Author's Note: Before reading this, bear in mind, You MUST forget everything you learned about the Heir of Slytherin in book two

Author's Note: Before reading this, bear in mind, You MUST forget everything you learned about the Heir of Slytherin in book two. It won't make any sense, otherwise. Happy reading, and don't forget to review!

Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Harry Potter woke up with the morning sun on his face. Arising from his soft bed with the scarlet covers, he put his bare feet on the floor and walked to the window.

Something is going to happen today, he thought wistfully as he leaned on the rough stone wall around the window. Something unusual. I just know it. Walking away from the window, he sat back on his bed, still warm from his little nest he had slept in the night before. In the bed next to him, Ron Weasley turned around and groaned in his sleep. Not that life here is ever usual in the first place, he thought twistedly as he reached for his school robes.


Somewhere in the alleys of London...

Gabriel Gryffindor moaned as she put a hand to her badly scratched and bruised side. It had been another incredibly close encounter with the British police, and she had to climb a barbed wire fence to escape justice, and she had made it only by throwing herself over the sharp part of the fence, and had fallen on her side, bruising it.

"I'll say, Lucidity, that was a danged close call ya' had there. 'f I say it meself."

Gabriel looked up at her friend, Nepe, and gave her a sardonic smile. Lucidity was her 'street name' the one everyone knew her by. Unlike most of the people in the gang of street 'mice' that she was in, Gabriel knew her real name. Most, like Nepe, knew only the titles that the thief-lord gave.

"Did you nick it?" Nepe asked her blue eyes piercing Gabriel's brown ones. Gabriel smiled at her friend's use of crude street slang.

"Yes, I got the jewelry, amazingly, after all that mess back there." Gabriel put her hand in her pocket and withdrew the large diamond amulet from her tattered street clothes. Nepe clapped her hands in a happy display, her smile flashing against her dark, greasy skin.

"That's great, Lucy! Now, maybe we'll get promoted to thief-assistants! Let's go!" She hopped up and sprinted down the length of the alley, soiled newspapers and all sorts of trash scattering about in her wake.

Gabriel pressed a hand to her forehead, and slowly got up off the ground, wary of her wounds. Her stomach rumbled, and Gabriel firmly told it to stop. There was nothing she could do about it. Shaking out her braid, originally blond, but having so much dirt, sweat and grease in it, was almost now a limp, gray color. It whacked against her back pitifully, like a grimy flag of defeat.

She followed Nepe.


A mansion, north of Dublin...

Hayley Hufflepuff sat in her bedroom, sweating and almost bored to tears. In the heat of the summer, her parents insisted on her wearing a very heavy deep purple dress, and sit inside.

"It's not ladylike to go around frolicking like a captive lambkin!" Her parents had yelled at her many times. "I don't care how hot it is! Return to your needlework!"

Hayley looked at her small cross-stitch and sighed. It was supposed to be a regal picture of an angel, floating around in space, showing whoever looked at it the heavenly light. She had only finished the first four white stitches on the bottom of the angel's dress. She looked at the children outside, playing tag, leapfrog, and other multitudes of games without her. Her eyes began to tear as she looked at one little girl, looking no older than her tackling a boy. It just wasn't fair. She slammed her needlework onto the ground, the threads and scissors flying about and striking the walls.

"Hayley, that doesn't sound like needlepoint!" her mother called from somewhere else in the mansion.

"Sorry, Mother!" Hayley yelled back. But she didn't pick up the sewing kit. Instead she ripped off her heavy velvet gown and underdressings, and tore into her closet, looking for some thing plain to wear. The only thing suitable thing there was a yellow muslin dress, with lace trimmings. That's easy to fix, thought Hayley with a sadistic grin as she looked at the lace. She found her scissors by one of the chairs in her room, and surgically removed the exorbant Indian lace. Pulling it on over her head, she looked at herself in the mirror. Green eyes and copper colored hair. The hair's too done up. Yanking out pins left and right, she found that her hair came down wavy, and almost attractive looking against the yellow. Taking a spare coil of rope from her bed, she tied it to the bedpost and swung herself out the window to join the other children.

This was the first time she had deliberately disobeyed her parents.


Chaplain street, Sydney....

Robert Ravenclaw stared out the window as his history teacher, Mrs. Stevensine, rambled on about an American president named George Washington, or something like that. Life here was so dreadfully boring. It was all so humdrum, he couldn't stand it. Not to mention, it was hot as....

"Mr. Ravenclaw!" Robert nearly jumped out of his skin. He turned around to meet the dark brown eyes of his teacher, and they did not look pleased. Students around him tittered at his sudden suppressed look, and Robert felt his ears go red.

