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As the summary implies, it's a very straightforward premise. This is a rewrite of "Pokémon Heroes: Latias and Latios" with a lot of elements changed from the canon version. Such as changing the movie to after the Sinnoh region and vastly changing the characterization, relationships and power level of Latias and Latios, among other things that I will add or modify.

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Chapter 1 – Well-Deserved Vacations

The shrill whistle of fireworks filled the air as countless rockets surged high into the sky. Moments later, booming echoes loudly resonated through the darkening evening sky as they blew up in colorful displays of bright and dazzling lights. The roar of the fireworks died down and was replaced by the resounding sound of screaming as an audience of tens of thousands of people cheered collectively across a large stadium. At the center of the stadium's Pokémon battlefield, an elegant podium had been installed for an upcoming awards ceremony.

Currently, there were only two people standing on it. One of them was an adult man with long greyish-blue hair that covered the left side of his face and went slightly past his shoulders wearing a neat dark red coat with beige clothes underneath. At his side was a tall woman with very long blonde hair that went all the way down to her knees and was dressed in an elegant black suit with a long black coat on top of it. She was none other than Cynthia, the champion of the Sinnoh region. Both of them had calm expressions on their faces as they contemplated the roaring crowds around them and the stunning firework show above the stadium.

On one of the many balconies halfway up the stands, a young trainer let out a saddened sigh as he watched the events unfolding on the podium. The trainer's Pikachu, sitting on the youth's shoulder, gently patted his friend's head reassuringly. The trainer glanced at his faithful companion and showed him a soft smile while reaching up with a hand to scratch the Pokémon's chin, eliciting a soft murmur in response from the electric-type.

Both of them looked on as a short elder with a very prominent white beard and a bushy haircut, barely tucked underneath a red Pokémon League cap, walked towards the podium. The elder held a serene expression on his face as he made his way forward while holding a golden trophy with two wings on top that were framing a Poké Ball.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Today we bring down the curtain on yet another exciting Sinnoh League! The Lily of the Valley Conference is officially over!" an MC's voice boomed over the stadium's loudspeakers. "We celebrate the remarkable effort of more than three hundred trainers who took part in this grueling tournament to decide who would be crowned this year's league champion! In a tournament full of excitement and some of the best battles we've ever seen, we now have a winner! Let's hear a round of applause for Tobias!"

Thousands of people across the stands stood up, the sound of clapping echoing spectacularly across the stadium. The man in question smiled and rose one of his arms to wave triumphantly at the audience.

As the diminutive elder carrying the trophy reached the podium, the MC spoke up again. "And now, let's hear a few words from the President of the League Competition Committee, Mr. Charles Goodshow!" Mr. Goodshow stepped up and approached a microphone that was laid out at the appropriate height for him, just in front of Cynthia and Tobias.

Back on the balcony, Ash looked down at the scene with a troubled expression. "So close, yet so far away at the same time," he commented to no one in particular, frowning slightly as Mr. Goodshow began to give a short closing speech.

"Cheer up, Ash," Brock said optimistically, placing a hand on the Pallet Town trainer's shoulder. "You made it to the top four and it took the eventual winner of the whole thing to knock you out. I'd say you had a very successful tournament."

"Indeed!" Dawn said brightly in agreement. "Regardless of what happened, we're very proud of you and the effort your Pokémon gave," she added sweetly. Piplup let out a happy cry from his place in Dawn's cradling arms, eagerly nodding his head in approval.

"Thanks, guys," Ash replied appreciatively to his two traveling companions, already admitting that he felt much better. "You're all awesome." His expression hardened into a determined gaze as he watched Mr. Goodshow handing Tobias the champion's trophy.

"You're welcome Ash, that's what friends are for," Brock replied with a soft smile.

"We'll try again next year, in whichever place our journey takes us to, and we'll do our best to win as always, right buddy?" Ash stated, glancing to the side at Pikachu. He smirked broadly when his partner gave him a confident grin and nod.

