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Chapter 9: The End is Here

Cheena was talking to Mr. Smith as the gang re-entered the arena.

"I wonder what she's talking to them about?" asked 18 as the gang took their seats. Miyuki, Marron and Risika sat on the ledge of the front row in front of their friends and family. They watched as Cheena continued talking to Mr. Smith and the reaction on her face.

"Look at the smile on her face. Mr. Smith must have gave her what she wanted" said Krillian.

"But what did she want?" asked Gohan. Just then T.K. and the guys walked behind Cheena. Mr. Smith walked away and Cheena was now talking to the guys.

"ALL RIGHT!" all the guys yelled. T.K. picked Cheena up and swung her around. Cheena laughed along with the guys as they all celebrated.

"I can't take this! I need to know what's up" said Miyuki as she hopped off of the ledge and ran over to Cheena and the guys.

"Thanks a lot Cheena! I knew we could count on you and don't worry, when we get our first concert, you, your friends and family will get front row seats" said Ryan.

"Don't mention it guys! You guys did me and my girls a favor so helping you get a break is the least I could do" Cheena said.

"YEAH!" shouted T.K. as he picked Cheena up again and swung her around. Just then Miyuki ran up to them.

"Hey, what's going on? We're over there sitting on pins and needles wondering what's up" she said. T.K. put Cheena down and looked at Miyuki.

"You'll find out soon enough!" he said as he and the guys ran off towards a locker room.

"Che, what's up?" Miyuki asked.

"C'mon, I'll tell you and everyone else" Cheena said as she ran off towards the gang with Miyuki close behind. Cheena ran over to the ledge and jumped up onto it as Miyuki jumped up next to her.

"Cheena, what's going on? What did you do?" asked Goku.

"The guys are not only great dancers but their also great singers and they just wanted a chance to show off their talent. I talked to Mr. Smith and he said that they could perform a song before we all leave" said Cheena.

"So that was the deal? Help them get a small break?" asked Videl.

"Yeah! They just want a chance to show people what they can do and I said I would help them get that opportunity" said Cheena.

"That was nice of you" said Bulma.

'Hey, it's the least I could do for them since they helped us out when we needed them" said Cheena.

"Are they going on now?" asked Miyuki.

'Yeah! Let's all just sit back and await their performance" said Cheena as she stood up and walked over to Trunks. She sat down on his lap as he wrapped his arms around her waist to hold her in place.

"Are you sure their good?" asked Marron. Cheena looked at her and smiled.

'You tell me!" she said. Everyone sighed as they awaited Cheena's friends performance. The guys blew away the crowd as well as the Z-fighters except Cheena. Cheena cheered as the guys continued singing the song they chose to sing. The boys chose to sing Usher's "I don't know!" T.K. walked over to the Z-fighters and stood in front of Cheena. He reached out for her hand which Cheena readily gave him. T.K. sung a part of the song and the chorus of the song that went like this:

I don't really care

How long you been together with your man

It's just a matter of time

Before I make you mine

I wanna make it clear

So there's no misunderstanding

That I get

What I want

When I want it

If I wanted I could take you from your man

With my eyes closed

I could have you eating out the palm of my hand

And all you're little girlfriends too

Risika, Miyuki and Marron hollered as he sung the first part of the song. Cheena smiled as she decided to help him out by singing the next verse.

No, you can't get with me if I don't want you

T.K. smiled as he looked into Cheena's eyes and held her hand as he closed up the chorus

Yes, I can and I will if…

If I want to…If I want to


He let go of Cheena's hand and walked back over to the rest of the guys. Cheena watched him go and smiled. Miyuki, Risika and Marron just stared at the guys singing. Cheena settled back on top of Trunks lap and watched the rest of the performance. T.K. looked over at her and the girls and sung his final part of the song:

Listen to me

If I want you

I can take you

Please believe it!

Cheena as well as all of the girls in the arena cheered and hollered for the boys. Trunks just watched Cheena as she watched her friends. He looked at the expression on her face especially the look in her eyes. Cheena's expression was just one of happiness and just being proud of her friends. Suddenly Cheena noticed Trunks looking at her and turned her head to look at him. Trunks just stared into her eyes as she stared into his. Cheena slowly rested her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. Cheena had a feeling why he was looking at her and not at the performance so she decided to show him that the song was just a song. Trunks looked at her as he wrapped his arms more firmly around her waist. Cheena snuggled up to him as she placed one of hands on his chest. Trunks put on one of Vegeta's smirks as he took a hold of Cheena's hand that was on his chest. He brought it to his mouth and kissed it softly. Cheena smiled as she snuggled even closer to Trunks as she kissed his neck. Nobody noticed seeing as how they were all watching the performance. Soon the guys ended their song and everyone stood up and gave them a standing ovation. Trunks and Cheena stood up and clapped along with everyone else. Miyuki whistled as loud as she could as she jumped down onto the field and ran towards the guys. Marron and Risika followed after her as everyone continued to cheer the guys on. Cheena looked at Trunks as he looked at her.

