Boredom does weird things to a person.

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Gundam Dranzer

Kai was not a social person. He absolutely wasn't. His idea of the perfect day would be to go off and kick a few amateurs' butts before the day was over.

It always drove Tyson crazy. Kai had learned to tune out his teammate and go off on his own anyway.

There was nothing he couldn't do on his own.


Kai woke up on the morning after the Bladebreakers' match with the Majestics. Tyson was snoring loudly. Maybe that was what had awoken him. Maybe not. Dranzer was restless. There was something different about that morning that made Kai uneasy. He dressed quickly and went outside.

There was nothing amiss at the first glance. The birds were singing gaily after the midnight drizzle that still had the grass moist.

Dranzer urged him in a direction. Kai frowned down at the beyblade that housed Dranzer. Dranzer had never tried to make him do something before.

Dranzer directed Kai to a clearing a few miles away from the Bladebreakers' hotel. There, debris was scattered everywhere. Something had crashed.

A feeble groan caught Kai's ear. He ran over to the remains of the cockpit to see who the victim was.

The braided boy was just waking up. He looked up at Kai with a grin. "Who're you?"

"None of your business," Kai replied. "I was just seeing if you were alive. Since you are, I'll be on my way."

The teen unstrapped his harness and stood. "Suit yourself." He yawned. "Bit of bad luck, though, finding me."

Kai looked at him sharply. "What do you mean?"

"I have enemies," the teen said. "Powerful ones. They'll stop at nothing to eliminate anyone who knows of me. And me, too, as a matter of fact."

"I also have enemies," Kai said. "But I know how to deal. If you are worried about your enemies, then they will get to you."

"You remind me of my friend Heero," the teen grumbled. "Well, since you're here, you wanna help me find something?"

"There are worse ways to pass time, I suppose," Kai said.

"Good. We're looking for a radio receiver. You know what it looks like?"

"I can guess."

"That's the spirit." The teen grinned wider. "My name's Duo, by the way."

"I'm Kai."

"Nice to meet you." Duo extended his hand. Kai ignored it and began rummaging through the debris.

"The faster we locate your radio, the faster I can leave," Kai said. "We have no time to waste."

"That's more true than you know," Duo muttered under his breath.

The radio was totaled. Kai was looking at it disdainfully. "We've wasted our time."

Duo was scanning the sky. "I should get under some cover soon," he said. "You should leave."

Kai turned without a word. Suddenly Dranzer alerted him to an unknown danger. A danger from…above?

Bullets rained down on them. Dranzer was protecting Kai, but Duo was having a hard time dodging the bullets. Against his better judgment, Kai turned back.

Men ran from the surrounding forest. They all had weapons trained on both Duo and Kai. Duo pulled out a weapon of his own. A scythe?

"You are both under arrest for conspiring against the ESUN," the leader barked. "Lower your weapon, Maxwell!"

"Make me," Duo hissed, leaping forward. Two men died immediately, heads cut off. The others fired their guns. Duo leaped behind a piece of debris. The leader grabbed Kai roughly and buried the barrel of his weapon in the boy's neck.

"Surrender or he dies!" the leader yelled. Fear was evident in his voice.

Kai felt a cold stab of fear also. Duo had no reason to protect him. At this range, Dranzer could do nothing. What if Duo refused? What if the man wasn't bluffing? He wasn't afraid of dying, but what would the Bladebreakers do without him?

Duo locked eyes with Kai. He saw the torn feeling the boy had. The general pushed his gun deeper. Kai winced but did nothing. Duo dropped the scythe and stepped out into the open. He raised his hands.

"I surrender," he said quietly. The remaining soldiers moved forward and bound his hands together. The general laughed and pushed Kai forward to be bound also. Kai studied Duo. Why had the teen surrendered?

Duo glanced at Kai. "Didn't I say it was bad luck running into me?"

Kai sat stonily in the corner of the cell. Duo kept pacing, his braid slapping Kai every time the teen turned.

"Would you stop that please?" Kai asked. Duo stopped pacing.


"So what happens now?"

Duo sighed. "A public execution. You too."

"I don't mind dying."

"I know."

They sat silently. Finally Duo asked, "So how did you find me?"

"Pure luck." Kai stood and stretched. "So how thick is that door?"

"About a foot," Duo replied. "Why?"

"Just wondering." Dranzer couldn't break through a metal door that thick.

Just then an explosion rocked the room. The door slid open to reveal three teens the same age as Duo. "Took you long enough," Duo said. A blonde boy stepped forward and unlocked first Duo's, then Kai's handcuffs. "Where's Wufei?"

"Dead," the blonde said.

"Damn. He was a good pilot too." Duo accepted a weapon and handed a small gun to Kai. "Use this only if you have to. Follow us and try not to fall behind."

Kai nodded, pocketing the weapon and following Duo out into the hallway. Their rescuers introduced themselves briefly before they continued down the hallway.

Heero took the lead. He paused at the first corner and peered around it. A bullet missed him by a millimeter.

"Ten men," he reported. "That means two per person."

