Setting: Original Fantasy

Chapter 02

Curious elf facts number four; Elves heal pretty fast.

It's been only one day, no, a few hours really, but the wounds on the dark elf girl's leg and the elf thot's cheek disappeared completely.

After a satisfying night sleeping close to a pair of pretty elf girls utterly drenched in my spunk, I decided it was time to finally clear up. So, currently, we are bathing on a nearby river, perhaps the same rive where I contemplated my isekainess yesterday, with the sun shining cheerfully over our head.



Ah yes, that's been going on for a while now.

Elf thot had been acting rather catatonic when I picked her up and brought her here, but after a few minutes of obediently washing herself in the water, the reality of the situation dropped on her, and she began to explode. That, in turn, made the dark elf girl explode on her, and they've been exploding at each other ever since.




Meanwhile, I just kept snooping large amounts of water with my huge-ass hands and bringing it up to wash my neck and shoulders, completely ignoring the bickering of my girls.

It was nice here, sitting down on a shallow riverbank, the softly running water around the middle of my belly, the beautiful sight of raw nature at the early morning chills before me, I found myself appreciating it quite a lot.

Turning into an orc made me into a more complentative person, I see.

Still, there is even more aspect of my new orcness for me to analyze today. Some in relation to my girls, and they are my girls. I could feel the connection between us, it had formed last night when I fuck each of them to an inch of their lives and it manifested physically in a classic heart-shape, womb-tattoo form that the two are now spotting on their pubic areas. I knew that this tattoo also mirrored inside them, in their womb proper.

I didn't know exactly what it means, or what it does, but I had an idea. You don't watch the amount of hentai I had without becoming at least familiar with the concept of womb tattoos, after all. For now, it just seems to give me an idea of their location and a bit of their state. I knew where they are, err, obviously, but I get a feeling I would know where they are or at least the direction they are no matter how far they are or how much they try to hide from me. And about their state… I knew both were healthy and sore as hell from yesterday, but they're bearing it like champs.

Then, there was another thing, this one more… deeper? More… metaphysical? Like the threshold of permanent fucked silliness I reached in the elf thot last night.

There are two new… balls, spheres? bundles of energy inside me. This energy is slowly being absorbed into the rest of me, and the bundles are already noticeably smaller than they were when I woke up. I'd be more alarmed about some unknown energy slipping into my body, but they feel like the elves, my elves; one bundle 'tasted' like the elf thot, and another 'tasted' like the dark elf girl. So, I'm assuming it has something to do with our connection.

A large wave of water hit my back, prompting me to turn around and see what was up.

The two elven counterparts have started to childishly throw water at each other as their argument intensified. It was quite an interesting sight, and sound. Still have no idea why I could understand their language now – probably the connection – but, still, it almost seems like they were singing at each other, their tone noticeably different even if the music was the same. The elf thot's was melodious and elegant, even when in a fast pace, the dark elf girl's was raspy and rhythmic, building in over itself with every word to form a nice whole. For some reason, the image of a deep-rooted new yorker girl having a shouting argument with a posh english woman came to my mind.

Hm, two nubile examples of femininity, their assets bouncing freely as their toned bodies reached down to the river water by their waist, their succulent privates appearing in tantalizing hints as the water rose and fell, waves crashing over them, making them wetter and wetter.

Letting out a long, snorting sigh. And then I stood up.

… I swear to God the shadow wasn't my idea. The sun just happened to be on my back when I walked over, and I was yet to grow accustomed to how tall I now was. Nevertheless, the elf thot's breath hitched, and her entire form froze as light over her dropped by several levels of magnitude. The dark elf girl just looked smug.

"It…I-It's behind me… What should I do!? What should I do!?" The elf thot frenetically asked, her voice coiled tight.

"I dunno. Don't move too much though. He can probably tear your head off with a single bite." Her darker counterpart answered with cheeky laughter clearly underlining her tone, but by the gasp, the elf thot took that seriously.

I slowly raised my hands, hovering over her sides but not touching her skin. The elf thot let out a strangled breath seeing the movement and the dark elf girl watched with rapid attention.

Finally, I sunk my burly fingers into the elf girl's huge tits.

