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Chapter 15

Two figures emerged from the pile of rubble that had once been the Entrance and Great halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The rest of the school was still intact and standing as strong and sturdy as ever. It was just those two halls and the few rooms and cupboards connected to them. One of the figures emerging was a gleaming silver fox, the other was a gray wolf. The gathered collection of people on the ground could only stare, completely transfixed, as the two animals moved boulders without touching them and made their way to the front lawn.

That is, they could only stare until Duo rushed forwards and embraced both animals, openly sobbing. Then, they could only gape. And then they went back to staring as the wolf transformed into Heero Yuy, and the fox into Harry Potter. They didn't have long to stare, because almost as quickly as Harry Potter became human, he seemed to step into Heero's body.

They went back to gaping.

Nobody had seen the fight with Voldemort, so nobody knew what exactly had happened to make the two halls collapse. As a result Harry and Heero's secret had been, quite literally, taken to the grave.

"Harry?" A female voice cried. Footsteps crunched through the December snow, and the girl was revealed to be Hermione.

Heero turned to her, letting Harry take control. However, this time it wasn't a simple change of eye color or skin tone... it was a whole deal. Heero Yuy simply melted away as Harry Potter took his place. A Harry Potter who did not in any way look happy to see what used to be one of his closest friends.

"Oh Harry! It really is you!" Hermione flung herself at the boy, who stepped neatly to the side.

"Don't you touch me!" He snapped, taking hold of Duo's hand. "Don't you ever *dare* touch me."

"Mr. Potter..." Dumbledore said softly, taking a step forward, out of the crowd. "How in the name of Merlin are you..."

"Don't talk to me." Harry snapped. "After the way you have been treating my friends for the last three months? The way you have been treating *me*? You don't deserve to even know how this came about." He glared one more time and returned to his recessive role, Heero's body once again returning.

With Heero's return, Wufei, Quatre and Draco stepped up to stand next to the two pilots already in front of the gathered crowd. They stood, glaring with complete hatred for the people who had shunned them ever since Harry's "death". An owl suddenly flew down, landing on Quatre's shoulder.

"^Trowa,^" the blond said softly, "^I'm glad you came back so quickly.^"

The owl pecked affectionately at Quatre's ear before hopping down from its perch and morphing back into Trowa Barton. "Sirius is on his way." He informed them softly. "He said he might have the correct spell for returning us."

"Returning you?" Ron asked, stepping out of the crowd as well. "What do you mean by that?" It was clear he was in no way proud of or awed by what the pilots had done. In fact, he was down right furious at them for destroying his school without good reason.

"He means back to our time." Duo snapped, taking a step forward and creating a shining silver scythe in his hands. Ron gulped and took a few steps back. "Our world is five hundred years in the future. We came here to help Harry in the war against Voldemort and to bring Draco back to help us with our own wars." Well, perhaps that wasn't *completely* true. They did plan to bring Draco back with them though.

"Not much of a war," Wufei snorted softly. "Really, that didn't take much longer then half an hour."

Quatre nodded his agreement. "Our battles against the Libra took much longer than that. Even planting bugs in a base takes longer."

"How did you have problems with that guy?" Duo snorted. "If you fear someone like you did him, you only let your fear cloud your judgment. That must be why that guy gained so much power."

"Perhaps it was his appearance that scared everyone," Draco put in. His gray eyes moved to stare at the pile of Death Eater a little ways away. "Though that gives no reason as to why people actually wanted to *serve* him."

Their seemingly mindless talking only served to confuse and anger the crowd around them. Really, if it weren't for the fact that they had just saved the entire Hogwarts population from almost certain death, while getting rid of Voldemort for good (while ruining a good portion of the school in the process) they would have had an angry mob out for their blood. As it was...

"You boys have some serious explaining to do." Dumbledore said in his most authoritative voice. Too bad for him because once again it would never effect the six boys in front of him. "And I want answers - now!"

He was met with laughter from behind him.

"Oh honestly Albus," a scratchy voice said, stepping out of the crowd and revealing itself to be Sirius Black wearing Muggle clothing and holding a small leather bag. A few students screamed. "Give it up. You should know by now that these boys aren't going to tell you anything."

