"Uhh, Ochako?" Her darling husband of four years squeaked as she pinned him against the wall. He had gotten a bit taller since highschool, but most of his growth had been in his muscles, and the ever so slight bit of masculinity that now adorned his face. Izuku was ripped, adorable, and she was extra horny. Omega horny. So horny that she was going to put Izuku's stamina to the test. "What's gotten into you?"

"Ask me that in a minute and the answer will be you." She purred, grabbing onto his shirt and peeling pulling it up to get at his abs. Her huge breasts hadn't lost any of their perkiness - thanks to her gravity quirk - and the marks from Izuku biting and sucking on her breasts were still present from their last bout of sex. "But it was something that the interviewer said that really has me stirring."

She ground against him, dragging his hand into her pants where he grabbed a meaty handful of her ass. While she handled his now raging hard dick with the utmost care. Oh yes, that was so going inside of her.

"What?" Izuku gasped as she kissed him, stealing away his breath. "What did she say?"

"Kids" She purred into his ear. The interviewer asked jokingly if the number one power couple was going to be expecting children soon. Izuku had blushed and stammered. And she had a switch go off in her head. "I want you to put a baby in me Izuku."

She kissed him again, before removing his shirt. His own hands working on removing hers. Pausing as he reached her breasts to fondle them. His hands grabbed handfuls and pushed into them. Kneading them over and over again. Her entire body felt the heat of his touch.

"So we're going to have sex, all night long." She purred as her shirt came off, Izuku unhooked her bra a moment later. "That is unless, one pro hero in Japan doesn't think he can keep up with his sexy as hell wife."

"Oh, I am." Izuku smiled at her. It had taken a lot of work, but she eventually fucked the shyness out of him. He didn't hesitate to bury his face into her cleavage and start sucking and biting on her breasts. She moaned. Long and hard as she felt him grow even stiffer in her hand.

His pants hit the floor and so did hers. She grabbed him , pushing him onto the bed and pounced on him, unable to bear more than a second apart away from his touch. They tangled in the covers of their bed, him kissing her everywhere while she moaned, his hands never once leaving her breasts or ass. It was a good thing Izuku was an breast and ass man because she had more than enough.

"How do you want to do this tonight?" Izuku asked her between kisses."

She smiled down at her green-haired lover and twisted her body until she was on top of him. Her waist pressing into him. She rested her chest on top of his and kissed him once more. "You don't seem to understand Izuku."

She angled him into her. The familiar and oh so wonderful sensation of him entering her tore through her body. No matter how many times they had sex it always felt so great. She began to move slowly, one hand planted on his chest while she kneaded her own breast. Izuku's hands flew to her hips, a groan escaping him.

"I'm going to suck you dry."

That sparked something in Izuku. That near-feral side of him that only came out when she was pushing all the sexy buttons. He thrust upwards driving his dick deeper into her. She could feel everything. He kept going, stimulating her with long powerful strokes that hand her moaning. His entire face was focused on this task while his powerful arms kept her in place.

"Oh fuck! Izuku!" She screamed biting her lip as she felt that first orgasm start building. Her breasts felt like they were on fire, her stomach muscles convulsing as Izuku made those slow deliberate movements inside of her. "Fuck, faster. Faster."

He obliged. And then some. He doubled his speed, making her entire body shake under his violent thrusts. She came. On the third thrust. But, that was just the start of her night. She wasn't going to be walking tomorrow. And neither was Izuku. She moaned, leaning down to kiss Izuku, before she buried him into her cleavage.

"Keep going. That's it Izuku. Keep going."

He obliged, eagerly assaulting her breasts, and reverting back to those long slow purposeful thrusts once again. He knew all of her buttons at this point. She began to join him, moving her hips to match his thrusts, the rhythm sending him deeper into her still while he began to twitch.

"Ochako," He grunted, thrusting into her and grabbed her hips to pull down again. "I'm going to cum."

"Mmm, good. Give it to me Izuku. I want you to put a baby in me." She pounded into him, moving faster and faster. Her second orgasm of the night already building sending her entire body to that familiar level of pleasure. But this time it was purposeful. She was doing this with the express purpose of getting pregnant.

She felt Izuku pulse inside of her, his hips bucking wildly, as his face twisted in exertion. Another pulse and she felt him cum inside of her. It filled her completely, body, mind and soul.

He gave a sigh, the motion between them coming to an abrupt stop. "That was great Honey."

She wiggled her hips, feeling him still hard inside of her. "It's about to get even better Izuku. Because I'm not done yet."

She leaned in kissing his neck. "Didn't I say I was going to fuck you dry?"

Izuku might have been the number one pro hero. But when it came to stamina in bed, she had him beat.

AN: by request of the author of What is in a hoard.