"AH!" The elf thot gasped. "I-It got my bosom!"

"I can see that." The dark elf girl mumbled, casting a sulky glance down her chest.

Meanwhile I was too busy feeling the heavenly pair in my hands. My fingers curled inwards and outwards into the supple flesh; my palm slid over the sides to underneath. Testing its weight, softly pumping them up and down. Boing, boing, boing…

"W-W-What is it doing?!"

"How the heck would I know?"

They're a bit more than a handful, which considering the new size of my hands, it was impressive. Softer than I'd thought for something that appears to have so much perkiness. Still, I dipped my fingers deeper, testing the breasts' elasticity. Keeping my touch firm, I began exploring them, lightly sliding over their curves, sinking my finger as deep as they could do, molding and pressing them together, massaging some tensed spots I found on the area it connected to the muscle. I used the elf thot's gasps and hitched breaths to gauge her reaction, it was easy to see what she liked or not like that, and she liked a whole lot.

"S-S-Stop you dirty fiend!" The elf thot finally gathered enough courage to address me directly. She had raised her arms in fear when I first made to touch her – which ironically ended up giving me more access – but now she was ineffectually slapping and bringing her tiny fists down over my burly, hairy arms. "Unhand me this instant! Guhi!"

She had a wide areola, this one. They were of a pink so pale that they melted neatly into the creamy skin around them. I could feel them while I was exploring, sight bumps over her tit-flesh. As blood began to flow because of my ministrations and the skin of her breast became flustered for it, the area grew puffier and puffier. My finger traveled over this deliciously plushy part of what was already a marshmallow-soft whole, and I could clearly feel the hungry slits she had over the summit, the slightest of presses revealed to me the hard points shallowed within.

"You almost did an 'O' face." The dark elf girl commented, opening a large smug smile like she was a plucky kohai who just found out her senpai was into humiliation. "Hey, hey, miss bitchy, don't tell me you're gonna cum from having your fat tities played with. Ehhhh ehhh, that's so slutty of you."

"S…Silence!" The elf thot bit back through gritted teeth. "You- Mmmmm!"

There they are.

The tips of her nipples were slowly roused from their charmingly inverted state. I made sure to greet them properly by gripping the hard beads between my index fingers and thumbs and giving them a firm yet gentle tug. The elf thot's whole erupted into a series of jerking, and she slapped a hand over her mouth to prevent a scream.

So sensitive.

The dark elf girl rolled her eyes. "Tche! Figured. No wonder your horny little race always ends up as some human noble's pet."

"S-Shut your mouth you darkling cur- Ngh!" The elf thot tried a comeback, but her legs buckled from under her, making her press more of her weight over my hands and compress her large breasts in the process. For my part, I just took her feather-like weight and continued to slowly twist the trapped tips with my fingers. "Ahhh!"

Letting out a pig-like snort, I pulled her back up until she was in a somewhat straight position, then, I finally let go of her breast. My right hand started traveling underside it, while my left moved to fill up the space the right had abandoned. Her remained breast now trapped by my muscular arm.

My hand calmly traveled over the soft, warm skin of her quivery belly, the waters and sweat making it easier to do so. I made sure my hand made up a clear impression over her flesh as it descended, just for her to feel where it was going. As expected, she let out a whine and tried to curl up, but my arm kept her trapped and a painful, warning squeeze made her stop her attempts.

My thumb circled her cute little belly button for a bit before the rest of my fingers slid downwards almost in unison, seeking their most precious prize.

"Oh-ohh~ Lady Spring ooof the most~ r-radiant season, p-protec~ protect your d-ah!-ughter in this most, terrible~ time time-oh…ngohhh~"

Four of my fingers played over what must be the softest part of this wondrously soft thot body. I could feel her in every delicious detail; the plump outer lips tightly clamping over her thin slit, the hart little button that trembled so nicely against my touch, the little triangle of hair tickling my palm. It was hot even when partially submerged by the cold river water.

Despite the elf thot's prayers her legs obediently spread to let my burly hand in, I couldn't help but think that should action deserve a nice reward…

"AHHHHH!" The elf cried out as my middle finger invaded her wonderfully tight walls.

