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Chapter 3 Better Life.

It was safe to say that Ember was fuming at what her sister wanted her to do as she walked home. Anyone who saw her coming instantly got out of her way to avoid her. Knowing that the daughter of Hades certainely had his temper and were smart enough to stay out of her way.

"How dare she ask me to join her in going to that stupid school. I will not be apart of mother's crazy schemes." Ember muttered darkly as she paced home.

She arrived at the lair quickly, however she was so focused in her thoughts that she didn't noticed what was in front of her until she bumped into them.

"Whoa there, my little flame. What's got you so riled up?" The person said, steading Ember.

Ember looked up and saw her father Hades, standing there with a smile.

Whatever fury Ember felt melted away at the sight of her father. Whatever Ember felt like saying died on the tip of her tongue as she lauched herself at her dad. His arms instantly folding around her in a big bear hug.

"That bad of a day, Huh?" Hades asked as he hugged his daughter. From a very younge age, whenever Ember had a bad day, she would just run up to him and hug him. Knowing that words did not need to be exchanged unless it was a question.

"You don't know the half of it." Ember said, though it was muffled by her face being burried in his black shirt and blue leather jacket.

Hades laugh before gently pulling her away and leading her over to the couch. Persephone saw the two and immediately got three cups of ambrosia ready. Knowing that it was Ember's favorite drink and helped calm her down. Once it was ready, Persephone took the three cups to the 'living room' area of the lair and sat down besides her husband.

"Alright my little flame, please explain what happened today." Hades asked. Prompting Ember to recount her events from earlier that day. How she was practing her guitar, how her sister Mal and Mal's friends came to her. Prompting her and Mal to talk in private, and then explaining how Mal wants her to go to Auradon with her."

Now as Ember explained, Hades smile started to slowly fade off his face and was replaced with anger. If Hades still had access to his powers, Persephone had no doubt that their entire 'home' would be up in flames. Hades then started to speak angrilly and loudly.

"How dare that little weakling want my girls to go to his preppy little school! I will not have my girls going!" Hades said.

"Hades..." Persephone started but was interrupted by Hades.

"I mean the very idea! We have been locked up on this island for 16 years and all of a sudden they have a change of heart?!!!!" Hades shouted angrily.

"Hades.." Persephone tried again but she was interrupted by Hades.

"And Maleficent? WHat could that crazy fae be scheming up to now? I will not-" Hades started to say but this time, Persephone interrupted him. Quite fed up with her husband's anger.

"Hades will you calm down for a minute?!!!" Persephone shouted, causing Hades and Ember to cringe in fear. They both knew that the spring goddess/queen of the underworld was normally a kind and soft spoken goddesss. However when she got angry, she could be quite a force to be reckon with.

"Ember, sweetie, could you go to your room while your father and I have a little chat?" Persephone asked, Ember nodded quietly and went to her 'bedroom' in the lair. Once Hades and Persephone could hear the guitar being played. They started to talk.

"Hades, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the girls went to Auradon Prep." Persephone said. Hades turned and looked at her, a look on his face that exclaimed "Are you insane?".

"And why would i do that?!" Hades said angrilly. "Because i know you always wanted to give the girls a better life that can't be acheived here on the island." Persephone said.

Hades anger melted away to sadness. It was true, before his daughters were even born, he had wanted to give them a better life. A life away from this retched island. A life where they can live free and not in fear. Where they wouldn't have to steal food just to survive. In Auradon Prep, they could finally get a decent education, warm food in their bellys and a sturdy-non drafty roof over their heads. Though Hades had wanted this more then everyone, that didn't mean he was trully happy about it. Because it meant that his beloved girls would be taken off the island and wouldn't be able to come back, especially with the barrier in the way. But he knew that his wife was right. Plus on the bright side, atleast Ember and especially Mal, would finally get away from his crazy ex wife.

"Okay, okay okay okay. You're right, Persephone. I just didn't think it would actually happen." Hades said sadly though Persephone wrapped her arms around him in a loving embrace.

"I know my love, but we must think of the girls, they deserve to live freely. Away from this awful, disgusting, diseased ridden place." Persephone said softly. Hades still looked sad but he toughten up (Not wanting to be seen sad in front of Ember) and called her into the room.

"Ember? Could you come here for a few mintues baby-cakes?" Hades called, prompting Ember to quickly run in.

"I have thought it over with Persephone and we have both decided that you will accompany your sister and her friends to Auradon Prep."

To say that Ember was mad would be an understatment, she was furious.

"WHAT?!!!!!! WHY???!!!!!" Ember shouted angrilly, blue flames surrounding her hands, even the floor steamed, thankfully her boots were made of fire-resistance leather material, as was the rest of her clothes, that way she wouldn't walk around naken if she 'flamed on'.

"Ember, sweetie. We both believe that you would live better off of this island. We're only thinking of you sweetie." Persephone said gently, trying to calm her step-daughter down.

"But i like it here on the island! I don't have to worry about following rules here, I can do whatever I want here!" Ember said, trying (and failling) to make her father and step-mother change thier minds, as she called back her flames. Causing the floor to no longer be seen steaming and the fire was gone from her hands

"My little flame, this is no way to live. In Auradon Prep, you can finally get a decent education, warm fresh food that isn't thrown away and a warm bed to sleep in instead of this drafty lair. Plus you'll finally get decent medicare. I won't have to worry about whether you'll survive or not just from a common cold." Hades said gently but sternly, trying to make her understand the gravity of the once in a life time opportunity being offered here.

