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It Is You I Had Loved

Ch. 15 Kiss the Girl

Dear Diary

It has now been a week since the accident with Estella and already she is showing signs of recovery, I am so relieved and thankful that she is getting better. As a result she has lost a bit of her memory of the past month and its happenings. A small case of amnesia says the doctor but nothing that time won't heal. He advises us all to spend as much time with her as possible in order to aid her memory to return. Frodo has remained here with faithful Alastor as well. It has been awkward diary very awkward for the past few days. Ever since our long hug in his room I have seen little of him. Sure from time to time we pass each other in Brandyhall and sometimes I walk in on him while he is paying Estella a visit. He is just too good to her and he truly does feel sorry, his attentions on her have caused the Bolger family to forgive him, which I am glad that they did. He truly was hurt that night; I can't believe that he actually cried. I can't believe that I actually held him in my arms.

Estella stirred a bit in her bed. Hazel stopped her writing and looked up at her dear friend. Estella had been sleeping a lot lately but Dr. Burrows was no longer afraid that she would never wake.

Estella moaned a little clutching her head. She looked around her and saw Hazel and smiled.

"Hi", she said.

"Hello, darling, have you rested?" Hazel asked her picking up a warm rag and placing it on her forehead.

"Oh yes thank you Hazel. You are too good. Have you been here all day?"

Hazel smiled. "Of course, just you know occasionally going up to go for necessary needs, but otherwise than that I have been here by your side."

Estella smiled. "Well then what are we going to remember today? What new stories of our grand adventures do you have in store for me?"

Hazel smiled. Everyday someone had been here to share a bit of what had happened over the past month with Estella.

"Well today is the day that I talk about my birthday party. Do you remember that?"

Estella frowned, her nose wrinkled in thought. "A little bit, I remember something happening with a cake. And I distinctly remember Merry and you dancing in the middle of a circle of dancers."

Hazel laughed. That day felt so long ago. A lot had happened since then.

"Well then let me fill you in. I brought my diary with me a present from the gentleman who I believe has become your new big brother. In here I have written every detail that occurred on that most memorable day."

Estella made herself comfortable and listened eagerly as Hazel read to her. She was just getting to the part where she had started the cake fight with Frodo when there was a knock at the door.

"Come in", called Hazel quickly putting away the diary.

The door opened and in came Frodo with a tray laden with dishes that jingled together as he walked.

"Ding ding, time for 'Stella's lunch!" He smiled as he set the tray on her night table. Estella reached over and hugged Frodo.

"Thank you", she said. "So what do we have today for me, I do hope it is some type of soup."

"Whala! Your wish is my command!" He took off the cover from the bowl to reveal a little bowl of chicken noodle soup steaming deliciously.

Estella gazed at it hungrily. She grabbed her spoon and a bit of bread and dug in.

"You're sure that you don't need any help with that right?" Frodo asked looking worried.

Estella laughed at him. "Why of course not, don't be silly Frodo. I might be in bed and injured but I am not an invalid either!"

Frodo laughed along with her and settled himself down on a nearby rocking chair. The whole entire time he had avoided Hazel's gaze, but the minute that he sat down his face turned to hers.

"Have you eaten already, Hazel?" He asked her.

"Oh no not yet, but I will as soon as I finish telling Estella this story."

"Oh yes please do! I want to know what happens after you get mad at Frodo for pushing you into the cake."

"Oh you are telling her about that, aren't you?" Frodo rolled his eyes.

"Yes I am telling her about that! The day that you completely ruined, even though it was going so perfectly!"

"Oh come on Hazel you have to admit that the cake fight was rather fun."

"I should say not because YOU weren't grounded for about two weeks after it!"

"Oh will you both shut up and tell me what happened!" Estella exclaimed slurping up some soup.

Hazel smiled at her and continued to tell the story. She explained in detail every moment of the cake fight. As she talked she could feel his eyes on her watching her. She blushed a bit, but tried to take no notice of him until the tale was told.

When she was done she excused herself to go and get some lunch.

"Frodo go with her, you look hungry as well."

"But I wish to accompany you", he said.

"I heard your stomach growling now go on!"

