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"Seek and ye shall find they say,

but they don't say what you'll find."

― The Cheshire Cat

"If I said I'm sorry would you stop yelling at me?" Rhea asked, holding the phone a good ways away from her her ear.

"NO! Because you're not actually sorry! You vanished from your hospital bed only to reappear in a different one in a different hospital in a different country! Rhea! What happened! Explain right now!" Komui ordered, shouting into the phone. Rey extended her arm to it's full length, hoping to save her hearing.

"I can explain..." she trailed off uneasily, rubbing the back of her head. Her ears perked as she heard another voice on the other end of the phone.

"I wanna-" Komui cut it off.

"No. I'm talking to her right now. You can after-"

"I wanna do it now. Gimme the phone!"

"Stop it!"

"Gimme!" The voice, a girl's, demanded. She could hear the two struggling for the phone. "I said gimme!" The girl grew louder.

"And I said no! Gosh you were so well behaved when you first-ack!" Komui gave a strangled cry and something fell with a crash. Sounded like Komui.

"Hi Big Sister!" Azalea chirped though the phone. Rey struggled to keep her snickers under wraps.

"Azalea, what a surprise!" She grinned, knowing the girl couldn't see her and thus she didn't need to pretend to be angry. "How have you been? Has everyone been nice?"

"I'm okay! Everyone's been super nice, well," she dragged the L out, "most everyone. There's been one or two people who haven't." In the background Komui gave a pained yelp causing Rey to wince with a smile. "I really miss you, Big Sister. Cacao misses you too. I can tell. When are you coming home?" She whined. Rey winced again.

"I don't know, Zay," she sighed. "We can't come home until we find Master and neither Al nor I have had any luck with that."

"Master? Who's that?" Azalea asked childishly. Komui could be heard groaning in the background. Azalea stomped her foot and the sound stopped. Rey snickered to herself

Master was the man who took Allen and I in and he raised us. Taught us to fight and survive and all kinds of other things." Rhea did her best to skip the trauma of growing up with one Cross Marian.

"Will he train me to fight like you?" Azalea chirped.

"NO!" She jumped when Rhea shouted. Rey bit her lip, wincing at her own volume. "No, Azalea, you're not a fighter. You aren't here to fight. You don't need to and even if you were I would never give you to Master. I'd give you to Klaud, she's much nicer. She'd be better for you." She explained rubbing the back of her head, mussing up her plaits.

"Who's Klaud?" Azalea questioned, bottom lip still quivering from being yelled at.

"You shouldn't call General Nyne by her first name!" Komui choked out from the floor.

"She's another general. I'm sorry Azalea, I didn't mean to yell. I'm just a little preoccupied today. I've got a lot on my mind. It's been a," she paused to rethink her wording for a second, "It's just taking me a bit longer to get use to traveling alone. That's all."

"I thought Big Brother was with you too!" Azalea cried into the phone, stomping on Komui again when he made a mad scramble for the phone, clawing at the cord and her ankles.

"I, uh, I haven't caught up to him yet. Like I've said there's been a few, uh,"

"Yes do tell, Little One, how are you going to explain your lateness due to the fact that you simply could not resist playing a game of life or death with a Noah merely because he's cute?" The Voice inquired, a smug grin spread across his face.

"It's not just because he's cute! He amuses me! Nothing about this has anything to do with him being cute!" She snapped back.

"Who's cute, Big Sister?" Azalea asked, tilting her head to the side.

Rhea winced, "I said that out loud, didn't I?"

"Yep!" The Voice seemed unconcerned.

"I, er, wasn't talking to you, Azalea. This guy," she glared at the voice, "is bothering me about the phone. I gotta go so I can deal with him. Continue to be a good girl for me and please stop stepping on Komui's head. He's got enough problems as it is. Let's not add to them. Be good. Love you." She hung up before Komui could wrestle the phone away from the little girl and start questioning her. She groaned into her hands.

"Masterfully done. They'll never suspect a thing." The Voice said before yelping when Rhea shoved it into a dark corner to pout. Rey dragged her hands down her face with a groan as she left the phone hung on the wall.

"Now what do I do?"

"Well I suggest you get going. You've been wasting time here for three days. Get off your butt and move. Now is not the time to-" Rhaps beeped cutting it off. She nodded at the golem to put it through.

"Yeah?" She questioned weakly.

"So I was right," Niko's voice came through the golem. "You are crashing."

"I slept for three days waiting for that venom to run it's course why am I still so damn tired?" Rey demands.

"Because you aren't taking care of yourself before and after your highs!" He snapped. "You wasted all your energy chasing around Pretty Boy and now you don't have any left to take care of yourself!"

"That's not true!" She argued, walking down the dirt road to get her things, before anything akuma or Order found her, from the hotel she'd been staying at. "I crashed after the fight, then I got better then I ended up in the asylum with the lunatic with a giant fucking spider! The Noah just happened to be there! I didn't go looking for him! I was there because it was supposed to be haunted! I was looking for akuma or innocence."

"Yet you don't argue that you think he's pretty!" Niko pointed out smugly.

"Cuz he is!" Rey threw her hands up in exasperation. "If you saw him you'd say he was ridiculously pretty too!"

"I wouldn't die because of it!" He shot back.

"Oh wow. Thanks. I didn't know I was dead. It's really cool that Rhaps died with me and came to the other side. I really thought Hell would have more fire and brimstone than this. I'm very underwhelmed. I'll have to speak to management about that." Rey answered sarcastically. "I didn't die you little fuck. Not this time anyway." She grunted, ignoring the people who leapt and dove out of her way as she stalked down the road. "The spider venom really did a number on me. Definitely gonna scar where it bit me. Just lovely, another one."

"Seriously, Rey, are you okay?" Niko asked, his rage from before vanishing as soon as she mentioned the wound.

"Yeah I'm fine. For all his faults the Noah seems to have some kind of honor code. He pulled me from the asylum after I passed out. He didn't even abandon me on the road. Carried me to the nearest hospital and checked me in. I'm probably still alive because he told them what kind of spider it was. Thank you by the way." She smiled wryly. "If you weren't you, I wouldn't have known what spider that was."

