I rush out from my bedroom and head to the dinner room. Hina was sitting in the chair waiting for me all the time. Hina shock when she see me with long face. She say "What's wrong?". She confused. I run toward and hug her. I say " I dream about you float to that place again.". She frowning and say " What are you talking about?. I am not going to that place again because you are the one who take me back to the ground and there are no sunshine girl anymore. Don't worry you say to me IT IS GONNA BE ALRIGHT. You remember ed?. I think back when we met at the path to her house I said that to her so I stop hug her and lean to kiss her. When our lips touch. I say to myself "I will not let go this kiss forever." when our kiss separated. I say her name. She blushed and look away from me. I tell her "I will take care you forever don't worry. She is crying and hug me so I hug her back." Let's eat a dinner. I'm hungry now. " She nod and We sit on dinner table. I see my favorite food when 3 years ago. I eat very quickly and the taste is very good not different from the past. While she see me eating food she smiles after eating dinner. I am washing the dish with her. Hina say to me. " Hodoka Can you look after my house when I go to school?" I accept her request and kiss her on forehead. She blushed and reach to kiss my cheek. "Why you make your face so cute".I blushed and say to myself. After that we head back to the bedroom talking about everything in past 3 years. We having fun and drama in the same time. It is a fun night and we asleep together but i say to her when her sleep. "I will be only man that you trust and love." and I go to sleep.

Note from Writer :

Sorry for short episode because I was very busy in Test and Homeworks so I try to write this ep. As fast as I can. I apologize to my readers. New episode will coming soon.