Setting: Original Fantasy

Chapter 03

For the first time since becoming an orc, I learned a valuable lesson.

… Thought maybe this statement doesn't have the impact it should, considering that I've been an orc for a little less than a day. And this 'valuable lesson' wasn't anything me or any geek who wasted their lifetime on anime, manga, and fantasy books wouldn't know. So, in the grand scheme of things, it was less like a lesson learned and more like a fact reminded.

This fact was 'Never underestimate our opponent, idiot'. Basically, even though I constantly pulled bullshit after bullshit with this new orc body of mine, I just confirmed that I can slip out and get hurt. So, I'm not some kind of orc Saitama, or the living incarnation of the Chuck Morris meme, unfortunately.

Following the trend of animal gigantism prevalent in this world, the crimson-furred tiger I was facing off was the size of a large van. Its claws and teeth black as night, its bestial face mean as an ex-wife's, and its eyes promised bloody murder, again like an ex-wife's.

Hm, wait, two of its fangs protruded from its mouth and stretch way past its chin. Should I think of it as a saber-tooth tiger then? I suppose so.

The animal's roar was powerful enough to shake people's bones and seeing it rushing towards you with violence brimming from every part of its body really brought out the sense of death approaching. I moved out of its leaping way at the last second.

My sweaty armor was enough to make most of its paw strikes skid harmlessly against my skin, but if the claws hit in just the right angle, they could actually find purchase and leave behind bleeding red lines in its passage. The fangs, however, are where most of the danger comes from; they managed to tear off a chunk of my right shoulder at the start of the fight.

I admit; I'd panicked a bit at the start. Suddenly going from feeling in the greatest state of your life to sensing pain from multiple parts of your body while a large, angry cat tries to go for your throat will do that to a man. But, well, I knew how to fight, my new orc instincts made me an even better, more brutal fighter, so after confirming that my arm wasn't affected by my shoulder injury and battering away the animal's first attempts, I managed to put my head in the game.

There wasn't a secret to it really, just follow Dark Soul logic; don't rush, keep your eyes on the enemy, watch how it moved till you could predict it, doubt its attacks at the last second, and lay down some crushing blows when you could. Do that again and again and again and that's how you systematically take down a giant saber-tooth tiger with minimal effort.

The beast let out a last, breathless whine from its crushed trachea before toppling over in a heap of twitching limbs. I kept my eye on it for a couple of seconds to make sure it wouldn't rise back up again, then I stepped over and methodically snapped its neck.

Letting out a long breath, I stood back up and relaxed the tension over my thick tapestry of muscles. I think you could actually see me becoming plumper and cuddlier on the outside.

And… Oh! That was interesting.

Perhaps because I now knew about it and was paying attention to it, I was able to feel a new type of energy forming over that metaphysical place inside me, swirling into a new bundled that felt just like the saber-tooth tiger I had just destroyed, before it immediately started bleeding out this new energy to my body itself. It was about as large as the current state of the bundle I got from fucking Seraphine about an hour or two ago.

But I hadn't eaten the tiger this time around. Was I wrong? It wasn't eating that gave me energy but something else?... perhaps… Killing? Fucking and killing?

Felt appropriately orc-like.

There is also a bit of deviation on the 'path' that the energy was taking inside me, I noticed. Before it was fairly uniform, so much so it was hard to say there was a path at all. The energy just kind of delved into all my cells at one, but now there was a clear path it was taking… with a focus on some particular parts of my body; especially my right shoulder.

Is it healing me?

The more I looked at, the more that metaphysical location, that metaphysical core, felt closer. Without interruptions this time around I continued to look closely, to focus on the current of energy, to try to decipher what it was doing and what was it, and more and more I got pulled in.

And suddenly, I was here.

Standing still in that core, my surroundings impossible to make sense of, much less describe, two stars burning above me, its tendrils of energy slipping deep inside this core space that was also me.

I reached out and touched one of the stars, the one from saber tooth tiger, mostly because it was the closest. Abruptly, a wave of insight washed over me.

The energy has been healing me indeed, and more than that, it was making me stronger. Little by little it permanently increased all my physical and even my mental attributes, and… and there is more, something I can do now that I was here, touching it directly.

My mind flashed with the possibilities. Not infinite, but it was like a catalog of options intimately related to this energy opened up in my mind and I knew exactly what it could do, what I could do with it.

Almost unthinkingly, my fingers moved, waving the energy in impossible patterns, creating something completely new and—

And then it was over, the energy was completely gone, and the new thing stayed for a second before melting into my body.

I blinked back into reality.

Hm, that was…

I raised my hand and looked at it, reaching inside myself and triggering the thing that I created.

The nails on my fingers instantly grew longer, stronger, and infinitely sharper, its tips now pointy and stretching out for ten centimeters from the tip of my finger. They gleamed under the sun like a collection of finely crafted daggers.

That was not all; I'd felt a of odd shifting on the insides of my mouth at the same time my nails changed, and a sweep of my tongue confirmed I now had a row of dangerously sharp fangs instead of teeth. My two modest little tusks that popped out of my mouth from my lower jaw grew so much that the ends were now showing on my field of vision, like a par of saber tooth on reverse.

Three seconds later, I was already playing around with it, turning my nails and teeth from normal to clawed and fanged form and then back again, seeing if I could change the form of a specific finger, or only a single tooth, seeing if I could make the new sharp ends grown to only half their size, or if I could change their shape entirely…

But it was undeniable; I had a new ability.

… An odd type of energy that constantly empowered my every attribute, and that it could also be used to grant myself new abilities…


It's experience!

I gain experience from fucking or killing things!

Guess this is a gamer-like isekai after all, hehehe!

"Damn big guy, I guess not even a Sword-tooth can faze you, eh?" Marzia approached from behind. The dark elf had shrieked and quickly got up the closest tree when the crimson tiger jumped out of the bushes. Her lighter counterpart just kinda froze in place like a deer.


