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"Welcome to Overwatch."

A cool, female voice welcomes the first batch of students walking through the school's massive gates. "It is now 7:01 AM. All students, report to your classes as scheduled in your holopad." The floor would occasionally light up a blue pathway, for any student asking Athena, the A.I. assistant, for directions towards their classrooms. By the lobby stood a prominent figure; a tall, dark haired woman of Egyptian descent dressed in a crisp business suit, hands crossed and a fixed smile on her face.

"Good morning. Welcome to Overwatch." She personally greeted the students, bowing ever so slightly to maintain that good first impression. As Overwatch's office administrator, Fareeha Amari's job is to make sure everything is in tip top shape at the start of the new term.

Horus knows they're all gonna need it.

"Pharah! Morning!" The Egyptian turned to see a short, curvy woman with dolled up hair and thick-rimmed glasses. "Good morning, Mei. I see you come prepared for the term." She noted the stack of test papers barely visible from Mei's satchel, and the highly clunky endothermic blaster at her side.

Mei-Ling Zhou stifled a giggle as she guarded her satchel from any more prying eyes. "Now, now, Pharah. This is just an evaluation of last year's results. I'm going to see whether my class actually went to Antarctica for their eco research." She said in a happy sing-song voice that the Egyptian woman merely sweatdropped.

"Mei, nobody in their right mind would go to Antarctica just for a school project."

"Come now, Pharah. My eco research team went there and stayed for almost five years in cryostasis. If my team can do that, surely my students can." Fareeha closed her eyes, not wanting to start an argument with the science teacher at so early in the morning, much less at the beginning of the term.

"Alright, Mei. Would you at least go easy on them?" Her tone was flat, and almost begging the younger(?) woman, who enthusiastically nodded.

They haven't even been talking for long when Fareeha finally met her first, worst fear. A commotion coming from the main lobby, students screaming, and the abominable sound of a tire wheeling throughout the halls. "Fire in the hole!" Came the screech of another nuisance she had to deal with. How her mother even allowed the Junker duo to stay in Overwatch, Fareeha will never hear the end of it.

She groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose as she gestured at her colleague. "Mei, please?" She didn't even need to say anything as the woman already unhooked her blaster from her side and casually strode over to the center of the main hall. The blaster gave off a low hum as a pillar of ice seemingly shot out from the floor, blocking the supposed tire that was trying to wheel from the other direction. It exploded upon contact, and the ice shattered immediately. Thankfully, the students surrounding the area were mildly wounded, except, of course, the janitor that started this mess.

Oh, the irony. Fareeha bitterly thought. "Ey! Mei, ya nearly took off me other arm!" Cried Jamison Fawkes, who stumbled into the main hallway, his clothes and even his hair were singed from the explosion. Mei didn't say a word as she quickly iced the Australian with the scariest smile Fareeha's ever seen. At least, she's having fun? She can never tell for certain.

"Jamison," She turned to the icicle block (sans the head) of the janitor. "How many times do I have to tell you, never to use your bombs inside school property?" It was actually her mother who told him that, Fareeha was adamant in kicking both he and the other Junker half out of Overwatch.

"You don't understand ladies! Mako forced me out me hovel because some pansy first years were spray painting the back walls!"

"Yes, well, that still doesn't mean you're allowed to use explosives still in school property!" She could instantly feel a headache coming, she'll have to drop by Angela's before it gets worse. "Athena,"

"Yes, Ms. Pharah?" Ever the quick witted A.I, Athena often calls them by their code names from their previous Overwatch days.

"Alert Mako, and have him and Jamison clean this up. Mei, you can go now." The Chinese woman did a small curtsy and patted the janitor's head, who yelped at her to un-ice him, before making her way to the faculty office.

"Attention, all Overwatch students, classes will begin in ten minutes." Athena's cool voice urged the surrounding students to hurry on to their classrooms. After the initial disaster, Fareeha expected a few more to come, surprisingly, from her staff rather than the actual students. But the woman turned back to the newcomers, affixing her professional smile once again.

"Good morning, and welcome to Overwatch."

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