"Go ahead!" he said as she softly kissed her on the lips. Cheena smiled as she jumped down and ran after the girls to congratulate the boys.

After a while everyone in the arena had finally left. The Z-fighters and the guys were at the hotel packing the bags in the air car. Once the bags were all pack, the gang said their good-byes. Cheena stood in front of everyone in front of T.K. and the guys.

"Well its time for me to go back home" she said.

"Yeah! Thanks for everything! We owe you one" said Andrew.

"Forget about it!" said Cheena.

"Still, we owe you one!" said Brian. Cheena smiled as she looked at them.

"See you at the next tournament" said Ryan. Cheena walked over and gave T.K. a hug. The rest of the guys walked over and hugged Cheena as well. The Z-fighters watched and smiled at the close embrace Cheena and the guys had.

"OK Runt! Now let's go! I have some training to do!" yelled Vegeta as he went inside the air car.

"Vegeta, do you have to ruin a good mood?" yelled Bulma as she followed him inside of the air car.

"Bye!" said Chi-Chi as she, Goku and the rest of the adults boarded the car. Marron and Risika walked over and hugged Ryan and Andrew.

"It was great working with you guys" said Marron as she pulled away from the hug.

"Same here!" said Andrew. Risika and Marron smiled at the guys as they also boarded the car.

"See you guys later!' said Goten as he followed them inside. Trunks and Cheena were the only ones outside with the guys.

"See you around Cheena!" said T.K. Cheena smiled as she turned to go into the air car. Trunks walked beside her.

"Trunks wait up a sec!" said T.K. Cheena and Trunks turned and looked at him.

"See you inside?" Cheena asked as she looked at Trunks.

"Yeah!' he said as he gave her a quick kiss.

"Bye!" said Cheena as she boarded the air car. Trunks watched her go then turned to see T.K. and the guys.

"Look Trunks, I just wanted to tell you that I didn't mean anything when I was singing to Cheena earlier. I know the song talked about taking a girl away from her man but I would never do that. Cheena is my friend and I just wanted to make sure we we're clear on that" said T.K.

"It's all right, T.K. I know it was just a song and that you and Cheena are just friends. Anyway I trust Cheena and I love her" said Trunks. T.K. smiled as he looked at him.

"I can tell she really loves you too and as a matter of fact, all she does is talk about you. You have a great girl there!" he said.

"Yeah! You're really lucky!" said Brian. Trunks turned around and looked at the air car at Cheena. Cheena was laughing at something.

"I know!" Trunks said as he walked towards the air car.

"Catch you guys later!" yelled Ryan.

'Yeah! Same here!" yelled Trunks as he boarded the air car. Bulma shut the door and took off as the guys watched them leave. Trunks took his seat by Cheena. Cheena rested her back on his shoulder. Trunks turned his body so that Cheena was now resting on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her as they just looked at the clouds.

"So are you going to tell me what that conversation was about?" Cheena asked as she took a hold of Trunks hand.

"Just some guy talk" said Trunks as he stroked her hand. Cheena just smiled as she continued to look out at the clouds.

"So it's time to go home! How was this experience, girls?" asked Videl.

"Great!" said Marron.

"Tiring!" said Risika as she yawned.

"Interesting!" said Miyuki.

"A Challenge!' said Cheena as she looked up at Trunks then down at the two gold medals around her neck.

"Well I knew you would win. I said that when we left two days ago" said Vegeta.

"We all knew they could do it!" said Chi-Chi.

'Yeah, but I'm the only one who actually said it" said Vegeta with a smirk on his face. This riled up Chi-Chi who blew up on Vegeta. Everyone was trying to calm her down. Trunks and Cheena were in their own world as everyone either tried to break up the argument of jump into it.

"Well I did it!' said Cheena.

"I knew you would!' said Trunks. Cheena looked at Trunks who looked down at her. Trunks bent over and kissed Cheena softly on the lips. Cheena gladly accepted him and the two just gave each other the passion they so desired.

A lot was tested these past two days, from competition and control to love, trust and friendship. This was a test that the Z-fighters clearly passed with flying colors. Oh, I bet you're all wondering what ever happened to Mr. Callow and Brittany, well you'll just have to wait to find out.

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