The room was cold...colder than she was, the bed harder than the shell that had been forcefully put around her. The only thing that was louder than the hum of the dropship's engines was the giggling of the tiny human in the center of the room …the crack in her shell, a young boy who they picked up on a mission in Russia, Dimitri was his name and he was possibly the only thing keeping her present.

Resting her hand on the bed to use as leverage, she propped herself up, the sheet that was used as a blanket slipping down her ice-blue skin, stopping at her hips, her feet pressed against the metal floor and Talon's perfect weapon stood at her full 5'9 height, Amélie Lacroix, "Widowmaker".

"Dimitri." Her voice cut through the air and the blonde, 18-month-old boy looked up at her, a smile instantly spread across his face when he realized who was calling his name, a soft laugh coming from him, which earned a small smile from the woman he called his mother. She crouched, watching intently as Dimitri picked up a toy from the floor in front of him, a toy car that one of her partners had gotten for him, she couldn't remember if it was Sombra or Reaper.


"Yes, Mon Cher, that is a car."

The child grinned at that, going back to playing with the toys on the ground while Amelie stood up, walking back over to the bed, reaching over for her gun leaning against the head, her hand freezing as three knocks rapped against the door.


Amélie rolled her eyes, Sombra, of course, she would be bothering her at this moment. She glared at the door just before it slid open, the bright smile of the Talon hacker filling her eyes.

"Barry!" Dimitri beamed at the Hispanic woman, standing to walk over to her, giving a big hug to her legs upon arrival.

"Hey, Dimi!" Sombra looked over at her teammate after picking up the toddler. "Are you ready?"

"I don't think you understand what I am about to do."

"Of course I do! We're about to reveal the child we've been secretly raising for the past eleven months to our bosses! Come on, we're the best they got, what are they going to do?"

"Take him, and experiment on him until he's either dead or just like me." Amelie huffed quietly, looking at Dimitri in the arms of the hacker. That was the best of the options they had in relation to the child.

You see, the Talon Trio had been sent on a mission to Moscow, Russia, to deal with a traitor who had been leaking information to government officials, causing almost four failed missions across the Talon organization, but the only thing they were met with was the dude's terrified wife and screaming baby, so they killed the wife and took the baby and that should've been it …but it wasn't. The trio got another mission before they made it back to the dropship with the child and between travel time and the additional missions, not to mention the rescue mission that happened when Dimitri was taken by an enemy organization, they hadn't seen their base of operations for almost a year so that meant that no one was aware Dimitri even existed, save for the traveling pilot that had been sworn to secrecy with a Hellfire Shotgun to his head.

That was until now, of course, they were on their way back right now and no one was more worried than Widowmaker, she didn't know what would happen, would they force her to give him up? Experiment on him? Kill him? There was a world of very grim possibilities in the Talon universe… and she was scared of every single one of them.

"I think you need to stop thinking of the worst-case scenario, you have to remember they are letting a civilian into the organization." Sombra waved her hand, bouncing Dimitri in her arms.

"You have to remember that the civilian you are referring to is going to be of great use to Talon."

"Dimi can be of great use! He can be a distraction! Or he could be a future Talon soldier."

"Okay, but that isn't what I want."

"Okay, but here's the thing Araña, you don't get normal, you get what you can, you will never get normal again, I will never normal again, and neither will Gabe, so I suggest, you take what you can before it all gets taken away."

Amelie felt a pit in her stomach for a moment, but gave Sombra a quick nod anyway, she wasn't wrong, things will never be normal for her, it was just how it is, but that didn't mean it didn't suck.

Sombra bounced Dimitri in her arms for a little bit before putting him down, looking back at Amelie for a moment.

"Get him ready, we arrive in ten minutes."

Dimitri looked up at his "mother", another sweet grin spreading across his cheeks before she picked him up, heading out the open door before it closed in her face.

The hallway was dimly lit as any evil, terrorist organization ship should be, dark with a feeling of dread too it. Amelie made her way to the hallway before the exit ramp, a dark figure leaning against the wall, Dimitri seemed to perk at the sight of it, a bright smile spreading across his cheeks.


The figure looked over, a white skull-like mask illuminating in the dim lighting, Reaper, or as very few know him as, "Gabriel Reyes."

A very small growl hit Amelie's ears, she knew he wasn't very fond of the sudden title given to him by the child, but there wasn't really anything he could do about it, Dimitri saw him as his father and there wasn't anyone else stepping up to fill that role.

"How close are we?" Amelie inquired, giving a glance to the hull door down the hallway.

"We're in Talon airspace, so maybe about five minutes….are you sure you want to do this?"

"Do I have much of choice?"

"We could hide him in one of the lockers on here."

"What are the chances the same ship will be there when we return?" She looked at him as he grew silent. "That's what I thought… I am aware of the outcome."

"The one thing you have shown emotions for since this happened to you and you're just willing to… throw it away?"

"I am not supposed to feel anyway, might as well go back to that before I end up doing something drastic."

Reaper gave a loud huff to her response, he wouldn't lie, he felt bad, the man who had died within him a long time ago had promised a friend to take care of his wife should anything happen to him and… this wasn't keeping his promise to Gerard at all, Amelie was feeling again, at least a little, she was showing some form of compassion, a little bit of happiness and it was about to be ripped away from her.

….Unless he had something to do about it.