Yami: Really short epilogue.

Kai: Yup.

Yami: The end to a saga…

Kai: Oh, stop it. You said there was a sequel, remember?

Yami: Oh, yeah, I forgot.

Kai: *rolls eyes*

Yami: Enjoy the epilogue! And I hope you liked the fic! Oh, btw, I don't own anything.

"We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a brave hero and noble fighter. Though gone, he lives on within those who would choose to remember him. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust." The priest finished his sermon, and people walked by the casket, placing roses on it as they passed.

The Bladebreakers hung back. Max, in a wheelchair, watched morosely, the only one to not have seen Kai's final sacrifice.

"Well, I suppose we should head home," Kenny said finally.

"I suppose so," Tyson sighed. He'd been the one most affected by Kai's death.

"I'll go with you guys," Ray said. "I've got nowhere to go."

"I've got to go back to the hospital," Max said. "They still won't let me leave."

A nurse wheeled Max off. Tyson stared at the ground dejectedly as they made their way to a BBA car.

Kai's body had been discovered a few hours after it had vanished. Dranzer hadn't been seen since.

A bird caught Tyson's eye, and he paused to look at it. It was a beautiful orange-gold color, with a gilded beak and long, golden legs. It stared at Tyson as the boy looked back.

"Dranzer?" Tyson whispered.

The bird nodded once. It took wing and flew to a nearby hill, where a cloaked and hooded figure waited. An arm reached out, and Dranzer landed gracefully. The unknown figure stood and made its way to a parked car, where it climbed it. The car drove off.

Tyson stared after it for a moment before noticing that he was being stared at. "What are you gawking at?" he asked, climbing into the car.

Meanwhile, the hooded figure removed the good and stared at Dranzer. "That was careless of you. Tyson saw you."

"So?" Dranzer asked. "It's not like he saw you."

"Still, you shouldn't have. We've got enough problems without having to worry about them."

"Oh, alright."

Kai stared out the window, stroking the wings of the bird on his lap. Though he was dead in this world, the aliens he'd met had promised him a new life. One where he wouldn't have to worry about his new telepathy being discovered. One where he could live a relatively normal life, far from the trials and tribulations of his former.

Kai looked forward to it with an open heart, not knowing that his new friends would imprison him, sending him into stasis, and into a different galaxy altogether…

Yami: Cliffie! I like Cliffies!

Kai: I noticed.

Yami: You're also not dead.

Kai: I noticed that too.

Yami: Well, anyway, that's it. The end. No more. Wait until the sequel, which I will write after I finish my latest fic.

Kai: I'm not dead! Yay!

Yami: Check my bio for updates. I'm so sad to have to leave! *sniffs, then bursts into tears*

Kai: *shoves Yami out of the room* She's just so sad at having to end this. Excuse her. I'll finish up. *reads Yami's notes* "Thanks to all my reviewers, and hold on until I get the sequel written. It has been wonderful. Thank you, and sayonara."

Yami: *walks back into room* I'm fine now. But please, please tell me whether I should continue this or not. I know I said there's a sequel, but depending on responses, it will take me a while to start on it. So review if you want the sequel soon!