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Cheena, Risika, Marron and Miyuki are teenagers

Pan and Bra are the same ages they would have been when Cheena is a teen so they are chibis.

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Chapter 1: Departure and Arrival

"Let's see, I have my outfits, brush, lotion and other accessories" said Cheena as she zipped up her suitcase. She dragged her bag down the stairs and placed it in front of her house. Cheena, Miyuki, Risika and Marron were chosen to participate in a national dance contest.

"I hope everyone gets here soon so we can go" she said as she sat on her bag. Cheena's family as well as Miyuki and Risika went over to CC to check on a few things before they go. Just then the phone started to ring.

"I hope it's them" she said as she ran inside to answer the phone. C: Hello!

B: Hey Cheena, how's it going?

C: What do you want Brittany? How did you get this number?

B: I have my ways so don't worry about that. So are you ready for the contest

C: I think you should be asking yourself that seeing as how you could never beat me or my friends in a dance contest

B: How many times do I have to tell you Cheena. The rich don't have to beat the rich but the rich do have to beat the poor which is why I must beat you.

C: Listen I am not poor

B: Oh yeah I forgot! Since you're dating Trunks you consider yourself rich.

C: I never said that

B: Right because it would be a lie. Soon he will get rid of you because the rich just don't mix with the poor.

C: Listen I've had enough of your mouth

B: Yeah and I have had enough with talking to you. You might turn me into something completely disgusting like...being poor! Cheena slammed her phone down and went outside and sat on her bag.

"That...that...I don't know what she is" said Cheena thru clenched teeth. Brittany was considered the richest girl in town. She hated Cheena because she wasn't as rich as her or any of her friends. Cheena hasn't even told her family or friends about Brittany or the fact that they hate each other. Just then a CC plane landed in front of Cheena.

"It's about time!" said Cheena to herself. The door opened and out stepped Trunks and Goten.

"You ready sis?" asked Goten. Cheena just dragged her bag over to them and dropped it in front of them. She walked around them and climbed into the plane and took the last seat in the back.

"What's up with her?" asked Goten.

"I don't know! She's your sister!" said Trunks.

"Yeah but she's your girlfriend" said Goten as he packed Cheena's bag in the bag compartment.

"Let's go!" he said as he and Trunks climbed into the plane and closed the door. Bulma took off and the gang was on their way to the dance competition.

Bulma was flying the plane as Vegeta was sitting with his foot up and Bra sitting on his lap in the passenger seat. Behind them was Goku and Chi-Chi on the left and Krillian and 18 on the right. Behind them sat Gohan and Videl on the left with Pan in-between them. Risika and Marron sat on the right. Finally in the last seat was Goten and Miyuki on the left and Trunks and Cheena on the right. Cheena was looking out the window as they flew on. Trunks wrapped his right arm around her shoulder and held her hand with his left. Cheena just sighed and looked out of the window.

"Are you girls nervous?" asked Videl as she looked over at Marron and Risika then back at Miyuki and Cheena.

"Not really! I mean we have been a series of competitions and won everyone one" said Miyuki.

"Maybe you shouldn't sound so sure of yourself. It may come back to bite you later" said Bulma.

"Woman, they have a right to gloat. They are the best and no one can beat them" said Vegeta as he looked at Bulma.

"Bulma is right Vegeta, there is going to be some new competition there today so the girls should just be careful" said Chi-Chi.

"Humph!" said Vegeta as he turned to look out of the window. From then on the ride to the competition was quiet as everyone just looked out the window. Trunks stroked Cheena's hand and he gently kissed her neck. Cheena moved away and continued to look out the window.

"Che, are you ok?" he asked. Cheena didn't respond but just continued to look out the window.

* Something's up! * he thought as he continued to stroke her hand. Cheena just sighed as she thought about her first meeting with Brittany.

* Flashback *

Cheena smiled as she entered the auditorium where the competition was to be held.

"This is going to be fun" Miyuki said as she looked around. Cheena just smiled at her as her hands slowly shook by her sides.

*Oh man, why did I agree to do this? I love to sing, yes but not in front of all these people* she said to herself as she watched everyone crowd into the auditorium.

"Too bad this is just some stupid school function" Miyuki said with a slight laugh. Cheena chuckled along, still a bit nervous. Walking down the aisle, the girls climbed up on the stage and walked behind the curtain.

"There so are a lot of people here for this" Miyuki said as she looked at everyone who was backstage working on their dance moves or song.

"We'll be fine" Cheena said not even believing her own words. Miyuki smiled as she looked around at all the people. Her searching stopped as she noticed a familiar face.

"Hey, isn't that Risika? I'm going to go say hello" she said as she ran off before Cheena could even spot Risika. Sighing, Cheena slowly walked around the backstage area. Looking around her, she quickly bumped into a person in front of her.

"Watch it" a girl said. Cheena looked at her from head to toe. She had on a tight halter top that barely covered anything and a short mini skirt with knee high boots. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes were too.

"Sorry about that" Cheena said as she looked at her.

"You should be sorry. Do you know who I am?" the girl said. Cheena raised her eyebrows as she stared at her.

"Should I know who you are cause I don't and I'm not sorry with that attitude of yours" Cheena said.