Also, Saber Tooth is a way cooler name.

I let out a loud grunt to acknowledge her statement and then sat down in front of the beast's corpse began to expertly skin it. A task made infinitely easier with my new set of claws.

All that time smashing rocks together to make a crude knife had gone to waste, but I wasn't complaining.

Time for the pig man to get his pants.

"Yo, are these claws, the hell did you get them!?" I grunted in response to the question, and when it became clear Marzia wasn't going to get any more from me, she huffed in frustration and stepped off.

You'd might imagine we came to an understanding after our talk early. But the truth was that there is only so much you can do being able to form only a word or two at the time. Barely a dozen in and my throat started to hurt enough that I didn't feel like trying to talk anymore. So, beyond the fact we now know each other's names, we weren't much far from where we started.

Not what we need to get anywhere of course. They are my girls, simple as that. That's all the understanding we need.

"It… It was claws now." Seraphine said from her place in the distance when Marzia got close enough. The elven pair was exactly whispering but it was clear they weren't expecting me to be able to hear them so well I could practically picture what they were doing in my head. "Is it mutating? Do you think it's dark-infected?"

The dark elf let out a scoff, "Nah, it'd be a lot more obvious if he was. He's not raging and trying to kill everything for one."

"What if it's in the process?" The busty elf insisted. "I mean, have you ever seen a pighead this big?"

"Well…" I could tell the argument had given Marzia some pause. Still, she shifted around a pointed at my working form. "Look at the injuries; he's not bleeding black. Maybe it's like those weird-ass mages that get their spells from eating monsters."

"That requires extensive ritual craft." The Seraphine responded. I could practically feel the elf's worried, emerald stare on my back. "… Cultists don't have black blood."

Marzia snorted at that, leaning her body against a tree. "What, he's a pighead cultist now?" She laughed.

"What if it is!?" I could hear the offense in the lighter elf's voice. "What in the name of the seasons am I supposed to think after he gave me a demon mark!?" By the ruffling of her leafy clothes, I could tell she bend a bit to look down at the charming little pink heart I left on top of her womb. A strangled, hitched breath was ejected from her. "And what are we supposed to do about this!?"

"I already know what I'm going to do. You can do whatever the fuck you want." The dark elf commented. Looking at me in a way that caused a reaction in her counterpart.

A noisy gasp of indignation to be more precise. "You… damn… darkling." Seraphine let out a loud huff, bouncing her large rack in the process. "Fine! If you're so eager to become the toy of a dirty pighead while it falls into the Dark, be my guess!"

I guess they aren't caring about volume anymore.

Marzia clicked her tongue, her hand fidgeting with her dagger. "Again with the Dark talk. Ugh! you act so obsessed with it, but did you even bother to purity the area after you flatted that bear? How long has it been again?"

The busty elf went dead silent.

There was a sight tingling on my connection with Seraphine. It was nothing alarming, just a bit of a warning system telling me that my girl was doing a bit of magick. It'd triggered once before when she grew her slutty little vine outfit. I was going to simply ignore it like I was doing with the rest, before the noise came.


Curious, I looked back to see a half-bent Seraphine with an arm over her stomach, a hand over her mouth, a greenish face, and wide, terrified eyes staringly unseeingly at a spot on the ground.

This doesn't bode well.

Marzia, her arms crossed under her modest bust and still leaning against a tree just shook her head. "You really are a dumb cunt, aren't you?"

For the first time since they began to interact, the lighter elf didn't react to the direct insult, instead, she jerked straight, turned on her heels so fast her golden hair lashed the air behind her, and bolted across the forest.

Oh, dear that direction… danger, was what my orcy sixth sense was telling me. Not the direct, urgent kind of danger like in the cave, but there isn't any doubt my big-titted elf girl was bouncing towards a dangerous situation.

"So big guy~" Marzia skipped towards me, stopping with her hands on her wide hips in a cute little pose. "The dumb witch fucked up, this forest is doomed. You better finish up there, because we really need to fuck off before things get ugly."

Yes, yes, I got a bit from the context, that Dark thingy. Calmly, I finished cutting the last of the tiger's skin and peeled it off its corpse. As expected of something guided by my new orcy skills, it was nearly incapable, almost no blood, but it would still need to be washed and treated before I could make it into my pants. For now, I just carefully folded it together and threw it over my shoulder before I stood back up and turned to face my dark elf.

It took thirty seconds for her narrow shoulders and long ears to drop in realization. "We're going after the bleached bitch, aren't we?" She sighed.

I nodded, fighting the urge to headpat her. It would get blood all over her silver hair.


This particular clearing, at this point, had fully established itself as a precious place in my mind. It was where I faced death for the first time, where I peacefully solved the internal conflict between my human and orc sides, where I took Seraphine virginity and claimed my first girls. I remembered like it was yesterday.

Mostly because it was, I could still smell some of our stale mixed juices on the grass. More noticeably though, was the fact the entire clearing was overtaken by Heartless.

Ok, they weren't the Heartless from Kingdom Heart, they just look like it; humanoid, entirely black things with uncannily long limbs that ended in long thin claws and a faceless head that was split open on an enormous, overly fanged maw. Like the Heartless, they seem to be made from darkness and were crawling out from the cracks on the blocked entrance of the collapsed cave in a distinct, almost bidimensional way. They turned fully 3d once they were completely out, of course.

"Fucking grues are already here!" Marzia shouted while we ran, putting a name on the things.

I didn't wait much before coming barging into the biggest concentration of them. Their body had detailed anatomy that easily broke and popped open while I did my work, like a normal human's would, but it mostly seemed like they were made from the same material.

My senses were telling me that their claws and fangs were really, really fucking dangerous, but otherwise, I could take them down with one well-placed hit. I stepped back and moved more defensively after the shock of my sudden arrival had ceased though, like I said, their claws are really motherfucking dangerous and I wasn't willing to test my new orcy constitution against it if I had the choice.