"Hmm." The hum came from the dark elf girl as she looked at the spectacle. She had cocked her hips to the side, an arm loosely hugging herself while her hand rested on her waist. Her other hand was near her face, a finger by her lips as she lightly bit on a nail. "You know, I slept a few human guys who were about the size of his fingers. So, technically, you're being railed by a human dick right now."

"Shut up!" The elf thot shouted breathlessly. Her tension running all the way to her pussy. "I'm not a-Muaghhhh! D-Damn it all~"

In and out, left and right. My fingers explored her inviting tightness. I could practically feel her next orgasm building up, her walls clinging so warmly against my digit, protesting every time it exited, pulling it in every time it entered. I only needed to curl my finger to—


Enough of this.

My cock demand attention.

The elf thot let out a breathy gasp when my finger left her hungry hole without setting her off. The corner of my pig-like mouth curled when I detected the hint of disappointment with my keen ears. My hand suddenly drifted down her inner tights and pulled her leg to spread upwards, while my arm tightened around her as I also pulled the rest of her body close to mine.

"W-What now!?" She cried out.

"I don't—" The dark elf girl began to speak but then stopped and tilted her head. The smugly perverse smile split her pretty face again. "Brace yourself."


Most would need one hand to help guide them, I am not most, my hard dick would instinctively seek out pussy, especially one already belonging to me. So, when my cock emerged from the waters like a mighty leviathan ready to wipe out some coastal city, it struck directly at the elf thot's dripping pussy.

Getting inside was just a matter of pushing in.

"A-gain~!? t-this sho~ Ah ah ahMYAHHHHHH!"

The thot cried out, gasped out, breathed out her whorish melody. But she was stretched taut by my girth and impaled by my length, all of the same. Her heated insides enthusiastically welcomed me like a long-lost lover, kissing and hugging every inch of me available.

Tight, so tight, a perfect little glove to my cock, it felt magnific!

My long grunt was swallowed by the elf thot's shouted moans and heavy panting. Moving my hand to grab the supple flesh of her hip and securing my hold over her torso, I began to move her up and down. Spearing through her massaging insides each time.

"Damn, look at him go." The dark elf girl had crouched low into the river water putting her face close to where me and the elf thot were connected. She had first seat view to mighty stretching of her counterpart's pussy and the vicious-looking bulging of her abdomen.

The elf thot, for her part, just responded by letting out some mindless, "GUH! GUH! GUH!" in synchrony with my thrusts. I could imagine her eyes rolling back by the way her hands crawled all over what she could reach of me; hanging on for dear life.

The dark elf girl smiled naughtily. "Hey, come on, put some work into it!" She reached out and grabbed the elf thot's wide hips, her hand a bit over mine on the right side. "You want it to be over? Them make him cum fast, make it good from him too, like this! Push when he enters, gyrate those slutty things, a bit! Follow your whore instincts, come on!" I let out some groan as the dark elf girl forced the hip I was fucking to move in some different ways, doing some wonderful things to my meat rod inside.

Hilariously, the elf thot actually listened to the dark elf girl and began to amateurishly push back against me. I couldn't help but let out a snorty laughter and increase my pace; it was feeling much better.

The water waved and crashed underneath us, our hips noisily crashed together, the voluptuous elven girl in my arms began to shake and quiver as much as she was moaning, her insides clenching and spasming over me with stronger grips than before. That wonderful pressure ever-increasing.

"You're gonna cum, aren't you?" I heard the dark elf girl saying to the girl I was bouncing over my length. She reached out and grabbed a lolling tongue. I gracefully shifted to bouncing the elf thot to moving my hips. Keeping the thot steady for whatever the dark elf girl was planning. "I can see it in your slutty expression, you love having your insides churned out by that huge cock don't you? don't you!?" Her other hand shot and grabbed the long golden hair and suddenly they were face to face, the elf thot moaning loudly at her darker counterpart, "Cum then, you dirty little whore, cum bitch! I want to see your expression as you break apart! Cum! Cum!"

The elf thot reached a crescendo.

And a great number of tentacles suddenly burst out of the water.


