This fanfiction fits into the plot of the "Harry Potter" saga by J.K. Rowling. The story covers the entire time period that was skipped over in book 7 – that is to say, the 19 years between the Battle of Hogwarts and the epilogue.

It also takes into account the elements that the author added to her story in the interviews. However, the majority of the text was written between 2007 and 2010, which explains why some elements, revealed later, could not be taken into account. This especially concerns of the revelations made in the play "The Cursed Child".

The text is already fully written and published in French and has been translated by Gwen that I thank for their huge work. Thanks also to Mica, who reread the text we offer here.

We hope you enjoy this story and take pleasure from following your favourite characters.

Warning: there is no big bad guy coming back in this story. I mainly focused on the return to normal of the wizarding world, the main characters' careers, families and relationships, and the evolution of their society. There will however be some action scenes, investigations, and problems to solve (but no unsustainable suspense).

I – The Warriors' Rest

3rd of May 1998


2nd of May 1998 : Hogwarts' battle

Harry examined Ron and Hermione, whose tired features and ripped clothes testified of the crazy day they had just had. It had started with their intrusion into Gringotts Bank, continued with a long battle to take back Hogwarts from the Death Eaters, before finding its conclusion in the one-to-one battle that had ended the reign of Voldemort.

Harry thought with nostalgia of his four-poster bed in Gryffindor tower.

"How about resting for a while in the common room?" he asked his friends. "We could ask Kreacher to make us sandwiches."

Ron shook his head and whispered while avoiding the other's gazes:

"I need to go home."

Harry immediately felt ashamed not to have thought that Ron might want to join his family after the tragedy that had just hit them.

"Of course," he said quickly. "We're coming with you."

They left the headmaster's office and crossed the empty castle in a silence that contrasted with the racket of the battle that had been taking place only a few hours ago.

When they re-entered the Great Hall, there was no trace of the Weasleys or of the fighters that hadn't been injured. A considerable part of the hall had been transformed into a spontaneous hospital wing and the professor's platform was completely invisible behind a huge curtain. Harry guessed that this space was being used to keep the bodies of the fallen.

The three friends didn't have time to consult each other to decide what to do next. From the place where the injured were resting, Horace Slughorn waved to them before joining them slowly.

"You're awaited at the Burrow," he told them. "Arthur managed to convince his wife not to destroy what rested of the castle to find you, but he told us to get you three home."

"Thank you, Professor," said Hermione politely. "Do you still need help here?"

"You've done enough," smiled the Slytherin. "St Mungo's also sent us a bunch of helpers. As for me, I'll probably be setting off to go rest, and Professor McGonagall just left to her private apartments. So you three better be off! I really don't want to be confronted to your mother again, Ralph. Who would've thought the last of the Prewetts could have so much style!"

"He's called Ron," Hermione corrected him a little less politely.

"Oh yes, yes, Ron," repeated the Professor absentmindedly. "You can use this chimney," he added, pointing to the huge fireplace of the Great Hall. "We connected it to the network for the evening."

Before following his friends who were walking towards the green flames, Harry turned again to the Head of Slytherin House.

"Professor Snape's body is in the shrieking shack, in Hogsmeade," he said.

"The shrieking shack," he repeated, seeming surprised that this information was told to him by the Boy Who Lived in person.

Harry considered for a moment to explain professor Snape's real role during the war, but he was feeling so tired that he just didn't have the courage. He simply nodded before turning away and shouting his destination into the chimney.

The burrow seemed unusually calm, drenched in the midday sunlight. There was no one in the kitchen, but a letter was on the table: There's cake in the cupboard. And afterwards: OFF TO BED!

Ron smiled faintly and set off in a tired pace towards the stairs, followed by the two others. Hermione left the boys in front of Ginny's room. She waved to her friends and disappeared. Harry would've liked to see whether Ron's sister was okay and how she was dealing with her sadness. But he simply went to the next floor, following his friend. As soon as they arrived at their destination, both boys collapsed still fully dressed on the mattresses disposed on the floor, not even trying to chase away the ghoul that was still occupying the youngest Weasley boy's bed.