Something – which I instantly recognized as Marzia hopped onto my wide back, before using it as a platform to leap into the fray; two of these 'grues' fell down with their necks sliced open by her passage before she quickly circled back out of the crowd and retreated almost faster than the normal eye could see.

Right at my side, the ground burst open, and a jagged line of wooden spikes spread out and impaired three of them surviving Grues. I cast a glance at the distance to check on Seraphine, before looking back to the enemy and raising my fists. Can't let my girls do all the work after all.

About ten were down by our initial attack, which left… many.

So we got to work.

For our first battle together, we fell into comfortable roles and managed to learn how to support each other rather quickly.

The enemy was a seemingly endless army of shadow monster thingies, but there wasn't any variation among them and their default strategy seems to be rushing over and trying to overwhelm you with their numbers.

Seraphine stayed in the back. She was kneeling with both her hands pressed firmly into the ground, her mouth moving in a near-constant series of incantation for what it sounded like the Great Spirits, and the Seasons, and the Lady of Spring. Her voice gained an almost echoey quality to it as she literally sang her magic into being. All around her, the earth rose and cracked like a tempestuous sea, a collection of vines burst from it to bound or lash the enemy while thick, dark roots surged to impale or crush them.

It quickly became clear she was the centerpiece of this raid, given her area of effect attacks and high damage output. So, I naturally got into the role of supporting her, stepping in at the intervals between her spells and crashing against the wave of enemies that began to almost exclusively target her. Like I said before, these grues pretty much died in one attack from me, but they only need to get lucky once to make some very bad things happen (My instincts were practically screaming at me to not get hurt by those things) so I mitigated that by picking up a fallen tree and starting whacking them at the distance with it. Can't attack me if they can't get close right?

Marzia was pretty interesting to witness in a fight. She had a way of moving and striking that seems she put her whole weight behind a single move. She blurred across the battlefield, fast and agile enough to weave a twisted path between enemies that weren't congregated into large groups. Her dagger strikes often didn't kill, but they most certainly left critical injuries and crippled limbs behind. She was a one-attack-one-enemy kind of fighter, attacking once and retreating in a single move, the grues that attempted to pursue she led into the path of one of Seraphine's wide range spells, or simply run to me, jumped on my back and left me to deal with it, in fact, my back quickly become her favorite spot; it was a wide platform where she could rest, check things out above the battle, leap to every direction, and retreat to if things got too much.

We basically mowed down wave after wave of enemies like this. After what felt like a long time, but I knew it must have been twelve minutes at most, both Seraphine and Marzia began slowing down. Thankfully, by that point, new grues had finally stopped sprouting from the collapsed cave, so we were able to finish off the ones that were still around.

The very last one died when I dropped the tree on it, its dead screech echoing across the now mostly empty clearing before its body began evaporating like the others.

A cheerful dark elf flipped off my back and landed in front of me like a circus acrobat.

"Okay, first up." She pointed at the fallen tree trunk that was about twice her width and then back at me. "That was awesome." She cocked her hips to the side and a toothy grin grew on her lips. "I guess not even a Dark Incursion can slow you down eh, big guy?" Her lime-colored eyes shone a bit.

I nodded at her, then raised my less bloody hand and gave her an headpat. She actually giggled a bit in response and pressed her silvered head against my palm.


I mean, our connection allowed me to see through her act, but still, cute.

"You two… Why?" Seraphine wasn't exactly panting in exhaustion when she approached, but she was taking long breaths and visibly putting up a strong front.

Marzia immediately huffed at the lighter elf. "Ask big guy, he refused to let you suffer the consequences of your own fuck up for some reason. I just wanted to see how much of a beast he was in a fight." She sent me another grin.

"But… That's…" Seraphine drew in a long intake of air, her hands rising in indignation as she pointed. "That was actually your fault!"

I tuned out the ensuing argument because I already knew how it would go. I had something more… urgent to check.

Looking inwards, in my metaphysical core, where my experience is gathered before it integrates to the rest of my body in the form of new strengths. I saw the experience from the grues forming.

Bigger than any that I'd gathered due to the sheer amount I killed, it did not only feel like the grues but looked like the grues; dark, musky, almost dripping black ink and letting out deep trails of smoke… no, no, it wasn't smoke, it was more like tendrils of this abnormal energy… Spreading outwards to my deepest part, slowly creeping into my body, bringing is ever- reaching grasp with it… The barest hint of a seductive, feminine voice began to resonate in my ears. Warm, intimate touch started to drag under my skin, causing shivers, trembling, bringing forth sweet, sweet corruption…

Hold on a second.

I'm the pig-headed orc here, weird ethereal dark lady.

I'm The One Who Corrupts.

A powerful whiplash spread towards this entire experience-energy- thing, causing it to churn like an electrical currency had been suddenly lit inside it. There was a barely audible yelp of confusion bouncing in my head before it faded away completely. Then, the abnormal energy instantly lost its muskier, darker aspects and became just like any other energy. It still left like the grue but it acted like the previous one.

She's a good girl, that dark lady.

Nodding happily at myself and feeling like I've discovered another fun side of this wonderful new world, I shifted my attention back on the outside just in time to see the elven argument pausing in favor of an angry-looking Seraphine closing her eyes and forcing herself to concentrate.

Marzia bit back her following insult in favor of rolling her eyes at the elf. I just tilted my head and felt our connection tinging. So, she was doing the thing from before.

It felt like, I tried to decode what I was getting, an… echolocation? Or her asking the surrounding trees? Eh, it's a bit weird, but I got the gist of it; it's a detection or surveillance spell of some kind.

"Ah!" The elf suddenly gasped, her beautiful face twisting in distress. "There are still more!"

"Well, duh!" The dark elf chided. "Have you seen the size of the incursion, of course one or two would slip off. It's the Dark remember? It spreads no matter what!" She shrugged her narrow shoulders. "Sorry princess, but your forest is toast."

