…how about you repay us,"

"Repay? For wh-"

"We missed the dance so we can keep you company," Tsuyu answered with a blank expression crossing her face, "True, we said that Bakugou would act like…well Bakugou, but you said we didn't have to miss the dance to keep you company, so the very least you can do is dance with us at least once."

Izuku looked at the three in confusion before shaking his head, "Um…o…kay, but wouldn't it make more sense if we did this, oh I don't know, somewhere not so public?" the three looked at him and Izuku sighed and stepped closer to them.

Izuku danced with the three as music continued to pour out of the speaker from Kyoka's phone. The song soon stopped and Izuku looked at the three in confusion before shaking his head, "So…why couldn't this wait until we get back to the apartment?" the three ignored him as Kyoka put her phone away and they began dragging him down the street.

Sorry for the length, but things will be picking up soon…enjoy