"As you wish", he said getting up with a smile. "We'll be back, Estella", they called as they closed the door.

In the hallway there was a moment of silence as they stared at their feet. It had been the first time in about a week since they had really had a chance to talk to one another.

"Well I suppose we better go find something to eat, I am actually quite hungry," Hazel said trying to erase the awkward silence.

"Yes, though I am afraid that we won't find any food here. It is nearly 2 already. Why don't we go down to your father's pub for a small lunch?"

Hazel hesitated she did not wish to stay too long away from Estella. But she knew deep down in her heart that going with Frodo to lunch would have been exactly what Estella would have wanted. Regardless of what Hazel felt or did not feel for Frodo.

She nodded and they both walked out of Brandyhall together. Hazel's mind was confused she did not know what to feel anymore. He was there right beside her close enough to touch. The hurt that had been done to her had slowly subsided, she believed it to be an effect from that night when she held Frodo in her arms and he likewise held her.

"So, Hazel what do you think of our Estella's recovery, huh? Who says that she wasn't going to make it?"

"Yes, she is doing well and I am so happy to see her like this. You have been very attentive towards her. I know she appreciates everything that you have done for her."

"How could I not? She is like a sister to me, and it is my job to take care of her, as a friend to another friend."

They walked on in silence; the snow was falling down in a sort of magical way. Hazel was reminded of the small snow globe that Frodo had given to her.

Frodo walked on his eyes scanning the ground, Hazel wondered if he was worried about slipping on another patch of ice, or maybe for her slipping on a patch of ice.

"You are most certainly paying a lot of attention to where you set your feet", she observed wondering if her suspicions were true.

"Hm? Oh yes, I guess that accident left me rather paranoid I suppose, don't want to slip again."

Hazel smiled. "But here we would only fall on the soft powdery snow. I believe we are safe from danger."

Frodo looked at her. A small hint of a smile was playing on her lips.

"You are toying with me!"

"I most certainly am not! I was merely making an observation that is all."

"You know it is a good thing that I am in a good mood today otherwise I might have taken that comment the wrong way."

"Then what would you have done, eh? Pushed me to the ground and start a snowball fight."

"No! I would first take your shawl, and then push you to the ground!"

And he did just that. He grabbed Hazel's shawl and pushed her down into the soft powdery snow. Hazel cried with glee and with a little surprise. Frodo playfully ran off a couple of steps making sure that he was completely out of her reach. He held the shawl high over his head keeping it out of her reach.

Hazel frowned and with another cry of glee got up and chased after him. He ran just ahead of her, their feet crunching in the snow. At one point he went over to the side of the road and hid behind an enormous snowman that some young hobbit lads had made. Hazel caught up to him and together they toyed with one another as she tried to grab the shawl and he dancing just out of her reach.

"You give that back, Frodo Baggins!"

"Try to catch it first."

"You immature little give that back to me or I will hurt you!"

"You will hurt me?" He stopped for a moment just out of her reach. "You know it is not lady-like to hit."

"Well it is not very gentlemanly to steal ladies' shawls away from them, especially when it is snowing."

"Well then I suppose that would make me not a very polite hobbit, wouldn't it?"

Hazel laughed. "Then I am sure you won't mind me doing this!" With that she threw herself at him so that they both landed on top of the snowman and completely demolished it. They wrestled with each other on the ground, Hazel on top while Frodo was on the bottom.

"Urgh! Get off me!"

"Not until you let go!"

Finally Hazel grabbed a hold of her shawl and held it up triumphantly, rolling away from Frodo.

"Ha the lady is victorious!"

She turned to look down at Frodo who was still sprawled on the ground. "Well don't look now I believe we have some company." He pointed behind her. She turned to see that a bunch of young hobbit lads were standing there and in each of their hands was a round snowball.

"You destroyed our snowman!" Cried one with a lot of freckles.

"Oh, sorry", smiled Hazel lowering her hand.

"Get them!" Cried another and he pelted a snowball at her.

Hazel cried as it hit her on the shoulder. Soon she and Frodo were bombarded by a number of these small snowballs.

"Come on, run!" He took her hand and they ran from the children who by now were having lots of fun pelting snow balls at them. They ran behind a stone fence and peeked over the corner.

