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=blah-blah= is telepathic speaking.

"^blah-blah^" is Japanese


Chapter 1

Harry Potter wasn't ordinary, that much was obvious. He was indeed one of the most extraordinary people living in his world. His world, being the Wizard world, of course. He grew up in a little cupboard, where his uncle and aunt locked him when he 'misbehaved' which was all of the time. For you see, Harry's relatives didn't like magic or the fact that he had the ability to use magic.

But, there was something else that they didn't know about. Something that their nephew was, that they had absolutely no control of.

But anyway, it's not like Harry ever told them, or ever would for that matter. It was his secret, well, his and his other self's. For you see, Harry had two lives, two sets of memories, in two very different worlds. He was a wizard in one, the hero of the world. His name was the most spoken and he was one of the most promising and innocent individuals known of. Emotional and always willing to help someone in need. He had endless fans and stalkers, not to mention that his life was always going to be in danger. His other self, couldn't be more different: a terrorist and an assassin, emotionless and hidden in the crowds of society. Living in the battles and the hero of war. There, he had many, many enemies, only one stalker, and four friends - one of them a lover.


Harry turned away from where he was staring into the Gryffindor common room fire towards his best friend, Ron Weasley. He smiled, pulling his mind away from his thoughts.


"Are you going to study with us? Hermione is waiting in the library." Ron grinned suddenly, "or were you going to stay here and pretend you're *not* thinking about your mystery lover."

Harry's cheeks did a slow burn. "I-"

"Don't even try to deny it Harry," Ron smirked, turning around the walking towards the portrait hole. "We all know it, it's just the matter of figuring out who it is." The red head paused, turning around slightly. "Unless you want to just tell me..."

Harry shook his head. "You're nutters, mate." He laughed, his cheeks already returning to normal. "Don't you think the press would be having a field day if that were true?"

Ron rolled his eyes. "Good point, so, are you going to study with us?"

"Hai." Harry nodded.

Ron blinked. "What?"

"I said, "okay", just give me a minute." Harry said, covering up his mistake with ease.

Ron frowned but nodded, leaning against the wall while Harry moved to get his books and studying notes. The red head couldn't help but think that something was a little off with his best friend lately. For the past few weeks, he had seemed happier then usual, leading to the secret lover idea. But no matter what, Harry denied it.

"Ready." Harry announced a few moments later. The two boys left the room for a last minute study session before final exams began the next day.

Ron snuck another look at his friend, who seemed to be a million miles away, trapped in his thoughts. A small smile appeared on Harry's face and he shook his head before focusing on Ron again.

"Draco's been asking about you again." The red head said carelessly.

Harry shrugged, "so?"

"Just mentioning it." Ron said, smiling a little. "He seems very interested in you, you know."

Harry laughed. "It would be interesting to talk to him about that," he admitted. "Just to see his reaction. But, I don't think I should be dating right now, you know, with the whole Voldemort out to kill me thing."

Ron flinched. "Just because you have a crazy murderer out for you blood doesn't mean you shouldn't date." He argued. "You should take the ferret up on that one."

Harry frowned. "I'll think about it."

The two boys entered the library and quickly made their way towards their bushy haired best friend, Hermione Granger. She was so engrossed in her book that she didn't seem to notice that they had arrived.

"He's over there," she said so suddenly that the boys jumped slightly in surprise.

Harry's eyes followed her finger until they landed on a blond haired Slytherin who was studying a few tables away.

Twin red eyebrows rose and Ron chuckled. "Talk to him mate," he urged Harry. "It's not like you're rivals anymore! He's not even a Malfoy in the public's opinion!"

Harry sighed, somehow wishing that he had never come out of the closet to his two friends. At least then they wouldn't be badgering him and setting him up on blind dates all the time. His green eyes moved back to Draco, only to find that the Slytherin was looking at him, gray eyes curious.

A small half smile filtered across the blonds face and Harry made up his mind.

"He's a nice person," Hermione added, not noticing Harry's roaming eyes. "And he's really changed since his parents died."

