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"Hey Nike. Everything ok up there?" questioned Jaune.

"Yeah, what gives? I'm ready get this show on the road." said Yang.

"The Damn remote won't work." exclaims Nike as he bangs the remote on the recliner. "I can't believe this. I go through so much work to turn the universal archive into a high-end movie theater and this shit happens. Hell, I even splurged for the premium package. I swear to Oum I'm gonna shove a brick up that Xfinity guy's ass?"

"Well this is highly disappointing." spoke Weiss sounding unimpressed.

"Shut it Ice Queen"



"Why don't you use the brain in that big head of yours?" Nike starts feeling his head. "Have you not realized that you didn't bring in everyone you wanted to?"

"...Oh right. I guess I forgot after SOMEONE decided to practice their swing with my face."

"hehe. Sorry about that." apologized Nora.

"Anyway. As Siri pointed out we are missing some people. Siri why don't you summon our more … civil guests here inside the theater. I'll be right outside getting the others."

"Why can't you just summon them all here?" suggested Blake.

"Yea wouldn't it be easier to just explain everything with everyone together?" agreed Yang.

"Let's just say that the people I'll be summoning travel in different circles than the rest of you. I'll be right back. Siri if you would."

"Yeah Yeah. I heard you the first time." As Nike proceeds to walk out the room a vortex opens in the middle of the room. Three familiar figures seem to rise from the center of the vortex.

"Hello Students." spoke Ozpin, the wizardly headmaster of Beacon.

"Professor Ozpin?" Ren stated surprised.

"Where are we?" questioned Glynda Goodwitch, the Headmistress and disciplinarian of Beacon.

"Professor Goodwitch" Jaune spoke while cowering before one of the scariest glares known to man.

"Aw man. I need a drink." spoke Qrow Branwen, everyone's favorite scythe-wielding drunk.

"UNCLE QROOWWW." Ruby excitedly screams while tackling said Uncle. "Did you miss me? Didja? Didja?

"Ha. Nope."

"That's your Uncle?" questioned Blake.

"Yep. Greatest drunk in history." said Yang with pride.

"That hardly sounds like a title to be proud of." replied Weiss.

"Children." said Glynda gaining everyone's attention. "Could someone please explain the situation?"


"Nora please. We're right next to you." begged Ren. "Though I wouldn't have done it as enthusiastically, that is the basic truth of our situation. Apparently Jaune is a very interesting person across all universes and our host brought us here to watch some of his adventures."

"I knew you had much potential Mr. Arc." spoke Ozpin. "Though this is more than I could've ever imagined." Jaune smiles at the praise as his pride grows knowing someone so amazing thought so well of him.

"So where is this... Nike?" questioned Glynda.

"He is currently outside the theater summoning a few more people."

"Who said that?"

"Oh. That's just Siri. She's Nike Sassy assistant." replied Nora.

"Who else is Nike summoning?" asked Ozpin.

"We're not sure. He was pretty vague about the whole thing." answered Weiss.

"He should return shortl-"



"Uhmmm, Siri do you think he needs a hand?" asked Ruby.

"No, he's got it."




"Woah. Glad I don't have to deal with that." spoke Qrow as he took a swig from his flask.

"Maybe we should offer some assistance." offered Pyrrha.

"He's in charge here and he would not want us to help him."

"WHY IS NO ONE HELPING ME. I NEED SOME ASSISTANCE" Everyone turns toward the screen with deadpan expressions. "... OH HEEELLLL NO! THAT IS IT!" A white light is seen shining under the light. CRASH. Nike kicks the door open. He's in his Godly form and he's dragging five people tied together behind him. "Oh, we have more guests. I'm Nike, welcome to my dimension, blah blah blah, EVERYBODY SIT DOWN!"

Everyone runs to their seats.

"Now. I'm not gonna get mad that no one came to help me because I'm pretty sure Siri had something to do with it. But we need to get the first universe started. So, help me welcome our other guests. And don't worry I've taken all weapons and removed all semblances from this dimension. The only ones with power here are Siri and I."

"Alright, now let's see what we got in our little bag of tricks. One false maiden, Cinder Fall. And yes Oz, I'm saying that for a reason, SHE'S Amber's mystery attacker." Nike drops an irate Cinder into her seat as the teachers glare at her.

"One delusional thief, Emerald Sustrai." Emerald falls into her seat with a glare towards Nike.

"Oooo look, a two for one deal. Everyone's favorite well-dressed Thief and the ice cream queen, Roman Torchwick and Neo Politan." Both land with smirks on their faces. Team RWBY can't help but glare at the dynamic duo.

"And finally, one idiotic assassin who's going to lose the rest of his limbs if ever pulls that shit again." Mercury groans and he looks like he was jumped by an angry mob.

"Oum kid what in the hell did you do?" asked Qrow.

"I stepped on his shoes." replied Mercury. Everyone gives the host an incredulous look as he turns back to his normal appearance.

"What? Never step on a black man's shoes. This law applies in every universe. Anyway, as I'm sure you heard, the concession stand is currently out of commission. So, if you need anything, ask Siri."

"Great. More work."

