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It Is You I Have Loved

Ch. 1 At the Beginning "We were strangers starting out on a journey, never dreaming what we had to go through, now here we are and I'm suddenly standing at the beginning with you..."

Mr. John Longfellow stood at the gate of Buckland breathing in the fresh night air. He smoked his pipe as he counted the stars having nothing better to do. Suddenly a woman's cry rang out from the road. Mr. Longfellow immediately got up from his chair and looked around holding up a lantern. There was no one on the road, but soon he heard the soft clopping of hooves and the rumble of cart wheels on the dirt road. A small wooden cart came driving up towards him.

"Who goes there?" asked the watchman as he held his lantern higher so he could see the driver's face.

"Pardon me, sir, my name is Bellow Underhill and." answered the hobbit, but he was interrupted by another cry of pain from whoever it was inside the cart.

"I say what do you have in there?" asked Mr. Longfellow.

"Please, sir it's my wife, sir, she is in labor and about to have her third baby in a minute. Can we go through?" Mr. Underhill's face was desperate as he looked over his shoulder to look at his wife in the cart.

Mr. Longfellow sighed and said, "Go ahead. Do you know where you are staying at?"

"No I am afraid not, sir. You see we are moving into Buckland from Bree, and I don't know anyone here. Could you tell me if there is a medic nearby?"

"Yes, but Dr. Burrows is not here at the moment he had a family emergency back in Hobbiton."

Mr. Underhill sighed and scratched the back of his neck as he looked back at his wife. "Is there anyone who can help her here in Buckland?"

"Well, there are the ladies of Buckland here, and I am sure they would be more than happy to assist you and your wife, but unfortunately the Master of Buckland is holding a party in Brandy Hall. I believe that everyone is there at the moment. I could take you there if you wish."

"Oh yes please, here you could drive the pony", said Mr. Underhill as he scooted over to make room for Mr. Longfellow. Mr. Longfellow climbed on the cart and led the pony off to Brandy Hall. He took a quick glance to see Mrs. Underhill laying on a bunch of cushions surrounded by her two other daughters. One was holding a cloth and she wiped away the sweat from her mother's forehead. The other was fast asleep.

The sound of merry-making and laughter met their ears as they saw the warm light coming from Brandy Hall. There was a small group of women talking in front of the Hall. They all turned to meet the cart with curious eyes.

"It's all right Petunia, just breath, we are almost there", cooed Mr. Underhill. Mrs. Underhill nodded bravely. Mr. Longfellow stopped the cart and directed Mr. Underhill to help her out.

"Mr. Longfellow what is going on?" asked a young hobbit woman as she came up to him.

"Please Lady Esmeralda, you must give hospitality to these good people she is about to give light!" Mr. Longfellow helped Mrs. Underhill onto her feet. Mr. Underhill directed his older daughter to wake the younger one up and to step off the cart.

"Oh my, come on dear please follow me", said Esmeralda as she took Mrs. Underhill's hand. "Primula, tell Saradoc of what has happened", she directed to another hobbit woman. She nodded and hurried off. "Eglantine, help me take this good lady to the guest room in the Eastern Hallway, that's a good dear".

The rest of the hobbit women who had been present went off ahead of them to prepare all that was necessary. Mr. Longfellow led Mr. Underhill inside along with his two daughters. One looked to be about 7 years old while the other appeared to be around two or three years of age. Entering the Hall, Mr. Longfellow told an attendant to take care of the daughters and to offer them food, while he took Mr. Underhill to the Master of the Hall. Halfway to the Main Hall, they were met by Saradoc Brandybuck accompanied by other hobbits. Mr. Longfellow introduced Mr. Underhill to the others. Along with Mr. Brandybuck were Mr. Drogo Baggins and Mr. Paladin Took.

Mr. Underhill sat down with them in a sitting room outside the guest room where his wife was situated. All of the gentle hobbits' children had now joined them. Mr. Underhill had gotten to know very well these kind people, but he was nervous for his wife. He sat there twiddling his thumbs.

"You would think that after two other successful births you would feel at ease, but no you are always worried. I know I was running around everywhere when little Frodo here was born. I couldn't sit still." Drogo said as he patted the little blue-eyed curly haired boy on his lap.