Harry rolled his eyes, staring back down at his potions notes. "If you'll stop badgering me, I'll talk to him," he muttered. "But I don't promise anything."

Hermione nodded eagerly, and Ron grinned at him. "That's the spirit mate!" The redhead said loudly, earning a glare from the librarian.

Harry grabbed his notes and stood up, walking quickly over to Draco's table.

"Hey," he said softly, coming to a stop next to the Slytherin. "Mind if I study with you?"

Gray eyes moved to meet his, a teasing gleam in them. "Why would I mind? You've only been staring at me for the past ten minutes."

Harry grinned and sat down, settling his potions notes across from Draco's. "Unlike you, whose been staring at me since I entered the room?" He joked.

Draco playfully stuck his nose in the air. "Just trying to figure out why the room suddenly seemed so small. Must have been your ego filling up all the space again."

Harry chuckled. "Only your ego can rival mine." He retorted.

Draco nodded seriously. "Between us, there's virtually no other room in this school."

Harry snorted.

"Listen, Harry." Draco suddenly said, losing all playfulness. "If you're only here out of pity, then could you just go? I don't really want any more well wishers about my parents. All of last year was enough for a life time."

Harry blinked at the sudden change of conversation. "Pity only goes so far," he said softly. "I just wanted to talk to you. I know that after your parents died, I haven't really tried to mend any rift between us. And I think it's pretty honorable that you've decided to try and make it on your own..."

"You want to know why I apologized to Granger and Weasley don't you?" Draco sighed, looking over at the two who were pretending not to watch them. "Well, I guess I was a little jealous at first. I mean, they had great lives and close friends. After, well you know, I chose not to be a deatheater, all the Slytherins were shocked and there was this whole uncomfortable feeling in the house. And well, there you three were, perfect little trio..."

"You're rambling." Harry said quietly.

"Right. Well, to make the story short... I kind of noticed that you were cute," Draco's cheeks went pink. "And I thought that maybe they could set us up or something." He pouted suddenly, shooting a glare over at the two Gryffindors. "No such luck."

Harry laughed.

"And I didn't even know if you were gay or not... and it's not like they ever told me." Draco continued, now waving his quill around, narrowly missing Harry.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" Harry asked, watching as Draco's cheeks turned a more interesting shade or red.

"It never occurred to me. And it's not like we were on speaking terms anyway..."

"I'm bi," Draco." Harry admitted quietly.

Draco perked up slightly, his eyes taking on a sparkle that Harry had never seen in the blond before. But before he could open his mouth and say something more, Ron and Hermione plopped themselves down and began chatting away about what ever class they were studying for.

Draco gave a frustrated sigh but otherwise didn't show his annoyance. Harry just grinned, focusing on the book in front of him and calling to his double.

=Can we talk tonight?= He asked, after making sure he wasn't interrupting something important.

Almost instantly, his double answered. =Sure, what's wrong?=

=I'll explain later, I'm studying for exams right now.=

He could almost see the other messy-haired boy nod his head, and he knew for a fact that his blue eyes were already curious.

=I'll study for you, if you like. Duo's dragged me off to one of those movies again. He's pouting right now... so if you want to switch...=

Harry grinned, still focused on his potions book. =Sounds like a plan.=

It only took one second for the switch to take place. It was so fast that it wasn't even noticeable to a trained eye. His unconscious mind took over for the briefest of moments, letting him travel through time, landing in another body, his other body.

Right next to a pouting boy with braided hair that reached down to his rear. Amethyst eyes frowned at the screen flashing advertisements and Harry, now in the body of one Heero Yuy, smiled inwardly. "Are you going to come over here or just sit there and pout?" He asked.

Duo smirked triumphantly and proceeded to jump into his arms.


Heero Yuy frowned and dusted off his usual spandex black shorts and green tanktop. He gave his reflection another look, sighing when all he saw was his black clad counterself. In the back of his mind, Harry's annoying voice complained that the clothes were old fashioned, not to mention that he wore them all the time. Heero glared at the other boy in the mirror.

=Beats the school uniform.= He snapped in Japanese, his native tongue, and pushed the voice further back in his mind.