The fireworks display increased in intensity as Tobias proudly lifted the winner's golden trophy. Then Cynthia, Tobias and Mr. Goodshow turned around, looking up to the stadium's imposing torch. Slowly, the flame began to noticeably shrink. "And so, the Sinnoh League flame extinguishes at last, until it's lit again for next year's league!" the MC's voice blared over the loudspeakers, with the final worlds coinciding almost perfectly with the fire disappearing completely.

Ash smiled, looking up nostalgically at the entrance to the Sinnoh League stadium. The midday sun was shining high into the sky, making Ash slightly adjust his cap to better cover his face from the sunrays. The place was largely empty and devoid of any activity. With the league officially closing the night before, the vast majority of trainers and fans at the many hotels and villas across Lily of the Valley Island were preparing their departures, something that he himself had been doing since early morning as well. However, the trainer had wanted one last look at the league complex before departing.

"Well, this is goodbye to the Sinnoh Region, Pikachu," Ash commented calmly, idly reaching up to scratch the electric-type's cheek. "It was an amazing year, that's all I have to say. We met so many new friends to add to our family, we had some of the best battles of our lives, we even settled our rivalry with Paul in a good manner and best of all, we reached top four of a league for the first time ever," he summed up. Pikachu nodded once while pressing himself closer to Ash's gloved hand, responding to him with an energetic cry.

"Hey Ash!" a young and feminine voice called from behind them.

"Oh, hey Dawn," Ash responded warmly while turning around, seeing the young girl running up to him before stopping at his side. He could swear Dawn's presence was already lifting up his melancholic mood.

Dawn looked up at the stadium's entrance for several seconds, much like Ash had been doing just a few moments ago. "Well, that's that."

"Yeah," Ash agreed.

Dawn smiled sweetly at him. "I know we've been traveling for a long time now, after all it's been a full year since we met. But it's gone by so quickly!"

"I know, it feels like we started our traveling yesterday," Ash said agreed. "Come on, Dawn. Let's return to the port and meet up with Brock. We have a ferry to catch." He turned around and began to walk, not sparing any further glances at the magnificent stadium at his back.

Dawn gave the league complex one final look before turning around to follow him. "Hey, our journey isn't over yet. If you think about it, our journey is just getting under way, in fact," she said serenely.

Ash nodded. "I hear you. Being a Pokémon master requires lots of hard work, and I better not slack off if I want to do better in whichever league I next participate in," he replied. "Today I was top four, tomorrow I am going to be runner-up or champion!" Ash paused awkwardly for a few long instants. "Hopefully."

Dawn looked up at the sky as she walked, a thoughtful expression on her features. "And I have a lot of work to do as well if I want to become a top coordinator. I can't believe I reached second place at my first ever Grand Festival. And, I lost to an amazing coordinator in Zoey. There's no shame in that."

Ash smirked and held his open hand to the coordinator at his side. "We'll both reach the top one day. I just know it, Dawn," he stated confidently.

Dawn returned the smirk and playfully high-fived him. "Yep!"

The pair continued their walk towards the port at a leisure pace, chatting and summarizing the events of the entire years' worth of adventures they had shared together in the Sinnoh region. As they reached the port, they noticed Brock nearby and walked up to him. "Finally," Brock commented good-humoredly. "I was worried we'd miss the ship. Boarding ends in ten minutes."

"I just wanted one last look at the island, it wasn't gonna take too long," Ash replied defensively.

Brock chuckled in amusement. "It's fine, Ash." He whirled around, walking towards the ramp to board the ferry. "Come on, guys."

Ash and Dawn followed the former gym leader, and boarded the ferry along with him. It wasn't as luxurious as other ferries they had been on before, but it was serviceable. The trio walked towards the side of the ship, looking around as they did so. Ash let out a sigh and walked to the railing, idly glancing back to the island as they set sail and it began to recede into the distance.

"Something wrong, Ash?" Brock asked in slight concern.

Ash turned around, leaning back against the deck's railing. "Once we hit the seaport, we'll be close to Twinleaf Town, right?"

"Yeah," Dawn answered, not entirely sure what Ash was getting at.

Ash grimaced. "It's just that I realized when we boarded the ship that when we get there, it will be time to say goodbye. We all have to head to our respective homes. And after that, I need to have some time to think about what's next for me."

Brock nodded slowly, understanding. "It's not the end of the world, Ash. We've been through this before. Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and now Sinnoh."

