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Something About You ..::Chapter 3; sleep my baby angel::..

"So this is home?"

My eyes scanned the spacious apartment, taking in the deep blue carpet, the poppy red walls and the modern white leather furniture. A toy here and there was spotted scatter on the floor, and the sweet smell of flowers filled my nose.

Flowers with Urameshi? It was hard to believe.

"Oh! Botan! We'll have so much fun; it will be like a sleepover!" Koto giggled, her hands grabbing mine yet again. With a giddiness that I was ashamed to admit, I was feeling as well, she began to show me the rooms I couldn't see from the door way.

"Here's the and daddy make cookies together in here!"

The kitchen was well kept, looking very clean and sanitary. The walls were adorned with pink and yellow flowered wall paper, giving the room a homey touch.

"Oh! Cookies!" I giggled, " Did you bake them Koto?"

She handed me a chocolate chip cookie, still a bit warm from being backed just before the came to seem me. I took a big bite, my eyes watering at the pure deliciousness that gently glided over my taste buds. Oh, I could just taste the love.

"Botan, don't eat too many sweets. Dinners still waiting for us."

I flinched, almost choking on the last bite. He sounded so cold.

I laughed, patting my tummy. "Oh, there's so much room in there trust me. Now that I have the chance to enjoy food!"

"Bo-Chan! Come see my room!"

...............~*~ 8pm ( Koto's Bedtime).

"My name is Princess..uhhh." Botan bit her lip, "Oh yeah! Princess Magical Angel Kiss!"

Koto giggled, her eyes lighting up with a passion Botan remembered seeing die with her mother. She looked very cute that evening, in her pink heart pajamas. On her back she wore a pair of gauzy fairy wings that sparkled as she turned in circles. Ornamented on her head was a paper crown they both made, with purple felt marker flowers covering the surface. Purple was Koto's favorite color.

"Bo-Chan! You look so pretty!"

I looked at my self in the miniature mirror in Koto's room, and almost choked. My hair was in two high pigtails, held up with two of Koto's favorite purple hair ties. With a bit of Koto's begging, I had let her put makeup on my face. I resisted the urge to rub of the two big circles of bright pink blush on my cheeks and the sparkles that covered my eye lids. I gave her credit for the sheer pink gloss that lay softly on my lips. I also had a pair of those cute wings that I manage to fit on. I was also in pajamas, that Koenma was graceful enough to supply me. I was a long nightgown, made of silky lilac material I cherished back when I was a ferry girl. Koto thought it looked like a princess's gown.

"Ko-Chan, my dear.You look beautiful as always!"

She laughed once again, and I fought the urge to just fall asleep. The sound made me feel so.

So much like home, like I was meant to listen to that sound for the rest of my life. Her eyes became sullen once again, as she gazed out the window and looked at the sky that was filled with millions of twinkling stars. Her eyes held this serious wonderment, this passion for something I knew she wouldn't get to feel.


Oh dear, how much she reminded me of an adult. How much she looked like Keiko.

"Yes, sweetheart?" I gently lay my hand over hers on the window ledge, letting the delicious feeling of her warm skin penetrate into my nerves. I didn't know what I would do if I couldn't be with this angel forever, for she had already began to take over my heart with her gorgeous soul.

"My Mama use to sing me to sleep and I really miss her pretty voice." She smiled softly, "So Daddy said that I should look at the stars and close my ears to the world, and I'd hear her lullaby again."

She stopped, grabbing hold of my other hand and catching my gaze with her charming brown eyes.

"Botan. Daddy was right.I do hear her voice.But it's not the same!" Her hand rose to wipe the tear that she had tried so hard to keep to herself, "Could you please sing me a song? Just once? I'll never ask again!"

"Oh! Ko-Chan! Of course!" I embraced the child with affectionate care, "Mind you, I don't have the greatest voice."

I picked her up tenderly, and both of us swayed to the bed like real fairies in a magical tale I felt I was really living. Slowly I sat down on the bed, and held her in the safety of my arms.

"Would you like to hear the lullaby my mother sang to me, Ko-Chan?" I didn't remember much of anything in my past human life, but this song lurked in my mind as I tried so very hard to put the memory of my mother's face in my mind. I knew in my heart that she sang this song to me at night, and held me in her embrace as I held Koto.

She wrapped her arms around my neck lovingly, as she rested her tiny head on my breast. I closed my eyes, as my voice began to whisper the hauntingly beautiful song;

Sleep my baby angel
Close your sweet tired eyes
For in your dreams await you
A magical surprise

You can be a princess
In a fairy tale
You can be a fishy
Swimming with the whale

While the moonbeams tickle
Your precious little face
You look so beautiful dreaming
With the look of pure grace

So close your eyes sweet child of mine
And let my voice sooth you
For its time to go to sleep and rest
and play in a sweet dream come true.

Koto's breathing was slow and I could tell the dear thing had fallen asleep. I sighed, not wanting to leave the warmth that radiated from the child's soul. Regretfully but gently, I laid her on her bed and pulled the covers softly over her body. Brushing a stray lock of hair from her cute face, I bent down and gave her a quick kiss goodnight.

"Sweet dreams, my little Ko-Chan."

I turned towards the door, but stopped dead in my tracks.


He strutted towards me, and looked me in the eye. For once, the cold emotion he had held for me since I came hear seemed to melt in a look of gratitude. I shivered slightly, why did I feel so right being in the room with the two of them? Like we were a family?

"Uh, Botan." He started nervously; his had behind his head in the anxious gesture I was all too familiar with.

I laughed, but covered my mouth when I heard Koto rustle in the bed. I moved to the side to let Yusuke say goodnight to his most precious angel and then grabbed his hand. I dragged him to the living room.

"What were you going to say?"

He smiled, "Just thanks for doing that for Koto."

I smiled, touching his hand surprisingly. "Anytime."

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