"Hey, this is pretty good." The dark elf girl commented to me, happily munching over some cooked tentacle.

I took a bite out of my own. Tasted a little bland to me.

I'm pretty sure I can cook now. There are some things buddled together with these survivalist orcy instincts that I now had that involved a lot of ingredients, tools, and bizarre techniques. But I lacked any tools, and the tentacles are the only thing left from that fucking cockblocking river squid thing that could be used as ingredients – everything else got beat so much it was more liquid than solid – so I just put them on some sticks and cooked them in an open flame.

"Oi bleached bitch! You're sure you don't want any!?" The dark elf girl shouted over her counterpart sitting somewhat at the distance, waving a few tentacles-on-a-stick. "You just have to walk here and get it hahahaha!"

The elf thot, who was still too sore to walk without a funny gait, just grimaced imperiously at the dark elf girl and threw her face to the side with a loud "Humph!"

At least she settled down a bit after a good fucking. I congratulated myself over my excellent Elf Handling skills— women handling skills? Whatever, it worked.

Still, I couldn't help to stare at the elf thot. After we moved to another less blooded patch of water and actually cleaned up, she used weird plant magic to grow herself an outfit to replace the one I had torn up. So, a weaving of vines now covered her previously naked body. However, out of all the shapes she could have made the vines take, she decided on one that barely reached her thighs, showed a scandalous amount of cleavage, and had a pelvic cut out right in the middle, blatantly revealing the tiny leafy underwear she made for herself to the world.

It was a bit jarring because it did not fit what I was seeing from her personality; she did not seem like someone who would flaunt what she had at all. But it did fit the style of her previous outfit, so maybe she was subconsciously seeking revealing clothes? Or it could be a cultural thing…

Eh, in any case; free eye candy.

My eye candy noticed me looking, of course. Unlike with the dark elf girl, she froze, stared back for a few seconds, then gingerly dragged herself over the rock she was sitting, turning her back to me completely. Her flapping ears were utterly red.

Her outfit had a cut out left practically all of her back naked and showed a hint of side boob. I began to imagine spurting my seed all over that beautiful milky skin and I turned away before I got another erection.

Moving on. I took a bite from the spongy tentacle meat. More orcy development.

The bundle of energy that felt like the dark elf girl metaphysically inside me had faded completely, all the available energy seeped and integrated into my body. However, the bundle that felt like the elf thot had grown several sizes to an amount similar to what it was last night, when I was too horny to notice it.

And there was… a new one.

I cast a glance over the half-eaten tentacle close to my pig face.

The new bundle of energy was tiny compared to the others, I was sure it would disappear after a minute or two, but it felt like the thing I was eating; the river squid creature.

So, this means… I gain energy by fucking or eating things; that's the conclusion I reached. Fucking obviously gives me more energy, and this energy sweep inside me to do… something?

Hum… Orcy mystery.

Can I dive into it? Metaphysically, I mean. I can sense it, so I should be able to do it.

I tried to do just that.

The metaphysical 'area' the bundles of energies were located suddenly started to feel closer. On what was increasingly feeling more and more like the 'outside', I felt my body pausing mid-chew, the dark elf girl noticed and looked at me strangely…

"Curses! Why can't I do it!?"

The shout had me crashing back into my body. I blinked, and then snapped my head to look at the elf thot. The dark elf girl mirrored my movement beside me.

The elf thot was looking to the side, face red, clearly pretending she hadn't done anything.

Ok, why is she acting like this? Is she a child?

"What!?" The dark elf girl shouted at her, visibly annoyed.

"Nothing!" The elf thot quickly responded. Pretty much confirming that there was something.

Seriously. I let out a noisy snort of disbelieve. Is she actually a child!?

"You tell'her big guy!" The dark elf girl said as she got to her feet and pointed her finger at her counterpart. "You not getting out the hooks that easily, spill!"

Bit weird to have the dark elf girl address me like that, but I also really wanted to know.

There was a thrum over my connection with the elf thot and—

"I'm trying to come up with a plan to kill both of you, but I can't do it for some reason!"



The elf thot's eyes widening in shock and panic.

The dark elf girl's expression melted into a deadpan.