"Shall we wait till they leave?" He asked looking at her flushed from running.

"And give them the pleasure of winning this battle before it has even begun? Never!"

Hazel dug into the snow and made a small snowball patting it with her mittens. She looked over the wall and shouted. "Hey!" With that she threw her weapon at a boy square in the chest. Frodo smiled at her and he too quickly began to make ammunition to throw at the little rascals.

And so it went for about half an hour. It wasn't until one of Frodo's snowballs knocked a cap off of a boy's head that the boys yelled retreat and headed off down the road giggling insanely.

Frodo collapsed behind the stone fence. Hazel followed his example and lay completely in the snow. She looked at Frodo and they both burst out laughing.

"Well done soldier", she said. Hazel then began to make a snow angel. She got up when she was done and beheld her masterpiece. Turning to Frodo she said, "Come you do one as well."

"Alright." Frodo fell into the soft powdery snow and made his own snow angel beside hers. When he was finished he too got up and beheld his work of art.

"Very good, but they are still missing something." Using only her fingers Hazel began to draw on the figures hair, mouth, noses, eyes, and ears. "There now they are finished."

Frodo nodded. "Not bad not bad at all." His stomach grumbled.

Hazel giggled. "A victory deserves a feast. Come on let us go to the pub before we forget what we came out here to do."

Frodo agreed with her.

"My Captain, would you do me the honor?" He said offering her his arm.

"Gladly", she smiled and taking his arm they walked down the road, laughing merrily at what had just occurred.

Once inside the pub, they took a small table in the corner and while they waited for their meal, they played a checkers match.

"Ha! Queen me!"

"I believe the correct term is king me."

"That is completely sexist! Since I am in fact a girl I will be saying queen. There is no rule that says that you can not."

"Alright here is your queen", Frodo said placing another checker on her own piece.

Hazel smiled at him and watched as he made his next move. Frodo moved one of his pawns to the right in a corner where it would be safe. He smiled satisfied with his move.

"Don't look so smug, Frodo Baggins, I'll get you yet!" Frodo snorted in disbelief and laughed at the look on her face.

While she sat their concentrating he took the chance to look at her. Just look at her. He loved how her hair was all frizzled up because of the afternoon activities. He loved even more that she did not care how it looked nor made any effort to fix it. The firelight played across her right side from his point of view. It illuminated one perfectly almond shaped eye. He could see her cheeks were still pink from running and pelting snowballs at young hobbits.

He had been having such a good time that he had forgotten about what had happened only a week ago. But then again he really hadn't been angry at her it wasn't her fault. It had seemed that she was angrier about the whole ordeal than he was. But she hadn't mentioned it, not once throughout this whole entire time they had spent together.

Hazel finally made her move. Frodo smiled and with one quick movement ate three of her pawns and one of her queens.

Hazel stared at the checker board amazed.

"Told you that you couldn't beat me", he said.

She looked up at him, her gaze giving him butterflies in her stomach. "So you did. I cannot possibly think of a way out of this mess. That is it you have won, fair and square."

"I am glad that you realized that and saved yourself from embarrassment."

Hazel smiled softly her dimples showing. Frodo loved those dimples. A waitress came and brought them their food. They thanked her and ate in silence. Frodo continued to look on her as she ate her soup. A feeling was growing deep inside Frodo, one that he could no longer ignore. It filled him like some sort of internal soft blanket. He felt warm and good and nervous. She was making him nervous, with the way that she held her spoon the way that her lips touched the spoon. He couldn't stand it any longer he had to look away. He stared intently at his soup, trying hard not to hear her soft slurping, or the shifting of her gown.

"So Frodo what memories have you shared with Estella?"

Frodo looked up at her. She had finished her soup. "Oh, um well…"

"Frodo you haven't touched your soup!" Frodo looked down at his bowl. It was true till now he hadn't realized he had been dipping his spoon into air.

"I'm sorry did you not like it?"

"Oh no it is fine, I was just you know waiting for it to cool down a bit."

"Well it must be freezing by now. Here I'll order you another."

"No that won't be necessary it's fine." He slurped it, it was indeed a lot cooler than what normal soups should be but nevertheless he ate it all.