Nike takes his seat. "Yeah Yeah. You can cry about it later. Without further ado, let's get it started. AND AWAAAYYYY WE GO."


DBZA: The Return of Cooler's Revenge 2 The Reckoning

"Alright a little backstory. In this universe, Jaune is a member of the Saiyan race. A race of humanoid ape super warriors. Long story short he's an alien who was raised on Remnant." Wide eyes all around. "I know crazy right. Anyway, now he is heading to planet Namek, or I guess New Namek technically, to visit the natives he saved at an earlier time by defeating the space tyrant Cinder. Though, now that I think about it, actually he avenged them because she and her group of assholes killed everyone on that planet."

This causes said maiden to smirk evilly at the knowledge that she was just as dangerous in another universe. She then remembers that she was defeated and glares at Jaune who wilts from the look.

"I knew you could be a great hero Jaune." praised Pyrrha.

"Thanks, Pyr." Jaune say while smiling at his partner and looking into her eyes.

"Hey. You two flirt on your own time." Nike interrupts. Chuckles ensue from the other students and Ozpin. This causes the duo to look away with blushes staining their cheeks. "Some time after he defeated Cinder her older brother Cooler came to Remnant looking for revenge. He too was defeated by Jaune."

"I don't have any siblings." spoke Cinder, who has decided to just go with the situation. For now.

"Well different universes can have a lot of changes. Some of you may never meet, some of you may be siblings or lovers. Hell, some of you may be the child of someone else in this room. You never know really."

(cut to a spaceship flying in space with to JAUNE(with black hair), JASON, NEPTUNE, MASTER ROSHI, and OOLONG inside. YAJIROBE is munching down on a riceball)

"So Dad, what's the first thing you wanna do when we get to Namek? Maybe go fishing? Camping? Anything that doesn't involve training?" begs Jason.

"Dad? I have a son?" Jaune asked completely surprised.

"Yep. In fact, you have two boys though the second one has yet to be conceived. That's your first son. Jason Rose Arc." If Jaune hadn't seen it himself, he wouldn't believe it.

"Wait a minute. Rose." questions Qrow. Everyone turns towards Ruby. Pyrrha has a look of absolute shock on her face. She can't believe she lost.

"Well I guess congratulations are in order. Mazel tov." jokes Ozpin.

"EEEP." Ruby sinks into her chair and tries to use her hood to cover her terrible blush. Funny thing is, she's not exactly against the idea of having Jaune's children. Of course, Yang and Qrow are another matter entirely.

"YOU KNOCKED UP MY SISTER/NIECE" both scream in pure rage. Jaune wants nothing more than to run for his life.

"Woah Woah. Calm down you two. For one that little Rose is not as innocent as you might think. And two, no fighting in my theater. I told you guys that there are a lot of different scenarios within the Multiverse. Hell, there are some where Jaune has multiple wives, most of whom are in this room." This results in many heads turning toward the blonde knight. Some in surprise, some in disgust, some in curiosity. A few, including the host himself, have a look of jealousy. 'Lucky bastard.'

"I'm gonna be first in line to try some old-fashioned Namekian cooking!" says Jaune in excitement.

"I don't see that happening."

"Not with that attitude!"

"I'm looking forward to a relaxing vacation! This will be the first time that I've been on Namek where I haven't been beaten up...or stabbed...or exploded." Neptune says just happy to be alive.

"What happened to Neptune?" asked Weiss worriedly. They may not be dating anymore but that doesn't mean she doesn't care about the blue headed flirt.

"Ha. What hasn't happened to him. This Neptune is basically the universe's own personal punching bag. Second only to Scarlet."

"I'm looking to get with some sexy Namekian ladies!" says Master Roshi sounding like the same old pervert everyone knows and loves.

This causes Glynda to scoff. "Of course. An old pervert. Who even is that?"

"That would be Jaune's first martial arts teacher. He can be a bit much but don't let his age fool you. I don't think anyone of you in this room could beat him in a fight. In fact, almost everyone Jaune knows in this universe is too much for anyone in yours to handle. And I mean anyone." This causes a lot of eyebrows to raise.

'How powerful are they.' is the prevailing thought throughout the room. Ozpin and Cinder can't believe there's someone who could easily handle Salem.

"But there's no real need to focus on him. He's not all that important in the grand scheme of things. At least not this time. Same goes for the big guy and the pig." Of course, everyone noticed the pig but seeing as Jaune is an alien in this universe, everything else seems mundane.

"I... don't see that happening."

"Not with that attitude!"

"I'm just looking forward to getting some time away from Korin." says Yajirobe while stuffing his face.

"Are you two fighting? Because I notice a distinct lack of cat hair on you." asks Krillin.

"Yum!" (continues shoveling down on his food)

"Hey, Qrow! What's your favorite Namekian dish?"

(cut to Qrow in the other room isolated from the others)

"I'm in this? And why am I green?" questions Qrow as he continues to drink from his flask.

"You are an alien as well. A Namekian to be precise. You also happen to be Jason's mentor."

"Dad, I hate to break it to you, but Namekians don't eat." explains Jason.

