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Draco stood silently waiting. Above him was a carved wooden archway, painted a dazzling white, and threaded through with white lilies and sprays of white roses. Harry Potter stood at his side, grinning at his former enemies' discomfort, marvelling at the turns that life took. Here he was, stood in the amazing gardens of Malfoy Manor, the best man at Draco's wedding, awaiting his best friend's arrival. The gardens had never looked so beautiful; the lawns were perfectly manicured, and right in the centre of the largest lawn, two hundred white wooden chairs were set out. Down the centre of two sections of seating, a pure white aisle was laid out, and the beautifully wrought archway was stood at the end. The seating was surrounded by borders of white rose bushes tied around with white ribbon to create a barrier around the seating.

Harry turned to Draco, who was the same colour as the archway, "She'll be here, stop panicking!"

"I'm not panicking, do I look like I'm panicking?!" Draco replied in a distinctly panicky sounding voice. "Why on earth would I be panicking when I'm stood at the altar waiting for the woman I love, who is... ooh, ten minutes late?!"

Draco fiddled with his tux, and straightened his handkerchief for the seventy-ninth time since Harry had started counting. Some of the guests, namely the Weasley boys, could barely contain their laughter at the nervous antics of one, normally ice-cool, Draco Malfoy.

Just then, music started up, as a white carriage, pulled by two white horses approached the end of the aisle. A whole procession of bridesmaids emerged, dressing in identical ice-blue dresses, lead by one Ginny Weasley, who turned and helped a figure dressed in white out of the carriage. Everyone craned to get a look at the bride herself, not least Draco. Hermione had insisted on keeping her dress a complete secret from everyone, including Draco. His breath caught in his throat as she finally stood at the end of the aisle, prepared to walk towards him. She was wearing the same white dress that had been made for her by the house elves; the one that she had worn to dinner on that fateful night; the one that had haunted his dreams all of the time that they were apart.

Hermione stood at the end of the aisle looking towards Draco; towards her future. She could see the shock and pleasure on his face; she had known from the very second that he had asked her to marry him that she would be wearing this dress. Of course it had been altered to incorporate a train, but this dress held a very special place in their relationship, and she wouldn't have been married in anything else. Hermione's father got up from where he had been sitting at the end of the final row, and walked to take his place at her side.

"You look so beautiful, my darling. Your mother and I are so proud of you."

"I love you Daddy."

Hermione smiled at her father's words; he always knew just what to say to make her happy. The wedding march began, and Hermione floated down the aisle towards Draco, scarcely feeling the ground underneath her feet. She could see Mrs Weasley already crying out of the corner of her eye, and her own mother passing her a tissue. Her mother beamed at her through slightly teary eyes, and mouthed 'I love you' at her. Hermione looked slightly to the side, and saw Ron and his brothers sat with their mouths open, gawping at her. Hermione remembered how hard it had been for Ron to accept that her and Draco were together and she smiled at him, hoping to convey her love for him. Ron smiled back at her, mouthing something as well, she didn't quite catch it the first time, but the second time was as clear as day. 'I still don't like the ferret'. Hermione grinned and her eyes slid forward for the first time.

Draco could see her approaching on the arm of her father, making contact with the people in the congregation. She smiled at Weasley and he mouthed something to her and she grinned; Draco scowled knowing that it would be something about him. His expression softened however when Hermione's eyes raised to meet his, but almost immediately her gaze slid off to Harry who was stood at his left. Draco looked at Harry who, in defiance of tradition stepped forward as Hermione reached the front to kiss her on the cheek and whisper something in her ear. She smiled again, as Harry turned to Draco with an impish grin and returned to his place.

Hermione was startled as Harry came towards her, he kissed her first then whispered, "You should have seen him, he did everything but climb the walls!" Harry then snuck back to his position by Draco. For the first time, Hermione's eyes really met Draco's and she could see the love radiating from his gaze, although masked by mild irritation. She smiled at him, as a man dressed in ceremonial robes approached and began to read the ceremony.

