Authors Note: If you read my other story (Stand Beside Me) sorry that I removed it but I felt like writing something a little bit different. I will probably finish that one later. Anyways, on with this story.


"This is going to be so fun!" Connie said. She and Julie were getting packed for a trip to Julie's Grandpa's cabin.

"Yeah I know. And the best part is there is going to be no adults." Julie said as she sat on a suitcase trying to get it closed.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Come in!" Julie yelled.

"Are you ladies ready to go?" Luis asked and then winked at the girls.

"Almost. Are all of you guys ready?" Julie asked getting her make-up packed.

"All of us except Adam. That guy takes way to long to get ready!"

"Well I'm all ready if you are." Connie said standing up and making sure she wasn't forgetting anything.

"So am I. Let's go." Julie said as she smiled.

* "Okay is everybody here?" Charlie asked before they left.

"Um...yea this is everybody I think." Ken said looking around.

"So Julie before we leave you wanna tell us what we are getting into?" Russ asked.

"Well I guess I should warn you that there are two rooms and two bathrooms." She said "Oh yeah and only 7 beds." She smiled.

"I call a bed!" Portman said.

"That's not fair! We should draw names from a hat or something like that." Goldberg said. "Is there a lot of food there?"

"That's a good idea Goldberg." Julie said ignoring his question. "Me and Connie get the room with only two beds and a couch."

"Why?" Averman asked with a confused look on his face. "Because they are the only girls duh." Fulton said sarcastically.

"Well that's not a very good reason." He said.

"Whatever. Well who gets the couch?"

"Whoever is pulled out of the hat first I guess." Julie said.

Connie got a piece of paper out and put everybody's name on it and then tore it into pieces.

"Dwayne let me see your hat a minute." Julie said and Dwayne handed her his hat.

"Here ya go." He said and smiled.

"Ok Portman gets the couch in our room." Julie said and then smiled up at Portman.

"Great I get stuck in a room with the two love birds." Connie says and rolls her eyes. (Before I forget, Julie and Portman are going out. lol.)

"Well if you don't like it you can go sleep in Guy's bed and leave me and Jules alone." Portman said with an un innocent smile.

"No that's Ok." Connie said.

"So anyways there are 4 beds left in the other room." Julie said as she pulled four names out of the hat. "Averman, Fulton, Ken, and Guy get beds."

"There is on way I am sleeping on the floor!" Luis said.

Author's note: Okay I know it's not the best but I had to start somewhere. So please r&r.