"Well then, you're welcome. Happy to be of service." Niko chuckled. "All kidding aside, Rey, please be more careful. My random babbling about whatever I'm reading won't always save you. You need to take better care of yourself. I can't do anything to help you and neither can Allen if he's not with you. What do you know about this guy?"

"Which one?" She sighed. "The Noah or the spider guy?" She asked.

"Both. I'll look into them."

"No." She shook her head. "Stay away from the Noah. I'll deal with him. But if you wanna look into spider boy I wouldn't mind. His name is Mateus Cardoso. Be careful. He's a powerful sorcerer and so far he seems to have a liking for not getting his hands dirty though he did kick me in the face." She rubbed her nose at the memory, almost as if it were aching again just by talking about it.

"He what?" Niko asked slowly.

"When the spider didn't completely knock me out, he kicked me in the face. It's mostly healed now. The doctors even got it back in place. You can't tell it ever broke."

"Noted." He answered calmly.

"Niko? What was that?"

"What was what?" He asked innocently.

"Niko," she warned.

"Who's Niko?" Rey shrieked, whirled around, taking the person behind her to the ground. She pinned them down, forearm pressed against their throat. "Rhea! Rhea! Rhea! Letgo! Leggo please!" Gregory writhed on the ground beneath her arm, frantically tapping on it. "Rhea, please." Upon registering her friend, she let go and offered her hand to him.

"Sorry, you scared me." Taking a few gasping breaths he grabbed her hand and let her pull him to his feet.

"Jeez, Rhea. Remind me not to scare you again. That was insane! I didn't even see you move."

"I really am sorry, Gregory." He brushed the dirt from his jacket and then pulled her into a hug. She did her best not to stiffen. Slowly she hugged him back.

"I should know better than to sneak up on you." He pulled away, wrapping an arm around her shoulders. "Imagine what would happen to me if I had done it to Master Kanda." He chuckled then continued, "Anyway Komui sent us," her head whipped around to see the legion of finders behind them, causing her to wince, "to accompany you until we find the rest of your group."

"Good luck ditching them." The Voice commented. She shoved it away.

"Well then," She let her face twist into one of horror, "Oh my gods! What's that!" She pointed behind him.

"What?!" Gregory and the finders whirled around only to see nothing. Rey bolted. "There's nothing the-HEY!" He ran after her. She could hear them clambering after her. Ducking into the hotel she grabbed her bags and jumped out the window, leaving them to run around looking for her. She vanished into the forest.

"Hello?" Komui picked up the phone, surprised to be hearing from anybody so early.

"Chief," Gregory sighed into the phone, "We lost her." Komui's head hit the desk with a groan.

"Of course you did."

Rey ran through the forest, ducking branches and dodging brambles. Leaping over a river in a single graceful bound she flipped the voice off in her head as she fled.

Rey sighed as she slipped into the city, eyes darting around for any finders. Sighing with relief she made her way down the street.

"Hello little exorcist!" Rey whirled around to find a hoard of akuma hovering over her. "Ready to die?!" It cheered.

"All work," Rhea complained pulling Harlequin from her skin. "And no play. Activate!" The liquid innocence sliced through the cackling monster. Akuma spilled from human corpses all around her. "So much for getting any sleep tonight." She groaned, rolling away from the barrage of bullets. Sweeping in low, Harlequin sliding up her left arm. "That's not nearly good enough!" She sang, leaping into the air, swinging her arm at the legion of akuma. Thousands of feathers flew through the air, shooting them down. "Shadowed Frenzy!" As soon as they fell more took their place. "Great." She rolled her eyes, "I'm gonna be here all night." Clenching her fingers she pulled the feathers back to her spearing through the akuma as they flew back. More akuma spilled out. "There must be a Noah around. Or a piece of innocence. Or both. Ah, fuck." She complained. "Guess I'll have to look around." Harlequin condensed into an axe.

"Rhea!" She whirled around, spinning her axe in her hand, severing the head of another akuma. Her eyes landed on Zack who made his way towards her, slicing back and forth. "Rhea! Come this way!" He waved her towards him. She rushed over to the roofs, leaping from one to another with ease.

"Zack! What are you doing here?" She asked as they ducked beneath his shield just in time to dodge the assault of bullets. He pulled her closer, tucking her in tightly under his chin, bracing his shield with both arms.

"Same as you. Almost dying." He chuckled, as Harlequin swept the gas away.

"Excuse you," Rey pushed away from him, "I'm not almost dying." She tossed a braid over her shoulder. "I'm too good for that."

He scoffed at her, "Yeah, sure, Rey. Whatever you say." They glanced all around at the akuma surrounding them.

"Let's do this." She sighed. Her eyes went wide when his hand closed around her wrist and he bolted. Rhea staggered, stumbling after him, struggling to keep up with the sudden harsh pace, forcing herself to get her legs beneath her. "Zack! Zack! Slow down! Why are we running?" She shouted as he dragged her over rooftops. They dropped into an alley. Rhea slowly stood with a groan. "Damn it! Zack! That hurt!" She whirled around to face him, hands clenched tightly into fists. "And since when the hell do you run away?!" What the fuck!" She demanded. Zack slapped a hand over her mouth and yanked her against the wall. Her eyes darted up to see the akuma flying overhead looking for them. As soon as they were gone she sank her teeth into his hand, biting down hard.

"Ow! Fuck! What the hell, Rhea?!" He clutched his bleeding hand to his chest while Rey picked bits of his fabric gloves from her teeth.

"I think you may have gotten ahead of yourself, Little One." The Voice warns. She ignores it.

"Are you kidding me? You ran away! You never run away!" She shouted back.

"I have my reasons!" He turned away from her as he spoke.

"Well then share them! Enlighten me!" Her eyebrows furrowed as he wrapped his arms around himself, causing his shoulders to hunch in. She took several steps towards him. "I can't help you if you don't let me in! Don't just go dragging me around like that! Communication is key!" She rested her hand on his shoulder.

