Hero Lanterns: The War of the Light

Chapter 6: A Threat Looms

Hal, Kilowog, David, Sora, Ven, Penny, Bolt, Brian, Jenny, Ahsoka, and Barriss are traveling through the Frontier Space aboard the Interceptor. After defeating the Red Lanterns and rescuing the Green Lantern, Rev, the Green Lanterns are on the move when they received a transmission from none other than the Guardians themselves.

"Hal Jordan, soon to former Green Lantern of Sector 2814." Appa accused Hal with a stern look. "You are now charged with treason, grand theft-"

"Let's cut to the chase. There are a couple of things I want to discuss," Hal spoke showing the Guardians in the image of the Red Lanterns, "See these handsome devils? They're the Lantern killers you said that didn't exist. They call themselves Red Lanterns. Ring any bells?"

"Red Lanterns? Are you sure?" Sayd asked.

"He is only constructing this ruse to save himself from a deserved punishment" Appa said.

"Respectfully, sir. I got a jaw ached that says this ain't no ruse." Kilowog spoke, defending Hal.

"They fired red beams from their powered rings." David spoke.

"They have rings? Powered by what?" Sayd asked.

"Not for sure, Sayd, but they are not the only ones here in the Frontier," David said, crossing his arms.

"Kilowog of Bolovak Vix, what is your recommendation?" Ganthet asked the Sgt.

"I say we ultra-warp back to Oa, jam up the Interceptor with many GLs as she can hold, return here and kick their butts until they're black and blue!" Kilowog spoke.

"Yeah, I agree with Kilowog!" Sora said agreeing to the terms.

"I'm willing for some action!" Jenny agreed.

"Despite the colorful of terminology, a course of action." Sayd spoke before Aya alerted the GLs.

"Sensors has detected a probe droid near our position. The markings indicated the similar logo from the Lanterns." Aya inform the team.

"Right! Lanterns! It's go time!" Hal spoke.

"Hal Jordan, do not terminate this call!" Appa warned him.

"Uncle, Appa will have you court-martialed for this," David spoke to his uncle.

"Sorry. I gotta take this. Don't be a stranger." Hal spoke before ending the communication. He flies the Interceptor while David and his team hold on, "Forget about following it. Just blast it!"

The Interceptor opens fire on the drone as they now fly into an asteroid field. The drone dodges it before shooting lasers at the ship. The crew jolts from the impact.

"Warning! Shield degrading." Aya alerted as alarms blared,

Hal tries to shoot the drone down. Rev, suddenly, nearly collapses from the pain he sustained from his battle against the Red Lanterns. Penny, Kilowog, and Sora helped him.

"Rev!" Penny said.

"Hang on!" Sora said.

"Hal, we stick to the plan! We pull back and bring in reinforcements!" Kilowog said.

"We can't let this thing give away our position!" Hal spoke out.

"What position, uncle! Rev is injured and he needs medical attention!" David argued.

"The kid is right, Jordan! We're going home! The Red Lanterns caught you with your pants down back on that rock, and you want payback!" Kilowog agreed.

"Incoming!" Ahsoka shouted.

The Interceptor was hit by two missiles from the drone.

"Direct hit on ampoules. Shields degrading to critical. Please do not let that happen again." Aya informed.

"Some uncle you have, David." Sora said.

"Shut up, Sora." David said.

Hal keeps flying until reaching to a large asteroid up ahead.

"Get ready to fire!" Hal said to Kilowog. He inserts his power ring into the control of the pilot. The Interceptor creates a giant drill and digs through the asteroid before reaching to the other side. It finally stops the enemy drone in its track.

"Peekaboo." Hal smirked before firing the ship's cannon. The green lasers strike the drone, destroying it. Everyone finally settle down after the conflict.

"Happy now?" Kilowog asked Hal.

"Felt good." Hal replied, leaning back on the cockpit chair. David was not impressed about his uncle's performance.

"Your obsessions is getting into you again." He muttered.

"Tell me about it." Ahsoka spoke in agreement.

"A probe like that means the Red Lanterns are more than just two killers. They're well organized." Shyir deduced.

"Let's get back to Oa. I don't want to be around when the Guardians go crazy on Hal." Sora said.

"Aya, take us back home." Hal ordered.

"Arching ultra-warp drives. Jumping in 3...2...1..." Aya informed.

The Interceptor goes to lightspeed, but it comes to an abrupt halt, jolting everyone forward. They recover from the impact.

"Ow..." David groan, rubbing his head from the impact.

"What happened?" Penny asked. Bolt shake himself after being dizzy.

"Didn't expect that." Brian commented.

"Oh man. I should've put my seatbelt." Jenny groaned.

"Are we there yet?" Rev asked.

"What happened?" Ven asked.

"Aya, status report." David said.

"Overload due to hairline crack in the ultra-warp coil, most likely caused by mass missile warhead from the enemy probe," Aya informed.