"No, no. Silence! This forest was entrusted to me by…" The busty elf trailed off, her face scrunching up. "No matter! I will not fail my duty!" She forced her eyes closed again, clearly started doing something with her magic, giving the intense tingling that followed. Marzia just shrugged again, this time throwing her arms.

Hm, let's see.

I looked around the clearing, focusing on the confusing and miraculous bundle of orcy senses that came installed in this body, checking if there was something useful for this situation. The answer was nothing. Absolutely nothing. Like, I couldn't feel anything from the small army that once filled these grounds, it was like they never even existed. I'll even go far to say that the feeling of nothingness was so aggressive that…


That produced a void in the metaphorical space.

I kept focusing on it, familiarizing myself with the lack of feeling that hang in the air. It seemly became more and more noticeable the more I looked. At some point, Seraphine gasped out a breath from her efforts and blinked out of her trance, and Marzia laughed at her. Another argument was about to start.

My hands moved and gave them both a healthy squeeze in their butts before this could happen.

Cute little cries. A mildly confused, mildly annoyed glare from my cute dark elf and a squeak and an unexpected blush that covered her from head to toe from my pretty elf later, and I started to work on the long process of speaking.


They both staggered back, still not used to seeing me do that. Or maybe it was the merciless violation of their singing mother tongue that happened every time I opened my mouth. In any case, I raised my finger to the trail of heavy nothingness stretching towards the rest of the forest.

"This way."

Saying that I turned around and started to walk, not bothering with their response. Several long seconds later Marzia's voiced a very loud "Wait, you can sense them!?" and a quick series of steps followed after me.

I didn't even have to look to know that Seraphine had hurried to my side and was now doing her very best to match my long steps with a look of cute determination plastered across her face as she looked ahead.

The corners of my mouth curled. Good elf.

An angrily shouted Marzia joined us a moment later and together we went into the forest.

It felt right.


For the rest of the day, we hunted and killed the runaway grues.

Fighting the grues was the easy part. If they couldn't kill us with a small army they weren't going to individually, but actually finding them was the tricky part. I had to pay close attention to the trail of nothingness in the air and multiple times I had to stop to get my bearing. On the best occasions, we simply stumbled them in the open, chased them, and then killed them, but most of the time they were hidden in these really unexpected places; like inside a hollow tree, under a large rock, or within a rabbits' nest. The bastards seem to be able to fit in any nook and cranny they managed to find.

A few, and that was by far the trickiest part, were able to possess living things. I found that out when one of the trails ended in a large flower for some reason, and before my eyes, Marzia and Seraphine quickly moved to set it on fire. Let me tell, you nothing wakes you up to the danger of possession like an innocent-looking flower mutating limbs and human teeth and trying to bite your face off. This was what dark-infested meant apparently; Resident-Evil-like mutation and aggression in everything possessed by a grue or more precisely 'The Dark'.

As for what in the world The Dark actually was, I got to ask when we paused to rest at a small lake. Partly to recover or energies, partly so I could finish my pants and not have my giant, hairy dong flopping all over the place. It was starting to attract looks from the ladies.

"The Dark is the influence of one of the seven evil gods that seek to destroy Creation and remake it in their image," Seraphine said to me instructionally. "They are worshipped primarily by vile races that wish for the twisting of everything good and just in this world, like Demons, Goblins and Dark Elves—"

"Fuck you and your Bleached propaganda! We hate the fucker too!" Marzia cried out at that part from her place near the water.

Ignoring the angry shout Seraphine went on, "The grue is merely one of its many physical manifestations, and as you can see, they can spread terrifyingly fast, so any Dark-infested lifeform must be swiftly put down and the land purified.

So apparently this world is called Creation, that's neat to know even though it gives me some Exalted-fanfics flashbacks.

'Purifying the land turned' out to be a lengthy ritual Seraphine engaged in once we run out of trails to follow. It was fairly flashy at first, with the elf using her plant magic to grow lines of flowers in what looked like a magical circle-like formation, but it got boring pretty quickly as she just sat in the center, clasped her hands together in prayer, and sung in that echoey tone her voice takes when she uses magic. She didn't even do anything interesting like take her clothes off or anything.

My little dark elf and I busied ourselves with setting up camp near the ritual zone. Marzia kept complaining the entire time about how the dark elf version of the ritual was way more fun and involved living monsters getting killed and their still-beating heart sacrificed in the name of some dominatrix Goddesses. I just filled away that there was more than one type of purification ritual against The Dark and left it at that.

The camp ended up pretty good if I say so myself, like, cover-of-survivalist-magazine good. Bear Grylls would shed tears of pride. As expected from my weird orcy knowledge and the help of a genuine dark elf waifu.

We just got the fire going when Seraphine finished with the ritual and stepped over to us.

"I…" She started to say, and then straightened herself. "In the name of Lady Spring and the Spring Court, I thank you for your assistance keeping the Dark from infesting this forest."

Marzia let out a mocking snort. "Heh! Would you look at that, so the bleached can take the stick off their asses sometimes!"

A bit of her outrage crossed the elf's face, but she forced herself to calm down before continuing.

"As reward for your actions, I, Seraphine Marienne Whisperwind, as the guardian of the Lisberis Forest, will allow you to stay for a full day for rest and recuperation. Naturally, you are to leave after this period otherwise I'll be forced to remove—"

"You're kicking us out!?" Marzia exclaimed, already on her feet. "After everything we've done for you!"

Seraphine tried to pin the shorter dark elf with her implacable glare. "I am a proud agent of the Spring Court and the guardian of this forest! This means protecting it from anything that might pose a threat to it! INCLUDING impure, traitorous races like pigheads and dark elves! Is for my own judgment of your characters that I'm allowing you to stay for a day in the first place, but you cannot change your nature. Please be aware of the extreme leniency I'm gracefully granting you."

I let out a snorty, pig-like sigh.

Seraphine-chan is being a Thot again, she was doing so well...