Whirling around he shouted in her face, "They killed my teammates!" Rhea blinked a couple times, almost taking a step back.

"All of them?" She asked quietly.

"No," He shook his head, "Suman is missing, but the others. They're gone. I was on a side mission. I was only gone for a couple of days! I swear! How are they gone already?" His shoulders shook.

"Oh, Zack," She ran her hand softly along his face. He leaned into her touch. Gently she pulled him into a hug. He wrapped his arms around her, squeezing tightly as if she would disappear just as his comrades had.

"I need to find who did it. There bodies were still there, so it had to be a Noah. Akuma don't leave corpses behind, right? Well, not corpses without wounds. Just like General Yeager." Her eyes went wide and she didn't speak for a moment.

"Lord Millennium is in search of you, loo-" Rey crushed the song before it could play any longer in her mind.

"Are you alright, Little One? You aren't still upset about that are you?" The Voice questioned in an odd tone, curiosity plainly evident. She shoved it back in the corner, ignoring the splash of him falling in the fountain.

"I'm sorry, I truly am. Do you have any leads?" She questioned. "I'll help you find them." She promised as he pulled back.

"The akuma I was fighting before I saw you said there were Noah here. I need to talk to them."

"Zack," she hesitated, "that's not a good idea. They aren't exactly nice and I doubt any of them will just come out and tell you which one of them killed your teammates."

"I know but I have to try! I owe them that much." He snapped, slamming a clenched fist against the brick wall. It won't do them any good anyway, she thought sourly.

"I'm just sayin', don't get ahead of yourself. Let's take this slowly. What brought you to this city? Also," she trailed off sheepishly, mussing her braids as she rubbed the back of her head, "where are we? What city is this?"

Zack gave a short chuckle, "Really, Rhea? How did you miss that? We're in Rome!"

"Ah," She laughed, "So I suppose we should do as the Romans do?" He rolled his eyes.

"It's late. Let's go." He threw an arm around her shoulders, "I've got a hotel room. You can stay with me." He tugged her along down the road, towards the hotel.

"Oh, I see how it is," she grinned up at him wickedly, "trying to take advantage of me? Steal my innocence?" Zack choked and then turned dark red. Rey threw back her head, cackling like a hyena before she took off running, leaving him behind.

"Rhea!" He shouted, rushing after her.

"Zack," Rhea asked as they ran through the streets, thousands of akuma chasing them, "where exactly did you get this information?" A bullet exploded above her head causing her to yank her hood up to block out the noxious gas. Ducking her head she bolted out of the cloud with him hot on her heels.

"I head a group of akuma talking about it! I thought it would be a good place to start!" He shouted back.

"Yeah sure! That's a great idea! Let's just go up to the Millennium Earl himself and ask "Excuse me, a moment of your time if you don't mind, your Earliness. If you would be so kind as to direct us to which one of your lousy, useless, uncouth, second-rate, deplorable degenerates of a family killed Zack's teammates? I do hope you wouldn't mind if we killed them in retaliation? Thank you so very much for your time and the information. Good day to you, Sir." I'm sure he'd be happy to help us!" She snapped as they skidded around another corner.

"Well we wouldn't approach him like this! Obviously we'd go in disguise!" He shouted over the gunfire. Whirling around she swung her arm at the legion of akuma. Thousands of feathers flew through the air, shooting them down.

"Shadowed Frenzy!" She skewered more as she summoned the feathers back to her.

"Activate! Dragonslayer!" Zack shouted. His sword extended it's segments, each burning with fire. "Heavenly Rage!" He swung his sword in a sweeping arc. Lava spewed from it, incinerating the akuma. Another wave replaced the fallen demons. "It's not enough! What about the other one of yours? The second release! What's it's called again? Jimmy? Gemma?" Rey rolled her eyes at him but looked around, her senses filled with the overwhelming amount of presences she could sense.

She shook her head, "No, too many people. It's a bad idea."

"Why? What are you-" He started but she cut him off.

"Besides, it's just gonna take a bit of work. Not afraid to get your hands dirty, are ya?" She teased with a smile. "How about we make a bit of fun out of it? Whoever slays more akuma gets dinner free for a week from the loser?" Zack grinned back at her.

"Oh you're on!" They skidded to a stop, turning to face the akuma rushing towards them.

"Ready, set, go!" She pushed Zack away, sending him staggering backwards as she lunged at the nearest akuma, Harlequin slicing through it, like butter. "One!" Spinning around on the heel of her boot, serving the head of another. "Two!"

"Rhea! That's cheating!" Zack scrambled to his feet, rushing to keep up with her.

"Thirty!" She cheered, shooting him a cheeky grin.

"You little witch!"

"You have no idea!" Harlequin crushed another cluster of akuma causing her to smirk, "Fifty!"

"You cheated." Zack grumbled as they climbed the fire escape to the roof.

"The only rule was that I had to vanquish more akuma than you. Which I did. Need I remind you of the score? Fif-" He cut her off.

"No, no, no, no. I don't need you to rub it in anymore. I've had quite enough thank you." Rey took in a deep breath as she stepped onto the roof, letting the cool night air refresh her lungs and mind.

"I love nights like this. Look at the stars!" She pointed up to the flickering lights, bouncing on her toes.

Zack groaned as he pulled himself up and then looked around, "There's no moon tonight." Rey rolled her eyes at him but walked to the edge. Across the road, a large mansion towered over the rest of the street. Music and laughter could be heard through the enormous stained glass window. The light shining through it spread patterns of dancing lights all across the cobblestone.

"You're missing the beauty of the stars and the night!" She whined.

"They're so far away." Zack squinted at the stars. Rey sighed with a shake of her head but turned her focus back to the window. "So why are we here?" He asked turning his gaze to the window as well.

She turned to him, "How the hell do you expect to find the Earl?" She asked.

"I don't know but he wouldn't be here! Nobody would invite that crazy hat wearing rabbit-" Rey interrupted him.

