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~ Sanctuary ~

'What the-?'

All but Adam noticed the immediate eye-contact between the blonde feral and the new member. Emma wasn't surprised, since she could sense him already...she knew what had happened.

'Good morning Brennan. Let me do introductions.'

Brennan stayed speechless as his eyes remained on Shalimar. The same thoughts were running through both of their minds, as they tried to work out what was happened when all questions were answered.

'You've already met Jesse, so let me introduce you to the girls.'


For the first time, Adam noticed the looks shared between the two. Electricity was passing through, no joke, and he saw chemistry between them. Something he was afraid of. But since Brennan knew her name, maybe there was something deep between them.

'Brennan? What the-what are you doing here? I don't understand...what..but I..this is too much...I don'', please.'

Tears were welling up in the ferals eyes, and immediately Brennan was at her side. Emma knew what Shalimar was asking her to do and obeyed her wishes shortly after they were made. Sending a psionic blast to calm her down, Emma felt the effect of it very soon as Shalimar's feelings were being gently soothed. Brennan however, looked shocked. He had never used his powers on anyone before, and was surprised to see a New Mutant use powers against another human being, especially one on the same team.

He was about to comment so, but decided against it after he felt Shalimar relax in his arms, and he picked her up.

'Brennan? You know Shalimar? Well I never...if you could take her to her room...I know she'd like to rest. Quickly though, this is Emma DeLauro. Our psionic. Emma, this is Brennan, our new elemental.'

A quick smile and nod of the head showed that the introductions were indeed taken in. But all Brennan wanted to do at the moment, was put Shalimar down and have a really long rest. Maybe he was dreaming...he was sure. For some reason, deep down, he was hoping it was a dream. He'd already said his goodbyes, and was worried that seeing her was too much. He would get too attached and then they'd have to say goodbye again. That's how it worked.

He knew where her room was. He wasn't sure how he knew, but it just seemed like a natural thing to know. As if he'd been there, or he could sense where she slept and woke and everything else she did in her bedroom. After laying her down on her bed, he got up and just stood there, watching her. Watching her chest move up and down with every breath; he golden locks moving as she twisted her head; he eyelashes fluttering with every subconscious blink. Everything about her had him mesmerized and he couldn't find the power to turn away from her, incase she just disappeared.

After what seemed like fifteen minutes, the lack of sleep had begun to take a toll on Brennan, and he fell asleep on the edge of Shalimar's bed, after sitting down to watch her. He would never get bored of watching her sleep. She was a beauty to him, a beautiful body; a beautiful mind. He knew it sounded corny, but it was true. Shalimar Fox had the most attractive and gorgeous mind than any other person Brennan knew. And he was grateful for it.

~ Dojo ~

'Woah, what happened there?'

'Come on Jesse...think. Shalimar, lonely, day dreaming about a guy...and then, so it might not be obvious. But think of how Shal's been lately.'

'She's been...distant.'

'Yeah, because of a guy. Come on, buy me lunch and I'll explain.'

'How about dinner, Em? It's almost dinner time, let me buy you dinner.'

'Are you asking me out on date?'

'Sure. Emma, I'm asking you out to dinner, what do you say?'

'I'd love to. But you've gotta wait at least half an hour for me to get ready.'

'I'll wait all the time in the world for you.'

Emma just smiled and turned away towards her bedroom after hearing Jesse's last corny comment.

*He's so adorably corny...that's why I love him!*

And that was all it took. From that moment on, Emma decided that she would take risks...including with Jesse. She was willing to jump enormous leaps for the man she loved.

Jesse was left on the Dojo by himself, wondering what had just happened in the last twenty minutes. They had met the newest and last member of Mutant X, Shalimar had practically fainted at their feet, Brennan took care of Shalimar, and he had asked Emma out on a date. Something was definately in the air.

~ Shalimar's bedroom ~

Shalimar had known by now how to get used to Emma's psiblasts. She knew Emma would never hurt her, and only used her psiblasts when asked to in desperate conditions. About three hours ago, she was in a desperate condition.

She woke to find a sudden tug at her cover, making it hard for her to turn over to face the other side. So looking at what was causing her to be short of her cover, she turned to face that side and saw a man - Brennan, to be exact - sleeping on the side of her bed.

Suddenly, everything came rushing back to her. The first night she met Brennan, her first kiss with Brennan, having to leave Brennan, feeling lonely, seeing Brennan ready to leave her, saying goodbye to Brennan and then having to say hello to him, having to introduce him into her life. Forever. She didn't know what to think. It was definately good since she felt so much for him, but she had already said goodbye.

Shalimar wasn't given much time to think as Brennan started to stir beside her. She had seated herself, so trying to pretend to be asleep without making it known to him was impossible. She had to face him sooner or later anyway, it might as well have been sooner.

'Shal-Shalimar? You''re really there...I thought I was dreaming...'

'Hi..Brennan. How you doing? I-uh..It's not a dream, I'm real.'

'I figured...listen Shalimar. I've got a lot of explaining to do, I know. But I just don't know where to start...'

'Hey need to explain as much as I do..I know what you're going through. I guess we just need to settle a few things, and I'm sure we can forget the rest.'

'You really scared me earlier...I-I didn't know what the other girl was doing to you. I thought you were...I thought-'

'Sssh...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I just had too much on my mind. You becoming the newest member of our team sort of took me by surprise you know..'

'I know. I'm sorry, I should have told you. I know I should have, then everything would be okay.'

'Listen, I know why you couldn't. Let's start fresh, please? I mean, you're a mutant. I'm a mutant. We're both mutants. And now, there are no secrets between us.'

'Yeah...I guess you're right. But I don't want to lose you again. I couldn't handle it. Please...promise, we'll never be apart again. Promise Shal.'

'I promise Brennan, I will never leave you. I love you.'

'What? love me? But I..I never told you, never told you how I felt...I love you Shalimar. And I have never loved and never will love anyone as much as I love you. You're the only person I want.'

Shalimar was now on the verge of tears, struggling to hold them back. Brennan was the perfect man for her, and no one else was.

Brennan leaned up and pressed his lips to hers, smiling as he had finally found his love. Nothing could make this moment sweeter or more perfect. Their sweet kiss soon turned into passionate love-making as clothes were discarded and Brennan and Shalimar confessed their undying love for one another.

'I knew it Jess. They're in love and they know it, it's so perfect.'

'You're perfect Emma. I love you.'

'I love you too Jesse.'

~ 2 hours later, Shalimar's bedroom ~

'Hey Shal?'


'I love you, you know.'

'I love you too Brennan.'

~*~*~ The End ~*~*~