"How old is your Frodo, Drogo?" asked Mr. Underhill as he tried to take his mind off his wife and new child.

"Young Frodo, here is two years old", answered Drogo as he set Frodo down on the floor and looked at him lovingly.

"He has the most beautiful eyes", observed Mr. Underhill.

"Oh yes, gets that from this mother, Primula, but he gets his curly dark brown hair from me." Drogo smiled at his son lovingly.

"How about your child, Paladin?" asked Mr. Underhill.

"Oh young Peregrin is not my only child I have three others, but he is one year old. Two of my children are older. Pimpernel, and Pervinca, they are twins they are five years older. Then there is young Pearl who is only seven months old."

"How wonderful, I am sure you must be a very happy family. What about you Saradoc?"

"Meriadoc is my only one and he is a year old too like his cousin. Except I believe Meriadoc is older by two months." Saradoc held the little boy's hands as he stood up and then sat down again.

"My oldest daughter, Priscilla, is 7 years old and my second youngest, Daniella, is two years old."

All the fathers nodded thoughtfully. The grandfather clock ticked on as Mr. Underhill continued to worry about what was happening on the other side of the door.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ Hours later.

Primula Baggins stepped out from the guest room. The clock chimed midnight and all the hobbits were up on there feet. Primula's eyes were red with lack of sleep, but her smile was warm and cheery. "Congratulations, Mr. Underhill".

Mr. Underhill took a step forward his eyes hopeful. "You have a new beautiful bouncing baby girl!" Mr. Underhill gave a cry of joy as he and the other hobbits clapped each other on the back.

"May I see her?" he asked.

Mrs. Baggins nodded and opened the door for him. He quickly went inside. The other hobbits followed but at a respectable distance. Mr. Underhill found his beautiful wife lying in a large bed holding in her arms a bundle. He approached his eyes letting go tears of joy run down his cheeks.


"Hello, Bellow, say hello to your new daughter" answered Petunia. She held up her daughter to show to him. He took the bundle in his arms carefully. Wrapped up in so many folds of clothes was a tiny little figure. The little baby squirmed a bit and her little hand reached out and found her father's shirt. She grabbed a hold and Bellow smiled. He held his daughter close and rocked her in his arms. He gave her back to her mother, who took her and rocked her as well.

"What name are you going to give to her?" asked Esmeralda Brandybuck.

"I don't know", sighed Bellow. He looked back to see that everyone else had come into the room. They held their children in their arms. Mrs. Baggins took Frodo in her arms and took him to the bedside.

"What color of eyes does she have, can you tell?" she asked. Petunia shook her head. Young Frodo, in Primula's arms, whined as he stretched out toward Mrs. Underhill and their new member of the family. Mrs. Baggins looked on in wonder as she saw that the baby girl held out her hands too, making a grabbing gesture. All of the women's eyes lit up as they watched the two baby's stretch for each other's hands. Frodo cried out again as he continued to strain for the girl's hands. Finally Primula took one step forward and then for a split second Frodo's tiny hands grabbed a hold of the young girl's smaller hands. Mrs. Underhill looked on in wonder and she saw the smile cross Frodo's face.

"Oh, it's destiny!" exclaimed Mrs. Brandybuck. Eglantine Took looked at her as she held Peregrin close to her. "What do you mean?" Esmeralda turned to her and said beaming, "It is destiny, they are meant to be together. I have read about these incidences."

As soon as those words left her lips, the little baby girl frowned. She began to wriggle and then thump! "WAAAAAAAAAH"! The little child had managed to untangle her leg from the clothes and had kicked Frodo square on the nose. Frodo of course let go of his grip on her hand and let out a wail. Primula began to soothe him and bounce him up and down the way mother's do to keep him from crying. But then the little girl started to cry as well and then before anyone could stop them, Meriadoc and Peregrin were wailing as well.

"Destiny, huh?" asked Mrs. Took as she tried to console a wailing Peregrin.

"Well." answered Mrs. Brandybuck uncertainly as she took Meriadoc and patted him on the head gently, "it still could be."
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