"I know, I know," Ash said back. "Doesn't make it any easier." He gave the pair a kind smile. "I'll miss you guys a lot."

Dawn returned the smile. "Let's be positive about it. It's been a great year for us. Like we said earlier, our journeys are only just beginning. I'm sure this won't be the last time we travel together."

"Well, that may actually come sooner than you'd expect," Brock spoke up suddenly, catching the attention of both of them. "Indeed, our life journeys are just beginning. But, before it's time to say our final goodbyes, I have a small surprise for the two of you."

"Hmm?" Dawn hummed at him, perking an eyebrow in interest.

"Whatcha up to?" Ash asked curiously, giving Brock a suspicious look. Pikachu tilted his head, thoughtful.

"You'll see. Wait here," Brock responded as he turned around and disappeared into the ship's interior, making his way towards the group's assigned cabin where he had put his backpack and belongings. After a couple of minutes, he returned with a small envelope in his hands. He walked to a table on the ship's deck and sat down. Getting the cue, Ash and Dawn followed suit and sat down with him. "So, over the last several weeks I've been putting together this little surprise for both of you."

"A surprise?" Ash repeated, wondering what sort of thing Brock could have planned. Considering the former gym leader's vast expertise on so many fields and places, it could literally be anything.

"Ooh, I'm really eager now!" Dawn gushed excitedly. "You're the best, Brock!"

Brock nodded appreciatively. "Thank you. So, before we split up and head home, I arranged for us to have a small vacation. A last get-together to enjoy ourselves and have fun without the pressures of competition bogging us down."

"That's amazing!" Dawn exclaimed while clapping her hands together, her eyes lighting up with glee. "I wouldn't mind a vacation. The Sinnoh competitions were very stressful, a break before tackling my next challenge would be very much appreciated. Though, what about my mom? Does she know?" she asked.

Brock nodded once. "She does. I already spoke with Johanna. We'll head to our destination, spend a couple weeks there and once we're done, you'll return to Sinnoh while Ash and I will continue on to Kanto," he elaborated.

Dawn tilted her head, placing a finger on her chin. "Head back to Sinnoh? So, where we're going isn't within Sinnoh?" she deducted.

Brock shook his head. "It's not. I originally wanted to have the vacation be in Sinnoh for convenience's sake since we're already here. Sadly, when trying to find a good place I realized that since we just traveled through all of Sinnoh… uh, well, let's just say there weren't any interesting spots left that we haven't already visited."

Dawn giggled in amusement. "Well, I won't argue with that."

"Makes sense," Ash added. "Walking around a region on foot means you'll see most of it eventually."

"Yeah," Brock agreed. "So, I looked at other regions I'm familiar with for possible vacation destinations, made a list, narrowed it down… and finally managed to find a good place we can vacation on that I don't think any of us has been to."

Dawn grinned excitedly, barely containing herself on her chair. "Where is it? Tell me already!"

Ash chuckled at her enthusiasm, but he knew he'd be lying if he said he wasn't equally interested. Judging by the way Pikachu was leaning forward on his shoulder, Ash knew his buddy was just as interested as he was.

"I'm getting there, patience," Brock urged her with some amusement. "Anyway, other than stress relief, I organized this vacation as a congratulatory gift for both of you. You two should be very proud of yourselves. Top four for you, Ash. Runner-up for you, Dawn. That's amazing considering you two just turned fifteen and eleven years old not too long ago. Many trainers don't get any decent results until they're almost adults."

Ash scratched the back of his head, flattered. "Thanks a lot, Brock."

Dawn blushed slightly. "Thank you. I still can't believe I was basically the second-best coordinator in Sinnoh after just one year of training."

Brock gave the young girl a sincere smile. "You're a prodigy, Dawn. Keep up the hard work, don't slack off and you'll be going places." He fiddled with the envelope he had in his hands, opening it and taking out six pieces of paper from it. "So, when we get to Twinleaf, we'll spend a day over there to get ready, then we'll be departing to Johto. These are our tickets." He handed one out to Dawn and Ash while keeping one for himself.