After he finished he began a conversation with Hazel about Bilbo and his travels. She was completely fascinated by all that his uncle had done and not once did she roll her eyes or question the truth about what Frodo was saying. She was a good listener.

"So what did Bilbo do?"

"Well he challenged Gollum to a game of riddles and so whoever won the game would not only win the ring but also would get out of the tunnel or be eaten."

"So Bilbo won then, yes?"

"Yes but Gollum didn't take it too lightly so he in the end chased poor Bilbo out of the cave. Bilbo managed to escape and find the dwarves and Gandalf."

"Have you met any of them before?"

"Oh yeah, they come by every once in a while to visit him. I have become rather fond of Gandalf actually. He is always great company and a great source for news of the outside world. I would hope that you would meet him someday."

"I hope so too, he sounds so interesting and mysterious."

"He's a good friend."

Hazel nodded and looked outside.

"Oh, Frodo would you believe it, it's already growing dark. The sun is beginning to set. I told Estella we would be back."

"Funny how the time flies when you get caught up in a good story, but we must go. We did promise Estella to return."

"My mother will be mad at me for staying away from home for so long."

"Then let's go, before the storm sets in for it looks like we will have another heavy snowfall tonight."

They left the pub, Hazel holding her shawl close around her shoulders. The wind was picking up and the temperature was dropping slowly. Already the clouds were covering and already setting sun.

"Hurry let's walk a little faster, lest both of us catch cold." Frodo took her hand in his and led her at a fast walk down the road. His hand was tingling with her touch as he led her up the hill towards Brandyhall. Little did he know that Hazel was experiencing the same warm ticklish feeling in her fingers at his touch.

They reached Brandyhall barely before the heavy snowfall began. Frodo held the door open for her and together they made their way down the hall to Estella's room. They knocked before they entered. Merry opened the door. He smiled a little taken aback by their ruffled hair and pink faces. Frodo let go of Hazel's hand.

"We were wondering where you two were", Merry said walking back and sitting in a chair by Estella. She was out of bed and sitting in a rocking chair. Some playing cards were in her hand. She smiled at the both of them.

"How was your late lunch early supper?"

"Oh good, thanks", Hazel replied and took a seat on the couch.

"What game are you two playing?" Frodo asked taking a seat beside Hazel.

"War, it is the only game that Estella here knows how to play", replied Merry putting down one card.

"Well I would know more if you would have the patience to teach me Merry", Estella replied placing her own card down.

Frodo and Hazel watched them play out their game. From time to time Frodo would glance over at Hazel. At the end of their game, Estella won and it was time for Hazel to leave.

"It's getting late I better head home before the storm worsens."

"Do you need someone to accompany you home?" Estella asked putting together all the cards.

"I will." Frodo said jumping up off the couch, which caused Merry to raise an eyebrow.

"No it's fine, I'll be alright, and it's not that late."

"Come on I insist", urged Frodo. He ignored the strange looks he was receiving from Merry and Estella. He had his own reason why he wanted to speak to Hazel alone.

"Alright", answered Hazel as she got up and gave Estella a kiss and a hug. She gave Merry a quick hug as well. Frodo was keen to notice that it was just a quick one and not a longer one like the ones she used to give him.

"There is still a heavy snowfall, what are you going to do?"

"We'll manage", replied Frodo as he held the door open for Hazel to leave. His heart was fluttering inside his chest as he realized once he was outside the door what he was about to do.

"Thanks for the offer, Frodo but really I don't want you getting too wet or cold."

Frodo waved away her comment with one hand. "Don't worry about it besides if we hurry we could probably make it before it starts up again because I believe the storm has stopped for now."

Hazel nodded and holding her shawl close to her body she allowed herself to be let out of Brandyhall. She smiled to herself, thinking of another time not too long ago when Frodo had escorted her home and what had happened then too.

Frodo offered her his arm, and she gladly took it and they stepped out into the storm. The journey from Brandyhall to her own home was a farther distance than the one that they had taken earlier from her father's inn to her home. This thought made Hazel feel jumpy and warm inside. It only meant more time to be spent with Frodo.