Bird shit falling on a rock dangerously close to me. Oof that was close.

"HAYAH!" The dark elf girl threw herself at her counterpart. Both rolled on the ground before stopping with the darker elf straddling over the lighter one. "Knew you bleached fucks couldn't keep your façade for too long. It's like my mother used to say, 'They always show their true colors eventually Marzy, you ought to open up some holes to check first.' Well!" Her dagger appeared in her hand, and she raise it high. "Who am I to question her wisdom!?"

She made to stab the girl underneath her, then she froze. She made to stab her again, and then she froze again.

This time, the elf thot got out of her stupor and pushed her away with a scream of "Get out of me!". The dark elf girl rolled athletically across the ground and then jumped to her feet. There was an almost panicked scowl on her face.

"It's a high-grade one! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" She growled in frustration and then kicked the dirt. "That's just what I needed right now!" Her hands shot to her head, and she pulled a bit of her short silver hair, her overwhelming frustration manifesting in a gritted scream. "'Oooh! Why don't I get ravaged by some pig dick for a while, it's been ages since I was a proper fucking in this Shitty human kingdom! What could go wrong?' Well, go to hell bitch! This is the last time I listen to my fucking cunt!"

The elf thot, still on the ground, just gawked at the ranting dark elf. "What?"

The dark elf rounded her. "It's a high-grade one you stupid cunt, didn't you listen!? We're basically pig slaves now!" At the elf's continuous look of confusion, the dark elf growled and pushed her shorts down, showing her the black-colored, heart-shaped womb tattoo, a perfect mirror of the elf-thot's pink-colored one. "The fucking Lust Crest you dumbfuck! Haven't you noticed it!?"

"Oh That!" The elf thot frowned thunderously, pushing herself to her feet and raising her pointy nose at the dark elf. "Why would I taint my eyes looking at the living proof you've consorted with demons, darkling!? It has nothing to do with me!"

The dark elf girl slapped her hand over her face. "Oh, for fuck's sake." Then she pointed exasperatedly. "You have one too!"

"I most certainly do not!" The elf thot threw her brilliant golden locks over her shoulder. "I am a proud citizen of Arcadia, born under the light of the Four Great Spires, devout follower Lady of the Spring and daughter of one of her Archpriestess! Unlike you filthy darklings, I am pure!" The elf thot announced, even though she was panting like a dog in heat while my cock ruined her pussy for every other cock out not even an hour ago.

"Oh, Twelve Matrons, give me strength, oh mistresses." The dark elf girl ground out while massaging the bridge of her nose. She looked absolutely at her limit. Finally, she jabbed her finger at the lighter elf again. "LOOK AT YOUR CROTCH, YOU DUMB BLEACHED BITCH!"

The elf thot's expression closed off in pure indignation. She drew herself up to her full height and for a moment I thought they would start their loudest argument yet. However, maybe something in the dark elf girl's tone or a flash of doubt on her mind made her look down. Her slutty little vine dress opened at her belly button, so right above her tiny leave underwear, open for all to see, was—

The shrill scream that followed was like a dozen whiteboards being scratched at once while the noise was intensified by the world's largest guitar amp.

"Matron's hairy cunts that was loud!" The dark elf girl spat out with her hands still pressed against her long ears. The elf thot didn't hear her, too busy with her own little freakout.

"Demon mark! Demon mark! No! No! No! NOOOO! This can't be happening!" She tried clawing at it, tried to vigorously wipe it off, nothing worked. "I-It's settled in! I can't—" She snapped her eyes up, looking accusatorily at the dark elf. "You did this to me!"

The dark elf girl snorted a loud, humorless laughter. "I have done, nothing! It was the pig!"

For the first time since their conversation started, the two looked towards me. I resisted the urge to wave at them. In truth, their little talk was giving me some valuable snippets of information, so I'd like them to continue. So, I just stayed there sitting on a smallish stone like some kind of ultra-fat samurai general, and blankly stared at them with my dark, inexpressive animal eyes.

A pair of twin gulps echoed.

"W-W-What do we do?" The elf thot asked. "Should we kill it?"

