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Basically it's before all 5 of them as Mutant X, when it was just Jesse and Shalimar and Adam. Shal meets Bren somewhere, but they don't know eachother's secrets about mutancy. Also, Adam is secretly observing Emma DeLauro and Brennan without telling Jesse and Shal. What is going to be the reaction when they realise what's going on?

Pairing: Bren/Shal, Emma/Jesse

Adam, Jesse and Shalimar were all in Sanctuary having nothing to do but search for new mutants. Of course, Adam always stayed behind to tell them where to go, and set up the medical lab if necessary. Shalimar and Jesse were always the ones to physically look for new mutants to put in the underground.

It was about midnight and Adam had told them both to meet him in the lab for a meeting. Being the sleepy feral that she was, Shalimar was last to wake and postponed the meeting for an extra 10 minutes while she was getting ready, telling herself that Adam was going to pay for waking her up.

When they were all in the lab, Adam broke the news to them both,
'Now, from what I've gathered, there have been three new mutant disappearances in the last five hours...' Adam had a look of guilt and sadness on his face, something he rarely let his team see. '...and I'm going to make sure there isn't another one. Now I know you're tired, but I need you to go out now to find some new mutants. I cannot risk them being caught by Eckhart.'

Breaking the silence between them, Shalimar spoke 'Are you sure it's Eckhart?'

'No. But that is the only solution I have at the moment.'

'But we're not absolutely certain?' Jesse had a hint of hope in his voice. He didn't really want to face Eckhart, he always seemed to feel cold whenever Eckhart was near.

'Unfortunately Jesse, no. I don't like to be unsure, but I am assuming here that it is him.'

'So what do you want us to do?'

'Well Shalimar, I need you and Jesse to visit some places to find some new mutants for me. I've printed off a list of places that have had large numbers of new mutants in recently.'

'What do you want us to do with them if we find them? Take them to a safehouse?'

'Yes Jesse. That will keep them safe, and keep us free of them. Then we can look for more new mutants.'

'Ok then Adam, you have our word - we'll save at least two new mutants each.' Shalimar always loved turning things into a game, but she was still serious about the whole thing.

'Make it three, Shal.'

'You're on, Jess!'

And at that, the two young members of Mutant X left Adam alone to research some more into the disappearance of the three missing new mutants. He simply laughed at his two mutants which he liked to refer to as his two children...it seemed easier.


'So we gonna go together? Or d'you wanna split?' Jesse was always the one to question quicker or safer methods.

'Well, its late...there aren't gonna be any baddies around,' Shalimar had always looked at Jesse as a little brother.
Sometimes she would play around with him, with her baby voice treating him like a baby, but there were some conversations between them that seemed....serious... 'and it'll be quicker to split.'

'So split it is. And...to make it a bit more...amusing...first to find three new mutants wins.' Jesse flashed her a kid's smile causing her to laugh at his young boy features.

'First to find three. Well better get moving Jesse, you don't wanna lose now, do you?' They always did this, but never made it into a bet. They only did it for fun, and thought that if they turned it into a bet then there'd be no point in it.

'Course not! Do you?' Jesse laughed at her pretend hurt face.

'Of course I don't! What do you take me for...a loser?' Her face broke into a smile as she put on her helmet.

'Nah Shal, you're not a loser! You're just not a winner!' Jesse ducked as Shal threw him a play punch.

'Hey! No fighting!' Jesse quickly escaped the angry face of who he looked at as his big sister.

'HEY!' Jesse stuck his head out of the window scared to actually get out and face her. 'What now, Shal?'

'Nothing, just drive careful, 'kay?'

'Will do, back at ya! See ya later ok? And don't forget...first to three!'

'Sure Jess! Better hurry'

Leaving him to see nothing but the back of her bike, Shal sped off to her first location to find new mutants. They had split the list Adam printed off into two halves and Shal's first location was what was known as a 'gangster lot' a few blocks down. It was just where all the gangsters made their deals, and it was the only deserted place nearby, so no one could watch their dealings. Jesse had the bad luck of having to drive to a club across town giving him less time to find new mutants.
He was almost there when he saw a line of non-moving cars straight ahead of him.

*Great just what I need! I bet Shal's already there and saving!*

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