Different thoughts were going through Frodo's own mind. He was going over the plan that he was now concocting as they went along. It felt nice to just walk in the night with Hazel holding on to his arm warmly. It felt so right. He kept on rehearsing the words and the actions that he was going to try to say to her as they made their way through the different paths which were all empty.

"Frodo, where are we going? You're taking the long way to my house."

:"I want to do something before we get there." Was his only reply as he kept on leading her, his mind fixed and determined.

Hazel looked at him puzzled wondering what he meant by that. It wasn't until they arrived there that she realized where they really were. He had led her right to the top of the Knoll the very place where they had been standing only a week ago. Hazel's breath quickened and her heart began to beat even faster as she realized he was stopping here sitting on the log where she would normally sit to do her paintings.

There you see her

Sitting there across the way

She don't got a lot to say

But there's something about her

And you don't know why

But you're dying to try

You wanna kiss the girl

"Frodo what are you"

"Pretend like this is last week. Pretend that the times were not messed up and that you made it here on time. What would you have done once you were up here?"

Yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

Possible she wants you too

There is one way to ask her

It don't take a word

Not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl

His face was determined and he looked a bit nervous as he said this to her. Hazel couldn't speak she wasn't sure what he was trying to get at.

"Frodo I "

"Just pretend please", he pleaded and he sat down looking off into the distance. Hazel saw that she had no other choice but to play along this weird game.

Sha la la la la la

My oh my

Look like the boy too shy

Ain't gonna kiss the girl

Sha la la la la la

Ain't that sad?

Ain't it a shame?

Too bad, he gonna miss the girl

"Erm, hello Frodo", she almost whispered.

Frodo turned to face her his eyes were reflecting the whiteness of the snow around them.

"Hello" he answered curtly. She noticed that he had swallowed hard after he said this.

"Erm, what did you want?"

At that he stood up and faced her. Hazel gasped a bit surprised at his sudden movement.

Now's your moment

Floating in a blue lagoon

Boy you better do it soon

No time will be better

She don't say a word

And she won't say a word

Until you kiss the girl

"I wanted to spend my last night here in Buckland with you, and only you" He choked out the words.

Hazel stared at him. Her eyes wide and her hear beating to the point that she felt sure everyone else could here it.

Sha la la la la la

Don't be scared

You got the mood prepared

Go on and kiss the girl

"Oh, and why is that" she almost whispered. Looking down away from his eyes which were staring intently into hers.

Sha la la la la la

Don't stop now

Don't try to hide it how

You want to kiss the girl

"Because I thought that well it will probably be a…long time before I ever get to see you again. And I guess you could say the last time I left you we didn't leave off on such a good note. So this time I wanted to make sure that we did."

Frodo said all of this in one breath it seemed.

Sha la la la la la

Float along

And listen to the song

The song say kiss the girl

This wasn't exactly the answer she was expecting. "Did what?" She questioned again. Her voice barely above a whisper.

Sha la la la la

The music play

Do what the music say

You got to kiss the girl

Frodo was struggling inside him. He was all too well aware that she was slowly edging closer to her. He gulped.

You've got to kiss the girl

You wanna kiss the girl

"Got off on a better note", he whispered. Their noses were now almost touching. "Do it now come on now is the best time." A voice inside his head screamed.

You've gotta kiss the girl

Go on and kiss the girl

He drew closer to her stopping barely a centimeter away from her lips. "Is that okay?" He asked nervously his whole body tense.

She smiled and then she moved forward that small distance.

It was like magic their lips touched into a sweet kiss. At her touch he kissed her gently and drew back a bit, hesitant not sure exactly how to do this. She smiled and came towards him her lips touching his once more.

As she kissed him back Frodo felt courage and passion welling up inside him. He closed his eyes and began to kiss more passionately than he had done before. The sensation of the kiss was causing his whole body to be on fire. He began to stroke her hair. She placed her arms around his neck and kissed him back with the same passion and courage.

He drew back for air and stared at her. He couldn't believe what was happening to him. What had just happened to him, he felt light like he could take off into the sky and go soaring to the farthest reached of the world.

He smiled at her and placed his hand on her cheek. She was smiling back at him blushing furiously.

As if on cue the snow began to fall around them.