The name's Brittany and I run these competitions. No one is better then I am...not even common trash like yourself" Brittany said.

"Excuse me!" Cheena yelled as she glared at her. Turning to her friends, Brittany laughed slightly.

"You see girls, we have myself, the girl with lots of cash talking to a girl who probley had to sew her own clothes. What a loser" she said as she pushed by Cheena and walked off with her friends behind her. Cheena glared at all of them as Miyuki walked up to her.

"Risika is performing as well...what's wrong? What are you looking at?" Miyuki asked as she stared at Cheena.

"Nothing! Let's go warm up" Cheena said as she quickly walked off with Miyuki following after her.

* End Flashback*

Clenching her hands into tight fists, Cheena shook slightly as she thought about the words that Brittany said earlier on the phone.

"Cheena what's wrong?" asked Trunks as he turned her face so that he was looking her in the eye. Cheena just looked at him then moved in for a quick kiss. When she pulled apart she turned to the side and rested her head and back on Trunks side. Trunks turned his body so that he was propping her up. He placed his arms around her and held both of her hands. Cheena now stroked his hand as the gang flew on to their destination.

"We're here!" said Bulma as she slowly landed the plane. 2 by 2 the gang started to leave the plane. "Man it feels good to stretch" said Gohan as he stretched out his muscles.

"Yeah!" said Goku as he did the same. Goten and Trunks unloaded the luggage.

"This place is huge!" said Pan as she looked around.

"This is just the sign up area. Then we go into our hotel rooms for some much needed rest and relaxation" said Risika as she walked up beside Marron. After everyone had their bags the gang proceeded to the check in center.

"Next!" said the woman behind the counter. "Miyuki, Risika, Cheena and Marron checking in" said Miyuki. The lady checked her list and highlighted the girls name.

"Ok, you're all set. Today you may go and look around, rest, get to know you're competition and eat. Remember that for the 4 of you, you are allowed to order room service and anything else you need without having to pay. Your guests on the other hand will have to pay. Tomorrow the contest begins" she said as she handed Miyuki an envelope.

"Here are your keys to your room and the rules to the contest and good luck" the woman said.

"Thank you!" said Miyuki as she walked over to the gang.

"All right, we're all set!" she said as she stood next to the gang.

"Let's go eat!" said Goku as he held his stomach.

"First let's settle into out rooms then we can eat" said Chi-Chi. Everyone started walking to the hotel looking around at their surroundings. Just then Brittany ran over and wrapped her arms around Cheena.

"Cheena it's so cool that you made it" she said. Everyone just looked at Cheena and the girl holding on to her. Cheena dropped her bag and looked down at Brittany with a digested look.

"Get off of me!" she said as she shook Brittany off of her.

"Cheena who's your friend?" asked Chi-Chi.

"Mom she's no friend of mine" said Cheena as she grabbed her bag and proceeded to walk away.

"Awe Cheena, are you still mad about our little conversation? Well I guess I'll see you around" With that she walked off as everyone watched her go. Cheena just continued walking mumbling under her breath.

"Hey Cheena wait up!" yelled Miyuki as she and the gang ran to catch up with her. Cheena placed her key in the door and went inside with Miyuki following her. She dropped her bag on the floor and collapsed on a bed.

"Man I am really hungry!" said Miyuki as she sat down on the other bed. Cheena just looked up at the ceiling.

"Cheena what's up? You've been quiet ever since we left your house and who was that girl and what was she talking about?" asked Miyuki. Cheena sighed and looked at Miyuki.

"She's our competition and we have to beat her" Cheena said as she slammed her fists on the bed.

"I take it you don't like her" said Miyuki.

"That's an understatement! She hates me more then I hate her because..." Cheena's voice trailed off as she looked down at the ground.

"Why does she hate you Cheena? How long have you known her?" Miyuki asked.

"I only met her once at one of our past competitions. I can't tell you why she hates me because it's rather stupid" said Cheena.

"Then why does she hate you?" Miyuki asked as she stared at Cheena. Cheena sat up and looked at Miyuki before sighing.

"Because she's rich and she considers me to be poor" Miyuki had a shocked look on her face.

"That's ridiculous!" she said.

"Tell me about it but that's not what's got me so angry. It's what she said to me when she called the house earlier" Cheena said.

"What did she say?" asked Miyuki.

"She said that the rich just don't mix with the poor and that's why Trunks will leave me" said Cheena.

"Cheena you can't believe her. Trunks would never do that to you. He loves you too much" said Miyuki.

"I know that but I just have this feeling that she is going to try something on him and if she does I might have no choice but to take her out" Cheena said as she clenched her teeth in anger. Miyuki walked over and got the envelope and pulled out the rules for the competition.

"It says here that we are not to fight or argue with any of the other opponents while we are here or we are going to get disqualified" she said.

"I bet I know who made that rule up" said Cheena with a smirk on her face.

"Who?" asked Miyuki.

"Brittany's last name is Callow. I bet the person who wrote it was her dad" Cheena said. Miyuki looked at who was in charge of the contest and gasped.

"Her dad is the one who is running this competition" she said.

"And that means we are in serious trouble" said Cheena as the two girls just looked at one another.

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