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Something About You
By addictive

Prologue: my heart follows..


"Here lies the beloved Kieko Urameshi, loving wife, beautiful mother. Her life ended suddenly, but she did not live any minute in vain. Let her soul rest in peace, and be guided to the next dimension of her existence."

The priest sadly closed his book, looking into the sky before letting the last of his words slip from his mouth,


It was so final.

The rain was light, yet I managed to catch a few on my lips and note the taste of salt that still lingered. All of Rekai was crying for her, mourning a beautiful angels descent back to the world of the dead. No longer would she walk the earth of Nigenkai, be able to hold her wonderful in the embrace of Yusuke.

My lilac eyes felt heavy, and full of sorrow. I had vowed to be strong, not to cry. They didn't need to pity me, when those two people standing closest to the casket looked so alone/


I mumbled incoherently, unaware I let his name slip from my lips. His sullen eyes didn't blink, as he watched his whole world lower to the ground. No one spoke, not a single word

Holding his hand, another sullen form watched as her mother was slowly disappearing from her view forever. Her light brown hair was tied nicely into two small braids, her usual chubby little cherub face looked deathly pale, and her bright brown eyes suddenly dull. Small child, she shouldn't have to feel this...not yet.

Little Koto-Chan...if I could only take every ounce of pain from your small frame, I would do it without even thinking twice. I adored the young girl since the day she was born, and still she's my little darling angel.

She's everyone's angel.

I couldn't help but allow the single tear course down my face, mixing with the light rain as it washed over us.

Everyone had come, even Hiei. Kurama and him stood against a tree, there eyes downcast, as if trying to hide tears. I felt my heart quench in pain, as I watched them suffer like everyone else.

Poor Yukina, she was trying so hard to not to cry...I could see her hold Kuwabara's hand so tightly, no wonder he was wincing.

But, like the rest of us...he would welcome the pain, since it only helped him forget about the remorseful reality we all were slapped across the face with.

She was gone, so if she just disappeared and would come back to see us all again, with this beautiful smile across her lips.

Keep on dreaming Botan...

I didn't even have the chance to ferry her to Rekai, and each time I begin to think of how scared she must have been...I want to go and kill Koenma for not allowing me to sooth her, to take her and guarantee her safety.

He thought I would be to emotional, try something stupid like give her life back...

And oh gods, I would have...I would have without blinking an eye, even if it cost me my job...sent me to jail. I don't care.

I was suddenly sobbing, regretting not forcing him to allow me to be her ferry girl. If only...

I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I turned to fall into the arms of Kuwabara. He held me tightly, whispering words I couldn't hear, but I didn't care...I just relished being close to my friend.

"Botan please...don't cry..."

Yukina's sweet voice echoed through my ears, as I tried so damn hard to smile reassuringly to the young koorime. My lips barely lifted, and my vision blurred as I held the burning need to fall on my knees and cry. A silent tear fell down her porcelain face, turning into a beautiful pearl. It went unnoticed as it hit the ground. No one cared for pearls.

We only cared for the woman inside that beautiful white casket.

I grasped onto Kuwabara, as he held Yukina and me. My head bowed, I couldn't bear to watch the casket disappear fully into the ground.

She was gone.

I could feel Kuwabara shake, and Yukina pressed against me wanting more comfort. Such a young koorime, she did not understand everything, she was no different then the small 4-year-old Koto.

"Mama, come back..."

I heard the faint whisper, and my eyes snapped to the young girl tugging her small hand from her fathers grasp. She looked frantic, as the men began to gather dirt and push it on top of the casket.

"Papa? Papa, tell them to stop! Tell them to stop, please!"

Her face was so pale, her eyes so big and frighten. She shook, and Yususke dropped to his knees and gathered his baby in his arms.

"Ko-chan, Mama isn't going to come back...I'm sorry baby,"

His voice was strained with pain, his face hidden; yet I knew he was crying by the way his shoulders shook. I stepped toward them, my hands outstretched as if to reach them, but Kuwabara firmly grasped my wrist.

"Let them be, Botan..."

I nodded, stepping back within his and Yukina's warm embrace. I felt so cold...

The priest signaled a row of people to pay their last respects, and to drop flowers to her casket before they covered it up with the earth that she would now belong to.

In my hands, I held a bunch of daisies, so pure and white. The reminded me of her, of how simple yet striking she had been.

My hands shivered, as I watched Kurama kiss the most beautiful rose I had ever laid my eyes on. He dropped to one knee, silently looking at the hole where she would forever sleep. With a soft nod, he dropped the rose into the ground. His eyes locked with mine for a mere second, and I almost winced at the amount of pain so clear in those emerald eyes.

I looked away, unable to bear looking at the beautiful youkai. I walked up to the burial ground; unable to directly look into the hole my dear friend was laid in. I dropped my flowers with everyone else's, my eyes once again overflowing with tears of grief.

As those flowers fell, my heart followed...

With a shuddering breath, my lips silently moved to the words of her beautiful tombstone.

Kieko Urameshi
Beloved wife and mother
~Forever remembered and cherished~

Dear Keiko, with you a part of us all will be buried.


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