Chapter 12: Sibling History

.:Teiru's POV:.

I was kind of glad that Tei was going to be away for a little while. I had some time to myself where I could cook dinner for myself, and prepare a bento for her for when she gets home.

Though, she wasn't the most considerate person in the world, nor the nicest, I cared a lot about her. I would make sure to include all of her favorites; kappa rolls (a type of sushi made of rice, seaweed, and freshly cut cucumbers), shrimp tempura, steamed rice with soy sauce, and miso soup with miso cucumbers.

My sister could be a little bit of a spiteful bully sometimes, but I understood why. She's always had some self-esteem issues, which I assume stems from her insecurities about her albino appearance. There was also an issue where she would feel like she's not good enough for someone, for reasons that remain unknown to me.

I think it may stem from her obsessiveness, and also her perhaps semi-insane nature; she had a tendency to become obsessed with a boy she likes to an extent that would freak them out and they'd avoid her. Though, they usually had a close friendship with another girl, which probably caused her to assume the boy and the girl were in a relationship. She could also be very jealous of others at times—probably because they weren't teased or picked on, or that they had something that she wants, but doesn't have.

However, despite her obsessive nature, she truly means no harm. Though, she did retaliate against a boy she used to like who teased her about being albino. She was in middle school at the time, and unfortunately for her, anime featuring "Yandere" characters were becoming very popular then.

I don't know much about them—I'm not much of an anime person, but they tend to be on the crazy side and have an obsessive crush on someone, tending to retaliate when things don't go their way—these are traits that, admittedly, my sister exhibits and so her retaliation got her labelled as such, causing her to become quite the bully from then on. Though, this isn't quite reflective of her true self.

It's because of these things that I'm so protective of her. I want her to be happy, and I want her to have positive relationships with her friends. That's why I convinced our parents to have her stay here for the Summer and that's also why I encouraged Teto to reach out to her when Teto had mentioned asking Tei to join the Vippaloid group.

I knew having Tei come here and become friends with Teto would set her on the right path—and, I've noticed quite a difference in her demeanor since I last spoke to her before she came here. She was becoming a little more gentle and sweet.

She's always enjoyed picking on me for whatever reason, and although she was usually harmless, she could be mean sometimes.

I began reminiscing about a time when we were younger and she picked on me quite frequently.

A few years back when Tei was 16 and Teiru was 19…

I was sitting on the couch, minding my own business when I saw my sister approaching me out of the corner of my eye. She was clearly hiding something behind her back and she had a devious smirk on her face, as per usual.

"Hey, Teiru," she said, voice laced with malice. "What's wet and dumb all over?"

I exhaled an annoyed sigh and closed the book I had been reading. I was just trying to relax with my new book, but clearly she didn't care.

"I don't know, Scottei. What?" I said, annoyed.

"Your face!"

I shrieked as she dumped a bucket of cold water on my head and then dropped bucket on my head too. She walked away, cackling at what she'd just done. I was pretty upset to have water dumped all over me, but I was even more upset when I saw she had ruined my book.

"Scottei! You ruined my book!" I shouted back at her.

She came back over, and she seemed to have a much more innocent look on her face. She looked a bit apologetic.

"Oh, geez… I didn't mean to ruin your book… I was just trying to mess with you," she said, sounding genuinely concerned. "I'm sorry, bro. Um, I'll buy you a new one?"

I shook my head. "No. That's all right. I'll buy it."

My sister was an odd one. She could be picking on you and making fun of you one moment, but then the next moment she realizes she's wronged you and apologizes. By which I mean I'm the only one she acts that way towards.

She's a handful and she gets on my nerves sometimes, but, hey, I probably get on her nerves, too.

"Great! I didn't want to spend my own money anyways!" She exclaimed delightedly.

She pulled down one eyelid and stuck her tongue out at me.

(Back to the present...)

I shook my head playfully at the memory.

My sister certainly was something else, alright.

I went into the kitchen and began preparing my dinner and my sister's bento. I think she would be pleased with the result.

My mind drifted into thought, recalling the face of this new boy she was obsessed with.

Please, whoever this kid is, let him be a nice, kind person… I thought.

Tei thinks I'm being overprotective of her, but I have a good reason to be concerned with her love life. I know that there are a lot of very nice people out there, but there also some that aren't so nice. I just didn't want my little sister to be with a bad guy, that's all.

She doesn't want me to meet him, but I'm going to make sure that my sister is dating a nice boy, whether she likes it or not.

A/N: Sorry this chapter was a bit shorter than usual! I hope you still enjoyed it anyways. It was fun writing from Teiru's perspective, and I hope it gave you an interesting look into both Teiru's and Tei's characterizationss in this story!