"That's weird. They're weird."

'So, haven't been home in a while, eh Ozpin?' asks Nail.

'About 500 years, give or take.' replies Ozpin.

'Eh, you're not missing much.' said Qrow in a bored tone.

"What the hell?" exclaims Qrow in surprise.

"Oh right. Forgot about that. Ozpin is also a Namekian. And Namekians have a technique wherein they can absorb other Namekians to become stronger. Qrow absorbed Nail on Namek the first time he was there. And he recently absorbed Ozpin so he could face a stronger enemy on Remnant. But that's for another day."

'Oh, please. Unlike you, I remember the halcyon days of our planet. Beautiful blue landscapes, a thriving culture. Our beautiful kinship with our Albino brothers.'

'Oooooh...' Both Nail and Qrow say knowing the truth.


(shows the spaceship approaching New Namek)

"Uh, guys? Can a planet get cancer?" questions Oolong.

"Why would he ask a weird question like that? Also why does the screen keep stopping?" questions Blake.

"Anytime someone speaks the viewing will stop so that the viewers can get their thoughts across before beginning again."


"That's a weird question. Why do you-" (sees a giant grayish piece of matter on New Namek outside the window) "Whoa, wow!" says Neptune surprised.

"If it needs some inspectin', I'm your man! I've done my share of mammograms in my day, if you catch my drift!"

"Ugh" eye rolls from most of the women in the room.

"When I do them, they're called hammograms." jokes Oolong.

"Hahaha" Yang just can't help laughing at that. And... is Jaune snickering?

"That'll do, pig." stressed Yarjirobe. The joke was an utter failure.

"Oh, boy. Someone should probably go tell Qrow." suggested Jaune.

(Qrow appears behind Jaune)

"Someone should go tell Qrow WhaAAAAAH..." says Qrow as he sees the grayish piece of matter on New Namek as the ship enters the atmosphere.

(Cut to New Namek with a bunch of Namekians handcuffed and walking in a line. Two Cycloids are heard beeping.)

'That's it. Enough of this.' thought Keel as he destroys his handcuffs. 'Time to f*ck some face!' He starts charging at a Clycloid.

"Beep." The Clycloid grabs Keel by the face.

"Oh no, my face!"

Laughs erupt from everyone except Cinder. She seems to just have an evil smirk permanently etched onto her face. She needs to learn to laugh.

(the Clycloid tosses him to the ground)

"No, please! He's but a boy! He knows not what he does!" begs Mouri

"Beep."(prepares to attack Keel)

"You're so cruel..."


(The Cycloid fires a blast, but Jason appears and deflects it to the ground. Jaune and Neptune appear when the smoke clears.)

"Mhm. Mama likes." Yang says while licking her lips. There are blushes on the faces of every Beacon teen girl not named Nora. Neo has smirk that just screams "WANT". This version of Jaune has a very well-built body befitting that of a fighter. "Now that is definitely not a noodle."

"So many muscles." coos Pyrrha to the onscreen counterpart of her partner.

Jaune looks a little hurt and flexes to himself. He then pinches his own muscle and his head drops down to his chest. He lifts his head back up with a determined look in his eye. "Nora." She turns towards him. "I think I'm ready for your muscle training routine."

Nora goes wide eyed for a second and the she gets this playfully evil look in her eyes. And just like that the look of determination turns into one of horror.

"You poor poor bastard. It was nice knowing you Jaune."

"Ren, I've made a horrible mistake. You've gotta help me." begged Jaune. He has faith that his best guy friend must have a way to get him out of this mess.

Ren looks at him like he just lost a brother. "I'll be sure to send my condolences to your family." His faith has been Shattered.

Jaune turns to Pyrrha, his last hope. And she was still drooling at alien Jaune. And with that he accepts that he was doomed.

"What the hell is he wearing. Who let this man go out his pajamas." questioned the eccentrically dressed Roman.

"I don't want to have to solve this with violence, but I also really wanna punch you." said Jaune as more CYCLOIDS appear. "And your friends."

"I've been thinking about this for a minute but does Jaune seem off to anyone?" asked Blake.

"Yeah. Now that you mention it, something doesn't seem right about him. What's going on with Jaune?" agreed Pyrhha.

"This version of Jaune is... How do I put this nicely?"

"He's as dumb as a sack of bricks."

"Yeah that's it."

"Well that's not very nice to say about someone." chastised Ruby getting agreeing nods from Pyrrha, Nora and Jaune.

"Just being honest."


"That one's askin' for it!" instigates Neptune.

"What are you even doing on New Namek?" asked Jaune.


"A what? Well, I think we have one on the ship, but the sodas aren't cold yet."

"(off-screen) I believe they're referring to me." Meta Cooler appears in front of the CYCLOIDS, who all proceed to start beeping in applause.

"What in the world is that?" questioned Cinder looking upon the metal sadist.

"That would be your big, bad brother."


"Why does he look like a big blue metal dildo?" surprisingly it's Ruby who asks the question that everyone is thinking. Everyone who knows the girl has a look of utter shock.

