Heyo everyone! Sorry I have been away for a bit, summer got a bit hectic for me and I had a lot going on, and then classes started and there was a lot going on, but now things have settled so I thought I would start off my return with a new fic!

ANd because high powered magic battles are epic, here it is! A Black Clover SYOC! However, here is the thing. This is an alternate timeline for our own stories. A number of characters will remain the same, such as all the Magic Squad Captains, and others, but it will be our story! So hope you enjoy!

Also, Disclaimer. I do not own anything of the Black Clover Franchise, I just love it a lot, especially high powered magic battles. Episode 84 of the anime was especially awesome!

Black Clover SYOC: Chaos Rise

"No, please! Let me go! Please!"

A young boy pleaded, with no shoes or clothes, as he was locked inside a dark dank room, with no way out. He couldn't even see, and on his hands and knees, pleaded at the door despite there being no responses. He had been kidnapped and abused. On his naked body were scars, not done by professionals, but clearly done by someone who did not mind the subject being in pain. All of them needless. All of them hurt.

His tears pounded the floor as he wept and wept, unable to control himself. All they ever did was treat him like an animal, after all. They were just using him, and they were evil people who could not be any form of innocent. This lone child was not the only one either, there were others. Most of them were either dead or unconscious though, but all of them were treated as cattle, not even allowed rags to wear or a dedicated toilet. And at the top of the room was a magic crystal being used to monitor them all.

It was so dark in the room, that no one could see each other. ANd everyone was either too hurt, too afraid, or too broken to talk to each other. The kid who usually lit up the room with fire magic was not here either.

"I can help you...if you help me".

"Huh...who said that...a new voice?"

"Not quite...I am not in the room with you, but as a result, I can help you...but, in exchange, I want you to do something for me".

This voice...its in my head?

"You catch on quick, good. You are one of those smart protagonists then..."

Eh? A protagonist? That's a weird way of putting it...but, what do you mean you can help me?

"I can give you what you want...but in exchange, you have to help me get what I want".

Please! Please! I will do anything!

"Very good...little boy, your purity of heart shall be tested, but I am sure you will be capable of great things".

Five years later...

"Ahhh, this air is so nice" a short boy with ash colored hair said, his red eyes sparkling like rubies as he walked through the morning sun. He was standing only at 138cm, and so could be mistaken as a boy walking to school. However, in a special pouch on his side held a Grimoire that was the same color as his hair. It was decorated with a fancy border, a humanoid figure pushing his hand outward in front of him, with lighter grey detailing, and intrinsic lines that appeared to be decorative.

He was wearing some sturdy black walking boots, white socks, black shorts, a grey T shirt, and a black cloak with gold detailing. His clothes looked fairly nice, but not that lavish. But what was probably notable was the pouch of gold that was hanging from his belt. And this boy was walking on his own on a road towards a city in the common realm, a city where the Magic Knight exams would take place.

And then, it was in that instant that four people jumped out from behind the tree lines, as the blossoms fell to the ground in the early morning view.

"Well now, if it isn't some noble brat out for a stroll".

"Stupid nobles, always thinking they are better then us!"

"Give us your money! In fact, give us everything!"

"You are only some childish brat! Dont think you can beat us all! Besides, you probably deserve a good humiliation and can afford this anyways! If you beg, we wont sell your body to someone more...picky about what they desire".

At those words, the boy blushed a little as they were starting to annoy him.

"Come on, lil shota noble!"

As the one from behind went to grab him, right as he would have, the boy disappeared from sight.


"What the hell did you just call me?" the boy said, sounding a bit annoyed and flustered. They looked up, and saw that he was standing in the sky...no, he was floating, or even flying. They definently wouldn't be able to hit him with their swords at that height, so they all brought out their own Grimoires.

However, the boy swiped his finger across the area they were in, and the area exploded later. He then formed two fingers and thrust them upwards, and all four of them began to fly into the sky. He then thrust his fingers back down, and slammed them back into the ground as well.

"The hell...what the hell kind of magic is that?! A grimoire?! How does a brat like you have a Grimoire already?!"

"How about you just shut up you filthy bandit!"

And so, unleashing another large scale attack, the boy defeated all of the bandits.

"And for the record, I am a commoner".

And so, he proceeded to clean up.

And so, later on, at the registration for the Magic Knight Exam...


"I am here to register for the Magic Knight exam! Oh, and these are some bandits I found along the way and dragged here! Do I get any extra credit for that?" the boy asked, his eyes sparkling with innocence.


"Wait...I didn't do anything bad, did I?" the boy said, suddenly getting all blushed and shy. The man was not sure what to do. He could tell the boy was earnest and honest, but also a bit shy and awkward. He was cute and a bit boyish. But...was he really old enough?

Then again, all one needed was a Grimoire. Grimoires were only given to those who turned fifteen, with only a few special exceptions. And those exceptions were more then capable of joining the Magic Knights, or were otherwise taken by other organizations and wouldn't be there.

"Its...its fine…" the man said. "I just...need your name, and place of Origin".

"Ex, from Frankfer Town".

"Ex...your a commoner?" he said, looking at the multiple pouches of gold he had with him.

"I saved up a lot" he said, a bit nervously, as he unconsciously pushed the unconscious bandit to the side. The man was getting very mixed readings from the boy...

"Right, Ex from Frankfer Town...applicant number 242. Please head inside".

"Thank you!"

And so, he ran into the stadium, and the awaiting exam to become a Magic Knight.

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