"Perhaps you would like to tell us what number president Mr. Washington was, humm?" Robert was shocked at how stupidly easy the question was. Didn't everybody know that?

"George Washington," he started smoothly, fiddling with the eraser of his pencil smugly, almost, as he answered, "was the first president of the United States of America." He looked defiantly at his teacher as if to say, 'beat that'. Mrs. Stevensine looked sternly back.

"Very good, Mr. Ravenclaw. But need I remind you, that even if you do know about American history, you must pay attention. Now class, as we move on to his early years..." Robert tuned her out again. Lessons were an easy matter to him; he was always angering his teachers by not paying any sort of attention, and then knowing the right answer. He was always a puzzle to them, he annoyed them. How could a student that paid so little attention know so much? Normally, the response would be some sort of punishment, but for what? He knew the lecture, seemingly before it started. So, he just went on his way, not doing much, it seemed. Robert sighed, contemplating this as he looked at the distorted reflection that the window by his seat gave to him. Eyes of a deep cornflower blue and some red hair were plastered there with lips in a tight, bored expression.

How much longer was left in class?


St. Samuel's home for orphanedged girls, New York...

Sarah Slytherin buried her nose further in her book, trying to ignore Sister Elizabeth's words.

"You act like royalty! Ignoring everybody, it's as if you're living a mental life that holds you above the rest of the world! Are you listening, young lady? You don't even..." She went trailing on and on and on, or so it seemed to Sarah.

"Do you ever shut up?" muttered Sarah under her breath as she tried again to immerse herself in the wonderful world of Alice and Wonderland again, just trying to keep to herself, be left alone...Though Sister Elizabeth's shrill voice wouldn't allow it.

"I have your best interests at heart, and your ways make you no friends with the other girls!" Sarah winced as her voice soared in and out of audible range. "Even though I don't know why I even bother with you at all, you're not even giving me the honor of seeing your face when I speak to you! Look at me!" She yanked the book out of Sarah's tight grip. Sarah squealed in anger and lunged for it back.

"Give me my book back you, you..." Sarah had to bite her tongue hard to keep from swearing. She wasn't really a religious person, but she was certain that swearing at nuns wasn't exactly kosher with God.

"You need to go outside for a while. Go get some fresh air and talk with the other girls. I'm not giving you this back until you do. For whatever reason your parents brought you here..."

Sarah clenched her fists in the sheets of her bed. "They didn't want me, so shut up, shut up, shut up......" It was true. Her family couldn't afford her anymore, or so they said. Sarah knew it was a lie. It made her eyes tear, so she averted her energy back to sullen anger, her jet-black curls wavering with her every move. "Give me back my book!" she wailed again.

"Not until you go outside. Go on." Sarah got up with a resigned sigh and gave Sister Elizabeth a piercing stare, her gray eyes full of hatred, and followed her out.

She had another book in her pocket.


Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry...

Harry Potter yawned as he took a morning stroll down the hallways of his school. It was very early, not even six yet. He stopped to admire a fine painting done of Godric Gryffindor, when he heard a familiar, drawling voice behind him.

"'Morning, Potter," the voice said lazily. Harry whipped around to find a person he was not exactly too intent on seeing this early in the morning: Draco Malfoy.

"What do you want?" he snapped at Malfoy, who took another bite of the banana he was eating and chewed carefully and swallowed before answering, as if they were having a civil talk.

"Did I say I wanted anything?" He peeled the banana down farther and looked at Harry with an annoying, almost a smirk on his face. "I was just out walking. Fancy seeing you out this early in the morning, Potter. I'm suprised."

Harry clenched his teeth. "It's way too early for your mind games, Malfoy. I'm not in the mood." Malfoy raised his eyebrows, and took a bite out of the banana while looking at him with something like amusement.

"Too early, eh?" he asked when he'd swallowed. "It's almost six. That's not early, that's actually rather late, by my standards."

"By your standards, not mine. And how many people in their right minds would go by your standards?" Malfoy finished the banana, and was now holding the peel in his left hand, twirling it like some kind of flag.

"Tisk-tisk. It seems like you should go back to bed, Potter. You're in a more pleasant mood when you get enough sleep." He threw the banana peel into the nearest garbage can, and walked down the hall, shoes echoing against the tile floor. Harry watched him leave.

"Mental note to self," he said quietly when he was sure Malfoy was out of earshot. "The earlier it gets, the calmer Malfoy gets. He also gets that much more annoying as well." Harry walked on, in the opposite direction from Malfoy.


Back in the alleys of London...

Gabriel couldn't see Nepe's rush to get to the Thief-Lord. In fact, if she went the rest of her life without seeing the Lord again, it would be all the same to her. But it wasn't her choice.

"Come on Lucidity! I want to get there before they close the place!!" Gabriel groaned in her throat and quickened her pace to a weak trot to keep up with Nepe.