"Remeber when you were only a year old and you got sick with pneumonia?" Hades asked. Ember knew the story well, she had only been a baby when she had gotten sick. Pneumonia was very life threatning, especially to infants. Hades had told her that he had gotten so scared that he stayed up with her night after night, praying to the gods for her to be able to live. It wasn't until Hera had arrived with some medicine from the god Asclepius himself that Hades finally allowed himself to rest alongside Ember's cradle. Knowing that she was gonna be alright and live.

"Trust us sweetie, this is for the best." Persephone said but Ember lauched herself at them, where they grouped hugged her tightly. "But i don't want to leave you guys here, I like it here. I hate being away from you guys." Ember said. This prompted Persephone to get an idea, she pulled away and went over to a cabinet. She pulled out a silver box decorated in jewels and pulled out two silver lockets.

The lockets were shapped like tear drops and had a bail between them and chain that was closed while the top part that opened was dome shaped and a little smaller than the base.The connecting arms between the upper part and the body had a beautiful arch and the gemstone between the bail and the connecting arms was a beautiful blue faceted sapphire stone. Finally in the back of the locket, three waves could be seen carved into the back.

"This was a gift from Poseidan. It acts much like a telephone. All you do is open them up and a little glowing bubble will appear. You just say who you want to speak to and they will appear in them." Persephone said smiling as she handed on to Hades and the other one to Ember.

They were both so moved that they grouped hug again. Afterwards Hades instructed Ember to go pack her clothes and guitar and meet up with her sister and her friends. After saying one last tearfull goodbye. Ember left the lair and met up with her sister. However there was still one person she had to say goobye to first.

Ember arrived at the Harbor part of the island and walked up the plank that led onto the deck of a large ship.

"Well look who has decieded to board me ship." A male voice said from above.

Ember looked up and saw a figure in the crows nest of the ship. The figure grabbed a rope and swung down. He landed in front of Ember, causing her blush. Because right in front of her was her boyfriend. Harry Hook. They had been childhood friends since they were in diapers and both dating since they were 14.

Harry is a light-skinned brawny boy with dark brown hair and attractive light sky blue eyes. He was wearing a white ripped tank top, a red sleeveless leather coat that showed off his biceps, black pants with red ripped details and zippers and dark brown boots. Plus he sometimes has shadows around his eyes that make him look attractive.

"How is me demi-fae goddess doing today?" Harry asked as he pulled his girlfriend in for a kiss. Ember laughed but them remembered why she was there in the first place.

"Harry there's...there's something i have to tell you." Ember said looking down. Harry could tell something was bothering his love so he lead them over to a bench and they sat down.

"What's wrong me love?" Harry asked.

Ember took a deep breath and recounted her events from earlier that day, including how she was going to Auradon Prep and there was no way of getting out of it. When she was done. They both sat in silence.

"Wow...just...wow. And you're sure you can't just not go?" Harry asked.

"I'm positive. I really don't have a choice. If it were up to me. I would just stay here on the island." Ember said sadly.

"And...where does this leave us?" Harry asked, terrified of what the answer will be.

At this, Ember began to break down crying, "It means we have to break up Harry. We can't be together if i'm at Auradon Prep. Plus we won't be able to communicate and they say long distance relantionships never work out." Ember said crying as Harry hugged her. Though He blinked back tears that threatened to spill.

"Love...please. We can make it work." Harry said but Ember was quick to disagree with him.

"No we can't Harry, we simply can't." She said before noticing how late it was. She reluctantly got up with Harry. She then slipped something off of her finger and put it in Harry's hand. It was a gold ring that he had given her for their 2 year anniverssary.

The gold band of the beautiful ring featured a mermaid tail on one side and five shimmering pearl accent stones on the other. A 4x4mm lapis lazuli gemstone heart-shaped gemstone complimented the mermaid tail for an added touch of sparkle. Inscribed on the inside of the band were the words "Goddess of my heart" written in cursive.

"I'll never stop loving you Harry. But it's best if we move on. I'll always love you." Ember said as she kissed Harry, tears pouring down her facs before turning away and leaving the boat and Harry standing there, holding his metaphorical heart in his hands.

'Why? Why me? Why must life be so cruel to me?' Ember thought to herself as she vigourlsy wipped away tears that kept pouring down here face, thankful that her make-up was water-proof. She didn't want to appear weak in front of her older sister, less she be teased for it.

Ember then took a couple of deep breaths and wipped away the rest of the tears. There will be time to cry once she is safetly in Auradon Prep and (hopefully) given a room to herself. She toughten up amd walked to the area where she was suppose to meet her sister and her friends.

Which wasn't hard to do nor find as she saw her sister standing outside the sleek black limo.

"I thought you weren't coming with us." Mal said mockly. "Just shut up and get in the damn thing." Ember said angrilly as she climbed in after her sister and the door was locked tightly.

'I hope i don't regret this.' Ember thought to herself as the driver drove them away.

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