I wrote a simple prologue for the story, this is my first fic so bear with me 3 Please give me feedback on how to make this better! Hopefully, my next chapters will be longer :} Enjoy!


She should have been here yesterday. Instead he got a letter with a fly stamp that read "unexpected mission extension." And that was it. They took two months to tell him that they had somehow "misplaced" an agent. That her whereabouts was completely unknown and that Spectrum had given up on bringing her home. It took another month for a second letter to be dispatched, entitled "If I Die: Agent Redfort's last words to loved ones." Clancy knew all too well the secret intelligence's policy on just-in-case letters: one agent, one letter, to one loved one. The letter said:

"Hi Clance,

I'm sorry to leave like this. You were the best bozo i ever knew. I probably died heroically or something, figuring out the clues at the last second, racing against time in the ultimate sacrifice. That's the dream right? My will is attached below in code, you know the drill. I love you, buster. You'll be ok ;)


The rest was in code, indecipherable to anyone but them. Only him now. No-one would ever use that code again. It took three months to dispatch the letter, but one second for his heart to break.