Hello All!

Just a heads-up about this story: at the beginning of each chapter, I will post the title of a song and the artist. This song will accompany the chapter directly in both the overall feel of the song and lyrics. I've taken the time to research the lyrics and listen to the songs a great deal when composing the playlist (which you can find on spotify for your convenience under the title: "Cleaning Old Wounds- A FANFICTION PLAYLIST," though if you don't have spotify, feel free to look it up on youtube, itunes or any other way you may wish) and if you want the full experience of this fanfic, take the time to read the chapter and then go check out the song via your preferred method of music-listening experience.

Thank you



(Side Note: There are like 3 chapters in a row with the same group, I promise, after those 3 chapters, I DO switch it up, I just really like that group and their lyrics are bomb!)