"Oh, so our vacation destination is in Johto? Neat. I've never been to Johto before," Dawn commented as she examined the rather genetic ship ticket in her hands.

Ash also looked at the ticket in his hands, a rush of many fond memories from his Johto journeys immediately flooding his mind. Judging by Pikachu's fixed gaze at the ticket, it was clear he too was in a similar trance. "Man, Johto does bring back so many memories… So, this place we're going to, did we miss it during our Johto adventures? It seems odd we haven't been there already."

"We missed it, yeah," Brock confirmed. "I can't remember why, honestly. May have been bad weather or we just couldn't fit it into our itinerary." He paused for a moment. "Once we get to Johto, we'll be heading there. It's a lovely city that's literally built in the middle of the sea called Alto Mare. It's one of the highest rated holiday spots in all of Kanto and Johto, so I'm sure that we'll have a blast over there." He handed Ash and Dawn another ticket, once again keeping one for himself. "That's the Eon Ticket, Alto Mare's custom travel ticket and our access to the city."

"Wow, this looks really neat," Dawn said while she closely examined the ticket she had been given. It was a stylish card with a golden frame around it that featured a color gradient that went from red to blue, with two prominent black silhouettes on it. She turned it around, noting that the back featured the same gradient and had the travel information such as date, name and assigned ship printed on it in nice golden letters. "Pretty."

Ash hummed, staring intently at the travel ticket. "Wait a moment, this Pokémon over here looks very familiar, Brock," he said with a wince, pointing at one of the silhouettes on the ticket with a finger.

"Yeah, I'm very sorry about that," Brock responded awkwardly. "You see, Alto Mare's biggest fame comes from the fact the city is home to two Legendary Pokémon, a Latias and Latios, that basically govern it. So, it's a very unique place."

Ash leaned into the table, throwing Brock a teasing look. "Yeah, let's go on a vacation to that place literally ruled by the one Pokémon that knocked me out of the Sinnoh league."

Brock laughed out loud, unsurprised. "Ash, I planned this ahead of time. There's no way I could've ever predicted Tobias was going to use a Latios of all Pokémon to eliminate you. Seriously, what are the chances that was going to happen!?"

Ash began to chuckle, admitting to himself that the situation was rather amusing. "Well, I guess you didn't see that one coming."

"I totally didn't," Brock responded. "But, as soon as Tobias released that Latios, I knew the irony of my planned vacation wouldn't be missed."

"Don't worry about it," Ash said, while Dawn and Pikachu couldn't help but giggle.

Brock slowly stood up from the table. "Anyway, now that the plans are laid down, let's go and get something to eat."

Ash grinned. "I like that plan."

"Of course," Dawn chirped in playfully, much to Ash's embarrassment.

Several days later…

Ash let out a relaxed sigh as the fresh and salty sea breeze went past all around him, causing him to raise a hand to his head to keep his beloved cap secure in place, and relished in the cool sensation it brought from the warm noon sunrays. Ash, Dawn and Brock were currently on a mid-sized tourist ferry, along with several dozen other people, having departed from a port in Johto's coastline to head to Alto Mare not long ago. Ash looked ahead, seeing nothing but a vast landscape of bright blue water in front of the ferry. "So, how long before we reach Alto Mare?" he asked curiously, glancing over his shoulder to look at Brock, who was casually leaning back in his seat.

"The boat journey takes about half an hour, Ash. We'll be there pretty soon," Brock answered. "According to what I've read, Alto Mare is only a few dozen miles beyond the coast."

Dawn perked up upon hearing that, gazing at the horizon ahead with interest to see if she could catch any glimpses of the famed city yet. "I'm really eager. From the way you've been describing this place, it sounds wonderful."

"I've read that it is! It has raving reviews as a vacation spot, so I hope that we'll have a great time over there," Brock replied in excitement.

"Yeah, we haven't taken a good break in a while," Ash mused before idly looking to the side, watching the waves the boat created as it sped forward with slight attention along with Pikachu. Occasionally they would catch a glimpse of a water-type Pokémon, causing both of them to follow it with their gazes until it disappeared from sight. As the minutes went by and the boat neared their destination, Ash was suddenly jolted in slight fright due to Dawn letting out an excited shout beside him.