"Pffft. HAHAHA. OH MY OUM." Nora, Pyrrha, Mercury, Emerald, Roman, and Neo can't help but laugh with the Writer.

"Ruby how do you know what that is." Yang asked in utter horror. Neither she nor Qrow can comprehend what they just heard.

"Yang. I'm 15 not 5. Plus, you really should clean your room better." replied Ruby. More laughs ensue from this little tidbit of information. Yang literally can't get any redder. Qrow looks at her with betrayal written all over his face.

"YANG. You had one job."

"Thank you, thank you. You're too kind."


"And your just brown nosing."

"So, you return once again, Cinder." questioned Jaune.

"Cooler." Jason corrects off-screen.


"Yes. I have returned, dumbass." replied Meta Cooler.


"Dumbass. With the help of the Big Gete Star." Neptune laughs off-screen. "Thanks to it, I have been reborn with this new dynamic, metal form. With it, we have entrapped this planet. And now... we are going to f*ck it. Both figuratively..."

(cut to scenario of Big Gete Star drilling into New Namek; cut back to present)

"And... very literally. "

"Somehow just looking at that made me feel violated." Ozpin speaks out. Most of the theater can't help but agree with him.

"...You know, just because it can't reject you, doesn't imply consent." informed Neptune.

"Now, what say you?" asked Meta Cooler.

"Cinder did it." Qrow states matter of factly.

"Excuse you?"

"The robot thing. Cinder did it. When she came back to Remnant." answered Neptune.

"But that's not the same, I-"

"After she took over Namek, like you are now." continued Qrow.

"Wait... She destroyed Namek!"

"Well, this is New Namek." reminded Jason.

"So it's completely different!"

"Yeah, about as different as you are from Cinder." mocked Qrow.

"Shots fired!" Neptune screams off-screen.

"Kill the blue one." Meta Cooler ordered his cycloids.

(the Cycloids starts charging at the Z-Fighters)


"Cinder did it."

"What does he mean by that?" asked Weiss sounding worried.

"Why do you sound surprised. The man said he was stabbed and exploded the last time he was on Namek. But yes, Cinder killed him."

Of course, this causes Cinder to once again smirk evilly. "Well that is what happens to those who try to oppose me." Her statement makes all the heroes in the room glare at her. "Though, I'm disappointed to see that my so-called brother is too lazy to come up with his own ideas."

'You're just lucky I've had time to come to terms with what happened in Volume 3 otherwise I would've ripped your head off when you got here'

"Well you can't really blame him. You did your job very well. Even years later many still see you as Jaune's greatest challenge."

"Great. Just what we need. Another boost to fire bitch's ego" signed out Neo to Roman.

"You got that right. I dread just how much more of pain she's going to be." replied Roman.

"Wait. If she killed him. How is he alive." asked Emerald.

"In this universe there are 7 orbs that when gathered together will summon a giant dragon that will grant almost any wish. Bringing people back to life happens to be one of those wishes. In fact, Neptune, Jaune, and Qrow have all been brought back to life. Neptune twice."

This gets everyone to start thinking of what they would wish for. Neo can imagine herself with the biggest Ice cream shop in the world. Cinder can see a world on fire. Emerald can see Cinder and... (This may be a mature story, but I don't think anyone can handle her fantasies. Moving on.) Of course, there are some who can't help but remember those who are no longer here and wish they could change things.

"Hey. I know what some of you are thinking. Trust me when I say that I love this universe. But I don't like how there are no real consequences here. I know that losing people is a terrible experience but it's best to leave the dead alone and remember all the good things that they gave you. I know it's hard but it's the way things are. Life is a journey and death is the destination. The best thing we can do is cherish the people around us and enjoy life while we've got it because you never know when it'll come to an end."

With that said the screen starts up again.

(One Cycloid punches Neptune into a plateau. Another Cycloid tries attacking Jason, but Jason evades the attack.)


"Eep!" said Jason in a familiar way

Everyone who has come to know Ruby looks at her. Weiss speaks for everyone when she says "That boy is definitely your son. He looks like his father and sounds like his mother." Jaune and Ruby look at each other before looking away with darkened cheeks.

Yang starts to think 'Maybe Jaune would be a good boyfriend for Ruby. He's her first friend at Beacon and he's a good-hearted guy. Besides my nephew is both adorable and strong. Maybe this future wouldn't be so bad. Sorry dad. But I think it's time to let Ruby grow up.'

"Stop being a bunch of pansies!" screams Qrow while fighting three Cycloids at once.

(cut over to Yajirobe, Oolong, and Master Roshi)

"I'm gonna die on an alien planet! Dammit, I'm becoming Neptune!" lamented Oolong

"Calm your tits, scrabo-breath. Master Roshi's got this one." assured Yajirobe.

"I have many things... A best friend who's a turtle, an island... Chlamydia... This... is not one of 'em." said Master Roshi.

Disgusted looks fill the entire theater.

"Ew. Ew. Ewww." replied Ruby.

"TMI." agreed Yang.

"I didn't need to know that" said Blake.

"DUDE! Why would you tell us that? Oh My Oum." spoke Mercury.

"Gross." signed Neo.