It was sixteen o'clock when Harry was awoken by Ron, who was clumsily trying to climb over him to get out. He groaned with displeasure, stretching his painful limbs, and tried unsuccessfully to fall asleep again. But the remains of the dreamlike vision that was still floating in his head faded away, letting reality impose itself. Finally, Harry decided to stand up as well, hurried by his stomach that was crying of hunger.

When he entered the kitchen, Ron was being served a solid portion by his mother. Hermione seemed to be finishing hers, as well as Ginny. The latter was pale, but she smiled at Harry and gestured to the empty chair next to her. He obeyed and they looked at each other in silence, happy to finally be together again. Mrs Weasley placed eggs and bacon in front of Harry. With an apologetic look, he turned away from his sweetheart to eat.

"What are you planning on doing, now?" asked Ginny suddenly.

"Get myself a new wand," groaned Hermione. "There's no way I'm continuing to use the one that belonged to this…"

She didn't pronounce the word, but her look towards Mrs Weasley reminded everyone of the qualifier which Molly had used to call the Death Eater yesterday during their duel.

"Afterwards," continued the young girl, "I'll go find my parents in Australia and bring them back here. And then, I hope I'll be able to go back to Hogwarts to pass my NEWTs."

"That's a very good idea," approved the Weasley mother in a hoarse voice. "You have to think of your future."

Harry looked at her. With a blotchy complexion and a petrified face, she was evidently supporting herself with all her will to act normally.

"I'm not planning to go back to Hogwarts," indicated Ron. "I'm eighteen now and I'm thinking of just finding myself a job."

"But you need NEWTs for that!" protested his mother mechanically.

"Oh come on, Mum, Fred and George are successful enough without h…"

Ron stopped dead, horrified. Mrs Weasley's face tensed and she closed her eyes, overcome with emotion. Ginny lowered her head and Harry and Hermione's forks stayed suspended mid-air.

Breaking the unbearable silence, Hermione asked timidly:

"Where's George?"

"He's still sleeping," whispered Mrs Weasley, her voice croaking with emotion. "I gave him a potion yesterday."

She turned towards the sink, her shoulders trembling.

"And you, Harry?" asked Ginny, lifting her chin in a firm way, as if refusing to let herself be put down.

"I haven't really thought about it," said Harry cautiously, who felt tempted by Ron's decision, but estimated that it wasn't exactly the perfect time to reveal it.

Suddenly, he realised that he as well had family-related obligations.

"There's someone I need to see today," he informed them.

They were just finishing eating when George entered the kitchen, lifeless, his expression frozen, almost unrecognisable. His mother ran towards him and hugged him tight. He let her do while the four youngsters preferred to leave.

After a long shower, Harry observed himself in the bathroom mirror. His face and his arms were covered in halfway healed scratches, bruises and burns. He lifted his fringe to examine his forehead. His scar was still there, but white and thin, without any trace of inflammation. He ran his fingers over the grainy surface, but didn't feel the slightest prickle. He thought with satisfaction that it would never hurt him again.

After all of them had washed, the four young ones met in the living room. Harry plunged his hand into the pot of Floo Powder and knelt down to ask for communication. Andromeda answered immediately and calmly accepted his proposition to visit.

When they emerged from the fireplace, she was waiting for them, the baby in her arms. Harry's first thought was that he would never be able to confuse her with her sister again. Her hair had grown several grey streaks and the pained dignity of her expression created a clear contrast to her elder sister's exaltation.

He smiled uncomfortably, not knowing how to formulate his condolences. He decided to start with the easiest:

"We haven't yet been introduced to Teddy," he said.