"Kai, stay behind and dodge what bullets you can. We'll take care of these men." Quatre raised his weapon and charged around the corner with the others. Kai brought out his weapon, then put it away and pulled out Dranzer. Following the teens, he ran out, planted his feet, and fired off the beyblade.

Dranzer emerged immediately. The phoenix spread its wings and roared, charging the men that were trying to stop them. This shocked them enough so the pilots could finish the fight. Dranzer retreated back to Kai.

"What the hell was that?" Duo asked.

"My bit beast," Kai said. "Now we should continue."

"Let's go," Trowa agreed. He took point this time. They met no one else until they reached the hangar. There they were faced with what looked like every soldier in the base.

"Well, this is a pinch," Quatre said, weapon raised.

"I agree," Heero said.

"Don't go out without a fight, I say," Duo said.

"I agree," Trowa said.

Kai held back. He studied the layout of the hangar, deciding what the right strategy should be. He pulled Dranzer out again and fired.

Dranzer, pleased with being released, flew over the heads of the astonished men. He sliced through the beams above the soldiers, then moved over to a mobile suit and banged into it with such force as to knock it over. The falling beams crushed most of the men, and the falling mobile suit kept the rest busy enough for the pilots to escape. Dranzer returned to Kai just as the hatch of their space ship closed. Trowa took the helm and blasted out of there.

"I like that bit beast of yours," Duo proclaimed. He tore open a box of cereal and ate it hungrily.

"He comes in handy now and then," Kai said evenly. He searched the built-in fridge and decided on a coke.

"Where'd you get it?" Quatre asked.

"My grandfather." His tone indicated the subject was not one to be pressed.

"Where are we headed?" Heero asked Trowa.

"Quatre's house," Trowa said. "He has so many the ESUN will have a hard time finding us."

"Our secret base is nearly finished," Quatre put in. "We should go there instead."

"You're the only one who knows where it is," Trowa pointed out. He stood to let the blonde take over. Quatre sat down and plotted a new course.

"What happened to Wufei?" Duo asked.

"Self-destructed," Heero replied. "We've salvaged Nataku and are nearly done rebuilding it. We've got no one to pilot it, though."

"Teach me," Kai said. The pilots looked at him.

"No offense," Duo said, "but you're even younger than us."

"You wouldn't be able to handle a gundam," Trowa said.

"Teach me anyway," Kai insisted. "I may be able to handle it."

"You won't know until you try," Quatre commented. He keyed the autopilot and moved back. "We'll arrive in about 48 hours."

"That long?" Duo asked, surprised.

"I'm taking a zigzag course," Quatre explained.


"Why do you want to learn to pilot a gundam?" Heero asked.

"I appear to be stuck with you," Kai said. "Therefore, I would like to help out as best as I can. You seem to be short a pilot. I can fill that gap."

"He has a point," Duo commented.

"Our work is dangerous. You could be killed," Trowa told Kai.

"I'm not afraid of dying," Kai said. "I'm only afraid of my grandfather, and he can't reach me here. Please, allow me to help."

The pilots talked together for a few minutes. Kai sat in the pilot's seat and studied the controls without altering any of them. This one for thrusters, this for altitude, this to descend…

"We'll train you," Duo said happily.

"Good," Kai said. He left the cockpit and went to one of the three crew quarters, claiming one for himself. He lay down and was asleep at once.

Two weeks later, Kai was sitting in the cockpit of a mobile suit. He was using the beam saber to try and do some damage to Quatre. He parried, pulling Quatre off balance just enough for him to score a hit.

"Nice," Quatre said. "You're a fast learner."

"I had to be before I became a beyblader," Kai muttered, pulling back and preparing for the next round. This time Quatre leaped up, using the thrusters to gain altitude, and came crashing down on top of Kai. Both suits were totaled.

"Kamikaze?" Kai asked sourly, unstrapping his harness.

"There are people who will try for a move like that," Quatre said. "You've gotta learn how to maneuver."

"That's next week," Kai said. "Duo told me."

"Well, we've destroyed enough mobile suits today," Quatre said. "Let's go get some lunch."

"I've got to upgrade Dranzer," Kai said. "And then I have to make sure that Nataku is being modified correctly."

"See you later then." Quatre walked out of the practice room. Kai went to the recreation room. There, a beystadium had been set up for his use. Several of the men there also beybladed for fun.

Kai ignored the beybattle and went to work on his blade. Dranzer protested, eager for a battle. After replacing the attack ring with one made of gundanium, he joined in the battle. Dranzer beat everyone else easily. Kai, please with the results, reworked his entire blade so that it was made entirely of gundanium alloy. It was nearly unbeatable now.

Heero walked in just as Kai was testing his blade. "You must return to your training."

"Trouble?" Kai retrieved his blade and faced Heero.

"Maybe. One of our agents has heard of a rebellion on your world spilling over into ours. The ringleader is building mobile suits powered by bit beasts. We must stop them before they are at full strength. I'll be training you now."

"Very well," Kai said, pocketing Dranzer and following Heero out of the room.