Marzia was practically shaking with fury "I knew, I fucking knew you bleached cunts can't be trusted! Always pulling some shit up the last second, typical!" The little dark elf fumed. "You know what, fuck you, bitch! We should have let this fucking place burn with you in it!"

Seraphine looked like she had swallowed several rotten lemons and visibly fought to keep her own fury off her face, but she somehow managed to prevent the biting words that were no doubt clogging her throat from escaping.

Her darker counterpart snorted derisively for the lack of response and just turned her back to the elf and sat down on the camp, sulking by the fire.

Seraphine took some seconds to calm herself down and reinforce her composure. That of course, crumbled away instantly when she met my emotionless, animal-like eyes. A bring pink flush seemed to surge across her whole body and she quivered in place.

"I-I…" She bit her lower lip while her eyes lowered to a point on the ground, but she managed to get enough courage to mutter. "O-one day! hm, R-R-Richard!" She put some strength in her tone at the end, before she hurryingly turned around and marched into the forest.

Now, this would normally be the point where I grab her by the scruff of her neck, press her against a tree and fuck the Thotness out of her. It was a man's duty to fuck a woman sweet after all, and the way her barely-covered ass jiggled with each step was just tempting me to do something.

However, I was curious about what exactly my cute little dark elf was planning, because through our bond I could sense that her early outrage at Seraphine's word was only partially fake, and she's definitely faking the meek, depressed posture now.

So, I just sat by the bonfire, leg crossed under me, with my hands over my knees. Slowly caressing the fluffiness of my new badass tiger kilt.

Pants prove to be too complicated for the tools I had on hand, but kilts are a worthy alternative.

A chilly draft passed by and caused a symphony of ruffling vegetation and shaking branches. My eyes trailed after a detached leaf as it slowly spiraled in the wind, crossing the very last orange shafts of sunlight that passed through the arboreal ceiling above before gently landing on the uneven grounds.

Contemplative orc, it is I.

After the last rays of rusty sunlight had descended in the horizon, and the task of illuminating the world had taken over by the huge, twin moons – They were either larger, or closer to the planet than the moon I was used to – Marzia threw the dry stick she was idly playing with into the bonfire and bounced up from her dejected pose. A cheeky, mischievous grin firmly on her pretty face.

"Alright, that should be far enough. Let's follow her bitchy ass to the Heart Tree."

I tilted my head in confusion for the entirety of her statement.

"What, have you seen all the bullshit she pulled today? You think she did it all on her own?" Marzia sniggered, clearly excited with her new scheme. "No, no, no, little miss bleached cunt is a Forest Witch, and that means she got this powerful, old-ass magic tree at the center of this forest feeding her power, the dirty cheater." Her long ears flapped animatedly. "She'd to have gone there now to make sure there is no Dark infection, so, if we follow her, we should be able to find it!" She made a chopping motion with her hands. "I want to shave some magical wood for myself, the bitch owes me a new bow, after all. Plus—" Here her eyes practically shone with the thought. "I think princess is naïve enough to have made her residence near the tree, so if we're really lucky we can ransack her house too!" The thought made a beaming smile appear on her face.

My heart and cock throbbed at the sigh. She's so cute and fuckable!

Resisting the urge to pitch her in her bubbly buttcheeks, I merely stood up and nodded at her.

And so, both me and my dark elf got back into the forest to search for my other elf. Marzia looked so happy tracking the elf's trail that I didn't have the heart to her that my bond with Seraphine pretty much pointed me towards her direction all the time.


Alright, I got to admit. This place was impressive.

The clearing the forest opened to could have fitted several football stadiums with its sheer size alone, and the whole area rose into a slope covered with a brilliant tapestry of several different kinds of flowers. At the other end, peeking out into our vision a bit was what appeared to be layers and layers of vineyards and almost farm-like plantations. At the apex of the mount and by far the most impressive piece of this picturesque scene was a truly enormous tree that stood several dozen meters tall and nearly as much as wide. Its trunk and roots were pale white and almost seems to gleam silver under the moonlight. A dark blue, cloud-like vegetation covered its vast reaching branches. And right at its base, appearing like it has been grown from the tree itself, was a nice-looking, if a bit oddly constructed, three stores tall wooden cabin.

I guess my Marzia was right, my elf really did in fact, lived here.

And speaking of my elf.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF THE SEASONS ARE YOU DOING HERE!" Seraphine nearly burst our eardrums with her strident scream.

"Ehhhh~ What was that you said again? Oh yeah, 'rest and recuperation'. Well, we feel like resting and recuperating around these parts." Marzia teased, visibly enjoying the several types of outrage that passed through Seraphine's unguarded expression.

"No, no, no! I left you in the forest! You were supposed to stay in the forest!" The elf insisted, her voice still so shrill that it hurt.

"Technically, this is still in the forest!" The dark elf chirped.

"This is the forest's Sanctum!." Seraphine enunciated, and then she froze, emerald eyes nearly bulging out of their sockets. "There's a dark elf and a pighead in the forest Sanctum, my forest Sanctum." She muttered to herself before she practically jumped towards us, spreading her arms wide as if to prevent us from even seeing the place while she aggressively advanced to try to make us retreat. To be fair, it did work to get my eyes out of the scenery and take them the bouncing of her larger chest. "OUT! Out of here! You aren't welcome here! You can't be here! Get out or I will remove you!"

"And how the hell do you plan to do that!" Marzia raged, suddenly losing all her joking, casual air. She looked unimpressed when the elf froze right in front of her. Her fist moved to bump over her crotch twice. "We're slut sisters now, remember? Can't hurt or kill each other." Slut sisters is a great name for them.

The dark elf didn't even wait for a response before opening an evil grin and continuing. "But we definitely can hurt or kill the things around each other." She declared darkly, her dagger practically manifested on her hands, so fast her draw was. She twirled the weapon around her fingers, before pointing forwards, above the elf. "Hmmmm, say big guy? How long do you think it would take me to burn down that big, beautiful tree over there?"