With a sad smile, she held the baby forwards, inviting Harry to take him into his arms. Instinctively, Harry stepped back, squashing Ginny's foot. He had never held a baby before and didn't really want the first one to take this risk to be his godson. He heard Ron sneer and felt his girlfriend push him firmly forwards. Understanding there was no way out, he extended his arms stoically. When the grandmother placed the child's head against his right shoulder, he had the reflex to lift his elbow to stop him from sliding. Andromeda arranged Harry's hands around the warm little body, then stepped away.

"Please, come in," she invited them formally, gesturing towards the armchairs in the living room.

The two Weasleys and Hermione stepped forward, greeting her. Only Harry stayed like frozen in from of the chimney, too scared to move.

"You should sit down, he'll fall from lower," advised Hermione sarcastically.

Throwing her an annoyed look, he walked forward carefully and slowly bent his knees to sit down on the sofa. Finally, Hermione was right, he thought. Feeling the danger the baby was in diminish, he relaxed a little. He took the opportunity to look at him more closely. It was a beautiful chubby child with a bunch of amethyst-coloured hair on the top of his skull. The baby stared right back at him. Harry noticed his iris changing slowly from blue to yellow.

"Do his eyes always change colour?" he wondered.

"Only when he's in the middle of discovering something," pointed out the grandmother.

The child made a bunch of little noise, his arms and legs moving vaguely.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Harry," the happy godfather introduced himself. "I hope we'll see each other again often."

As an answer, Teddy burped loudly and a little bit of milk trickled out of his mouth. Harry gulped and understood the purpose of the embroidered bib that was hanging around the baby's neck. It had absorbed a part of the milk, but sadly not enough to save his sleeve from being flooded.

The only good news was that his dress had been borrowed from Ron.

"Does no one want to get to know him?" he asked in a plaintive voice.

Ginny seemed to take pity on him and came to unload her with a – or at least Harry thought so – surprisingly expert gesture. She started rocking the baby softly after having delicately wiped his mouth with his bib. Harry wondered where she had those skills from. Maybe she had seen her mother look after children of their friends.

Andromeda turned to Harry:

"I'm happy to see you in good health. Dora and Remus were very worried about you."

"I… I'm sorry about…" stammered Harry, slightly embarrassed of being once again the Boy Who Lived.

The old woman's expression dissuaded him from continuing.

"We gave everything," she said with dignity, moving her gaze to the young Weasleys. "The only thing that counts is that we won. My grandson will be able to enter Hogwarts with his head high when the time comes."

She looked in the direction of Ginny who was still cradling Teddy. The latter, curled up in her arms, seemed on the point of falling asleep.

"He's really adorable," whispered Hermione.

"I think it's the first time we're meeting," realised Andromeda, looking at Hermione. "Dora and my son-in-law have told me so much about you that I feel like I really know the four of you. And now that things are starting to become normal again, what are your plans?"

Harry realised with horror that in the following days, everyone would ask them this question. It was one of the only conversation topics that were neutral enough to be addressed in this period of mourning.

"We're probably going to finish our schooling at Hogwarts," answered Hermione, as no one else seemed to be willing to talk.

"That's a great way to get back into the normal course of your life," approved Tonks' mother. "And it'll isolate you from everyone who'll try to profit from your fame."

Harry suddenly felt an immense love of learning grow inside him. Living in the castle while waiting for things to calm down suddenly felt very inviting. Especially if Ginny was also there.

They commented the latest news: Shacklebolt's nomination as temporary Minister of Magic, the liberation of all muggleborns locked in Azkaban, the shortage of working wands. After half an hour of visit, the youngsters took leave and Teddy was carefully moved from Ginny's arms to those of his grandmother. They left through the chimney, not without having softened a last time over the adorable image of Teddy sleeping soundly in his grandmother's lap.

When they arrived at the Burrow, Molly was busy cooking for supper.