"Hey! Look!" Dawn exclaimed happily while pointing forward. Ash and Brock turned their heads to look at what Dawn was pointing to and then stood up, walking closer to the boat's bow as numerous objects became immediately visible on the distant horizon. The boat kept going closer and closer, making more distant objects appear and causing the ones that were already visible to become larger and be easily identifiable as buildings that seemed to magically sprout from the ocean.

"Whoa… It's even better to look at with my own eyes than on all of its promotional material," Brock commented in awe. "Such an amazing and unique city… I wonder how many pretty girls I'll meet over there!" he gushed.

Dawn lightheartedly elbowed him. "Don't make me call your Croagunk."

Brock grimaced. "Please no." He froze in horror when he felt one of his Poké Balls vibrate ever so slightly.

"Thought so," Dawn replied, snickering.

As the two bantered, Ash leaned forward as much as he could to get a better view of the rapidly approaching city. "So, that's Alto Mare…" he said breathlessly. The ferry began to turn to the side, going around the front of Alto Mare in a wide loop to head towards the harbor and thus letting the boat's occupants get a clear view of the city as it passed by.

The Johto Region's autonomous territory of Alto Mare was a city proudly built right in the middle of the seas located just beyond Johto's coastline. Despite its very unusual location, Alto Mare was rather big and looked to span across a vast area. Due to its nature, the city mostly lacked any exceptionally tall buildings except for a few notable or important buildings that jutted imposingly from the rest. The majority of the city's buildings were designed with a classical and antique style of architecture, giving it a unique visual appeal.

"Wow, they weren't joking when they said this place used canals instead of roads," Ash commented, clearly impressed. As the ferry sailed across the coastline of Alto Mare, it let the occupants see the numerous waterways into the city. Alto Mare had a complex infrastructure of water canals that served as its main streets and roads, with gondolas and boats of both traditional and modern designs being a common sight on them as they were the primary means of transportation on the city.

The ferry then made a sharp turn towards the city, entering a large harbor that had numerous docks lined up on its interior. "Attention passengers, attention passengers. We have arrived to our destination, Alto Mare. Please, prepare to disembark," the captain's voice resounded over the loudspeakers. Minutes later, the boat docked and a ramp was lowered to allow the occupants to exit.

Ash, Dawn and Brock patiently waited for their turn to disembark. As they waited, they looked around and observed the numerous ships coming and going as well as the myriad of people arriving, leaving or working at the busy harbor. Looking inland, they noted an ornamented fence was funneling all the arriving visitors from the docks to a single large entry into the main harbor area. The port had many smaller stations and buildings with a similar antique motif as the rest of the city lining it, with a large port authority building prominently rising at the center.

Once they had disembarked in an orderly manner, Ash's group stepped off the ramp and into the dock, and then began to make their way to the main entryway. As they walked, they took note of the flag that was proudly waving from a large pole at the top of the main port building. The flag was mainly white with two stripes, one red and one blue, splitting it diagonally. On each side of the division, facing their respective stripe, was a distinct Pokémon-like red and blue silhouette that Ash's group couldn't quite make out just yet. However, they all had a good idea as to who each silhouette represented.

When they reached the end of the dock, they noticed that flanking the harbor's main entrance were two gracefully decorated stone pillars with statues on top of them and an elegant stone plaque on their front, with each pillar ending up roughly a bit taller than an adult human. "Huh, interesting," Ash commented as he walked closer to examine them. He first focused on the two very finely crafted stone carvings of the pair of Legendary Pokémon at the top. One was tinted red and the other was tinted blue, the latter of which he recognized as Latios from his experience in the Lily of the Valley Conference. The other one was stunningly similar, with some slight differences, which he assumed was Latias. "Well, you weren't kidding, Brock," Ash said in bemusement as he went up to the red statue on the right. "This place really does like Latias and Latios."

"It does," Brock responded. "They are very important to this city." As he examined them, his eyes focused on the pillar and the plaque underneath the statues. "Huh, it says something here," he added, pointing to it.