Trying to pull a Silvanas?


Seraphine went white as a ghost. "You wouldn't."

Marzia just glared. "Try me bitch."

Not gonna lie, it was a bit comical seeing my big-titted elf squirming in place trying to think of a solution for her predicament. It made me want to see her squirming due to something else. What she decided to attempt was crossing her arms under her bust, throwing her head to the side with a burst of fake laughter, and declaring.

"A-And why would I c-care about some d-dumb tree anyway!?"

Oh. My. God!

She might be a thot but she's so adorable! I want to hug her and fuck her brains out!

Of course, her deliverance and everything leading up to it left much to be desired. "Nice try." Marzia deadpanned. "But I know how you Forest Witches work—"

"Grove Guardians!" Seraphine corrected, looking scandalized.

"You need to connect with the Heart Tree to control the land and get magic power." The dark elf continued unabated. At the lighter elf's frightened eyes, she said. "Oh yeah, miss bleached, I know the name of it, I know what it does, and more importantly, I know that tree is the most vital part of your little operation. And that if I burn it, literally everything you've built here is going up in smokes. So, what's it gonna be hm?" She finished victoriously, already knowing the answer.

And honestly, she was absolutely correct. As Seraphine, after a few more moments of franticly thinking, let out a sigh dejected sigh, and practically slumped in place. Marzia nearly giggled at the sight.

"Fine. I get it." The elf mumbled, then raised her voice. "What do you want?"

Marzia smiled. "Let's…" Her smile turned evil. "Start with something nice and simple, shall we? How about a proper place to sleep?"

The elf straightened herself up and threw her golden hair over her shoulder. "Humph! Very well, come with me." She said, then turned around and started walking up the hill.

Hehe, even being blackmailed, she still treats us like we're beneath her. What a naughty little thot.

Marzia noticed that too, giving the grinding of her teeth, but she refrained from making a comment as we followed after the elf.

The other side of the mount has indeed been reserved for some farm-like plantation. That was a bit weird because I couldn't imagine Seraphine with her slender back bent over under the oppressive heat of sun doing some farm work in her land – though I could imagine her bent over doing other things, of course – in any case, the plantation, despite the chilly weather, was blooming with large, heavy fruits and vegetables that looked really for harvest. I spent several moments watching the sight before looking forwards to the big cabin at the summit of the mount we were walking towards.

We reached the cabin's front door… and then walked past it, circling around it to the back where there was a…

"Oi oi oi what the hell is this!?" Marzia demanded as we took a look at the smaller-than-the-cabin, but still fairly large shed-looking construction at the opposite end of the Heart Tree.

"It's my storehouse!" Seraphine sounded oddly proud about that. "You can stay here tonight, it's a proper place to sleep!"

"… I don't think you really understand the situation you are in, princess," Marzia said dryly, then raised her voice. "Take us to your house, damn it!"

The elf reeled back as if she was struck. "My house!? My own house!? Absolutely not! I can't let filthy, inferior races inside, what would my mother say!?" She huffed imperiously. "There are rules of conduct that must be observed on all occasions no matter the circumstances!"

Marzia's dagger trembled with the stabs she couldn't deliver.

"Yup, that's it, I'm burning the tree."

"You most certainly are not!"

At that point, the musical argument they produced in most of their interaction was so familiar to me that it quickly fell away into the background and my new orcy senses slowly took over.

Ever since I stepped into this grove, or Sanctum as my busty elf called, my new sense has been increasingly stimulated the more time I spent inside it, like an engine slowly rumbling in the background demanding my attention that I continuously pushed it aside. Now though, the soft wafting scent that came out of the storehouse hit my snout like it was aiming for it, and caused a few, long, snorty breathes in their wake. I didn't even notice my body moving to pull open the heavy oak door.

Fireworks lit up in my brain as I struggled to process the bombardment of information.

Inside the storehouse was more of what was causing the sensorial stimulation in the first place; flowers and herbs, but compared to the ones outside, this was a treasure trove. I didn't know the name of any of them, but I could tell they are rare. Rare to find, difficult to grow, much more difficult to preserve and keep alive. And my mind bloomed with the sheer possibilities of what I could do with them. Several skillsets seem to pull my attention in different directions, but even with the briefest look, plates and dishes that could invigorate a man's soul, medicine and potions that could cure any illness or treat any injury, and ointments that could meld a whole harem into multiple orgasmic messes strung to mind.

It was incredible.

"Hey, big guy what are you snorting about-WAIT! WAIT! DON'T GO IN!"

Too late cute little voice at the distance; this orc man has entered herbalist mode and now he must see it and catalog everything!

So that fun could later begin hehehe!

While I was rummaging about the herbs and opening crates to see what was inside, I paid tertiary attention to the melodious argument by the door and the way it rose and fell as one of the parties tried to regain their advantage and failed hard at it, and how the other party kept sounding smugger and smugger as words went back and forwards. Finally, the set of doors slammed closed, and an adorable dark elf growl echoed behind me.

"Matrons damn it, big guy! Why the fuck did you get in! You validated the bleached bitch! Fuck! FUCK! Fuck this! Fuck you!"

I took away the bottle of tree sap I had pressed against my snout and gently placed it back on the shelf. Then I slowly turned back to her and sent her a look.

Marzia cringed in on herself instantly. "Sorry." She muttered under her breath, before letting out a loud huff. "It's just these bleached fucks getting under my fucking nerves!"

I let out a grunt in response and went back to my rummaging. About a minute later I heard Marzia clicking her tongue exactly like the bratty teenager she resembled.

"Yep, I'm not spending all my night in this place. I'm gonna check the area for traps and maybe try to break into the bitch's house." She informed me as she completely ignored the door and went for the windows. I let out another grunt of acknowledgment, but she had already jumped away before she heard it.

Well, then. Time to ride deep into this rush of orc knowledge!


I think the best way to describe the sensation that I had when I woke up from my nap, was like if I was waking up completely wrong all my life and now this was the one instance that I finally woke up right.