It wasn't like he disliked having a split personality, if that's what you could call it. To tell the truth he enjoyed it a lot. It was just, Harry could really be annoying! His double pouted and disappeared, leaving Heero's own reflection in the mirror and a blissfully quiet mind. At that, Heero rolled his eyes and focused on what new distraction had just entered the men's bathroom.

Duo Maxwell, one of his best friends, fellow Gundam pilots and, his lover.

"Baka." He muttered softly at the braided pilots reflection, for once not bothering to kiss Duo before turning out of the public bathroom into the theater where Duo had dragged him for the afternoon.

"Hee-chan!" Duo whined from behind him, "wait for me!"

Heero smirked, pausing for the briefest of moments before continuing to towards their designated theater and choosing two seats in the very front. Duo plopped down next to him a moment later, pretending to pant heavily.

"You know," the braided boy said after a moment, "you've been kind of weird for a while now. What's up?"

Heero stiffened. "Nani?" He asked softly.

"Like, you've been sleeping more, and sometimes you're really, I don't know- *cheerful*. It's just, weird." The braided pilot actually grinned so large his teeth were almost glowing in the near dark of the theater. "And Wufei said he caught you talking to your reflection in Japanese a few days ago."

Heero frowned, he didn't recall ever speaking out loud to Harry before. The other boy must be acting out of character again - he would have to talk to him about that. In the mean time, he had an overly curious Duo to deal with. "It's probably just stress." Heero excused himself. "I need to let off extra steam."

Duo grinned at that. "I can help you with that problem," he said, leaning closer to his lover. "I won't even charge you for it. It'll be like... charity."

Heero snorted. "Charity my ass." He muttered, pushing the braided boy back into his own seat and looking up at the screen that was 'welcoming them to a cell phone free zone'.

Duo pouted, shooting looks over at the stony boy with large teary anesthetist eyes. A sudden shift seemed to over come Heero's features and the messy haired boy snuck a look over at Duo, his eyes now holding a strange tint of green. "Are you going to come over here or just sit there and pout?" He asked, his voice sounding a slight bit different.

Duo grinned and proceeded to pounce.


Heero switched back with Harry while Duo was driving the two of them back to their apartment. He liked the wizarding world, and was always reluctant to leave it behind. But, leaving that world meant coming back to Duo, something he planned on always doing.

"I think the best part of the movie was the beginning," Duo was chattering, not really caring if Heero was paying attention or not. "That attempt to assassinate that guy was totally cool, if really fake looking. I mean, nobody in their right mind would try and..."

"He wasn't in his right mind," Heero corrected, the area of his brain that was still around even when he wasn't telling him every detail of the movie. "He was being controlled by Professor Gibbs."

Duo pouted. "So?"

Heero just rolled his eyes, not even bothering to try and get another word in as Duo restarted his one-sided conversation. They got back to their shared apartment and Duo practically ran inside.

"WUFEI!" He screamed, knowing that the Chinese boy was probably meditating somewhere. "WE'RE BACK!"

A crash from down the hall caused Duo to grin and Heero to sigh. Moments later, a Chinese boy their age came storming down the hallway. His carefully kept white clothing seemed to somehow enhance his size and his black eyes were blazing in anger.

"Maxwell!" He shouted, seeing the braided boy in the living room.

Duo eeped and ducked behind Heero.

"Maxwell, how many times have I told you not to disturb me when I'm meditating?!"

Another boy entered the room from the adjoining kitchen. "Really, Wufei," blond haired Quatre said lightly, "you're a Gundam pilot, weren't you trained how to block out annoyances?"

Wufei blinked, his anger disappearing. "Wha-?"

Duo grinned, stepping out from behind Heero. "Yeah, Wu-man, we've been buds for what, three years?"

"Two," Trowa spoke up from his spot on the couch. The others blinked, they hadn't even noticed him there.

"Whatever," Duo breezed on. "Like I was saying... you should have some sort of immunity to me by now..."