"Who here gives this woman away?" He read, in exactly the same joyous tone of voice he used to use at the feasts in Hogwarts.

"I do." Mr Granger said, as he stepped forwards. Turning to take his seat by Mrs Granger, he leant forward and kissed Hermione on the cheek. "Be happy sweetheart."

The rest of the ceremony flew by, and as Draco said 'I do', Hermione could feel the tears welling up in her eyes. Draco gently slid a solid gold wedding band on her finger, as she slid on his, and she knew that she was going to cry. As Professor Dumbledore pronounced them husband and wife, the first tear slipped down her cheek. Draco lifted her veil and wiped away the tear with his thumb, before pressing his lips to hers in their first kiss as man and wife just as the sun slipped below the horizon.

A wooden dance floor had been set up just to the side of the altar, and as Draco and Hermione made their way back down the aisle, it softly lit up, illuminating the surrounding area. As the couple exited the ceremonial area, they were showered with white rose petals instead of confetti, and Hermione's eyes filled up once more looking at the happiness on the faces of those around her. Draco smiled down at her, "Who needs a sprinkler system when they have you?"

She punched him gently, and then pulled him by his arm towards the dance floor. "Come on, we have to have our first dance as man and wife, before I decide that you're too annoying to live, and kill you."

Hermione walked on to the dance floor, only to be spun backwards into Draco's arms as the first strains of Elvis Presley magically began on the air.

"Wise men say,

Only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you."

"I love this song," Hermione sighed happily as she rested her head against Draco's chest.

"I love you." He replied; she smiled and together they gently swayed to the soft sound of the music. Lost in their own little world, it took them a few moments to notice the gasps of amazement and the awed murmurings that surrounded them. Breaking apart, they turned to look at their guests who were all staring at something on the edge of the forest on the far side of the lake.

Two pure white unicorns were stood at the edge of the lake, still and silent, as if waiting for something.

"Draco, look!" Hermione exclaimed, awed by the presence of these rare and highly magical beasts. He nodded, too awed to speak. He had known that unicorns had visited Malfoy Manor in the past, and had indeed told Hermione that the first time that they were in these gardens, but they hadn't been seen for many years. Not since the taint of Voldemort had touched Malfoy Manor, in fact.

"This is a sign, Hermione. We're going to be so happy here, the unicorns have come to bless us."

Together they walked away from the dance floor and down towards the lake, the unicorns maintaining their still position on the far bank. As they reached the shore of the lake, Hermione dipped into a deep curtsey, as Draco bowed. The two unicorns tossed their heads, and wheeled, galloping back into the forest where they had emerged from. Draco and Hermione turned back to their wedding guests to see tears on each and every one of the faces that stared back at them.

Ron and Harry raced down the hill towards Hermione, and stopping barely two feet away from her, the three friends stood looking into each others eyes. Ron pulled away and turned to Draco, then stuck out his hand; Draco barely managed to keep from flinching, but smiled when he realized what Ron was doing. He grasped the taller man's hand firmly with his own and shook it, grateful for Ron's gesture. The Golden Trio would always be a part of Hermione, it was just that now he had a part as well.

Wise men say,

Only fools rush in,

But I can't help,

Falling in love with you.

The music played softly in the room, as Hermione sat in a rocking chair slowly rocking herself backwards and forwards. Draco came up behind her and rested his chin on the top of her head.

"You don't have to sit with him all the time, you know?"

"I know. Besides, you know that you're as bad as I am." Draco smiled at this, acknowledging it for the truth that it was. He silently crept over to his son's crib, and gently stroked the top of his head, where a very thin layer of blond-gold fuzz was starting to emerge.

"He's so beautiful, just like his mother." Hermione smiled at this compliment, and then rose, creaking from the chair.

"No, he's handsome, like his father. Now come on, let's go before we wake him. You know how fussy he is once he's awake."

"He is not fussy, he's just a Malfoy. He knows what he likes, and he's going to get what he likes, aren't you JJ?"

"Come on! He'll wake up!"

Grudgingly Draco followed his wife out of his son's nursery, smiling softly.

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