"Oh... Well then what are we-"

(shows the Cycloids dragging off Master Roshi, Yajirobe, and Oolong after capturing them)

"Hey, Master Roshi! What if you try giving 'em the clap, you jackass?!" chastised Oolong.

(cut to Jaune attempting to attack Meta Cooler with Kaio-ken, but it has no effect and Meta Cooler retaliates by kneeing Jaune in the face and punches him)

"So, I keep punching you, but you ain't budgin'." said Jaune.

"That would be my new metal body." replied Meta Cooler.

"Which you got from the Spaghetti Star, right?"

"...Not dignifying that. Look, why don't you just turn Super Saiyan? Then we can get serious."

"But I don't wanna end the fight yet-we just started. I mean, why don't you use that little mask thing?"

"Good question, but I've got a better one, though. What's that thing on your face?"

"What's what thing on my-"

"MAH FIST!" screams Meta Cooler as he punches Jaune in the face.

"All right, fine! I'll go Super Saiyan. But I'm doing this for me." Jaune gets a serious look as he's surrounded by a golden aura. His hair changes from black to yellow and his eyes from blue to green.

"Woah. What's going on with Fearless leader?" questioned Nora.

"That would be his Super Saiyan form."

"Super Saiyan?" asked Ren confused.

"Yes. You see while on Namek Jaune thought he had defeated Cinder using his ultimate attack. Unfortunately, she would return alive minutes later, wound Qrow, and kill Neptune. Jaune was so angry that he would unlock a form long thought lost to his people. This form makes him 50x stronger and with it he was able to defeat Cinder. As time goes on more people were able to gain the ability, one of which you will see very soon."

"Who is it?" asked Mercury. Nike glares at the assassin, clearly stilled pissed.

"You'll have to wait and see twinkle toes." Emerald laughs at her partner. She always enjoys seeing someone put him and his ego in check."

"So what you're saying is-" starts Yang.

"...No. PLEASE NO" Most faces morph into one of absolute horror.

"when I get angry-"

"Don't do it firecracker" pleads Qrow.

"Yang No." reprimands Ruby.

"I will literally pay you" begs Weiss.

"I go Super Sai-YANG. Eh Eh." finished Yang. Everyone groans at that truly terrible pun. All except...

"HAHAHA. Oh My Oum. That was awesome Yang." Jaune laughs while holding his stomach.

Yang can't believe it. She honestly has no idea how to process his reaction. 'He laughed at my joke. No one ever laughs at my jokes... MAMA WANTS. Whoa where did that come from. Get it together Yang. Remember Ruby. Remember Jason. It was one time. It was probably just a pity laugh.' (Sadly, I have a feeling that won't be the case.)

"Ozpin please tell me I can punish her for that travesty of a joke?" asked Glynda.

"Unfortunately, no... Of all things to inherit from Tai why did that have to be one of them." sighed Ozpin.

"Seriously. What did I do to deserve this?"

"I don't get paid enough for this shit."

(cut to Qrow attacking a Cycloid and fails to make even a dent)


"F*ck!" Qrow decides to remove his weighted cape and turban. 'Dammit, I gotta find a way to break these things.'

'Have you tried hitting them harder?' suggested Nail.

"That sounds like something Jaune would say."

'Yes... And remember that time you've never beaten him?' reminded Ozpin.

"RAAAGH!" screams Qrow as he drives his fist straight through a Cycloid. 'Huh... It worked.'

"Hmm. Seems like I touched a nerve." joked Ozpin.

(cut back to Jaune vs. Meta Cooler)

"HIYAH!" screams Jaune as he hits Meta Cooler really hard and sever his right arm. "Hey, it worked!"

(Meta Cooler regenerates his right arm)

"Wow, the Big Ghetto Star ain't no one's fool".

"That's right, monkey." brags Meta Cooler. "With the power of the Big Gete Star, I can recover from any injury, no matter how intense. But enough about me, let's kill you!" He punches Jaune in the stomach and begins to choke him.

"Why did he call him a monkey." asked Blake sensing some kind of racist undertone.

"It basically the same as calling a Faunus an animal." This causes Blake to glare at the racist asshole on screen.

"Or calling a black person a n-"

"WOAH. HEY HEY HEY. We don't need to go throwing that word around. Let's just get back to the viewing"

(cut back to the others)


A cycloid knocks Jason to the ground and then smacks him away. He then struggles to get up.

"My God!" screams Neptune as he lands on Jason and they both get up, back-to-back. "Any ideas?"

"Well, our opponents are mechanical..."


"...which means they'll have structural weak points we can exploit. Likely their joint areas. I suggest-." Qrow lands beside him. "Huh?"

"I figured it out. We just need to hit them really, really hard." reveals Qrow.

"...That sounds like something my dad would say."

"Right!" Qrow starts attacking the Cycloid with Jason following suit.

"I've prepared my whole life for this." says Neptune with conviction. "It's SURFIN TI-" just to get elbowed in the face by a Cycloid. "It's never gonna be a thing..." he then falls to the ground.

"Just use your friggin Kienzan, Christ!"