"I hope Arthur and Percy won't come back too late," she commented in a worried voice. "But it wouldn't surprise me if they can't eat with us, with all the work there is to do at the ministry. George is outside with his friend Lee who came to visit. A really nice chap, this Lee. Charlie is at Hogwarts. We heard on the radio that Hagrid need people to help look after all the creatures that were injured during the battle. Bill and Fleur might come by this evening. Ginny, can you help me with the vegetables?"

Ginny made a horrible grimace, but didn't dare say no to her mother. Hermione, solidary, walked towards the pile of vegetables with her, gripping Ron's arm to force him to help as well. Harry couldn't do anything than follow the movement and drew his wand. The pile of potatoes and carrots didn't resist the four youngsters' peeling charms for long and they were soon done. They then set the table and found themselves with nothing to do, waiting for the vegetables to stop cooking. They went outside to enjoy the last little rays of sun of the day.

They stayed sunken in their own thoughts for a while until Ginny, who didn't seem to stand the silence, shouted:

"Look what state the garden is in!"

Indeed, a bunch of gnomes had visibly exploited the time during which the Weasleys were all at Aunt Muriel's to proliferate.

"Please don't tell Mum, I don't want to spend the whole of tomorrow degnoming," grumbled Ron distractedly.

"Don't complain," retorted his sister. "Mom didn't ask you a lot these last months."

"It probably wasn't very enjoyable at Aunt Muriel's," sympathised Hermione.

The young girl seized the occasion to say what she had on her mind.

"Oh, don't remind me! It was horrible. I'd really have preferred going back to Hogwarts, even with the Carrawfuls."

"The what?" asked Harry.

"That's how we nicknamed the dreadful Carrow siblings. Dirty, stupid and cruel!" spat Ginny. "But as Aunt Muriel is a gossiping, vile bitch, living at her place wasn't a lot better. I'm glad it's finally over, Mom and her couldn't stand each other anymore. Say, couldn't you have attacked Hogwarts earlier?"

"We didn't att…" started Harry.

"Ey! Did you think we were having fun?" Ron interrupted him, visibly annoyed by his sister's remarks.

"Whatever you did, I would've preferred to be with you than with Aunt Muriel," replied Ginny sharply. "But yeah, apparently I'm not old enough."

The young girl had pronounced the words with bitterness, her eyes fixed on Harry, who suddenly felt very uneasy. Ginny was visibly mad at him for not having protested when Mrs Weasley had sent her back into the Room of Requirement the day before, considering she was too young to fight. He hoped that Ron would answer, which would change the target of Ginny's anger, or that Hermione would manage to calm her down, but he found himself treacherously abandoned to his horrible fate:

"Come, let's see whether the vegetable garden got any damage," said his so-called best female friend, taking hold of Ron's hand.

Harry watched them leave but as soon as they turned around the corner of the house, he didn't have any excuse to dodge Ginny's accusatory look.

"I love you and I didn't want you to be injured," he pleaded.

"I'm maybe only sixteen, but I'm capable of defending myself on my own. I thought I had proven it to you."

"I know you're extremely skilled, I never said the opposite. But your Mum…"

"Don't take my mom as an excuse! If you had listened to her, you never would've left with Ron and Hermione!"

"Ginny, I know it's been hard. You've been really brave by taking part in Hogwarts's resistance and in trying to recover Gryffindor's sword from Snape's office. I missed you… I thought about you very often and I looked on my map to see where you were. I would really have liked that you were with me all this time, but… I couldn't tell you everything. Dumbledore had forbidden me to confide in anyone except Ron and Hermione."

"Well that's convenient! Are you sure you missed me that much? You didn't seem very happy to see me, yesterday."

"Oh come on Ginny, Voldemort was coming…"

"Stop, Harry, and listen to me. Don't you ever again treat me like a child that you need to exclude and protect. And never tell me you don't want me to be with you under the pretext that it's dangerous. I know I'm not the Chosen One, I know that I'm not even a hundredth as good as Hermione. But if you allow Neville or Luna to fight, don't reject me. Because if that's how you're going to treat me, I don't even want to be your friend!"