Hal received glares from, Kilowog, Sora, Ven, Bolt, Penny, Brian, Jenny, Ahsoka, and Barriss. Even from his own nephew who is glare with daggers in his eyes. All because of Hal and his focus on the probe.

"For the record, she said 'most likely.'" Hal spoke.

"What does that mean?" Shyir asked.

"It mean we're gonna be late to Oa." David replied only to received some groans from his team.

"That's ok. I would like to make an entrance." Hal spoke, "Aya please estimate repair time."

"Calculating. Ultra-warp ready in 9.2..."

"Nine minutes. Great!" Hal gladly spoke.

"9.21 months..."

Everyone was dead silent from the results. Aya has told them it would take them 9 months for the Ultra Warp to be fully repaired.

"Oh that is just perfect! Now we're stuck here!" Jenny facepalmed.

"If I would have fly the ship, we would still be back on Oa." David spoke.

"Man, now our master will be get very upset about this." Ahsoka said.

"Can't we just fly back to Oa?" Sora asked.

"So we could be back in about a year? Good luck with that." Brian said.

"Aya, can we form a construct and replace the defective part of the ride home?" Hal questioned.

"The construct would have to be an exact copy of the ultra-warp coil mechanism. And is 56 million parts to ruminate a .8162 micron tolerant." Aya informed.

Everyone looks at each other in awe about the device and the moving parts. Hal then looks at the team.

"Can any of you do that?" He asked them.

"I make hammers." Kilowog shrugged.

"I'm just a computer hacker. Sorry, Hal." Penny replied.

"Nope." Ven spoke.

"I have no experience in engineering," Brian said.

"Don't look at me. I've lived in a small town with minimum technology." Sora said.

"Sorry, I have experience in military weaponry," David spoke.

"No worries though. The Guardians will have to wait. We'll make those Red Lanterns pay." Hal spoke.

Then all of sudden, Shyir collapse from the injuries he sustain.

"Shyri!" Ahsoka said.

"Help him up!" David said.

Barriss, Ahsoka, and Kilowog helped the injured Green Lantern to his chair.

"Is he ok?" Hal asked.

"Just...a little lightheaded," Rev spoke, struggling through the pain.

"He's taken a beating. He needs a real doctor. He's not making nine hours never mind nine months!" Kilowog opposed.

"I was kind of hoping I would see Oa." Shyir said sadly.

"I was kind off hoping to see Kairi again." Sora said.

"I would want to see home again." Jenny said.

"Me too." Penny spoke.

"Aya, scan the nearest populated planet. Probably one with a hospital." Hal spoke.

"No worries though. I know my own sector anyway." Shyri said, looking at his world. "We're not far from my colony."

"We should use this opportunity to lay low." David said.

The Interceptor flies towards Shyir's planet, but they have no idea that the drone they pursuit plant a tracker on the ship.

[The Shard]

Meanwhile, traveling through space was the Red Lantern Fortress, the Shard. The new Red Lanterns are being trained Bleeze as Atrocitus, Zox, and Razer looked on.

"You had 12 Green Lanterns in your grasps and let them escape? Perhaps you're not fully committed to our righteous crusade." Atrocitus spoke.

"I live to serve the mighty Atrocitus! Your will is the core of my very being!" Zilius pleaded.

"What good is that to me, Zox, if you're not competent to kill a mere 12 lanterns?" Atrocitus asked.

"It was this child's fault!" Zox blamed Razer who sneered at him, "He's been promoted too quickly and on false grounds! He pitied them! The destroyers of our system!"

"What do you have to say for yourself, Razer?" Atrocitus asked Razer.

"Zox lies, but these Lanterns were different from the ones we've eliminated before; tougher, better trained." Razer defended himself.

"How they have know already?"

"Who, my lord?"

"The Guardians of Oa! If they've sent reinforcements, then your failure may jeopardize my plans!" Atrocitus angrily declared.

"NO! They must be destroyed For Shard! All for you and Shard, master!" Zox spoke panicking.

"That's right, Zilius," Atrocitus spoke, overlooking their city, "Shard is sacred ground; a piece of the remains of our world which the Guardians attempted to erase from the universe."

Then Razer's ring beeps, getting his attention. He goes to the computer and opens up a screen showing the Interceptor.

"It seems that my Hunter Killer Drones have found them." Razer informed before the Interceptor destroys it.

"Your Hunter Killer drones are not so feeble." Zox spoke.

"The attack was a flaw. Its main goal was to plant a tracker which will give us the location." Razer spoke.

"And then we'll draw out those Guardian lap dogs and eliminate them, wherever they may hide." Atrocitus declared.

"What about those new Red Lanterns?" Zox asked.

"We should send them out to eliminated the lapdogs." Atrocious spoke which made Zox grin wickedly.

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