(Meanwhile, Cooler is still choking Jaune)

"My God, you take an eternity to choke." says Meta Cooler surprised.

"Is that...all" questions

"As a matter of fact..." Meta Cooler sends a wave of power through his arm and chokes Jaune harder.

"Ah! Regret! Regret!"

"Oh man. Why would I do that?" questioned Jaune. "I can't imagine how painful that is."

"Welp. Looks like blondie is done for." mocked Mercury garnering glares from the students.

"Well funny you say that because-"

(Mercury comes out of nowhere and kicks Cooler in the face, causing him to release Jaune)

"What the hell am I doing there?" questions Mercury surprised that he would help anyone.

"In this universe, you are Jaune's greatest rival. You're the prince of all saiyans. A member of the Saiyan elite. While some time later you will go on to become one of Jaune's greatest allies at this point in time you are a jealous asshole with great timing."

"Prince huh. Sounds like a sweet gig."

"Anyone who would follow you should obviously have their brain checked." chastises Emerald.

"Don't worry Em. You can still be my queen."

"Ugh. Keep dreaming."

'Poor Emerald. If you only knew.'

"Oh hey, Merc. When and how did you get here?" questions Jaune in a raspy voice.

"Apologies, but if anyone's going to kill Arc..." says Mercury as he stares down Cooler and transforms into a Super Saiyan. "'s me."

"Hmm. I gotta say. I really rock the blonde." Mercury praises himself.

"Oh My Oum." Emerald can barely stand the smug bastard.

"You're not even that good at it."

"Shut your hole, Arc. Anyway, We meet at last... Cooler."

"Yes, we do... y-you...?" says Cooler clearly unfamiliar with who Mercury is.

"Wait, do you not know who I am?"

"Should I?"

"I am Mercury, Prince of all Saiyans!" Mercury continues speaking as Meta Cooler looks around in a bored expression. "Last of my royal blood, bringer of death, destroyer of worlds, and wrecker of your shit."

"Saiyan? Forgive me, I was under the impression there was only one of you."

"Oh, trust me. There is ONLY one of ME."

"Bad Ass." praises Mercury.

"Then my eyes must deceive me, because I believe I see TWO dead monkeys."

(Mercury charges forward, but gets sent flying away by Meta Cooler. After one second, Mercury once again charges forward, but gets thrown back again. Not one to admit defeat, Mercury proceeds to charge again, only to get sent flying again. Mercury comes back and charges again before shifting over to Qrow ripping apart the Cycloids one by one, who all beep as they explode)

"Mr. Qrow!" Jason screams as he is being carried off by four Cycloids.

"SOMEONE SAVE MY BABY." begs Ruby. Everyone turns to her. "Huh. Where did that come from?"

"Maternal instincts are a truly powerful thing Ms. Rose." answers Ozpin.

"I'm coming!" assures Qrow.

"Pfft. Phrasing" chuckles Yang.

"Phrasing! I mean, help!" screams Neptune as he is also being carried off by four Cycloids.

Yang's chuckles turn into full blown laughter.

A Cycloid grabs Qrow by the arm. "Nice try, but you're not just gonna pull me away like-" The Cycloid sticks its gatling gun in Qrow's face. "Huh?" The Cycloid proceeds to open fire on his face. "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Dicks! Dicks!"

'They're just bullets, they're hardly even..." starts Nail. Several Cycloids form arm cannons. 'Oh, cool. Cannons! Those'll hurt.'

"They dooooo!"

"Aw man. That's just my luck." complained Qrow.

(cut back to Neptune once again getting knocked back by Meta Cooler)

"Gotta give him credit. At least he's persistent." points out Jaune.

"He's quite persistent." states Meta Cooler.

"You have no idea." Jaune replies as Mercury charges forward and gets knocked back. "He's actually a really nice guy after you get to know him."

"I doubt that."

(Mercury charges forward again)

"Son of a bitch, I got you this ti-" screams Mercury as he attempts to kick Meta Cooler only for him to crush his leg. "AAAAAAHHHH!" Meta Cooler mutes him by grabbing his mouth.

"You want to know what death tastes like?" mocks Meta Cooler.

(Mercury lets out muffled screams as Meta Cooler prepares a blast)

"Hi-yah!" Jaune kicks Meta Cooler off Mercury.

"Would you just-" growls Mercury as Meta Cooler disappears. "What!? Where did you-"

Jaune pins Meta Cooler down behind Mercury. "Don't worry! Saved you again, best buddy!"

"That's it! Killin' you both! BIG BANG ATTACK!"

(Mercury fires a blast at both Goku and Meta Cooler, but they vanish before the blast can connect.)

"Well that was mean." chastises Ruby. Many of the good guys can't help but agree with her.

"Hit the literal nail on the head with that name didn't you twinkle toes." mocked Roman. Neo does a silent chuckle while Mercury sends the dynamic duo a glare. He's getting real sick of that name.

(In the smoke, Meta Cooler appears and kicks Mercury in his 'DragonBalls', which causes him to squeal in pain in slow motion before Meta Cooler punches him in Jaune's direction)

"OOOHHHHH" Every man in the audience can't help but cover their own sacks.