"Can't." The dark elf girl spat, the hostility she looked at me with when we first met was back at full force. "Can't kill him, can't hurt him, can't even make schemes to kill or hurt him! The same applies to you and me. But he can do whatever the fuck he wants with us."

"N-No nonono!" The elf thot looked a bit green, her early freak out climbing back up. "How did this even HAPPEN in the first place! He's a pighead; a disgusting, lowly race, but he isn't a demon, right?" Her question was met with silence. "RIGHT!?"

"I DON'T KNOW, OK!" The dark elf girl screamed. "Maybe a succubus got bored and threw herself at a tribe and then pop him out later," That might have happened, I don't know if I possessed a normal orc and stole his body or if I appeared from thin air. "But even then, he should've only been able to give out low-grade crests, you know; make the sex better, prevent injury from size differences, disappear after a few days. Not, this shit!"

The elf thot wasn't even listening at that point "No, no, why is this happening, it can't, it can't!" she begged out loud with wide eyes, then she looked at my mark as if to remind herself it was there. A shiver of disgust traversed her whole body, and she tittered several meters towards her breaking point. "I can't believe this! This can't be happening! I can't—" Her eyes suddenly snapped to the dark elf; finding a convenient target for her woes. Then her look grew vicious. "YOU! You damn, TAINTED, DARKLING! THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!"

And, of course, that also gave the dark elf a convenient target herself. "Excuuuuse me BITCH!? Remind me again WHO WAS THE BLEACHED CUNT WHO TRIED TO KILL US IN THAT CAVE TO BEGIN WITH!?"







"Shut up."

Now, let me tell you; talking? Apparently not an orc thing. It was the first time in my life I has to consciously think about talking. No, not choosing my words; I mean the whole freaking process of pulling air into your lungs, pushing it back through your trachea, moving my vocal cords and tongue to shape the air into words… all those tiny processes and nuances required to talk, the little things that people take for granted? For me to talk I had to do it all consciously and by myself.

I could already tell it would be a killer on my throat if I push it, but still, the little comedy routine has turned into a mindless screaming competition, so it served me no purpose anymore. Figured the huge pig man telling these elven thots to shut up would work to cut through the bullshit. Turned out I was right.

"You can—"


They're finishing each other's sentence now, how cute.

I waved my enormous arm before the small camp around me.


They did not move immediately, too paralyzed by the shock of the recent developments. Eventually, however, they moved.

The dark elf girl was first. She closed her gawking mouth, forced her face into a neutral expression, then pulled a calming breath and strode forwards. The elf thot, seeing the movement, reacted like an herb animal and stumbled after the dark elf girl.

Soon, I was the two elven girls I had fucked into submission and permanently marked as my own sitting on rocks before me.

Now. Where to start? I was never the most talkative person, and the certainly won't change now that my body literally can't talk very much. Still, I wasn't feeling as awkward as I would be if I was human; pretty sure the sheer size of my cock would ensure I'd never lose confidence ever again.

But that's neither here nor there. Back to the matter at hand, I decided to start with the simplest thing.


It took about a minute for the first to answer.

"… Marziabella Venslavette Nightbane." The dark elf girl announced herself, looking me up and down, gears visibly turning in her head, her lime eyes calculating.

"I-I'm…" The elf thot voice broke for a second before she straightened herself like a rod had been hammered into her spine. Her expression firm and proud. "Seraphine Marienne Whisperwind!" She held against my beady gaze for a second before she quickly lowered her face to the side, a bright blush painting her features from ear tip to ear tip. I also noticed that the dark elf girl- Marzia had cast her a quick look at the mention of Seraphine's last name.

I nodded at them because damn, those are some fantasy names if I ever heard one.

… I could feel their attention on me, even Seraphine had raised her eyes to look.

Oh yes. I guess it's time for the pig man to finally introduce himself.

I open my mouth and… failed, I… I couldn't remember my name. That's… that's a trope right, the isekai protagonist losing their name as the price for their transport, or the author taking the name from the self-insert to not associate himself with them. I hadn't even realized it was gone. It's… It's another thing I lost, another aspect of me that made me human… Gone forever…

Eh, just need another one.

"I'm Richard."

I decided on the spot.

Because it can be shortened to Dick.