"I thought Lavi was the rabbit?" She questioned. He glared at her.

"My point is," he stressed, "He's a demonic looking freak! Nobody, nobody, never mind a noble would invite HIM to a party!" Rey stared at him for a moment, trying to process his words.

"Zack! He doesn't actually look like that!" She groaned, smacking her forehead.

"I thought he was a demon from hell!" Zack shouted.

"He's-no." She sighed, running her fingers through her bangs.

"Then what the hell is he?!" He demanded.

"He's a man, Just like you." Zack's face scrunched up at her words. "Oh don't you make that face at me! What did you expect?! Congratulations! It's a hellspawn! You must be so proud!"

"Hehehehe! I found you~!" Both whirled around to find an akuma with long spidery limbs climbing up the side of the building. Others followed it, pouring up over the sides until the roof overflowed with them.

"More work." Zack complained.

"Well, if you hadn't been bitching," Rey started but yelped and dove out of the way. Landing on the her hands and springs back to her feet. "Harlequin, activate!" The liquid innocence slid off her left arm, striking through the nearest akuma. "Damn it!" She snapped, vaulting away again.

"There's so many!" Zack shouted.

"We don't have time for this! They'll alert him to our presence!" She shouted. "Shadowed Frenzy!" The feathers flew through the air, spearing through the akuma. "He'll leave!"

"I won't let him!" Zack shouted. His head whipped back and forth between the akuma hoards and the stained glass window. His frantic eyes landed on her and she froze.

"Zack, now is not the time to panic and do something stupid-" She warned, eyes widening when he charged towards her. "Zack! Zack! Zack! No! NO no no no no no no no no-" Too late! Zack grabbed her by the back of her jacket and flung her. Rey screamed as she flew through the air, across the street and straight into the window.

Screams filled the air as glass rained down and Rey fell until she hit something hard. Instincts kicked in and she rolled onto her feet. Bright light immediately assaulted her eyes. Blinking blearily she held up a hand to block the light. A loud screech pierced her ears.

"That window was over 300 years old!" Rey turned towards the voice shrieking at her. Something squished under her boot. Looking down she found rapidly melting gelato. Wincing at it she quickly lifted her foot out of the bowl, glaring at the goo sticking to her boot. "Are you ever listening to me?" Rey suddenly perked up, feeling a familiar humming in her soul. Her eyes snapped up. From beneath her hood, metallic green met gold. She grinned widely and waggles her fingers at him. His eyes go wide as he recognizes her, his cigarette falling from his lips. Her eyes drift to the two men standing next to him, one with long hair and a monocle stood stark still, his mouth hanging open. The other man, an older gentleman with slicked back dark hair and piercing gold eyes. Her eyes met his and her's widened.

"The Earl! He is here! Zack was right!"

"Better not tell him that." The Voice chuckled. She nodded in agreement. As if summoned by her thoughts, Zack came crashing in after her. "Ah, there's the monkey!" The voice chirped happily. She kicked in into the corner.

"Graceful as always." She greeted as he crashed into the table.

"I meant to do that." He answered as he scrambled to her feet.

"Oh yes, definitely a good plan. Just throw me through a window. Into food, I might add." She complained, looking down at her clothes. "Ugh! You're washing my clothes." She looked at it again. "By hand." She groaned upon seeing the sticky pink goo on her boots. "You're scrubbing my boots with your damn toothbrush!"

"Oh come on!" He rolled his eyes at her, "It's not that bad." She glared then paused for a moment. And then another.

Zack watched as she tilted her head to the side for a moment, eyes fluttering closed. She stayed still. Stiller than a statue he began to wonder if she'd died standing up. He crept towards her slowly, his wet leather boots screeching against the nice wooden table the pair currently stood on.

"Uh, R-" He started to call out to her but before he could her eyes snapped open as if she'd been electrocuted.

"Do you feel that?" She asked, swiveling her head around, clearly trying to find the origin. Zack stilled, eyes darting around through he didn't turn away from her. His eyes searched the crowd of nobles continuing to stare at them and suddenly became aware of their situation.

"You mean all the people staring at us?" He questioned with an uncertain shrug.

Rey rolled her eyes with a pained scoff, "Of course you don't! How stupid of me." She groaned and turned on her heels as she hissed under her breath just loud enough for him to hear, "It's innocence. There's some in this room." She glanced around, eyes lingering on the Noah for a moment too long, drawing Zack's gaze to them as well, "Somewhere."

Before Zack could question her any further the wall that the window had been installed imploded. Akuma flooded in.

"Damn it!" Zack cursed, drawing Dragonslayer.

"Activate!" Both innocences sprang to life. Harlequin shooting off Rhea's extended left arm, hurtling towards the akuma. Rey leapt forward, swinging her left arm around like a windmill, Harlequin shooting up in spikes, skewering the akuma from the ground as she brought her arm up. As she swung it back down the innocence slammed the akuma into more and then the ground. Spinning on her toes, Harlequin following it's mistress, turning into a whirlwind. The akuma screamed and clawed at the walls, tables, and floor as they struggled to escape from it only to be sliced through by Zack. Dragonslayer burned through them, leaving steaming hulls all around them.

"Of course when we're looking for something they show up!" Zack whined, severing the head from another akuma, not even bothering to listening to what it had to say.

"Aren't we always looking for something?" She grinned at him cheekily as her innocence snapped back to her, shearing through another line of akuma.

"Besides trouble! And that's only YOU that goes looking for trouble!" Zack chided her, ducking under a barrage of bullets. His head snapped over, eyes widening as the bullets went hurtling towards the crowd of nobles trapped and cowering in the room with them. "The peo-" The words died on his lips as a black wall materialized between the nobles and the bullets.