Hermione's mouth fell open. "You know who they are?" She asked hysterically. "And you didn't tell us?!"

Heero smirked. "Hello Godfather."

"Hee-chan, you sound like you're in the Mofia." Duo chuckled. "I hope you brought good news, Padfoot. We're ready to get out of here."

Sirius nodded. "Of course. Professor's, why don't you start repairing the school. The ministry will be here soon." While Sirius spoke, Quatre wove a little bit of his empathy into the words, making them sound like an intelligent idea and the mystery of the pilots something unimportant.

Dumbledore, completely under Quatre's spell, nodded and beckoned everybody back up to the castle. Almost immediately banishing spells and weightless charms were being cast on the debris. With the help of magic it would only take a few hours to rebuild the two halls.

While everybody was busy slaving away, Sirius beckoned the pilots and Draco to follow him. They walked for about twenty minutes, skirting around the forbidden forest and the lake towards a small cave. It was dark but dry, the perfect place for them to cast a spell to return home.

"You basically have two real options." Sirius said bluntly when he was positive they were alone. He looked calmly at the seven - for Harry and Heero had once again split - boys in front of him. "The first is to prepare a room in which you increase time until you hit the time you're from. This one is risky because your room could be destroyed or you could misjudge the spell and step out centuries too late."

Draco shifted nervously. "What's the other option?" He asked. His wandless magic was going crazy because of the part he had played in the Great Hall earlier that evening. The green controlling-dye in his hair brightened until it was nearly blinding. Wufei placed a calming hand on the blonds shoulder, resulting in the green dimming.

Sirius blinked at them. "The second option is far more complicated then just casting a spell. It has three parts to it. You first need something from the time you came from, most specifically, something that has a connection with somebody still there."

Heero's face went blank for a moment as he thought about all the possessions he had with him. He finally pulled out his gun. "Relena wanted me to kill her with this gun." He said stiffly. "It should work."

Harry snorted and reached out, snatching it away. "Baka." He said softly.

Duo eyed the weapon. "She got over that Hee-chan. Do we have anything else?"

Quatre smiled and pulled out his Magunac's goggles - the tacky ones that Rashid had given to him. Wufei untied the katana and sheath from his belt - the weapon had once belonged to Treiz Kushrenada, the sheath to his wife Meilan. Lade Une had given them to him when he first started working at the Preventers. And Trowa produced his circus make, the one that his surrogate sister Catherine had helped him make. Duo scrunched his face in thought before pulling out the key to Hilde's apartment. His old war-buddy had given it to him as a way of saying that her door was always open if he needed to talk.

Sirius nodded. "Those should work. The second part of this is the tricky part. You need to link your objects with your subconscious mind and the person it connects with. Harry, Heero, Draco - because you three don't have one you'll have to hold onto somebody who does."

The three complied and Sirius nodded again. "Good. Now, this should be a lot like a Banishing Spell, because that's what this is based on. Only, instead of not existing, you should reappear not too long after you disappeared from your world." The escaped convict reached into the small leather bag at his side and removed seven small potions vials. "Drink these and concentrate on your items. Then, disapperate."

Harry looked at the vial in his hand. "You're not coming with us, Sirius?"

"I'm about to be pardoned thanks to Trowa's amazing ability to threaten people. And they're going to need their best Aurror back to smooth out the wrinkles you're going to leave behind." The man grinned. "And I'm too old and too wizard to be in your world."

Harry sighed and moved to embrace the man. "Just don't die." He whispered. He dug through his bag for a moment before pulling out his old communication mirror, the one he and Heero had used for years. After a moment of concentration he handed it to his Godfather. "Check in on us once in a while, alright?"

Sirius nodded and embraced him in a tight hug. The man then moved to hug each and every boy there.

"Pedophile." Wufei muttered after he had been released. Hiei hissed at the man, saying in his own kitty-way that he was *not* going to tolerate a hug unless he could burn the man alive. Sirius simply scratched the animal behind the ears for a moment or two.