Harry opened his mouth, but didn't know what to say, flabbergasted by this fiery statement. He suddenly found her very beautiful with her cheekbones reddened and her eyes flaming, which didn't help him retrieve his eloquence, rather on the contrary. It was with relief that he heard Mrs Weasley's voice:

"Children, dinner's ready!"

"Let's go and eat," said Harry quickly.

He saw anger and disappointment paint themselves on the young girl's face. She pinched her lips and she turned away briskly to go back into the house at full speed.

The noise of Ginny's footsteps was decreasing in the stairs in a furious staccato when Harry entered the kitchen. Cautiously, he decided to wash his hands in the kitchen sink rather than to risk sharing the bathroom sink with her. He was disconcerted by the young girl's brisk change of feeling about him. But he remembered that he himself had been subject to very frequent mood swings when he had just lost Sirius.

"Hey, Harry! I think your hands are clean enough," he heard Ron's voice behind him.

Indeed, lost in his thoughts, he was scrubbing his hands frantically, definitely more than the basic hygiene required to. He moved away from the sink to let his friends also have a turn, trying to ignore Hermione's inquisitive look.

While they were sitting down – Ginny trying this time to sit as far away from him as possible – George and Lee arrived. During the meal, Mrs Weasley updated them on the latest news she had heard on the radio during the day. In the morning, the new minister had abolished all the laws on blood purity. This decision had provoked a huge chaos at the ministry, which had been invaded by hundreds of wizards demanding to have their wands back. The journalists of the WWN[1] had relayed the official instructions: the plaintiffs were to leave their name and wait to be called back. All the cases would be treated as quickly as possible.

Those who had had to run away were invited to come back and to present themselves as soon as they could at their workplace. It was necessary for all stores to reopen as quickly as possible and to permit the administrative services to return to their normal activity. Healers in particular were called to rally St Mungo's to look after the injured of the Battle of Hogwarts and those that hadn't really supported their detention in Azkaban.

"I'm going to communicate these instructions on Potterwatch this evening," commented Lee. "I already made a call at noon. I'll continue for several days, so that all the fugitives can hear it."

"We listened to one of your emissions," said Harry enthusiastically. "It's amazing what you did. We laughed so much. It had been months since we last had so much fun."

"It wasn't only my idea," said Lee modestly, nodding his head towards George sitting next to him.

The latter didn't seem to be following the conversation. His head was resting on his elbow and he was absent-mindedly fiddling with his fork.

"You have to eat, my darling," sighed his mother sadly. "You have to carry on, what do you want to do…"

Her voice broke.

"This evening, I'll talk about Fred, Lupin and Tonks," said Lee in a hoarse voice. "D'you wanna come and do the program with me, George?"

The latter shook his head, not even lifting his head.

"You don't have to take the mic, but I would like you to be there," pleaded Lee.

George continued to make circles with his fork.

"Who wants more vegetables?" asked Mrs Weasley when it became obvious that her son wasn't going to answer.

Half an hour later, the chimney illuminated and Mr Weasley got out, looking worn out.

"Oh, my darling, finally!" shouted his wife. "Come sit down quickly, you look exhausted. It's not reasonable to come home this late, you hardly slept this morning."

"King didn't sleep at all and he's still there," answered her husband. "There's so much to do."

"Leave that to the young ones, we've done our part."

"I left Percy at the ministry with hours of work to complete. King doesn't have a lot of people he can count on," explained Arthur Weasley. "Even I have trouble determining which employees acted out of fear and which actually agreed with what was happening."

"What happened to Umbridge?" asked Hermione.

"She and all those that actively wrote and published laws about blood purity have already been sent to Azkaban. They'll have their trials as soon as possible. Or at least those that haven't managed to flee. The snatchers in particular will be hard to capture. And Merlin knows what havoc they're going to cause, now that they know they're being tracked down."

"The Aurors will catch them, don't you think?" hoped Ron.