Of course, my orc instincts, or more precisely; the instincts for the more war-like aspects of being an orc, forced me to take notice of some vastly unimportant stuff. Like the fact it had been two hours since I've fallen asleep, or that the improvised mattress under me made from a sack and a bundle of common herbs had popped off from my weight, or that there is no one with malicious intentions within the vicinity, things like that. Most of my attention, however, immediately focused on the important stuff.

A series of delicate pressures were being applied on my rock-hard erection. The tips of fingers were trailing their way across the area between my genital nubs, while a delicate hand was wrapped below, near the base, softly pumping up and down.

Letting out a long, humming groan of pure animalistic satisfaction, and just laid there and enjoyed the sensations for a few seconds. Eventually, however, curiosity got the better of me and I raised my upper body to see which of my girls was providing me these wonderful feelings.

Marzia's mischievous-looking face and the huge lime green eyes greeted me from right beside my meat pole. The dark elf was sprawled on the ground her upper body postered between my hairy legs, wearing absolutely nothing but her g-spring-like underwear that more framed that shapely chocolate ass more than covered anything. Her legs idly kicked the air behind her, looking more like a popular teenager girl in her bed checking on her phone than a hot little dark elf laying on the hard floor slowly playing with a cock longer than her face and thick as a soda can.

"Hey there, big guy." She whispered near my cock, her breath tickling my warm skin. "Sorry to wake you up." She made sure to pop that last 'p' in a way that perfectly framed her lips into a ring shape for a second.

Yeah, she wasn't sorry at all.

She giggled at my visible excitement, her eyes flashing to my cock. "… This really looks dangerous you know. Like, I can't believe I had all of that inside me yesterday." Her fingers finally stopped playing around the surface and fully warped themselves around the middle of my shaft, mirroring the grip of the softly pumping hand below. "And the smell, shit, it's making me go light-headed." She smiled. "Me and the bleached cunt have been dripping this entire time by your sweaty musky alone you know. It got to be something from the lust crest. You didn't smell this intense before."

Firm grip, small hands putting constant pressure, slowly pumping up and down in a way that covered my whole cock. I could feel my legs trembling as I grunted.

Her lips brushed against my burning skin, leaving lingering, tingling touch. I could feel her little tongue fishing out some of my pre-cum before she pulled back.

"Hummm~" Her whole body shook with the taste. "Yep, definitely the crest." She commented.

Then her tongue and lips were back on my dick, taking wonderful care of the part her hands couldn't reach. I leaned back as my hips bucked unconsciously, each of my breath coming out as a snorty pant. This little minx knew what she was doing.

And her objective was devilish as her actions. Stroking my cock with rhythmic slowness, leaving kisses and delicious little licks all over my pulsating veins, leaving my balls untouched. She had everything she needed to gauge my reactions and know when I was going to cum.

"Do you want to cum, big guy?" As if by magic, she mentioned the subject as soon as it entered my mind. Her hot lips went up to the borders of my large, helmeted cockhead. "Wanna let out a nice load after a day of watching our asses." Her warm lips finally fell on my tip proper, laying a long kiss right beside the pre-cum-gushing slit. I almost let out a roar at the lightning it sent across my cock and spine. "… No, not yet."

Frustratingly, she paused all her ministrations, interrupting the growing pleasure long enough for the climax to escape me. I made my irritation known and she sniggered, clearly enjoying my reaction.

"Sorry big guy, not when I say you can..." Her pink tongue came out and was the first to return to my abandoned cock. My thoughts derailed then as I leaned back and suffered through the sensations. The small hands soon returned too, but they stay around the base, the remaining space was treated like a lollipop by the grinning dark elf.

My god!

My back hit the mattress as I grunted. And I heard her chuckling from her place.

"We're going places… you and I…" She whispered against my throbbing skin, her tongue passing over my genital nubs, constantly lapping at the watery fluids drenching my cock. "We have… things to do… treasures to get back… people to kill…" Her voice was growing heavier, thicker. Her breathing was coming in faster. A small, constantly active part of my brain noticed that this kind of play really turned her own, or her previous statement about my musk making her lightheaded rang truer than she imagined. "You, and your freakish strength… Me, smart enough to make proper use of it…" Her lips finally reached the slit of my cockhead, and she drank deeply from the spring of pre-cum pouring from there. "… I'll be a nice mistress… do these kinds of things for you every other day… All you need is to submit…"

The overwhelming pleasure of my clustered release rushed across my body… and I put a clamp to it before it reached my mind.

It was… easier than I'd have imagined for a brain that seemed to be made for seeking carnal pleasure from the quickest, easier source.

So that was Marzia's plan. Huh?

In truth, she was mostly correct. She and I are going to a lot of places together, we're definitely going to do a lot of things together, and I have a hunch that killing people and getting treasure will come as a natural result.

She was just a bit confused about her role in our relationship, the poor girl.

A long, guttural groan escaped from my mouth as I reached down and clasped my hand on the top of my naughty dark elf thot's head. Her slutty little sound of confusion turned into a muffled hum as I pressed her down.

The spongy, mushroom-like head of my cock spread her lips apart and slip inside, forcing her mouth open. It was clear by the sounds of complaint that she was hesitant to do that, probably never had her mouth so snuffed before. Nevertheless, I kept her locked in place there, with just the tip inside, letting out copious amounts of pre cum directly over her tongue, and shifted my body, gently pushing myself to a kneeling position over her with my cock lined up to her face.

There was already a reaction in that hot little chocolate body sprawled before my eyes, presumably by the taste of my nectar. The soft bucking of her hips against the air drew most of my attention, along with the smell that told me how drenched she was getting. These reactions only intensified when I got into place.

A healthy amount of concern now painted her body language. Her hands pressed against my hairy crouch to try to stop me when it became clear she couldn't move her head, she even had the gall to try to grip my balls as hard she could. It would have worked if 'as hard she could' could do anything else than make me groan appreciatively.