"Hmmpf!" Rey snorted at him, yanking the wall back. Gracefully she leapt, twirling, through it while a hole opened up around Zack. He stumbled through, dropping to one knee as it swept over him. Landing on her feet, Rey twisted to face the hoard, the innocence following her hands as she wrapped them around, enveloping the akuma within Harlequin, leaving no place to escape. Smirking she clenched her fists, crushing the akuma into dust. "Deactivate." Harlequin flew back to her and wound up her extended left arm until it settled into place. Turning back to the crowd her eyes flicked over them, searching for the feeling once more. She ignored the Noah staring at her.

"What are we looking at?" Zack asked, leaning over her shoulder to whisper in her ear as he sheathed Dragonslayer. She nudged him back with her shoulder, giving her room to breathe. Closing her eyes she reached out with her KI. She arched an eyebrow as she probed each aura. Just like the Earl and Love the man with the monocle held a small black cross in his aura, though larger than his brother's. She recognized him as the minister she'd helped, then robbed, in Portugal. She tucked that information away for later. A fun conversation to be had for sure. Or potential blackmail. The possibilities were endless, really. A bright light caught her attention and she turned to it. A middle aged woman with her chocolate brown hair pinned back bore it. The green light of it twinkled catching her eye. They snapped open.

"Found it!" She took off.

"Found what?!" Zack shouted after her.

"YOU!" Three level two akuma shouted bursting in causing the room to freeze again. Zack and Rey recognized them from the other day.

"Uh, a little behind, aren't ya?" Rey mocked dryly. Her eyes darted over to see all three Noah sweatdrop at the three. "Take care of this." She told Zack before running down the table again.

"Yeah sure." Zack drew his weapon. "I'll fight the akuma while you look for whatever shiny thing has caught your attention this time." He grumbled. Rey rolled her eyes at it but ignored him, focusing on the woman, creeping away. Her feet thundered against the table rattling it and sending food and dishes crashing to the floor.

"Hey, you! Come'ere!" She shouted.

"No! Stay away!" The woman scrambled away, heels sliding and tripping over her long evening gown. "You can't have my necklace!" Leaping from the table to the wall to the chandelier, her legs wrapped around it, allowing her to hang upside down and snatch the necklace from around the woman's neck with ease. Letting go of the chandelier she landed in a crouch on the table.

"A necklace?! Really?" Zack demanded, shoving Dragonslayer between the last akuma's seven eyes.

"Idiot!" Rey snapped. "It's innocence." She showed him the necklace.

His eyes widened when he saw it and said, "Ooooh! Okay, whoops. My bad." He shrugged, setting Dragonslayer against his shoulder.

"Let's go!" Rhea told him, eyeing the Noah over his shoulder one last time.

"Right!" He nodded.

"Wait! Stop! Thief!" The woman shouted as they bolted down the tables. "That's mine!"

"Well now it's a possession of the church. We kindly thank you for your very thoughtful and generous donation!" Rey shouted back at her. Then she shot Zack a cheeky smile over her shoulder. "Besides possession is nine tenths of the law."

"Since when do you care about the law?" Zack snorted as they ran down the table. Rey skidded to a stop at the edge of it.

"Why did we go this way?" Zack demanded. "It's a dead end!"

Rey grinned at him, "Nope!" Her eyes flicked to the window several meters above her head.

"NO!" Zack shouted but did it too late. Rey jumped and landed hard on the end of the table sending Zack flying through the air and out through the window. The table clattered to the ground and Rey landed on it once more, teetering on the edge of it.

"Karma's a bitch." She smirked, "And so am I." Leaping from the table she landed on Dragonslayer which had embedded itself into the wall when she flung Zack out. Grabbing it she vaulted out the broken window with both pieces of innocence and a grin.

The room stood entirely quiet. Nobody knowing what to do. Then the woman's whose necklace had been taken threw open the doors shouting something about the police.

"Well," Sheryl started, as he adjusted his bow tie, "that was, unexpected?" He finished. "Anyone know what just happened?" He finally asked.

"It appears the exorcists are moving." The Earl hummed, his thoughts on the hooded exorcists. She'd grown.

"How do you think they knew? About the innocence?" Tyki asked, pulling a fresh cigarette from his pack. He fiddled with his matches, almost succeeding in appearing uninterested.

"There's more to the girl than meets the eye." The Earl warned, drifting back to when their eyes had met. She recognized him. He knew it. Just not how. "If you, either of you," he said, eyes darting between the brothers on either side of him, "encounter her, be cautious. I believe there is something she knows that she's not telling."

"And the boy?" Sheryl asked curiously.

"What about him?" Tyki snorted striking his match and lighting the cigarette. "Clearly he's an imbecile. Couldn't even tell there was innocence. Nothing to fear."

"I don't think we should fear the girl either. Small thing like that." Sheryl looked back over his shoulder. Tyki averted his eyes. A single brow lifted wondering what that could've been about.

"The size of the exorcist doesn't matter. Nor the innocence. Each has it's own power and the ability to grow into a lethal opponent. Don't forget it." The Earl chastised them both.

"Road is tiny and yet oh so deadly." Tyki pointed out.

"Aaaah! My beloved Road! She's so small and cute! I love her so!" Sheryl shrieked, clutching his face between his hands.

"Yes, Sheryl, we know." Tyki sighed, turning his gaze to the direction the exorcists had gone. He could faintly smell her. The spices mixed with coffee that made up her unmistakable scent. He wrinkled his nose at the heavy muddy smell of the boy mixed with it. In the back of his mind the memory called for blood but he shushed it. Not tonight, he told it.

"Should we go after them?" Sheryl asked, looking after them as well, in the wrong direction but Tyki wouldn't tell him. The mere image of Butterfly bent and twisted like a broken toy made him wrinkle his nose and fight the snarl pulling at his lips. Wrong. Completely wrong. She deserved to die softly, her heart beating slower and slower until it ceased entirely. Her grass green eyes would blink in time with the beating of her heart until they too opened for the last time and then froze. They would remain forever unmoving. She deserved a peaceful death.

"Not tonight. Perhaps tomorrow. Tyki-pon, you have yet to complete your missions, correct?" The Earl questioned, turning to him.