"DID HE HAVE TO GO FOR MY NUTS?" questions Mercury clearly feeling some kind of phantom pain.

"DAMNNNN! I completely forgot about that. Did you hear the CRUNCH! Take this as a lesson men. BUY. A. CUP. You gotta always protect the McNuggets."

"Huh?" Jaune catches Mercury. "Aww, he's all tuckered out."

(cut back to Qrow as the Cycloids have finished firing cannons at him)

"All right, you get that out of your system?" questioned Qrow.


"Okay, just wanted to make sure."


"Okay, good." Qrow fires a explosive wave that destroys all of the Cycloids, who beep as they go down. 'All right, better go save Jason.'

'What about the others?' asked Ozpin.

'What ABOUT the others?' Qrow flies towards the Big Gete Star.

(cut to Jason, Neptune, Master Roshi, Yajirobe, Oolong and the Namekian prisoners inside the Big Gete Star)

"Hello, meatbags! Let me be the first to congratulate you on your selection to have your life juices power the Big Gete Star! I hope the amenities are to your liking!"

"Hehe. I like his voice. It sounds funny." commented Nora.

"Nora. He's about to hurt Jaune's son and other innocent people." reminded Ren.

"Yea but Qrow is on his way to save them. I'm sure they'll be fine."

"They're not!" Yajirobe informed the robot.

"Then good news! You won't be staying long!"

"You're damn right!" Yajirobe punches D.V.E.D., which has no effect.

"Splendid! A volunteer!" D.V.E.D grabs Yajirobe's arm. "Quick, everyone! To the de-organer!" D.V.E.D starts dragging Yajirobe away as Jason, Neptune, Master Roshi, and Oolong try to pull him away.

(cut to Meta Cooler advancing towards Mercury and Jaune)

"He keeps kicking me in the dick. Why? Why does he keep kicking me in the dick?" asked Mercury.

"Yeah. What did I do?" questions Mercury.

"Wait, I think I might have a way to beat him..." says Jaune.

"If you say hit him really hard. I swear to God, I will kick YOU in the dick!"

"I guess we could hit him...really hard." (Mercury growls.) "Together?"


(Jaune and Mercury charge at Meta Cooler full force and ram into him simultaneously, severing the upper part of Meta Cooler's body)

"Hey, Mercury! What works? Teamwor-"

"Finish him off, you gibbering oaf!"

"Yeah. Take him down muscle boy." cheers Yang. Jaune can't help feeling praised and insulted at the same time.

(Jaune and Mercury simultaneously fires a blast at Meta Cooler, which finally destroys him. Jaune and Mercury fall to the ground and revert to their normal state while catching their breath)

"See? We can do anything by working with each other."

"Just shut the f*k up, Arc."

"That was rude. I thought it was a good lesson." Good old Pyrrha. Always ready to defend her leader.

"Hey...we beat him, right?"

"Yeah, he turned into smoke."

"Then who's that guy?"

Meta Cooler is revealed to be at the top of a cliff. "Hello, buddy!"

"Oh, right. The Serengeti Star."

"Can he not get the name right? Just once?" asked Weiss.

"He's as dumb as bricks remember."

(shows a TON of Meta Coolers on the cliff)

"That's right. I am Legion. For we are-"

"A pain in my ass." finishes Mercury.

(the Meta Coolers descend from the cliff to attack Jaune and Mercury)

"Well, Mercury, you take the five hundred on the right, I'll take the five hundred on the left." suggests Jaune.

"Screw you, I'll take five hundred and one!"

"That's the spirit!" Jaune screams and goes Super Saiyan. Mercury also screams and goes Super Saiyan.

"That's right Jaune kick his butt." cheered Ruby.

(cut to Jauen and Mercury captured and covered in wires)


"Wow. I can't believe every single one of them kicked you in the dick..."

Mercury whines in a high-pitched voice.

Everyone laughs at the young assassin's expense. "Come on man. Seriously. What's this guy's problem with my balls."

"So, where are the heck are we, anyway?"

"You are inside...of me." answers Cooler ominiously.

"*gasps* Mercury! He shrank us!"

Cooler's face is shown to be connected with the BIG GETE STAR. "What? No. No! I'm part of the Big Gete Star!"

"Oh, you're a head. Well, that's neat. Probably don't punch as hard as you used to, though."

"I'm sure you're dying to know the story."

"I'm really not interested-"

"You see..."

(cut to outer space, showing the remains of Cooler's head rolling around when a small chip lands on it)

"What the fu-"

(cut to present)

"And that's how it happened."

"Well that was hardly worth a flashback." complained Glynda

"And now, with the help of your energy, we shall have everything we need to fuel the Big Gete Star, as well as rebuild myself even better than before."

"Beep." The Big Gete Star seems to respond.

"Shut up, baby, I know it."

(Mercury and Jaune scream as their energy gets drained)


"Oh, yes. To the last drop." Jaune and Mercury are shown completely drained.

"No Jaune." Sobs Pyrrha. Ruby soons joins her. Jaune tries to comfort the girls by putting his arms around them and assuring them that he was okay.

