Dear Diary

Its barely been a two days since Piper got… well… back to normal. Thanks to Leo! All she can remember is having a real bad headache and me and Phoebe spoon feeding her, oh yeah and Dan coming to visit once. Dan - I could STRANGLE him right now! When he found out about Piper's "miracle" recovery, he went back to the phoney and so totally pathetic "I'm so sorry" act. Piper dumped him. I am so proud of her.

Well Leo has been his normal sweet self and has given us sister time. Pheebs and me are so glad to have her back. It is weird - we both keep forgetting that she is well again! Last night at dinner Piper didn't start straight away and Phoebe was on autopilot and started cutting up her meat and beans! You should have seen the look on Pipers face! It was so funny…and relieving! But wasn't just Pheebs that did it… Piper was writing a letter to try and get her license back and she was saying it out loud, and she paused after the word California, and I started spelling it for her…she thinks we are totally nuts! But I don't care…we have her back and that's all that matters.

Well we're definitely all adjusting to Piper being better again… even Piper. She is finding all these things that she has missed out on while she was sick… its really getting her down.

Everything is going to be fine. Piper is better, she has dumped Dan, and Leo is back. Whoever said that there are no happy endings in real life definitely wasn't a Charmed One!



"Piper, if you ever do that again to me, I… I, well I don't know what I would do. You just scared me so much." Phoebe said, pulling her older sister into a hug.

"Don't worry Pheebs, I don't plan on getting sick anytime soon" Piper said, hugging her sister reassuringly.

"That's good, cause I don't think we could afford another of those medical bills" Prue said as she entered the room, joining in the hug. They all remained in silence for a while, relaxed, knowing that, even if it was only for a little while, things were going to be all right.

"So" Phoebe said, breaking the silence. "Now that Dan's out of your life, are you going to be dating our whitelighter again?"

"Hmmm" Piper said, frowning mischievously.

Distracted for a moment from thoughts of Leo, Piper spied Kit walking into the room and winding herself around a table leg in the corner of the room. "Kit, I haven't seen you for ages!" Piper exclaimed, breaking the hug walking over to the cat and bending to pick her up.

"Piper!!" Prue and Phoebe yelled in unison