"Master," He groaned, "please stop calling me that." He sighed when the Earl ignored him. "Yes, I'm still looking for several people. In particular, Allen Walker evades me. Whether he knows and is doing it on purpose or I merely have yet to find him is unknown. I'll keep looking as I continue East." Tyki reported.

"You'll find them. They can't hide forever." The Earl answered easily, waving his hand as if it weren't a problem. "However I do want you to keep an eye out for the girl. Don't go looking for her but be on the lookout for her. After all, she's been trained by THAT man. There's no telling what she'll do." The Earl muttered to himself as he walked away tapping his finger against his chin. Sheryl and Tyki stopped and exchanged glances, both wondering who the Earl could be talking about.

"The Earl wasn't there!" Zack complained, pacing back and forth in the hotel room. Rey shook her head from her place on the edge of the bed.

"Perhaps that's best. Like I said, we can't just walk up and begin questioning him." She held up her hand when he opened his mouth to argue, "Even if we wore disguises he'd know we were at least on the side of the Order otherwise we wouldn't care about who killed them or even that they were killed and he no doubt keeps track of everyone on his side. We'll find out who did it. You just need to have some patience. I know it's not fun but it's necessary."

"Well I don't like it, Rhea." He snapped sitting down with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I didn't say you did."

Rey sighed as she pulled her hood tighter. Her eyes darting around as she climbed higher into the mountains grumbling about finders and trains. Her eyes widened and she turned to Rhaps.

"Oh my gods! Rhaps!" She sobbed, "I've become Master! I don't wanna be Master!" She sobbed more as she trekked through the forest growing on the mountain side. Stopping as she came to a small town with a large resort built into the side of the mountain behind it. Her eyes darted around, feeling the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Slowly she walked into town, her eyes flicking all around. Feeling the presence she sighed. "Why don't you come on out?" Then her lips quirked up, "No need to hide in the shadows. I don't bite." She paused for a second, "Much." A shark like grin spread across her features for a moment then vanished as something writhed along her skin. Red crept in at the edge of her vision as they slunk from the shadows but Rey didn't move.

"Good evening, Miss. We've been looking for you."

Tyki trudged up the hill, no longer caring about his posture or any of the other rubbish that Sheryl insisted on. He sighed in relief upon seeing the outcrop of buildings just beyond the edge of the forest he'd been dragging himself through for the past day and a half. Eyes narrowed as the last line of trees fell away and the outskirts of the small town came into view.

Eyes glanced around, taking in the surroundings. Houses of brick and wood evenly spaced out, all climbing the mountain side; the uneven foundations of them, the vines growing over the brick and the rot consuming the wood. Despite everything, nothing moved. Slowly gold eyes closed, listening.

Dead. Silent.

Tyki arched an eyebrow at that as he slowly made his way into town; head swiveling around as the memory in his head abruptly seized up. He spun around slowly, eyes searching for the danger. He stepped backward only to slip when his shoe slid across the ground in something wet. Turning uneasily, gold eyes widened as he took in the scene before him.

Bodies filled the street. Blood-soaked robes clung to the corpses, stray organs, ripped out, strewn across the cobblestone. Dismembered limbs flung in different directions, broken bones jutted out from the skin, burned and flayed skin hung from the carcasses. One man's entire face burned from his skull, white bone speckled with ash and soot. A lone eyeball rolled by, the optic nerve trailing after it. Black sludge dripped from every orifice of every corpse. Tilting his head to the side he stepped closer, wrinkling his nose when the blood seeped into his shoes. Shedding one glove Tyki pressed two fingers to the skin of the closest cadaver. Still warm. Glancing up he found bloody footprints leading away from the scene and towards the large building farthest away. His eyes flicked up to the smoke coming from the chimney. A smirk pulled at his lips as he straightened up, stepping over the bodies, and headed in that direction. Company sounded delightful.

Stepping into the empty resort, Tyki closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Exotic spices and coffee filled his nose causing him to move towards it. A fire roared merrily in the fireplace as he stepped into the room, a lone figure sitting on the couch in front of it. Inhaling once more he grinned.

"Quite the mess down there in town, wouldn't you say, Butterfly?" She turned, watching him over her shoulder, the fire casting her in shadows like a fine evening gown. Her boots sat by the fire, the leather in different states of dryness.

"I don't recall inviting you in." He chuckled as he removed his hat, setting it on the coat hanger along with his jacket, setting it on the hook next to the one holding her exorcist coat.

"How rude. I've been walking all day-" She cut him off.

"And I haven't? Trust me. My day has been worse." She scowled at him causing him to laugh more.

"Anything to do with the massacre that seems to have occurred in town," he crossed the floor in easy steps until he stood at the end of the couch she had sprawled herself across, "or perhaps that friend of yours?" His eyes slid to meet hers which narrowed at him.

"Zack has nothing to do with this." She watched his every movement. Yanking her feet back with a startled squeak when he settled on the couch, mere centimeters from crushing them. Glaring she planted them in his lap. He shrugged his shoulders in response.

"I merely asked. No need to get snippy. Still I do have to wonder what could have possibly caused that scene down in town. Certainly not you." He snorted, eyeing her out the corner of his eye, seemingly unperturbed by her feet now in his lap. Instead he found himself amused by the fact of each toenail being daintily painted a deep mahogany. "Cute." He commented then returned to his previous thought. "After all, you exorcists aren't capable of killing innocents."

Butterfly snorted, rather unladylike, then laughed before speaking, "Who told you that rubbish? That's nothing more than propaganda spread by the Vatican. Anyway it was their own fault. They thought it was a good idea to jump me. However innocent they were not. Hardly people really. Just CROWS." She shrugged, waving him off. "I take it from the fact that you've sat down and taken off your coat, you're aware there's no innocence here."

He nodded, "I stopped because I'm tired of walking. This is the first town I've seen for quite a ways. I guess most people don't travel up the mountains like this." He hummed, tracing patterns along her ankles. To his delight she squirmed in her spot. "Does that tickle?" He mocked. She kicked him in the ribs in response. He groaned but laughed. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Yeah, I got tired of walking but in the long run it's easier to go up and over the mountain than to walk around it." She agreed, slumping farther into the couch, stretching her legs across his lap with a sigh.

