I admit I got baited by Majin Othinus. Just this once. Also thanks to Im The Person for the true facts lol.


Mikoto stretched her arms and mewled, giving her husband and wife a show as the blanket fell down her naked body.

She sat up, slid her slender legs down the side of the bed and sauntered to the bathroom. Touma admired her ass, and he knew Kuroko did the same.

"I'm gonna take a shower first, okay?" Mikoto closed the door.

Touma and Kuroko shared a glance, nodded, then left the bed in pursuit of their wife.


"You find this weird?" he asked.

"Ah, duh?" Kuroko closed her eyes, snorted and licked her strawberry ice-cream.

They were at the park, sharing a wooden bench while the leaves of the large tree rustled behind them. A soft breeze blew by. A single white-cheeked starling flew under the orange sky.

"Where's yours?" Kuroko asked, peeking an eye at his empty hand.

Touma sighed and jerked a thumb behind him. Mikoto and Index, a silver haired girl wearing a white sundress were arguing ten yards from the bench. Index held Touma's vanilla ice-cream and the only thing that kept her from finishing it in one go was her heated disagreement with Mikoto.

"You know," Kuroko said. "If it weren't for Mikoto-sama, I'd have assumed you'd marry that girl instead."

"What, Index?" Touma scratched his head. "I don't really understand what she is to me. I hope Mikoto's okay with Index staying in a guestroom."

"Touma," Kuroko said, making him gasp in surprise. She rarely used his name. She lowered her snack and gave him her undivided attention. "I've already agreed to a deal Mikoto-sama offered. Most guys would kill for your position."

"I know," he said, smiling a bit at the memory of unleashing his pent-up lust on Kuroko twenty-four hours after she made love to Mikoto.

Kuroko blushed and swatted his shoulder. Not in a way that could hurt him, but only to gain his attention. "Stop daydreaming! T-the point is, monkey, I will not tolerate you cheating on Mikoto-sama or myself."

"I understand Mikoto, but why would you care if I cheat on you?" Touma asked.

She sniffed. "I may not care much about you, but we will be living the rest of our lives together, unfortunately. But…" She drawled, pointed at him, drew a circle in the air then poked his nose. "I still agreed to it."

"So does that mean you secretly like me?" Touma smirked.

"Ha." Kuroko snorted. "I've learned I like some parts of you." She didn't need to tell him which. She had been pretty vocal about it the night before and even dug her teeth into his shoulder as a reminder of a job well done.

The bite mark still hurt.

"Tell me, Kuroko," Touma said. "How far do you love Mikoto?"

She tilted her head. "My feelings for Mikoto-sama are beyond measure."

"Now apply that to me and Index," he said.

"Oh…" Kuroko blinked. "Now I'm really confused why the two of you didn't get hitched."

He groaned. "Because we don't want to? Look, I get it. You don't want me to hurt Mikoto. And I have no plans to. I won't make any promises about the future. I've broken enough already. Just don't ask me to make Index move out of my life. It isn't happening."

"So it's okay to ask her to live in a different house?" Kuroko grinned. Touma rolled his eyes.


Her cheeky smile didn't disappear.

Touma winced and rubbed his chest.

"What's wrong?" she asked, worried.

"My heart skipped a beat," he said. Kuroko blushed when he caressed her cheek then drew her pursed lips to his.

Half-lidded eyes met his. He indulged her in a wet kiss.

They parted hearing the footsteps behind them.

"Seeing that's still weird," Index said, making a face as she walked towards them.

"You're telling me. And I married these idiots." Mikoto nodded alongside her.

It took all Touma's effort to suppress his blush.

Kuroko wasn't as strong. She reddened on the spot.

"M-Mikoto-sama!" Kuroko groaned.


The husband and wives bathed. It was intimate. They sponged and shampooed each other. Touma took the time to caress Kuroko's breasts from behind and gently fuck her to a shared climax under the shower. All the while Mikoto stole kisses from Kuroko and Touma. Then when it was her turn she pushed Touma to the floor, soaking his back in water, mounted him and bounced on his cock. Electricity sparked from Mikoto's skin and hair as she moaned. He cupped a breast with his right hand, deactivating her power, while Kuroko knelt beside her and groped Mikoto's other breast, sucking it with her teeth.

He filled Mikoto's pussy with white hot cum, then felt her pussy walls squeeze his cock as she orgasmed.

For a while the three basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking.

Mikoto was the first one to get up, and after showering properly left the bathroom to prepare breakfast.

Touma and Kuroko hugged each other for another five minutes. Then they dressed and left the bedroom. Touma picked a blue tank top and black shorts. Kuroko chose a brown camisole and short black skirt. Touma admired the outline of her breasts against her shirt and her bare slender legs.

He pulled her camisole up and groped her breast, pinching a nipple. Kuroko moaned and glared at him. "Hey, asshole, Index could see us." But she didn't pull his hand away.

"I really don't care." He gave her a wet kiss and kneaded her thigh. "I'm really tempted to fuck my beautiful wife's brains out."

"What about the baby, you freak!?"

"It's okay. The gods have blessed us with eternal life." There was a price he paid weekly, but his meeting with Nephthys and Niang-Niang wasn't until tomorrow.

Kuroko scoffed. "Gods? Are you high, Touma? We're living in a city of logic. And this is our child we're talking about. Can you not bring superstition into this world?"

Kuroko might not believe him, but in 50 years time when she realized she didn't have a wrinkle or gray hair he hoped she'd be a lot more forgiving.

He pushed her back to the wall, spread her legs with his knee, kissed her while he pushed his shorts down and slid his cock into her pussy.

The quickie only lasted two minutes. He coaxed an orgasm and came inside her, drawing a satisfied moan from his wife, then helped her clean the semen with tissue he retrieved from the bathroom and thrown into a trashcan by the bedside.

They went to the kitchen and found Mikoto on an energetic discussion with Index. To Touma's surprise, Index was helping Mikoto make breakfast. Jars of peanut butter and jelly and loaf bread were on the table. Index held a spoon and scooped the pb&j and spread them over the loaves. Mikoto was cooking bacon and eggs on a skillet by the electric stove over a countertop attached to the wall.

Index was a silver haired girl with milky white skin. Her green eyes gleamed with joy and she smiled with delight upon seeing Touma. "Good morning!" she chirped. She wore a white sundress under a green jacket.

Touma only noticed the cold air from the air conditioner prickle his skin then.

"Hey there, hubby." Mikoto winked at him and Kuroko. She picked black cycling shorts and a black shirt. "Touma, can you get the milk? Kuroko, help me cook." And so they moved and prepared breakfast in what Touma found was a harmonious atmosphere.

He could get used to an eternity of this.

He only hoped when Othinus returned she would be okay with the fact he married two girls.