Seeing this hot little thing squirming in fear and arousal for what was about to come was already a reward in and of itself, but that mouth was something else. Warmth and wonderfully wet, with a tongue already betraying its owner and lapping all over the invading cockhead like a thirsty bitch, teeth trying to ineffectually gnaw on way-too-tough skin and producing only some nice tingling sensations. A perfect little opening dish if I say to myself.

I stayed like that for a couple of long seconds, just to highlight the sheer inevitability of what I was about to do to her and what difference her choice on the matter really makes. Then, finally, I pushed myself deeper.


She immediately gagged over my girth, as expected. The thot never had a proper cock before.

Of course, if her teeth couldn't stop me, her throat could do little else. I just kept invading her spasming canal over the little shrill songs of protest.

I wasn't completely evil, however, so about halfway in, when my dick was already intruding on a comfortable amount of her throat. I paused to give her some much-needed time to adjust and then sucked my belly a bit to look down and check on my progress.

Hm, yes, that's the slutty little face I like to see. Plump lips stretched wide over my cock, cheek and especially chin drenched with a thick combination of saliva and pre-cum, half-lidded eyes blinking dumbly- Nope, she still had enough presence of mind to glare up at me a bit. It only made me throb in excitement.

So, without any more delay, I sunk myself the rest of the way in one go, ignoring her loud, desperate gurgling and pressing her pretty face against my pubes.

Ah yes, there it was; a little mouth at my base with an uncontrollable tongue squirming about, a warm tunnel gripping tightly to my entire length like it was made for it. Clenching, couching muscles applying delicious pressure in several places. It was practically like a pussy, no, it was second only to a pussy. I wonder if all the parts of an elf were made specifically to take dick, or it was just my dick turning everything it penetrated into someplace it could belong.

I patted the soft silvery hair of my dark elf thot as thanks for her nice work and then began pulling myself off. The thot beneath me instantly started to couch around my pole and practically drink the little air she managed to intake.

Appreciating the way her dragging lips revealed my utterly glistering meat, I pulled over to about her mouth before spearing myself back inside again. It took me two tries to get all in, all of with caused some gurgling shrieks and some mighty spams on the hot body below.

It was truly amazing how easy the movement of swinging my hips was to this body, almost like it was made for it. I chuckled at the thought. Using my dark elf to test my new range of movement. She was better prepared this time around, but that was only so much you could do with a dick like that gaining speed inside your throat.

Meat slapped wetly against meat, gurgling little breaths and muffed screams slowly turned into long moans and vibrating hmms. My heavy balls met a delicate little chin and I finally started to properly facefuck her.

It was amazing how good she had gotten in taking my dick on these short few eternities. It was like her mouth and throat were adapting in real-time to pleasure me. She began to properly suck, her tongue caressing my pistoning manhood from beneath while a small lake of saliva made things slopier, easier, and more sonorous, her canal contracting and convulsing around me almost like it was really turning into a proper pussy, her tunnel slowly accepting me and then eventually getting almost eager for my frequent visits. It was just magical.

I could see the moment her climax hit, and her hips rose to the air while her legs kicked uselessly under her, I kept her head and neck steady and at this point, it was the only place on her body that wasn't writhing out of control.

I increase my speed, of course. Can have her climax without permission on occasions such as this, it builds bad habits.

Finally, I fucked through her latest moan and delivered the load she had once teased me out of directly to her gut. Then, I made sure to pull my pulsating cock from her so I could paint my entire passage white. Taking special care to fill her mouth, I pulled off completely and sent the last ropes on her face and chest.

With a loud pig-like snort of satisfaction, I rose to my feet, securing the grip on my dark elf's short, silvery hair I pulled her completely limp form along with me.


Hmm. Mouth gaping open with half-swallowed cum, lips and nose red from the intensity of the slaps, lime green eye that wasn't forced close by the half mask of spunk blinking dumbly ahead. She looked utterly cockdrunk.

Boy am I good at fucking honest women into thots or am I not?

With a deep chuckle, I let go of her hair. She crashed down on her knees and stayed there for a single moment before flopping over my sweat-drenched mattress, letting out a long, muffled moan against the fabric in the process. her hips stayed dutifully raised, however, her legs seemly locking her into a slutty position.

I had a clear view of her perfectly molded cameltoe and the plucked little assehole above it barely covered by her spring-like underwear.

She had another set of lips ready and eager for my attention it seems. Excellent.

… But first.

Idly scratching an itch on my belly, I turned around and left the half comatose dark elf thot to gather what was left of her composure. Making my way to the door to the front door of the storehouse, I promptly yanked it open.

Seraphine let out a little scream and almost jumped to her feet from the spot where she was spying on us. Her sleepwear was somehow more revealing than the vine dress or her first outfit, as impossible as that sounded.

"E-Eh, I-I-I was just…!" She immediately tries to explain herself. Her hands were raised to her side. But the sticky substance on her fingers gleamed under the abundant light of the twin moons, and the same substance was making her tiny little underwear completely transparent and showing her reddened mons to the worlds. Her nipples were already standing erect and out of their inverted prison, one was an impression on a thin thread of white fabric, but the other was very much uncovered and looked recently pinched. I made a show of looking over each clue. "I-I-I mean I can… I don't…" The elf squirmed under my pig-like stare, flushing even pinkier than she already was and growing silent.

I let a couple of seconds pass, just to make the situation sink in for her. Then, I very deliberately stepped aside, opening just enough space for a horny little elf to pass but more importantly, giving her a choice.

She looked ahead into the dark, probably seeing the impression of her darker counterpart as she coughed and moaned and kept her pelvis up in prime fucking position like the slut she was. Then she turned her wide, emerald eyes to me. Then lower them to my half-hard cock. There was a little gulp there.

Finally, after what felt like a long time, her shoulders slumped in defeat, her arms sagged down, my elf obediently stepped inside.

I gently closed the door behind her.