"In all defence," Quatre smiled, "it's nearly impossible to ignore you Duo. Not to mention you would probably kill us or something if we ever succeeded in such a fabled task."

Duo sighed playfully, jumping over the couch to ruffle Quatre's hair. "I would never kill you guys." He grinned. "I'd have Heero do it for me."

"Hn," Heero sighed. "I'm going to bed."

"Without dinner?" Quatre asked, slightly worried. Heero didn't spare him a glance.

"I ate at the theater, and I'm not really hungry. Please don't disturb me, I have work to do."

Duo pouted. "But Hee-chan!" He whined.

"Aren't you hungry Duo?" Trowa asked, bringing the attention of the boys to him. "Quatre and I made hamburgers, your favorite isn't it?"

The braided boy let out a whoop of joy.


=So what did you want to talk about?= Heero asked. He was sitting in his and Duo's shared bedroom, staring into the mirror he kept hidden from the rest of the pilots.

On the other side of the mirror, Harry sighed, casting a glance around himself in the empty dorm room that he was sitting in.

=Hermione and Ron made me talk to Draco Malfoy just before we switched today.=

=Isn't he the one who's been stalking you for the past six years or so?= Heero asked, frowning.

On the other side of the mirror, Harry sighed. He nodded and ran a hand through the messy black hair that was identical to Heero's. =Yeah. After dinner today he caught me alone and asked me out to dinner tomorrow. I didn't know what to say because well, we're the same person... and...=

=In all technicalities, Duo is dating me.= Heero said stiffly. =So Draco has all rights to date you. You're not cheating on anybody.=

Harry nodded, before suddenly perking up. =Hey, do you want to take my Potions exam tomorrow? You're more patienced in that subject than I am... and I really want a good mark this year.=

Heero shook his head. =I'd love to, but I can't. I have work tomorrow, and a ton of meetings that I'm required to attend.=

The boy on the other side of the mirror made a face. =That's worse then taking a potions exam. Have fun.= He suddenly turned his head towards where Heero knew the door was. =I got to go, someone is coming.=

With that, Harry pushed away their mind link and Heero could only partly hear the conversation his double was now having. But before he could really focus on it, the door opened and there stood Duo, holding a lock pick in his hand.

"Trying to keep me out?" He grinned.

"Koi, you and I both know that *that* particular feat is impossible. Why would I even bother?"

Duo shrugged, stumbling into the room, yawning widely. "I'm pooped, let's sleep." The boy pulled out the tie keeping his hair in a braid and flopped down on the bed, already snoring loud enough to rattle the walls.

Pounding from the room next to their's was heard. "Maxwell!" Wufei shouted. "Shut up!" After that, the Chinese pilot seemed to realize that Duo was asleep and decided to bring out his earplugs. Heero, on the other hand, tuned out the snoring boy and carefully hid his mirror, before lying back on the bed and pulling the other boy closer to him. Then, he too, went to sleep.


"Harry, what's with you lately?" Hermione asked, standing in the doorway of the sixth year dorms. "You've been all weird, and you've been sleeping a whole lot more..."

"I'm just under stress," Harry sighed, carefully hiding his mirror in the book he was pretending to read. "With the exams starting tomorrow, and Voldemort and everything... I've just got too much on my mind, that's all."

Hermione frowned. "I'm worried about you Harry," she protested. "I just don't want you to get hurt."

Harry offered a weak grin. "Thanks Mione. But you don't need to worry about me, I've been looking out for myself since Dudley decided to start Harry Hunting." And since he and Heero had begun their training at age five, he added silently. He faked a yawn. "Well, I'm beat. Night."

Hermione shook her head in disappointment, but she left the room anyway, pausing only a moment to watch as Harry turned off the lights and clampered into his bed. She noted with a small smile the way he curled up, as though he were waiting for somebody to hold him. Then, she left for the comfort of the common room fire.

Harry heaved a sigh, hearing Hermione's footsteps begin moving again. In the back of his mind, he could tell that Heero was already sleeping. So, he slipped into dreamland and joined his double.

Hopefully, they wouldn't have another nightmare tonight.


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