Garth entered his home to find Lilly sitting with Winston on the coach in the living room. He did not want to tell his wife and father-in-law about the things Eve was doing to him, but the truth had to be told and maybe he could deal with his trouble.

"Lilly, Winston, there's something that we need to talk about." said Garth pulling up a chair. "It's about Eve."

Lilly looked at her husband with concern. "We're all ears, my macho alpha," she said looking at her father. "Fire away, Garth." sighed Winston crossing his arms.

Garth felt his mouth go dry as he spoke. "Eve has been trying to have sex with me," he stated, then braced himself for Winston to start yelling, but what he heard was laughter. Garth looked at Winston and Lilly who had smiles on their faces.

"You mean you haven't fuck Eve yet?" Winston asked Garth with a laugh. The handsome alpha shook his head in reply.

At that very minute, Eve walked in...completely necked! She looked happy to see Garth, as Eve licked her lips while she shamelessly showed her body off. And once again, Garth's eyes were fixed on her breasts.

Getting up from his chair, Garth watched as Eve sat between her daughter and husband. Her eyes was scanning him from head to toe, giving him the "I want you" look.

"Well Garth... What do you think?" Winston asks looking at his son-in-law, he swallowed hard.

"Winston, you know I can't have sex with you wife?" Garth protested looking to Winston.

"Garth, Lilly wants to have a baby." Winston said forcing a smile. "So Eve has volunteered to get pregnant for Lilly by having sex with you."

"I will not do it... Winston, this is wrong!" Garth said firmly.

This would have gone on for awhile until Lilly ended the argument. "Garth, I order you to take Eve into our bedroom and fuck a baby into her." Lilly says angrily growling and showing teeth to Garth. The three alphas looked at her with surprise because this is the first time Lilly acted menacingly toward her husband.

Garth looked at Eve, then Lilly and finally Winston. "Are you sure this is alright?" he asked them.

Lilly smiled and nodded to her husband. "Go have some fun you two," she said.

Eve held out her hand to Garth. Being the gentleman he was, Garth took Eve by the hand and lead her to the bedroom. As the two of them closed the door, Garth caught sight of Lilly pulling Winston closer to her. Eve sashayed up to her young stud and placed her arms over his shoulders. She leaned in and kissed him. He responded quickly and in short order they were once again committing their passionate foreplay.

Back in the living room, Winston had taken the liberty to install a camera in the bedroom to see how Garth and Eve were doing. Turning on the TV, Winston saw his wife being kissed deeply by Garth while his wife slowly removed his shirt. Both Winston and Lilly sat quietly and watched in awe as their spouses engaged in their sexual arrangement.

Garth began running kisses down Eve neck until he reached her breasts. Eve moaned as her fingers worked on his pants. His pants and boxers finally fell to the floor. Garth reached back and grasped her ass. Oh, how he loved the feeling of her body.

"Oh Garth, you're so hard. I can't wait to feel that inside me again." Eve whispered as her hand stroked up and down his stiff shaft.

Garth then began to lose control as he took his hands and pulled her ass forcing her hard against his cock.

"Slow down lover." Eve said as she gently bit into his neck and then kissed the spot. Another bite and another kiss this one a little lower down his neck. Eve kept biting and kissing as she slowly worked her way down Garth's body. When she was at his tummy, Garth's body quivered, and he said.

"Oh baby. That feels so good. Even so, we shouldn't be enjoying this so much. We're both married and doing this only for one reason." Garth groaned as his body tingled all over.

Eve smiled and looked up at him as she sat upon her knees saying, "Lilly isn't going to make you cum like this... I Am." Saying that, she leaned over and slid his cock deep in her mouth.

Garth's body felt like it was on fire as Eve gave him the best blowjob he had ever had. Looking down at his mother-in-law, Eve looked up at him. Their eyes locked onto each other, just waiting to see who would be the next to act.

Being sucked off by Eve was a hidden fantasy he had had ever since Lilly gave him his first blowjob, and now his mother-in-law was making it come true. But it was so wrong. Garth didn't care. Taking hold of her head, he attempted to keep her from. This just made Eve suck faster until he came hard.

"I'm cumming!" Garth shouted. His legs weakened as Eve sucked him dry until he collapsed onto the bed.

Back in the living room, Lilly and Winston had become so horny from watching Eve and Garth, that the two of them were making out there on the couch. As Lilly kissed her father, she grasped the zipper tab and eased it down as she looked for any sign of reaction from him. Feeling confident Lilly fumbled with the opening and freed her father's steel rod. Her heart pounded in her chest as she grasped it and felt its hot stiffness in her hand. Slowly, she stroked, letting the forbidden feelings toward her father to overtake her completely.

"Lilly, I want you to stop," Winston said sadly. Lilly looked at her father, worried that he was yell at her, but instead of yelling, he confessed a hidden desire he had kept from the world. "Ever since your 18th birthday, all I ever wanted to do was make love to you. You are so beautiful, just like your mother, and since you are the only one here who isn't getting laid, why don't we fuck while Eve and Garth make that baby for you."

Lilly smiled. "Yes, lets do it, dad!"

Back in the bedroom, Eve straddled Garth. She spread her legs and centered herself over his thick dick. Taking it in her hand, she stroked it as she slowly lowered herself down until he was completely inside her.