"Half the Aurors have been suspended," sighed his father. "It's another extra problem. King's thinking of asking everyone who fought on our side yesterday to help. He'll create a temporary army to keep order and to catch all the supporters of You Know Who's regime."

"Can we sign up?" asked Ron.

"No way!" answered his mother dryly. "You have to rest and then go back to Hogwarts."

"Poor Ron that hasn't reached the age limit," said Ginny sarcastically.

"Should I talk about all this in tonight's podcast?" asked Lee.

"Yes, that would be a good idea," approved Mr Weasley. "The volunteers should present themselves directly at the ministry. We will also install a solidarity chain to help all those who need it. Oh! You can also inform your listeners that the funeral ceremony for the victims of yesterday's battle will be held tomorrow at Hogwarts from thirteen o'clock. The name of all those killed this year through the wands of Death Eaters and their affiliates will be read."

"OK," said Lee. "I really need to go, now. I'll be on the radio in fifteen minutes. You coming, George?"

The latter shook his head again.

"I suppose we'll see each other at Hogwarts tomorrow, then," concluded the journalist. "Goodnight everyone. Thank you for the meal, Mrs Weasley."

"Don't thank me, Lee, I'm the one to thank you for coming," answered the Weasley mother. "We'll see you tomorrow."

As soon as Lee disappeared in the chimney, George muttered:

"I'm going to bed."

He climbed the stairs in a heavy pace. Harry realised it was the first time of the day he had heard his voice. He saw Mr and Mrs Weasley exchange a pained look. His shoulders hanging, Arthur sat down at the table. His wife quickly gave him a huge portion of food.

"Well, children, what did you do today?" asked the Weasley father, trying to sound cheerful. "Did you rest well?"

"Yes Mr Weasley," answered Harry. "We slept till late. Then we went to visit Andromeda Tonks and Teddy."

"The poor kid!" commented Mrs Weasley. "Only just a month old and already an orphan. And Andromeda who suddenly finds herself alone with such a load."

"I'm his godfather," pointed out Harry. "I hope I'll be able to help her a little. I mean, as far as I can."

"First he should learn how to hold a baby without letting his head hang down," commented Hermione cheekily. "And not to shake him after he was fed. Teddy rejected most of his milk onto Harry's sleeve."

"That wasn't my fault!" protested the young man.

"Raising a child means giving up to keep your robes clean," sentenced Arthur wisely. "Just remember that certain chores are worth medals. But for you, obviously, medals won't be what you lack the most. I don't think you'll be able to eschew the Order of Merlin, First Class."

"Oh no," groaned Harry.

"Poor Harry," said Ron sarcastically.

"You risk getting one as well, you know," his father told him.

"Are you serious?"

"Medals rain down after wars, Ron," tempered Hermione. "We definitely won't be the only ones."

"But very few people can brag of having in one day broken into Gringotts, ridden a dragon and led the Hogwarts Rebellion," pointed out Mr Weasley.

"How do you know we went to Gringotts?" wondered Hermione.

"It was in the newspapers this morning. You and your dragon didn't quite go unnoticed in Diagon Alley. If you want to read it, I've got the article in the pocket of my cape."

"But what on earth did you want in Gringotts?" asked Molly, while Hermione stood up to go fetch the Daily Prophet.

"It's complicated," Harry evaded the question, exchanging a look with Ron.

"About that," said Arthur, "Kingsley's coming tomorrow for lunch. He wants to talk to you. But don't worry," he added after seeing Harry's expression, "if you don't want to tell him anything, he won't insist."

"I suppose I'd rather talk to him than to his predecessor," admitted Harry.

"We'll see that tomorrow," tempered Mr Weasley. "Potterwatch will be starting any time now."

[1] Wizarding Wireless Network

Chat with J.K. Rowling, 30th of July 2007

Teddy was raised by Andromeda. However, unlike Neville, who was also raised by his grandmother, Teddy had his godfather, Harry, and all his father's friends in the Order, to visit and stay with.

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