"Wore yourself out with your little temper tantrum?" He hummed. Suddenly he felt her foot under his chin. Tyki let her turn his head to face her.

"My Love," A chill ran down his spine and even the memory paused in it's thrashing at the purr, "Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup." Her leg dropped back down to it's former place while he just stared at her. Butterfly didn't move from her spot by the fire, didn't even look at him. Merely gazed into the burning embers as if they held all the secrets in the world. He vaguely wondered if he should leave her be. Instead he shook that thought away and called her name. She snapped to attention. Her vivid eyes meeting his. For a moment he saw the universe in them, then she blinked and it vanished, just as quickly as it had come. She hummed in response to him calling her name.

"So there's no innocence and both of us are too tired to fight and really there's no reason to, now what?" She hummed again in response to his question. He made a face an flicked her toe. "That's not an answer."

"Rude! I was thinking." She pouted at him for a moment before a sly grin spread across her face, "However I do recall you owing me a game of poker. We could always do that."

Rey didn't move nor help as Love began to rearrange the sitting room of the resort they'd taken over. He pushed her couch until it sat perpendicular to the fire instead of facing it. A table set in front of her and another couch across from her. He settled down and reached into his suit vest only to freeze.

"Oh dear, it seems I forgot that I no longer have a deck." Rey arched an eyebrow at him.

"Quite a bit of work," she gestured around to the rearranged room, "to go to, only to back out." She smirked as he glared.

"I'm not backing out. I merely forgot." He shot back. Rey missed the heat radiating from him.

"Lucky for us," she continued to smirk, "I also carry a deck." She reached into one of her pouches and pulled her worn deck from the bag. Keeping her head ducked she whispered softly to it, allowing the illusion to settle over it. Setting a perfectly identical and intact deck on the table she pushed it towards him. "Feel free to examine it and make sure all the cards are there, though," she shrugged her bare shoulders at him, something dark on her left shoulder catching his eye, "nothing up my sleeve." His eyes darted back and forth between her and the deck as he flipped through, counting each card and checking each suit, making sure there were no doubles or missing cards. Satisfied he set the deck back in the middle of the table.

"I assume the owner gets to shuffle." He said, though it sounded more like a question to her. She smiled.

"Of course not. That would be bad manners. Guests always shuffle. Feel free, unless you'd prefer that I shuffle." He quirked an eyebrow at her but picked up the deck. She watched him carefully, noting each and every card that vanished up his sleeves. Every nick, bend, and crease of them, telling her which cards he kept, content to count cards for now. She leaned back, watching him, feeling her skin start to prick and slither. She frowned at it though pushing the thought away when he slid the cards across the table to her. She hummed thoughtfully as she looked at the cards, then turned her gaze to his. Eyeing them carefully she resisted a smirk. Only the king of hearts, which she found rather ironic, had a nick in the left top corner. Pair that with the card only two spaces over being bent in half meant he also held the Jack of of hearts. Thinking for a moment, she glanced back down at her own hand. Settling her gaze on the Queen of clubs she set the seven of hearts next to it and tossed the others into the discard pile.

"Three cards, please." She concentrated on the deck. Slowly the top card changed, a small smudge of dirt on the right bottom corner appeared when she had finished.

Tyki watched Butterfly closely. She didn't move yet something kept catching his eye. She seemed focused on the deck, too bad for her, he'd already pulled all the good cards from it. Tucked all away until he needed them. She moved and his eyes snapped up to her but she remained in the same place as before, eyes concentrated on the deck. Maybe hoping to catch him. He looked at her bare shoulders as he pulled three cards from the top of the deck, their suit and numbers inconsequential. Nothing she pulled would beat the royal flush he had, or, well, would have. He just needed the ten and the Queen, both up his sleeve. He placed two of his cards on the discard pile and slid the next two down. Butterfly picked up her new cards.

Call!" He didn't look at his cards only grinned at her.

"Sure thing, Butterfly." They set them down at the same time.

"Four of a kind! Queens!" His eyes snapped wide as he glanced down. "Which," she had the audacity to smirk at him, "beats your two pairs of kings and aces." Sure enough he had the ace and king of spaces instead of the queen and ten of hearts. "So," she drawled, sweeping the money towards her, something dark slithered across her fingers as she did so, "do you wanna deal again or shall I?" He grit his teeth for a moment before pushing it away. A mistake on his end had been a lucky break for her. It would NOT happen again.

"Call!" Rey grinned, watching as the Noah grinned back, though his right eye twitched just a bit.

"Flush, two, eight, Jack, ace, five of diamonds."

"Not bad," Rey admitted, "But not good enough to beat my full house. Sevens over kings."

"Damn it!" My Love tossed the cards at her before dropping his head to the table with a groan and a thud. Rey's grin grew as she shuffled the deck, tossing the cards back and forth as she went. Incorporating fancy tricks with her long deft fingers. "One more hand!" He demanded, eyes snapping up to meet hers.

"Well now, My Love it appears that you are out of gifts for me." He scowled at her wording, and his losing. "Unless you plan on handing over that lovely pair of underwear you've got on and *continuing your travels naked. Frankly I'll be quite amused if you do," a sly look replaced the maddening grin that pulled at her full lips. "Though I suppose you could always wager something else and I'll let you keep your boxers."

"The next piece of innocence is yours. I won't even fight you for it. How about that Bu-" He hadn't even fished before she cut him off.

"No. That suggestion is worthless. You see," The dark thing on her arm zipped away, "I don't need that kind of a deal. You've yet to prove that you're capable of taking a piece of innocence from me while I have already done it so no," her eyes burned like fire, "I don't think I'll waste all this revenue on such a useless wager." He sat stunned, too stunned to be offended. "However it's possible that I have an idea, unless you'd just like to call it quits and cut your losses." She taunts. He arched an eyebrow at her, millions of thought swirling in his head. For a moment it looked as if he'd started to recoil then stopped himself. She hummed in amusement at the thought.