"Been so long, Baby. You feel so good inside me. So big..." she whimpered. Garth smiled as Eve leaned down and kissed him. "Tell me the truth, do you like being inside your mother-in-law?"

"Yes," Garth moaned. "I love this feeling, you're so tight, so wet."

Eve tossed her head back and clutched her breast as Garth's steel pole spread her wide. "Oh... Yesss... Oh Garth. You're so big," she hissed as she raised up and down forcing more of his massive meat deeper and deeper.

Her body was on fire, as her orgasm was building fast. Her body felt alive as his cock filled her up once more, taking her to the point of no return as she toyed with her hard nipples.

Garth pushed up as Eve slammed down and she gyrated her hips front to back and in circles. This ground her clit against him, making her tingle inside.

"Oh... OH... OH!" Garth exclaimed when he felt the first wave of pleasure before cumming.

Eve went crazy and ground herself fast on his cock. Her own orgasm fast approaching as she wailed loudly "That's it Garth. Hold on honey. Cum with me. I'm so close. So close. Oh... OH! YES! FUCK ME FASTER! I'M CUMMING!

Garth felt Eve's body stiffen, and her pussy grabbed his dick as he exploded inside her and huffed "Holy Smokes!" as they climaxed together.

Back in the living room, Lilly's pussy was soaked, and her body quivered as her father willingly fucked her. His hips rose up to meet her every push down. Faster and quicker she went, holding herself on his thighs as his massive hands reached up and clutched at her chest. Lilly pulled her shirt off and ripped at her bra. Grasping her daddy's hands, she forcefully planting them on her breast.

"That's it Daddy. Oh yes... Play with my titties."

Winston was lost in total blissful desire. Feeling his daughter's pussy sliding up and down his shaft was sending shockwaves through him. Her soft firm breasts bounced in his hands as her hard perky nipples danced across his palms.

"OH, fuck honey. Daddy can't take much more." He gasped when he felt his daughter's cunt tighten on his shaft as she rocked her hips seductively back and forth.

Then...Lilly came hard. Her cries of pleasure was the breaking point for Winston, and he lost all control of his body. He looked at Lilly and then so very gently, flipped his daughter onto her belly. Winston could only think of one thing now… his daughter's perfect ass and how good it would feel to take her anal cherry.

Back in the bedroom, Eve had her legs wrapped around Garth as he thrusted with a passionate furry of lust. He had already come two times, and now he was nearing a third. I'm in love with Eve! Garth thought to himself. She's going to not only give me a baby, but that child will also be her baby as well, not Lilly's!

And as he and Eve neared their final climax, Winston and Lilly was about to finish there taboo lovemaking.

Winston had done all her could to help Lilly relax as he lined up his stiff dick with her virgin hole. "Lilly, this is going to hurt. Please forgive me," he said, then began to push in. Lilly clenched her teeth as the pain began grow.

"Daddy, please!" Lilly begged loudly. "It hurts!"

Winston smiled and kept on pushing deeper into his beautiful daughter. A few minutes later, he was balls deep in her ass and he feels her juices begin to flow from her pussy. Winston began to pump his cock in and out of her ass while he spanked her ass. Both father and daughter were in soon moaning and crying in pleasure as they fucked.

"That's it, that's it, fuck me dad. Fuck your daughter's ass!" Lilly screamed as her climax began to approach. She reached down and began to rub her clit. "Oh daddy, I'm going to cum. Oh yes, oh yes," she hissed as her hole tightened around Winston's shaft.

"Oh, Lilly," Winston moaned as he felt her body began to convulse. "I'm going to cum too," he moaned. He pushed into her hole as deep as possible and froze.

Lilly felt his penis quiver inside her ass. She was amazed that she could actually feel him begin to cum. That intensified her building climax.

Both of them screamed in pleasure as Winston filled his daughter's rear hole with his seed.

"I love you dad!" Lilly moaned and then yawned. She was so tired. Never in her life had she ever felt so great. Oh sure, Garth was a great loving husband and a real good lover, but Winston had pleased her in ways that Garth never thought of.

Back in the bedroom, Eve had passed out from the intense love making she and Garth had done. Garth on the other hand was still fighting to stay awake, he looked over at his sleeping mother-in-law, leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. "I love you, Eve."

After that day, Eve and Garth made love every night for about to two weeks, and when Eve was learned that she was pregnant, they stopped.

Six months later…

Winston scraped the snow from his boots in the early evening light before removing them and entering the house. The smell of roast beef filled the hallway and the warmth was welcoming. He could hear Garth and Lilly making love upstairs, but he found Eve in the kitchen and wrapped his arms around her body.

"Mmm I like that," Eve purred as she felt his growing erection and wriggled her bottom on his cock.

Winston took his wife by the hand, his wedding band glinting in the light and turned her to face him before placing both hands on her swollen belly.

"How long?" He asked.

She furrowed her brow. "three months silly!"

He smiled. "I meant until dinner's ready?"

"Oh," she laughed. "Twenty minutes."

"Good," Winston stated, leading her towards the bedroom. "Remember I promised to fuck you every night as well."

The very thought of making love to Winston was already making Eve wet. Oh how they had the perfect family.

The end.

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