"Hey now, don't count them out just yet. This fight ain't over."

"Ah, delicious. Now, to dispose of the the two-" Jaune and Mercury grab on to the wires and send more of their energy to the Big Gete Star. "What?! Impossible! You were bone-dry!"

"Beep." The Big Gete Star starts detonating.

"I know, but I can't stop them! Where are the mes? Send in the mes!"


"What do you mean, I'm exploding! "

(cut to outside of BIG GETE STAR, showing several META COOLERS exploding; cut back to inside)

"Ahh, f-"


" -mes!"

(cut to YAJIROBE, about to be cut into two)

"No, please! You can't kill me! There's someone at home that I love!" Yajirobe begs.

"Beautiful. What's her name?" asks D.V.E.D

"H-h-he's a cat named Korin!"

Everyone turns toward Nike who shakes his head. "Uh Uh. Don't look at me. Look, I don't judge anyone's sexual orientation but I'm not touching that with a 10-foot pole. It ain't got shit to do with me."

"I am no one to judge. But I do decide your fate. Kill him" D.V.E.D starts malfunctioning. "slow... slow... slow... slow... Drop the bass." D.V.E.D says in a deep voice and then explodes.

"Everyone, follow me!" Jason says while he leads everyone out of the room and into an incoming crew of Meta Coolers. "Aw, crapbaskets."

"I AM NOT DYING HERE AGAIN!" screams Neptune.

(All the Meta Coolers blow up and Qrow appears from the smoke)

"Come with me if you want to live." says Qrow, stealing lines and shit.

"Eh, wrong sci-fi, but it'll do." points out Jason.

(cut back to Cooler)

"How? It literally doesn't make any sense! It took everything you had to defeat a single me, yet you had enough power to overload the Big Gete Star?! How?! How did you do this?!"

"It looks like you underestimated our power. Just like..."


" did on Remnant."

"Oh. Fair enou-"

"And just like Cinder." Mercury mocks.

Cinder glares at Mercury. "Something you want to say Mercury?"

Mercury eyes open wide as he looks toward his boss and begs for mercy. "Woah. HELL NO. NOT ME. NOT ME. ANOTHER UNIVERSE." This seems to appease Cinder as she looks back towards the screen.

(Cooler begins screaming and grows a body and Jaune proceeds to transform into a Super Saiyan and starts charging an energy blast, but Cooler punches him and grabs him with wires)

"Did Cinder ever do THIS?!" asks Cooler with contempt.

"Beginning to feel like you have something against your sister." says Jaune.

"Die..." Cooler starts squeezing Jaune with the wires, causing him to scream. "DIE!" Cooler screams as his arm gets sliced by a blast shot from Mercury.

"That...was dick... ahh..." says Mercury as he collapses.

"That's right. Take that you giant metal asshole." cheers Mercury.

Jaune breaks free of the wires and prepares a blast. "Time to put you...ON ICE!" He throws the blast at Cooler's chest.

Jaune and Yang burst into fits of laughter.

"...Really?" Cooler sighs, then explodes, showing his remaining organic skin rolling around in the dust.

(cut to outer space, with the BIG GETE STAR about to burst)

"Beep." The Big Gete Star explodes

"Huh. Well, Jaune's dead again. Any of you guys got DragonBalls?" Neptune asks the Namekians.

"Wait, look!" Jason sees Jaune and Mercury falling from the sky.

"Wait, is that Mercury?"

(Jaune and Jason laugh like little insanos until Goku crash-lands on the ground which produces an enormous explosion)

"Thanks for bringing those Senzus, Bean Daddy!" says Jaune.

"It's what I do." replies Yajirobe.

"How is he still alive." questions Weiss in shock.

"Well one he is strong as hell. And two, Senzu Beans. Some of the best medicine in the Multiverse. Will instantly heal all wounds and restore your stamina. As long as you can still swallow them."

"You know, I learned something today. In the end, when all is said and done, Cinder was Cooler. And Cooler was Cinder."

"...Seriously? This idiot defeated me?" asks Cinder in disbelief.

"...So, now that it's over, we should probably go find Oscar." suggests Jason.

"Yeah, where is Little Green? He's the one who invited us to vacation here in the first place." asks Neptune.

"Oh wait, you thought... But he... Oh, my. I think you may have misinterpreted his message." replies Mouri.

(cut to Mr. Popo and Oscar on The Lookout back on Earth)

"WHERE THE F*K IS EVERYONE?!" screams Oscar.

One last round of laughs from the everyone who isn't focused on world domination.

"So, what did you guys think?"

"IT WAS AWESOME. JAUNE-JAUNE HAD LASER BLASTS AND WAS SUPER STRONG, AND SUPER FAST, AND-" Nora goes off on a rant about how awesome it was.

"It was nice to see me actually be a competent fighter for once." Jaune says while putting himself down.

"Jaune..." both Ruby and Pyrrha say disappointed.

"Come on dude. You have gotta fix your confidence issues. But we'll get to that later. If you guys liked this one. You're going to love the next one. It is one I have yet to see show up in any other Writer's domain. But first, I have to bring in one more guest."

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