"And what would that be, exactly?" He asked slowly.

"A patch of skin."


"A patch of skin." Rey repeated just as serenely as before. "If you win this round I'll give everything back plus the money I've been betting but if you lose I get to do whatever I please to this patch of skin on your body, remove it, draw on it, poke it repeatedly. Anything I please."

"That's a very odd idea."

"A regular patch of skin would go pretty decently on the black market. There's no telling how much I'd get for yours. Not to mention that you heal faster than anyone else I've seen. Who knows what secrets could be unlocked from it. What magic pulled and wrung out?"

"What a lovely thought." He drawled. Somewhere in the room the clock rang out, chiming three times. Both winced and Rey covered a yawn. She her best to ignore the small smirk on his face. "Oh, I am SO sorry, am I keeping you up?" Like the mature adult Rey knew herself to be, she kicked him in the shin.

"Don't change the subject," She chastised leaning in, setting her arms on the table, "are you in or are you out?" When he didn't answer immediately she flashed him a wicked grin. "If you're scared, feel free to back out, My Love." His eyes narrowed as she purred his nickname.

"You're on. Deal the cards already, Butterfly."

"As you wish."

Tyki's eye visibly twitched as he stared at Butterfly's royal flush of spades then slowly raised his eyes to her shit eating grin. She didn't even try to hide the smile. Cursing loudly he flung his cards away and collapsed on the table, head hung in his hands.

"How?" He whimpered as she collected all the cards and put them away.

"Oh Love," she tutted, shaking her head with a smile, "a magician never reveals their secrets."

"Yes, yes," he groaned waving her off, "I know, I know, you're a witch. Believe me, I know." He looked up as she grabbed her bag from the floor. "I suppose now is as good a time as any for you to cut a piece of my skin off." She shook her head.

"Come now, Love. I said that was just an option. Get some sleep tonight. We'll talk about your payment tomorrow. I wouldn't run if I were you though, I suppose you could try. Good night~!" She sang, vanishing up the sitars. Tyki shuddered at the glint in her eye.

"Why are we here?" Tyki asked as he followed Butterfly through the dark and damp streets. Having decided his pride couldn't take any more humiliation and fully believing she'd hunt him down to the ends of the world he stayed the night and now walked to his own doom. Just as the memory began to kick up a fuss the scene in the town appeared in his mind. The vacant black goo filled eyes staring right through him and straight into the memory struck it silent.

"Just because I've decided to leave the patch of skin that I now own on your body doesn't mean that I won't do anything with it. I think that you could use a little color in your skin." She winked flirtatiously over her shoulder. Tyki paused, looking down at his umber skin and then arched an eyebrow at her.

"Color?" He jogged to catch up to her until she abruptly stopped at some hole in the wall. Smiling she held the door open for him.

"After you." Frowning at the reverse chivalry he stepped in.

"You know, I'm not going to run away." He told her. Her smile broadened.

"I know."

"How can I help you?" A man of average height with broad shoulders stepped into the tiny room. His brown eyes light up in delight beneath his bushy eyebrows. "Bella!" He rushed forward, right by Tyki to envelope Butterfly in a hug. She laughs and hugs him back.

"It's good to see you again!"

"I have missed you Bella! How's that layabout of yours?" He chuckled swinging her around a few times before finally setting her back on her feet. "Ah! You wear the coat now! I see you've made an exorcist out of yourself! Congratulations!"

"Indeed. Unfortunately Master is still the same. Currently looking for him AGAIN." She complained while the man patted her shoulder sympathetically. Tyki watched the scene, blinking slowly, trying to ignore the tightening of his fists and chest. He eyed the door carefully, gauging the number of steps to it and how quietly he could open and close it even though he'd said he wouldn't run away, he found the idea awfully tempting. "This is my friend! He's in the market for some art and I told him you were the best in the business!" Tyki snapped his attention back to the conversation and Butterfly's words. This man is an artist? He wondered. Looks more like a sailor to me. He thought, eyeing the tattoos that covered his arms, shoulders and vanished beneath his dirty while sleeveless shirt.

"Aah, it's not often I get a gentleman in the market. Most are too prissy." He eyed Tyki up and down. "What kind are you looking for?" Tyki opened his mouth to respond but Butterfly beat him to it.

"Actually, I get to pick today, he owes me but we'll be going with a special." Tyki scowled at her but didn't argue.

"Aaaah, Bella, playing poker again?" He chuckles loudly, something glinting in his eye. "Well come on back. Where will it be?"

"His back." Butterfly grabbed his sleeve and dragged him along.

"Huh?" Tyki barely managed to stutter before he found himself pushed into a backwards chair.

"Alright, take off your jacket, vest, and shirt while Bella and I discuss the design." Butterfly sat down backwards in a chair facing him.

Crossing her arms over the back of it she rested her head in them and spoke, making direct eye contact with him, "Don't worry. Fillip is the best in the business. I won't leave you either. You can even hold my hand if you want."

"Business?" Tyki demanded, setting his clothes gently down on a shelf and reluctantly sat in the chair, facing her. To answer his question, Butterfly pulled her jacket open, revealing a line of four crows flying along her collarbone away from her heart and towards her shoulder, with a sharp smile. Tyki's eyes went wide now that he finally realized what she would do with his skin. Only one thought went through his mind as Fillip and Butterfly murmured and whispered to each other about the design, the wicked smile never leaving her face.

Sheryl is going to kill me.

She knows

That it's


To tell a


From a


If she keeps her

chin up and her



SO who saw that coming? What do you think Tyki's tattoo will be? Something funny? Something embarrassing? Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Who's got 'em? Let me know! I'm curious to see if anyone picks up Rey's little prank on Tyki. More importantly what do you think happened in town? That was my favorite scene but it was so difficult to write! Tell me how I did and how I can improve! Next time! Road and Rey come face to face and Noah and Exorcist! Until then, Cheshire's out~!