"Nepe, I don't see the rush at all. The Thief-Lord doesn't close the doors to her place until around eleven at night, and it's only six in the morning!!" But Nepe refused to slow down or stop for anything.

"She don't like visitors after twelve, and you know it!" said Nepe in a very determined tone. Gabriel sighed. She knew that there was nothing she could do. Nepe was a very stubborn person, and once she got her mind set on something, that was it.

They walked around trashcans, through a filthy dump, and any number of alleys that Gabriel knew like that back of her hand, after two years on the street. Finally, they reached the laundry chute that led up into the Lord's domain; Nepe slowed down and gulped as she looked up the metal chute.

"You go first, Lucy." she said in a very quiet, demure voice. Her small body began to shake with fear in spite of herself. Gabriel growled, and climbed up the chute. It wasn't an easy climb--she almost fell down four times. Finally, she reached the top, sweating and red-faced.

The Thief-Lord's domain wasn't really much to look at, to normal people who lived in plain, ordinary houses. It had a couple of half-empty beanbags, a stool missing one leg, a very flat mattress with a singular cover on it. But it seemed a bower of luxury to the two street mice, after sleeping on pavement.

"Who's there?" asked a rough female voice from another room. Nepe dropped to her knees in respect, but Gabriel/Lucidity was too proud to do so.

"It's us, Nepe and Lucidity. We've brought you some stuff," Nepe answered with utmost respect. Gabriel just rolled her eyes into the back of her head.

"Bring it here." Nepe and Gabriel walked into the other room, the treasure room. It was heaped full of golds, silvers, copper, brass, and all sorts of other precious metals and jewels. Gabriel thought it was ridiculous, having all this gold just to look at. Shouldn't they get to actually spend it on something?

The Thief-lord was a lanky nineteen-year-old, with dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. She growled briefly at her two subjects before answering. This made Nepe cower, but Gabriel just stood there, looking incredibly bored at the scene. Gabriel flipped her the diamond amulet.

"Well?" Gabriel asked, sounding impatiently sleepy. The Thief-Lord looked up at her with a quelling look to be quiet, but Gabriel ignored the look. The Thief-Lord grunted.

"I think this is..." CRASH!! All three girls whipped around to see the police, holding them at gunpoint. Nepe cowered further, the Thief-Lord looked down, but Gabriel flung her arms back, and they hit a ruby encrusted staff.

"If you're going to take me, you're not going to get me without a fight." she mumbled to herself as she gripped the staff with both hands. She knew it was hopeless, but they would get her either way....They'd remember her, at least! She charged, but was intercepted by a red light all around her body. Dropping her staff, she stared. So did everyone else. Then, she disappeared...


A mansion, north of Dublin...

"I can't remember when I was ever so ashamed of you, Hayley!" her mother's voice screeched in her ear, making Hayley wince. After twenty-five minutes of complete freedom, her parents had caught her playing freeze tag with the other children.

"Playing with those common urchins, I don't know what has gotten into you, young lady!" her father looked straight ahead, seeming like he was too ashamed to look at her at all. It filled Hayley's brain with anger at herself, but her heart felt like it was going to burst. Those twenty- five minutes were the best of her life. Fighting a sudden rush of anger, she broke out of her mother's tight hold on her yellow dress.

"Let go of me! Playing with those common 'urchins', as you call them, hasn't hurt me in the least! I don't see what business it is of yours anyway!" She knew she had gone too far when her father looked down into her green eyes with something like a mixture of shock and anger on his face.

"Make no mistake, Hayley Samantha! You're going to get it when you get home, and that's final!" He grabbed her arm and dragged her off towards the mansion.

Thirty minutes later....

Hayley couldn't remember when she had been more miserable in her short life. The twenty minutes of being yelled at was bad enough, now she had to scrub the entire kitchen floor. Life was so unfair.

"I hate them," Hayley said viciously as she dunked her scrubbing brush into the warm, soapy water. "I hate my parents." She pulled out the brush so violently that she splashed the water all over.

"Hayley?" her mother called her from downstairs. Hayley had to bite her lip to try to keep from snapping or sneering at her mother. She failed.

"What?" she snapped loudly. Her face began to burn with anger, and her wavy copper colored hair stuck to her face with the moisture there.

"Come down to lunch," her mother had a demure, finely toned voice that seemed as if she didn't hear the angry, snapping words from her daughter. That only made Hayley angrier.