All present chose to ignore Wufei, laughing at the Hell-cat instead. Then, as one, they lifted their vials in a toast to Sirius, tossed them back, clung to their objects and each other before disappearing.


One of Quatre Rebarba Winner's blond eyebrows twitched slightly as he regained consciousness. He could feel Trowa's warmth seeping into his side, and the others sprawled out on a floor he didn't recognize right away. He was sure that it was Hiei draped across his ankles and that Duo was muttering something about having minions - which was normal. But there was something else. A very annoyed person was looming over him.

Quatre cracked open one aqua colored eye, trying to determine who it was and where he was. He was lying on the lobby floor of the Preventors headquarters. Then, he looked at who was standing above him.

He closed his eyes again with a wince. It was Lady Une - a very unhappy Lady Une. So, slowly, Quatre resigned himself to his fate and stood up. The others, who had obviously been playing dead as well, hurried to follow his example. When they were all standing, and with his most charming smile, Quatre politely asked her what was wrong.

"Wrong?" She hissed, taking a step towards the group of gathered boys. "It's been four days since we let you five off and you have the nerve to come back here for nap time?!" Her slanted eyes sparked dangerously. "We told you not to come back until we contacted you!" She growled. "And what is with that CAT! You know that there are no animals allowed in Headquarters!"

Harry took a step forward, offering her his most charming 'I'm a good boy' smile. "I'm sorry Ma'am," he said. "But my fault. My friend and I met the Pilots yesterday and they thought we might have what it takes to be Preventors. My friend and I," he gestured to Draco, who was cowering behind Wufei, "hoped we could test our skills to see if we could be of any help to the Preventors."

Lady Une scowled at him, though it wasn't as fierce as before. Thus was the charm of Harry Potter. "Follow me." She barked.

She spun around when the other five tried to sneak out of the building. "Oh no you don't!" She snarled. "I want to have a word with you!"


"This uniform is *so* tacky!" Draco wailed, flopping down on the Gundam pilots apartment couch. He and Harry had been accepted as Preventor's agents within two hours of testing. Une was amazed to find that their abilities were on par with the Gundam Pilots in hacking, weapons control, stealth, intimidation tactics and every other area of the testing. Not even the most trained of OZ soldiers could compete with those boys. Zech's could barely compete with those boys.

"Don't worry about it." Wufei told him, sitting down on the couch as well and turning on the television. He flipped the stations until he found something interesting, Hiei stood up from his place on the chair across the room and darted to sit on his masters lap, purring gently. "When we're on a mission we don't have to wear them. It's only at briefings, meetings and stuff - and for us it's only the jackets."

Quatre popped his head into the living room from where he and Trowa were 'preparing' dinner. Preparing meaning they were unwrapping the fast food picked up on the way back from Headquarters. "We're not on duty for a good two weeks." He said cheerily. "And they won't place you and Harry on a mission alone. Don't worry - I'll make sure of that."

Duo stepped into the room as well, rebraiding his hair after an hour long shower. "What are we going to do for two weeks?" He moaned. He turned and hollered down the hall - where Heero and Harry were adding in a new bedroom for Draco. "Oi! You two had better think of something to keep me entertained!"

Quatre, Trowa, Wufei and Draco all sweatdropped.

And then, the doorbell rang.

"Duo, would you get that?" Quatre called.

"My hair's wet, make Wufei!"


"I'm busy, make Draco get it."


"Fine, fine... don't have a fit." The Chinese youth reluctantly pulled himself from the couch and over to the door. He pulled it open to reveal... Relena Peacecraft. The blond girl smiled at the ex-Gundam Pilot, her blue eyes sparkling happily. Wufei attempted to return the smile, but it came out more like a grimace. "Hello, Vice Foreign Minister," he said in his most pleasant voice.

Relena smiled again. "Please, call me Relena. May I come in?"

Wufei held back a second wince and stepped backwards a step or two, holding the door open as the girl-who-stalked-Heero entered the apartment.

In the background, Duo groaned. Then, he seemed to perk up. "Harry-kun!" He shouted, "come here for a minute!"

