Chapter 1: Meet Hachishaku-sama.

(Dursley's House)

It was supposed to be a typical day for young Harry Potter. He woke up early to prepare his relatives' breakfast and get started on his chores, but he found them all packed for a trip.

"Boy, we're all going on a trip," said Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley.

Vernon was a large man that resembled a walrus and was quite round. His wife, Petunia was the opposite of him and was quite thin and sort of resembled a giraffe. Their son was almost as big as his father and was spoiled so much, he would probably be fatter than him. Usually they didn't care for Harry and force him to do hard chores around the house.

"I'll be sure to take care of the chores and go to Mrs. Figg." said Harry looking at his walrus of a uncle

"You're coming with us," said Vernon, "I don't trust you alone in my house, and that freakish old woman has been sent to the hospital so you're coming with us."

Harry was surprised at this. He would have run to start packing, but he really had nothing to pack so he followed his relatives out the door and into the car.

Now driving to the airport and taking a direct flight to Japan. The Dursley's were going to Japan because Vernon is offering business to a businessman in Japan hoping Vernon succeeds in doing so and hopes the 'Freak' doesn't ruin things for him.

But of course things didn't go as plan as the businessman Hiro takashi a Japanese businessman declined Vernon's offer.

Enraged that his offer declined his offer Vernon decided to vent out his aggression on Harry. He told his Wife and Son to remain at the motel while he takes the freak a drive to the mountains.

It was nighttime in Japan as Vernon drove up the mountains and heading the forest to drop off Harry Potter once Vernon reached his destination he pulled to the curb of the forest opening his rental car door he grabbed the six year old Potter and threw harry into the shrine which harry hits the statue upon impact which broke the statue in turn freed a 8 foot figure that began to manifest itself out of its prison.

The 8 foot figure turned out to be a woman, wearing a white Morning dress and a large white sun hat. She looked old enough to be a mother around her 30's, long black ebony colored hair that reached to the middle of her back her eyes were dark blue, she had long black nails and a heavy chest K-cups.

Looking around her surroundings her dark blue eyes caught a fat man beating on a child who looked no older than 6 years old narrowing her eyes which turned black and wide looking she chanted.

"Po Po Po Po Po PO!"

As soon as Vernon heard that he looked up and looked frightened by the tall woman before him as he dropped the beaten unconscious Harry Potter and ran to his car.

Seeing him now run away she walked towards the unconscious boy turning him to face her, She picked the boy up in bridal style and disappeared with him.


Vernon rushed in his motel room as his wife stared at him with worry as she spoke.

"Vernon what happened?" Petunia Asked Seeing Vernon look white with fear.

"I saw something very horrifying and I don't want to even talk about it!" He Said with fear in his voice and wide eyes.

"What did you see!?" She Questioned now very worried as she noticed something she noticed her nephew isn't with her husband.

"Vernon... what did you do...? Where is he...?" She Said with edge on her voice

"I took the freak to the mountains... and into the forest... I needed to vent out my frustrations... so I left him there... until I saw something that scared me to death... I saw a bloody tall woman in a white dress and she gave me a terrifying look." Vernon Answered

"YOU DID WHAT!?" She shouted in horror that he left her sister's freak of a son in the forest!

"I. Left. HIM!" He yelled out.

"Have you gone mad!? What if they suspect we lost him!?" She hissed while he looked away

"Why do you care? We finally got rid of the freak we no longer wanted! You should thank me that I've done this! Besides we can always lie to them and say he was killed in a accident!" Vernon said going to the bathroom

Petunia was nervous and as much as she didn't like her sister and her nephew she wouldn't go too far as to abandon him or leave him for dead.

She needed to go check on her dudders and to get over her worries.

Later that night.

Dudley Dursley woke up out of his sleep leaving his room to go to the bathroom.

After flushing the toilet he was going into the cupboard to sneak some cookies then suddenly.

"Po Po Po Po Po Po Po"

Frowning in confusion at the strange sound he stopped stuffing his face with cookies and turned to the source and widened his eyes in shock at the sight of a tall woman towering over him.

She stared down at him into his soul, and it was scaring him. He flinched Seeing her walk up closer and stared into his very soul.

Dudley let out a small whimper Seeing those wide black eyes stare into him.

"Po Po Po Po Po..."

Dudley was shaking and trembling he was scared to move as she continued to stare at him ominously as she raised her hand. Dudley whimpered a little louder.

"MUM! DAAAAADD!!" Screamed Dudley as she grabbed him and disappeared.

Petunia and Vernon quickly woke up after hearing Dudley's scream and ran into the kitchen but were too late.

"Dudley!" Yelled out Vernon

"Dudders! Where are you!? Dudders!?" Screamed Petunia looking for her son.

"Dudley! Where are you son!?" Called out Vernon as both he and his wife searched their whole motel room and the kitchen they could not find their son.

( With Harry)

It was morning as Harry began to wake up. He noticed something strange he is in a rather soft mattress and he is wearing clean pajamas his size too and not what Dudley wears. Looking around his surroundings he noticed he was in a bedroom but who's bedroom exactly?.

He still feels a bit sore as he noticed his wounds had been tended who healed him?

Going to the window he looked out and saw cherry blossom trees and what looked like to be a compound or a abandoned vacant small village.

He couldn't make out who brought him here?

So many questions going on in his head.

"Good morning Little one." Said a gentle voice that made Harry whip around and saw the source. His emerald green eyes widened in surprise that he could not believe how tall this woman is! She's really big!

He got a long good look at her.

Tall, beautiful, long ebony hair and a gentle expression and dark blue eyes. She looked peaceful and gentle!

He wondered who she is? What is her name? And why did she bring him here and saved him from his uncle?

"Ex-Excuse me... but who are you? My name is Harry Potter" The young potter introduced

"My name is Hachishaku-sama... Harry-Kun.. if you like call me Hachi for short." She greeted staring at the boy with affection and gentleness.

"May I Ask why did you bring me here?" He Asked Seeing her walk to him and pick him up.

"You're living with me, Harry-kun.. that fat man abandoned you." She Said hugging him as he inhaled her vanilla scent.

"This will be your new home" She Said in her ever gentle voice

To be continued

An: Well there you have it! Let's see where do I go with this! Might make it as a similar concept of Uzumaki Hachishaku! Except with a Harry Potter version!

Parings might be a little obvious.

This fic might be a little darker,

Harry will be raised and cared for by Hachishaku-sama! Might involve Kankandara and Syren in this story maybe even Kuchisake Onna.

Maybe Dumbledore bashing and molly Weasley bashing

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