"No! I'm not hungry!" This was very unlike Hayley, she normally had a lot of patience to work with, and she almost never snapped at people, especially her family. But, she thought that her patience had all evaporated with her good mood back down with the children playing games. She slammed her brush back into the water, sloshing water everywhere, getting Hayley all wet. But, she didn't mind. Instead, Hayley Hufflepuff went over to the window, where a breeze passed through. Suddenly, she felt very strange. She looked down at her feet, and saw that she was enveloped in a yellowish light. She wanted to scream, but there was no time to. She evaporated into thin air.


Chaplain street, Sydney...

Robert yawned as his English teacher droned on about verbs. They were in eighth grade, for heaven's sake. Shouldn't they already know this? The day had gone by like all other days before it, and how all other days after it. He basically slept through History, Spanish, Math, and now English. He was looking forward to next hour, Gym, when he could run and shout with the other children.

"Mr. Ravenclaw!" Robert groaned. Not again. "Give me an example of verbs of being." Robert looked up lazily at his teacher, Mr. Lerple. Would the teachers ever get enough of picking on him? The children turned to stare, and Robert sighed impatiently.

"A verb of being," he said, drumming his fingers on his desk as he spoke slowly and clearly, "would be something like: is, are, and were." Mr. Lerple's white eyebrows furrowed in an irritated look. Robert met the gaze steadily, impudently, almost.

"Very good. Perhaps I could speak to you after class." he turned back to the board and kept on droning. Robert sighed and watched the clouds float by out the window.

"I wonder what he wants," Robert said to himself slowly. He looked up at the clock. It read that it was eleven-fifty-two. That meant, as Robert added up the minutes in his head, that there were about twenty-eight minutes until class was over. Robert groaned and watched the second hand tick.

Twenty-eight minutes later...

Robert picked up his materials, and headed over to Mr. Lerple's desk. His cheeks puffed out in an exasperated sigh: he hoped this wouldn't make him late for Gym. Mr. Lerple was grading tests, and Robert cleared his throat to get his attention. Mr. Lerple looked up.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, Mr. Ravenclaw. I wanted to speak to you." Robert shifted his weight from one foot to another. He wished that Mr. Lerple would hurry up. Mr. Lerple put down his red grading pen and folded his hands on his desk before speaking.

"The teachers in the eighth grade curriculum have noticed that you seem to be very bored and get restless during class." Robert looked at him impatiently. "So, we have decided to move you up to the ninth grade." The words hit Robert like a brick to the stomach.

"Skip a grade?" Robert repeated like a moron. "But, I don't think that's necessary...." Mr. Lerple gave him a sad smile.

"We think so. Robert, you don't do anything in class, and you're passing with flying colors. Such a brain is a gift, and you're wasting it here." Robert's mouth went dry. His legs also started to feel funny. He looked down, and saw a funny looking blue aura was creeping up his legs.

"Umm, Mr. Lerple..." Mr. Lerple looked up, a bit aggravated, but Robert was already gone, in a brilliant flash of blue light.


St. Samuel's orphanedge for girls, New York...

Sarah climbed a tall elm tree that was on the orphanage grounds. She had obeyed Sister Elizabeth's orders and talked with the other girls for a while. They accepted her, but seeing as all they wanted to talk about were fashions and guys, and after an hour of their company, Sarah was sure she was interested in neither. Hoisting herself up into the highest branches of the tree, she looked around. It was a perfect view of the orphanage, and all of the occupants. Settling herself in a tangle of branches that served as a chair, Sarah Slytherin took out her book, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, and started to read, until she was interrupted.

"Miss Slytherin! You do not have permission to be climbing trees like a monkey! Come down here this instant!" Sarah shut her book with an irritated snap. Why wouldn't these people leave her alone? She shot her eyes down to come face to face with Sister Elizabeth again.

"Go away!" she yelled. "I'm not bothering you, or anybody else! I want to be left alone!" She met the angry look on Sister Elizabeth's face with one of her own.

"You are the most difficult child that lives here!" Sister Elizabeth shouted back up into the leaves of the elm. "It is not my job to run after you!" Sarah let her lips turn up into a cruel sort of smile, and looked down.

"Then why do you?" She asked innocently, sending her most sugar coated voice down with the message. "You don't have to. I can take care of myself, you know. I'm almost fifteen." This made Sister Elizabeth sputter with anger. Sarah just smiled sadistically and returned to her book. She wasn't exactly an evil child, she just liked to be left alone, to think. It's rather hard to think for yourself when fifteen different people are breathing down your back, was her motto. Sarah would be the first to admit that she probably wasn't exactly the best people person, but she loved plants and animals. From down the tree, Sister Elizabeth screamed.

"AHHH!" she turned tail and fled helter-skelter back to the orphanage. Sarah frowned a bit. That was certainly a change of events. What was wrong? By chance, she looked down at her legs, and found that a greenish glow was creeping up her body. She was too suprised to scream, a bright green flash, and she was gone.

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