Ash leaned forward to get a better look at the inscription on the plate. "Welcome to Alto Mare, dearest visitor. I offer you my warmest greetings and wish you have a fantastic and delightful stay in our city! – Latias," he read aloud. After he finished reading, he glanced up at the elegant red statue above the inscription. "So, this is Latias after all."

"Hey, this other one also has something written on it," Dawn spoke up, pointing to the plate on the pillar to their left. "I'm delighted to give you a hospitable welcome to Alto Mare as well as my kind regards. I hope you have a pleasant and fulfilling stay. – Latios," she read aloud. "That's what it says."

"Huh, so this is as if Latias and Latios themselves were welcoming us to the city?" Ash questioned with an awestruck expression on his face "That's a really cool detail." On his shoulder, Pikachu nodded in agreement.

"Seems that way." Brock hummed thoughtfully, leaning forward to examine the inscription. He frowned while reaching forward to run his hand across the letters of the inscription. He slowly felt his way through each letter, his expression becoming more flabbergasted with every moment. "These aren't made by people. They're claw marks."

"What, claws?" Dawn asked, shocked.

"Yeah," Brock answered, incredulous.

"So, that means this… this was actually written by the dragons themselves? Or was it just done by local artists trying to replicate claws?" Ash asked in intrigue, looking closely to inspect the writing along with Brock.

"Honestly, I don't know," Brock responded, walking to Latios' pillar to eye the inscription on it for a few moments. "These do look like claw marks, and both styles are also distinctly different. The letters on Latios' message look sharper and more linear, while the ones on Latias' plaque seem to be rounder and softer. Basically, they are unique in design to each other. It's almost as if they reflected personality. Hmm, I wonder…" Before he could continue talking, he noticed among the people walking nearby a young man wearing a distinct blue uniform with the emblem of Alto Mare on his sleeve. "Oh, excuse me!" he called out, raising his hand.

The man stopped and glanced at him briefly, then made his way over to them. "Hello, welcome to Alto Mare," the man greeted them curtly. "I'm an assistant of the harbormaster, how may I help you?"

"Are these inscriptions… you know?" Ash began to speak while pointing to the statues and plaques, not entirely sure how to formulate his question.

The assistant smiled warmly, already knowing exactly what was going through the young trainer's mind. "Oh, they're real. These are indeed carved by our guardian gods, Latios and Latias, themselves. They're an expression of their goodwill to all our tourists and wishing them a pleasant stay in our city," he answered with a hint of admiration on his voice.

"Thank you," Dawn and Ash responded at the same time. The assistant, seeing that he was no longer needed, gave them a curt nod before leaving to resume his duties.

Brock held his chin with a hand in thought. "Impressive… so this really was done by their own claws," he noted.

"Yeah, it's awesome. You know, now I hope we actually get to meet them," Ash said wishfully. "That would be great." He walked past the pillars, with Brock and Dawn following him.

Brock nodded in agreement. "Yeah, they seem like a really friendly pair of Pokémon. I hope we have a chance to meet them, too."

"Well, considering our very long track record whenever we visit places with ties to Legendary Pokémon… I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we actually met them, and then a catastrophe happens while we're here. So, we'll be forced to help Latias and Latios deal with it," Ash commented with a roll of his eyes. Pikachu groaned and held his head between his paws.

Brock playfully smacked the young trainer in the shoulder, almost causing Pikachu to lose his balance and fall off. "Ash! Do. Not. Jinx. It."

Dawn laughed heartily. "Yeah! I'd love to have a vacation that's actually peaceful for once and not have Legendary Pokémon fighting all around us like in Alamos Town or Michina Town."

Ash chuckled. "Well, me too! I was just making a comment… Let's hope not."

"Yeah, no need to worry, right?" Dawn said expectantly.

Brock frowned. "Don't say that specific phrase, Dawn."

"Fine, I won't. So, anyway, where to now, Brock?" Dawn asked while looking around.

"Well, first we go to the Pokémon Center to check in for a place to stay at night. Then, we're going to have you two registered," Brock replied. "We arrived at the city at just the perfect time like I planned."

"Get us registered? Registered for what exactly?" Ash questioned, with Pikachu looking at the former gym leader with equal attention.

Brock smirked. "Something called the Tour de Alto Mare."

Chapter 1 End

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