Harry entered the room, pocketing his wand and looking curiously at Duo. "What is it," he asked. "Is something wrong?"

Just a few steps away, Relena gasped. "Heero!" She breathed, taking a few steps towards Harry. "What happened to you?"

At that moment, Heero entered the room, following his double to see what Duo wanted. "Relena." He said flatly, "why are you here?"

The Vice Foreign Minister gaped at the site of the two nearly identical boys. Then... she fainted.


"Miss Relena?" A soft voice called. "Miss Relena, you need to wake up now."

Relena opened her eyes to stare into Quatre's aqua colored orbs. She blinked for a moment before flushing slightly and accepting his hand to help her back to her feet.

"Are you alright, Miss Relena?" He asked, leading her into the kitchen, where all the others were seated and eating their dinner.

Relena stared once again at Heero, and then the boy who looked so much like him. She noticed that Duo was sitting between them, offering them both mischievous looks. Then she noticed the gorgeous blond sitting next to Wufei and her breath caught in her throat. She had never seen anybody like that before. It was almost as if she was sucked into giving him attention. His skin glowed softly in the bright light of the kitchen, and his green streaked blond hair gleamed. Silver eyes sparkled and laughed as Duo told them all another joke.

The boys at the table suddenly noticed that Relena was standing in the doorway.

"Relena," Quatre said, pushing her forwards a little. "I'd like you to meet the two missing pilots." He pointed at Harry, telling the girl what they had told those in charge at Headquarters. "This is Harry Potter, he was supposed to pilot Wing but fell ill just as the time to fight came." He then pointed at Draco. "And this is Draco Malfoy - he was trained separately and we only met up with him a little while ago. They've just been accepted into the Preventors."

Relena managed a nod and smile. "Congratulations," she said softly, still staring at Draco.

Wufei noticed this, wrapping a possessive arm around the blonds shoulders. Relena sighed.


Duo's communication device's fit snugly into their ears, thankfully there was no static, standing in the practice room of the Preventor's Headquarters. The Gundam boys, Harry and Draco - each with a 'life-tag' pinned to their shirts - waited for their test to begin. The life-tags, signified just that, life. In order to 'kill' somebody, you must removed their tag. The boys were not armed with anything, this was to be a 'surprise battle'. Sally Po, Miss Noin, Lady Une and Relena were watching from the next room.

They were about to be amazed.

With a buzz, the test began and very real looking holograms emerged from the walls of the chamber. Not only that, but actual living people entered the room as well, some on offence, others on defense. The holograms were meant to be ordinary people, people that the ones taking the test were to avoid shooting or killing. The others were fair game.

The four girls in the next room stared, completely amazed as Wufei seemingly vanished from where he was standing - reappearing on the other side of the room, holding what looked to be five life-tags. They watched, even more amazed as Quatre simply walked up to one of his 'enemies' and was given his life-tag. Draco's hair darkened to green and life-tags began flying towards him from every direction. Duo's hands were suddenly full. The girls weren't quite sure how he had gotten anything past their screening process, but they were amazed that some of the things were much too large to be in the boy's pockets.

Was that a soda-can he was shaking up?


Trowa's body suddenly vanished and an owl took his place. The bird swooped, grasping life-tags in its beak. Its task finished, the bird flew back to where it started and disappeared, Trowa taking its place with a mouthful of tags. Heero and Harry, however, were the most surprising. They worked as a flawless team, one attacking from behind and holding the men with life-tags still attached to their vests, while the other simply walked up and took said life-tag.

The test was over in less than five minutes.

The pilots emerged looking very bored.

The girls' jaws remained pasted to the floor.

"How," Sally Po stuttered, the first to regain enough sense to actually speak.

"How did you do that?" Lady Une breathed, the first to regain enough sense to speak in full sentences.

"Eh-heh..." Duo laughed nervously, looking around at his friends and rubbing the back of his neck. "Well, you see - it's a long story." He gulped, realizing that they weren't going to be allowed to even take a bathroom break until the girls understood. "Ever heard of magic?"



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